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Random Moments In Time

September 21, 1982: NFL players begin a 57 day strike
July 17, 1966: Pioneer 7 launched
November 30, 1988: U.N. General Assembly (151-2) censures U.S. for refusing PLO's Arafat visa
March 17, 1927: U.S. government doesn't sign league of Nations disarmament treaty
July 5, 1956: France raises tobacco tax 20% due to war in Algeria

Events That Made History Today - May 24

1086 - Abbott Dauferio/Desiderius becomes Pope Victor III
1153 - Malcolm IV becomes king of Scotland
1300 - King Philip IV occupies Flanders, Earl Gwijde captured
1370 - Hanzesteden signs peace treaty with Danish king Waldemar IV
1487 - Imposter Lambert Simnel ceremony crowned as King Edward VI of Dublin
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Events That Made History Tomorrow - May 25

1085 - King Alfonso VI of Castily/Leon occupy Toledo on Moren
1241 - 1st attack on Jewish community of Frankfort-on-the-Main Germany
1522 - Emperor Karel I returns to Spain
1632 - Albrecht von Wallenstein recaptures Prague on Saksen
1659 - Richard Cromwell resigns as English Lord Protector
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Events That Made History Yesterday - May 23

1059 - Henri I crowns his son compassionate King Philip I of France
1275 - King Edward I of England orders cessation of persecution of French Jews
1420 - Jews of Syria and Austria expelled
1421 - Jews of Austria imprisoned and expelled
1430 - Joan of Arc is captured at Compiegne and sold to the British
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31 - The Year That Was

March 25: 1st Easter, according to calendar-maker Dionysius Exiguus
50: Jared conquers the Babylonians according to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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