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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 98 AD


January 27: Emperor Nerva is succeeded by Emperor Trajan.

-- Trajan is the first Roman Emperor born in a Roman province (Italica, near Seville). A brilliant soldier and administrator, he enters Rome without ceremony, and wins over the public. Continuing the policies of Augustus, Vespasian and Nerva, he restores the Senate to its full status in the government. He has a specific vision of the Empire, and keeps a close watch on finances. Taxes, without any increase, are sufficient during his reign to pay the considerable costs of the budget. Precise date unknown.
-- Carrying out an idea of Nerva's, Trajan begins a form of state welfare aimed at assuring that poor children are fed and taken care of. Precise date unknown.
-- Tacitus finishes his Germania. Precise date unknown.
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