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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 65 AD


June 8: Jews revolt against Rome, capturing fortress of Antonia in Jerusalem

-- The Gospel of Matthew is probably written between 60 and 65. Precise date unknown.
-- After a stage performance in which he appears and shocks the senatorial class considerably, Nero engages in a series of reprisals against Seneca, Tigellinus, pro-republican senators, and anyone else he distrusts. Precise date unknown.
-- Paul of Tarsus ordains Timothy as bishop of Ephesus. Precise date unknown.
-- In China, the first official reference to Buddhism is made. Precise date unknown.
-- The first Christian community in Africa is founded by Mark, a disciple of Peter. Mark begins to write his gospel. Precise date unknown.
-- Likely martyrdom date of the apostle Thaddeus, also called Saint Jude in Armenia. Precise date unknown.
-- Likely martyrdom date of the apostle Simon the Canaanite in Armenia. Precise date unknown.
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