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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 52 AD

-- A Roman law is enacted that prohibits the execution of old and crippled slaves. Precise date unknown.
-- Pliny the Elder writes his account of the German wars. Precise date unknown.
-- Tiridates I, brother of Vologases I, comes to power in Armenia as an adversary of the Romans. Precise date unknown.
-- The Yuejue Shu, the first known gazetteer of China, is written during the Han Dynasty. Precise date unknown.
-- Saint Thomas, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, is believed to have landed in Kodungallur, India to preach the Gospel; the Marthoma Church, the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, the Indian Orthodox Church, and the Assyrian Church of the East claim descent from him. Precise date unknown.
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