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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 40 AD

-- Caligula embarks on a campaign to conquer Britain, and fails miserably. He declares himself victorious anyway. Precise date unknown.
-- Noricum and Mauretania are incorporated into the Roman Empire. Precise date unknown.
-- The Germanic Quadi tribe begin settling in present-day Moravia and Slovakia. Precise date unknown.
-- Vardanes I becomes king of Parthia, opposed by his brother Gotarzes II. Precise date unknown.
-- Precise date unknown.
-- The Vietnamese Trung sisters rebel against the rule of the Chinese Emperor Guangwu of Han. Precise date unknown.
-- Philo teaches that all men are born free. Precise date unknown.
-- Christianity is established in Egypt as a church is founded in Alexandria. Mark the Evangelist founds the Coptic Orthodox Church as the first pope. Precise date unknown.
-- The Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover) is adopted by the Christians and renamed Easter. Precise date unknown.
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