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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1991 AD


January 1: 5% sales tax on consumer goods and services goes into effect in U.S.S.R.
January 1: Iraq rejects peace proposal from Egyptian President Hosi Mubarak
January 1: Les Miserables opens at Festival Theatre, Adelaide
January 2: Colorado wins its 1st AP national title poll
January 3: Israel reopens consulate in U.S.S.R. after 23 years
January 3: Los Angeles King Wayne Gretzky scores his 700th goal against New York Islanders
January 4: AT&T workers in Newark accidentally snap a cable
January 4: Fu Mingxia, 12, of China wins World Swimming Championships gold medal
January 4: Iraq agrees to send Aziz to Geneva to meet Baker on Jan 9th
January 4: Jan Krzystof Bielecki becomes premier of Poland
January 5: Edwin Jongejans of Netherlands wins 1-meter springboard diving title
January 5: Kevin Bradshaw of U.S. International scores NCAA Div 1 record 72 pts
January 5: "Oh, Kay!" closes at Richard Rodgers Theater New York City after 77 performances
January 6: "Gypsy" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 477 performances
January 6: Jorge Serrano Elias elected president of Guatemala
January 6: Qian Hong swims female world record 50m butterfly (27.30 sec)
January 6: "Real Life With Jane Pauley" premieres on NBC-TV
January 7: "Nia Peeples Party Machine" premieres on TV
January 8: "Davis Rules," with Jonathan Winters and Randy Quaid premieres on ABC-TV
January 8: Gaylord Perry, Ferguson Jenkins and Rod Carew elected to Hall of Fame
January 8: Rod Carew is 22nd player elected to Hall of Fame on 1st try
January 8: Tamas Darnyi swims world record 400m medley (4:12.36)
January 9: Baker and Aziz meet in Geneva; talks fail to defuse gulf crisis
January 9: Baseball officially bans Pete Rose from being elected to Hall of Fame
January 9: Dean Smith of North Carolina is 6th to win 700 career coaching basketball games
January 10: Japan ends routine fingerprinting of all adult ethnic Koreans
January 10: U.S. Congress begins debate on Persian Gulf crisis
January 11: Ben Johnson 1st race after being stripped of his 1988 Olympic Gold medal for steroid use, he finished 2nd
January 11: Congress empowers Bush to order attack on Iraq
January 11: Ric Flair wins NWA/WCW wrestling title
January 11: Soviets storm buildings in Vilnius to block Lithuania independence
January 12: Largest crowd to watch Atlantic Coast Womens Basketball game (11,520)
January 12: Melvin Stewart swims world record 200 m butterfly (1:55.69)
January 12: U.S. Congress gives George Bush authority to wage war against Iraq
January 13: 12th ACE Cable Awards: HBO wins 25 awards
January 13: 42 killed in exhibition soccer match in Johannesburg South Africa
January 13: Phil Mickelson wins PGA Northern Telecom Golf Open
January 13: President Mario Soares of Portugal re-elected
January 13: Soccer stadium riot in Orkney South Africa, at least 40 die
January 13: U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar meets with Saddam
January 14: "Barbara DeAngelis Show" premieres on CBS-TV
January 14: Jorge Serrano Elias sworn in as president of Guatemala
January 14: Valentin Pavlov become new premier of U.S.S.R.
January 15: Australia beat New Zealand 2-0 to win the World Series Cup
January 15: UN's deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait (they don't)
January 16: 7th Soap Opera Digest Awards - Days of Our Live wins
January 16: U.S. and 27 allies attack Iraq for occupying Kuwait (U.S. time)
January 17: Iraq fires 8 Scud missiles on Israel
January 17: Mountie Jacques Rougeau beats Hart for WWF intercontinental title
January 17: Operation Desert Storm begins - U.S. led allies vs Iraq
January 17: Operation Desert Storm: 1st U.S. pilot shot down (Jeffrey Zahn)
January 18: Iraq launches SCUD missiles against Israel
January 18: Longest tennis match at the Australian Open, Boris Becker beats Italy's Omar Camporese in 5 hours and 11 minutes
January 18: U.S. acknowledges CIA and U.S. Army paid Noriega $320,000 over his career
January 18: WLAF's New York Knights become NY-New Jersey Knights
January 19: 42nd NHL All-Star Game: Campbell beat Wales 11-5 at Chicago
January 19: 48th Golden Globes: Dances with Wolves
January 19: Eastern Airlines shuts down operation
January 19: Jumbo Tsuruta beats Stan Hansen to win All Japan Triple Crown title
January 19: Sergeant Slaughter defeats Ultimate Warrior for WWF championship belt
January 20: 13th UCP Telethon
January 20: "Black and Blue" closes at Minskoff Theater New York City after 829 performances
January 20: Buffalo Bills beat Los Angeles Raiders 51-3 for AFC title
January 20: Jane Geddes wins LPGA Jamaica Golf Classic
January 20: "Les Miserables," opens at Pantages Theatre, LA
January 20: Matt Barr's field goal with no time left gives New York Giant 15-13 Victory over defending champs San Francisco 49ers, for NFC title
January 20: "Peter Pan" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City or 45 performances
January 20: "Shogun - The Musical" closes at Marquis Theater New York City after 72 performances
January 20: U.S. Patriot missiles begins shooting down Iraqi missiles
January 21: CBS News correspondant Bob Simon captured by Iraqis in Persian Gulf
January 23: Seinfeld debuts on NBC-TV
January 23: World's largest oil spill, caused by embattled Iraqi forces in Kuwait
January 24: "Les Miserables," opens at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal
January 25: Brett Hull is 3rd NHLer to score 50 goals in less than 50 games (49)
January 25: Manuel Noriega is given access to assets frozen by U.S. government
January 25: Mark Waugh scores ton in 1st Test Cricket innings, vs. England Adelaide
January 25: Soap opera "Generation's" last episode after a 2 year run
January 26: 65th Australian Womens Tennis: Monica Seles beats J Novotna (57 63 61)
January 26: Alfaro Vive guerrilla group of Ecuador gives arms to Catholic church
January 26: "Few Good Men" closes at Music Box Theater New York City after 497 performances
January 26: Houston guard Vernon Maxwell is 4th NBAer to score 30 pts in a quarter
January 26: Jan Stenerud becomes 1st pure placekicker to make NFL Hall of Fame
January 26: New York Lotto pays $90 million to nine winner (#s are 5-15-30-35-46-50)
January 27: 79th Australian Mens Tennis: Boris Becker beats I Lendl (16 64 64 64)
January 27: Dutch PSP, Pacifist Socialistic Party, disbands
January 27: Nadine Strossen is 1st female president of the ACLU
January 27: Superbowl XXV: New York Giants beat Buffalo Bills, 20-19 in Tampa Superbowl MVP: Ottis Anderson, New York Giants, RB
January 28: 18th American Music Award: M C Hammer and Janet Jackson
January 28: "A Closer Look" with Faith Daniels premieres on NBC-TV
January 28: Boon completes ninth Test century, 121 vs. England at Adelaide
January 28: Dictator Siad Barre flees Somalia ending 22 year rule
January 29: Nelson Mandela and Mangosuthu Buthelezi meet after 28 years
January 29: "Piano Lesson" closes at Walter Kerr Theater New York City after 320 performances
January 31: Nugget's Michael Adams becomes shortest NBA player to get a triple-double
January 31: Robert Gibson flies record 27,040 feet altitude


February 1: Afghanistan and Pakistan hit by earthquake, 1,200 die
February 1: Craig McDermott takes 8-97 vs. England at the WACA
February 1: President F. W. de Klerk, says he would repeal all apartheid laws
February 1: U.S. Air and Skywest Fairchild jet collide at LA Airport killing 32
February 2: Aravinda De Silva scores 267 vs. New Zealand at Wellington
February 2: U.S. postage is raised from 25 cents to 29 cents
February 3: Meg Mallon wins Oldsmobile LPGA Golf Classic
February 3: NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 23-21
February 4: Hall of Fame's board of directors vote 12-0 to bar Pete Rose
February 4: Martin Crowe and Andrew Jones make 467 stand vs. SL, world record
February 5: All American Bowl ends after 14 years
February 5: Big East Football conference forms
February 5: Howard Stern kisses New York Giant Leonard Marshall's ass over bet Stern lost claiming the Giants would lose the Superbowl
February 5: Joni Mitchel inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame
February 5: LA King Dave Taylor becomes 29th NHler to score 1000 points
February 5: Michigan court bars Dr. Jack Kevorkian from assisting in suicides
February 6: Mousey Davis becomes 1st coach of NY-New Jersey Knights
February 7: Bob Knight, Larry O'Brien, Tiny Archibald, Dave Cowens, Harry Gallatin and Larry Fleisher elected to NBA Hall of Fame
February 7: Jean-Bertrand Aristide sworn in as Haiti's 1st elected president
February 8: Roger Clemens signs record $5,380,250 per year Red Sox contract
February 9: Johann Olav Koss skates world record 5k (6:41:73)
February 9: Terry Norris knocks down Sugar Ray Leonard twice and beats him
February 9: "This Is Ponderous" by 2nu peaks at #46
February 9: U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear Joseph Doherty case
February 9: Wally Joyner wins record $2.1 million salary arbitration
February 10: 41st NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 116-114 at Charlotte
February 10: Beth Daniel wins LPGA Phar-Mor at Inverrary Golf Tournament
February 10: Johann Koss skates world record 10 km (13:43.54)
February 10: "La Bete" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City for 24 performances
February 10: Lithuania votes for independence from U.S.S.R.
February 10: NBA All Star Game at Charlotte North Carolina
February 11: UNPO, Unrepresented Nations and People Org forms in Hague
February 12: Iceland recognizes Lithuania's independence
February 12: North and South Korea form a joint team for table tennis competition
February 13: Syria tells Germany they are ready to recognize Israel
February 13: U.S. bombs Iraqi air raid shelter, killing 334
February 14: "Mule Bone" opens at Ethel Barrymore Theater New York City for 67 performances
February 14: NL Cy Young winner Doug Drabek wins record $3 mil salary arbitration
February 15: Freighter with dynamite explodes in Phang Nga Thailand, 120 die
February 15: Troy State sets NCAA Div II record with 103 points in 2nd half routing DeVry Institute 187-117
February 16: Dutch PPR, Political Party Radicals, disbands
February 16: U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Tonya Harding
February 17: U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Todd Eldredge
February 18: Edmonton Oiler goalie Grant Fuhr returns to NHL after season-long suspension for substance abuse and shuts out New Jersey Devils 4-0
February 20: 33rd Grammy Awards: Another Day in Paradise, Mariah Carey
February 20: "Taking Steps" opens at Circle in Sq Theater New York City for 78 performances
February 21: "Lost in Yonkers" opens at Richard Rodgers Theater New York City for 780 performances
February 21: Neil Simon's "Lost in Yonkers," premieres in New York City
February 21: U.S.S.R. announces Iraq agrees to a proposal to end Persian Gulf War U.S. calls the plan unacceptable
February 22: Actor Bill Bixby (57) weds Laura Michael (32)
February 22: Bush and U.S. Gulf War allies give Iraq 24 hours to begin Kuwait withdrawal
February 22: Kelli McCarty, 21, (Kansas), crowned 40th Miss USA
February 22: Test Cricket debut of Sanath Jayasuriya, vs New Zealand at Hamilton
February 23: Greg Haugen scores a split decision over Hector "Macho" Camacho
February 23: Military coup in Thailand, Premier Choonhaven arrested
February 23: North Carolina is 1st NCAA basketball team to win 1,500 games
February 23: Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Orix Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
February 23: U.S. insists Iraq publicly announce it is leaving Kuwait by 12 PM EST
February 24: End of World League of American Football's (WLAF) 1st draft
February 24: "Those Were The Days" closes at Edison Theater New York City after 126 performances
February 24: U.S. and allies begin a ground war assault on Iraqi troops
February 25: Andrew Jones scores twin Test Cricket tons vs. Sri Lanka (122 and 100*)
February 25: Bruce McNall, Wayne Gretzky and John Candy buy CFL's Toronto Argonauts
February 25: U.S., barracks in Dhahran Saudi Arabia, hit by scud missile, kills 28
February 26: Asanka Gurusinha scores twin Test Cricket tons vs. New Zealand (119 and 102)
February 26: Bill Veeck and Tony Lazzeri elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
February 26: Kuwaiti resistance leaders declare they have control of their capital
February 26: New York - New Jersey Knights (WLAF) players 1st come together
February 27: 6 week Gulf War ends after Iraqi troops retreated and Kuwait is liberated
February 27: Ben Elton's "Silly Cow," premieres in London
February 27: Noureddine Morcelli set 1500m mark at 3:34:16
February 27: Singer James Brown is released from prison
February 28: Don Mattingly named 10th New York Yankee Captain
February 28: "Les Miserables" opens at Theatre Carre, Amsterdam
February 28: Noureddine Morceli runs world record 1500m indoor (3:34:16)
February 28: "Speed of Darkness" opens at Belasco Theater New York City for 36 performances
February 28: U.S. and allied forces grant Iraq a cease fire


March 1: U.S. Embassy in Kuwait officially reopens
March 2: "Aspects of Love" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 377 performances
March 2: Deb Richard wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open
March 2: Del Ballard, Jr. throws most famous gutter ball in PBA Tour history
March 2: "La Bete" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City after 24 performances
March 2: North Carolina State Chris Corchiani becomes 1st NCAAer to get 1,000 assists
March 2: U.N. votes in favor of U.S. resolutions for cease fire with Iraq
March 3: 25 die as United Airlines Boeing 737 crashes in Colorado Springs
March 3: "Big Love" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 41 performances
March 3: Boon completes 10th Test Cricket century, 109* vs. WI at Kingston
March 3: Four Los Angeles Police severly beat Rodney King, captured on amateur video
March 3: Iraqi generals and General Schwarzkopf meet to discuss cease fire
March 3: Latvia and Estonia vote to become independent of the U.S.S.R.
March 3: Merlene Ottey runs world record 200m indoor (22.24 sec)
March 3: Miguel Trovoada installed as president of Sao Tome e Principal
March 3: Switzerland votes on lowering voting age from 20 to 18
March 3: United Airlines crashes near Colorado Springs, kills 25
March 4: Bank of Credit and Commerce International divests itself of 1st American Bank
March 4: Iraq releases 6 U.S., 3 British and 1 Italian POW
March 5: Iraq repealed its annexation of Kuwait
March 5: Reggie Miller (Indiana) begins NBA free throw streak of 52 games
March 6: Following Iraq's capitulation in the Persian Gulf conflict, President Bush told Congress that "aggression is defeated. The war is over"
March 7: Iraq continues to explode oil fields in Kuwait
March 8: 17th People's Choice Awards: Julia Roberts, Bill Cosby, Pretty Woman
March 8: Harry Hamlin and Nicollette Sheridan wed
March 8: Planeloads of U.S. troops arrive home from the Persian Gulf, Iraq hands over 40 foreign journalists and 2 American soldiers it captured
March 8: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
March 9: 5th American Comedy Award: Dennis Wolfberg
March 9: Joe Dumaars (Detroit) begins NBA free throw streak of 62 games
March 9: "Les Miserables," opens at Lyric Theatre, Brisbane
March 9: U.S. 70th manned space mission STS-39 (Discovery 12) launches into orbit
March 10: Eddie Sutton is 1st NCAA coach to lead 4 schools into playoffs
March 10: Laura Davies wins LPGA Inamori Golf Classic
March 10: Marc Girardelli of Luxembourg clinches his 4th slalom World Cup
March 10: Merlene Ottey runs world record 200 m indoor (22.24 sec)
March 10: Rico Lieder/Jens Carlowitz/Karsten Just/Thomas Schonlebe walk 4x400m indoor world record (3:03.05)
March 11: Janet Jackson signs $40M 3 album deal with Virgin records
March 11: John Smith, amateur wrestler, wins James E Sullivan Award
March 11: Monica Seles ends Steffi Graf's streak of 186 weeks ranked first
March 12: 5th Soul Train Music Awards
March 13: Exxon pays $1-billion dollars in fines and cleanup of Valdez oil spill
March 14: British Court of Appeal frees "Birmingham 6" who had been unjustly sentenced in August 1975 to life imprisonment
March 14: Emir of Kuwait returns to Kuwait City, after the Iraqis leave
March 14: Ice Dance Championship at Munich won by Isabel and Phil Duchesnay (FRA)
March 14: Ice Pairs Championship at Munich won by N Mishkutenok and A Dmitriev
March 14: Men's Figure Skating Championship in Munich won by Kurt Browning (CAN)
March 15: 4 LA police are charged with beating Rodney King
March 15: Sergei Bubka pole vaults record 20'
March 15: Territories of Amapa and Roraima become states in Brazil
March 16: 7 of Reba McEntire band members are killed in a plane crash
March 16: Members of Irish Gay and Lesbian Organization march in New York City parade
March 16: New Jersey Net coach Bill Fitch is 4th coach to win 800 NBA games
March 16: New York Lotto pays $33.3 million to one winner, with the numbers 18-21-32-33-35-38
March 16: Worlds Ladies Figure Skating Champ in Munich won by Kristi Yamaguchi
March 17: 9 of 15 Soviet reps officially approve new union treaty
March 17: Irish Lesbians and Gays march in St. Patrick Day parade
March 17: John Robin Baitz' "Substance of Fire," premieres in New York City
March 17: New Jersey raises turnpike tolls 70%
March 17: Penny Hammel wins Desert Inn LPGA Golf International
March 18: Apple computer head Steve Jobs weds Laurene Powell
March 18: Mike Tyson beats Razor Ruddock in the 7th round
March 18: Philadelphia '76ers retires Wilt Chamberlain's #13 jersey
March 18: Reggie Miller (Indiana) ends NBA free throw streak of 52 games
March 19: Kansas City Royals announce they are putting Bo Jackson on waivers
March 19: NFL owners strip Phoenix of 1993 Super Bowl game due to Arizona not recognizing Martin Luther King Day
March 19: Sacramento Kings set NBA record of 29 consecutive road loses
March 19: St. Louis Blue Brett Hull is 3rd NHLer to score 80 goals in a season
March 20: Court awards Peggy Lee $3 million in suit against Disney
March 20: Michael Jackson signs $65M 6 album deal with Sony records
March 20: Supreme Court rules unanimously employers can't exclude women from jobs where exposure to toxic chemicals could potentially damage fetus
March 20: U.S. forgives $2 billion in loans to Poland
March 21: 27 lost at sea when 2 U.S. Navy anti-submarine planes collide
March 21: Largest wrestling crowd in Japan (64,500) at Tokyo Dome
March 21: Tatsumi Fujinami beats Ric Flair for NWA wrestling championship
March 21: U.N. Security Council panel decided to lift the food embargo on Iraq
March 22: Law enforcement officers raid fraternities at University of Virginia seizing drugs
March 22: New York Daily News begins using motto "Forward with NY"
March 22: Pamela Smart (High School teacher) found guilty in New Hampshire of manipulating her student-lover to kill her husband
March 23: 1st World League of American Football games, London beats Frankfurt 24-11, Sacramento beats Raleigh-Dur 9-3 and Mont beats Birmingham 20-5
March 23: 20 Tornadoes kill 5 in Tennessee
March 23: Sergei Bubka pole vaults world record indoor (6.12m)
March 24: 11th Golden Raspberry Awards: Ford Fairlane and Ghosts Can't Do It wins
March 24: Banks reopen in liberated Kuwait
March 24: Barcelona Dragons beat NY/New Jersey Knights 19-7 in their 1st WLAF game
March 24: Danielle Ammaccapane wins LPGA Standard Register Ping Golf Tournament
March 24: "Les Miserables," opens at Auditorium Theatre, Chicago
March 24: New York Yankees beat New York Mets, 9-3
March 24: Wrestlemania VII in LA, Hulk Hogan pins Sergeant Slaughter
March 25: 63rd Academy Awards - "Dance with Wolves," Kathy Bates and J Irons win
March 25: Allan Border takes 5-68 vs. WI at Bourda (!), Georgetown
March 26: Fuel pipe explodes under 58th street and Lexington Ave, New York City
March 26: Marc Camoletti's "Don't Dress for Dinner," premieres in London
March 26: Orlando Thunder beats San Antonio Riders in their 1st WLAF game 35-34
March 26: Victoria beat NSW by 7 wickets to win Sheffield Shield Final
March 27: NCAA bans University of Minnesota football team from postseason play in 1992
March 27: New Kid Donnie Wahlberg, arrested on arson charges in Kentucky
March 27: Scotty Bowman and Neil Armstrong elected to NHL Hall of Fame
March 28: Mike Tyson admits paternity to Kimberly Scarborough's son
March 30: 1st exhibition baseball games at Joe Robbie Stadium (Yankees-Orioles)
March 30: Last issue of Dutch Newspaper "Vroe Folk" (Free People)
March 30: Northern Michigan wins its 1st NCAA hockey title
March 30: PBA National Championship Won by Mike Miller
March 30: "Speed of Darkness" closes at Belasco Theater New York City after 36 performances
March 31: 10th NCAA Women's Basketball Champion: Tennessee beats Virginia 70-67
March 31: 20th Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Amy Alcott
March 31: Albania offers 1st multi-party election in 50 years
March 31: Danny Bonaduce attacks a transvestite prostitute in Phoenix Az
March 31: Georgian SSR votes on whether to remain in the Soviet Union
March 31: Musical "Will Rogers Follies," premieres in New York City
March 31: Soviet Republic of Georgia endorsed independence, Warsaw Pact dissolves
March 31: St. Louis Blues Brett Hull scores his 86th goal


April 1: 53rd NCAA Mens Basketball Champion: Duke Bluedevils beats Kansas 72-65
April 1: Dwight Goodin signs $5.15 million 3 year contract with New York Mets
April 1: Iran releases British hostage Roger Cooper after 5 years
April 1: Supreme Court rules jurors can't be barred from serving due to race
April 1: U.S. minimum wage goes from $3.80 to $4.25 per hour
April 1: Warsaw Pact officially dissolves
April 2: Rotterdam Daily Newspaper begins publishing
April 3: 12th Emmy Sports Award presentation
April 3: Bo Jackson signs 1-year contract with Chicago White Sox
April 3: "Penn and Teller - Refrigerator Tour" opens at Eugene O'Neill New York City
April 3: Thomas Bos skates world record 3 km (3:65.16)
April 3: U.N. Security Council adopts Gulf War truce resolution
April 4: "Lucifer's Child" opens at Music Box Theater New York City for 28 performances
April 5: Joe Dumaars (Detroit) ends NBA free throw streak of 62 games
April 5: Kitty Kelly publishes a book knocking Nancy Reagan
April 5: Southeast Airlines Embracer 120 crashes in Georgia, killing 23
April 5: Space Shuttle STS-37, Atlantis 8, launched
April 5: U.S. begins air drops to Kurd refugees in Northern Iraq
April 6: Argentine soocer star Diego Maradona suspended for 15 month by Italian League for testing positive for cocaine use
April 6: Former child actor Adam Rich arrested for breaking into a pharmacy
April 6: New York - New Jersey Knights 1st home game (Giant Stadium) lose to Frankfurt 27-17
April 6: Subhana, becomes 1st Australian woman to become a Zen teacher
April 7: 3rd Seniors Golf Tradition: Jack Nicklaus
April 7: "Big Love" closes at Plymouth Theater New York City after 41 performances
April 7: Chris Johnson wins LPGA Ping/Welch's Golf Championship
April 7: Compton Gamma Ray Observatory orbits Earth
April 7: George Washington Bridge raises toll from $3.00 to $4.00
April 7: "Shadowlands" closes at Brooks Atkinson Theater New York City after 169 performances
April 7: Wrestlemania VII scheduled in LA, actually performed 03/24
April 8: "I Hate Hamlet" opens at Walter Kerr Theater New York City for 88 performances
April 8: Jockey, Bill Shoemaker, paralyzed in a car accident
April 8: Major league umpires and baseball reach a 4-year agreement
April 8: Michael Landon announces he has inoperable cancer of pancreas
April 8: Oakland A's stadium becomes 1st outdoor arena to ban smoking
April 9: Date of Microsoft MS DOS 5.0
April 9: Georgia SSR votes to secede from U.S.S.R.
April 10: Boat rams a tanker in Livorno Italy fog, killing about 138
April 10: Last automat (coin operated cafeteria) closes (3rd and 42nd St, New York City)
April 10: Los Angeles King Wayne Gretzky scores NHL record 93rd playoff goal
April 10: Martin Zubero swims world record 200m backstroke (1:52.51)
April 11: "Miss Saigon," opens at Broadway Theater New York City
April 11: New York City's Museum of Broadcasting becomes "Museum of Radio and Television"
April 11: Space Shuttle STS-37, Atlantis 8, lands
April 11: U.N. Security Council issues formal cease fire with Iraq declaration
April 12: 2,500th episode of Entertainment Tonight airs
April 12: Nepalese Congress party wins general elections
April 12: U.S. announces closing of 31 major U.S. military bases
April 13: BPAA U.S. Open by Pete Weber
April 14: 55th Golf Masters Championship: Ian Woosnam wins, shooting a 277
April 14: Chicago Blackhawks becomes 1st NHL regular season champion in 20 years to lose in 1st round of the playoffs (To Minnesota North Stars)
April 14: "Mule Bone" closes at Ethel Barrymore Theater New York City after 67 performances
April 14: "Oh, Kay!" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City
April 15: 20th Boston Women's Marathon won by Wanda Panfil of Poland in 2:24:18
April 15: 95th Boston Marathon won by Ibrahim Hussein of Kenya in 2:11:06
April 15: East-Europe Bank forms in London
April 15: Europe foreign ministers lift most remaining sanctions against South Africa
April 15: Former child actor Adam Rich charged with burglary
April 15: Magic Johnson sets NBA record for career assistswith 9,898
April 15: Maximum New York State unemployment benefits raised to $280 per week
April 15: Sacramento Kings set NBA record, losing 35th consecutive game on road
April 15: "Secret Garden" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 706 performances
April 15: Ton Sijbrands improves world record blind checker games (15 wins)
April 16: M Leander and E Seago's musical "Matador," premieres in London
April 16: St. Louis Blues becomes 8th NHL team in Play-off to come back from a 3-1 deficit as they beat the Detroit Red Wings 3-2 in game 7
April 17: Dow Jones closes above 3,000 for 1st time (3,004.46)
April 17: Railroad workers go on strike in U.S.
April 18: Census Bureau said it failed to count up to 63 million in 1990 census
April 18: Congress ends railroad worker 1 day strike
April 18: John Stockton breaks his own NBA season assist record at 1,136
April 19: Evander Holyfield beats George Foreman in 12 for heavywgt boxing title
April 19: Greyhound Bus posts $195 million loss for 1990
April 20: 1st non stop flight Schiphol-Flamingo airport Bonaire
April 20: "Les Miserables," opens at Odense Teater, Odense
April 20: Mark Lenzi is 1st diver to score 100 pts on a dive (101.85)
April 20: Raghib "Rocket" Ismael signs with Toronto Argonauts for $26.2 million
April 21: 52nd PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Jack Nicklaus
April 21: Greatest extra-inning comeback, Pitts scores 6 in bottom of 11th erasing 5 run Cub lead, Pirates also trailed 7-2 in bottom of 9th
April 21: Jakov Tolstikov wins 4th World Cup marathon (2:09:17)
April 21: Rosa Mota wins 4th World Cup female marathon (2:26:14)
April 22: Earthquake strikes Costa Rica and Panama, kills 95
April 22: Frank Thomas is 1st White Sox to homer at new Comiskey Park
April 22: Intel releases 486SX chip
April 22: Johnny Carson announces he will retire next year from Tonight Show
April 22: Shalom America (Jewish cable network) is launched in Brooklyn and Queens
April 23: Bjorn Borg loses 6-2, 6-3 to Jordi Arrese after 8 year lay off
April 23: Gordon Greenidge scores 223 vs. Aus, his last Test Cricket knock at home
April 23: U.S.S.R. grants republics right to secede under certain conditions
April 24: 26th Academy of Country Music Awards: Garth Brooks
April 25: Designer Mary McFadden (52) announces divorce of Kohie Yohannan (23)
April 25: "Grand Hotel" closes at Beck Theater New York City after 1018 performances
April 25: Lisa Olson brings suit against NFL New England Patriots for sexual harassment
April 25: Lucy Simon and Marsha Norman's musical premieres in New York City
April 26: 23 killed in Kansas and Oklahoma by tornadoes
April 26: "Dinosaurs" premieres on ABC-TV
April 26: Soccer star Diego Maradona, suspended for using cocaine, arrested in Argentina for possession and distribution of illegal narcotics
April 27: Firestone World Bowling Tournament of Champions won by David Ozio
April 27: "Lucifer's Child" closes at Music Box Theater New York City after 28 performances
April 28: "Gypsy" opens at Marquis Theater New York City for 105 performances
April 28: Space Shuttle STS-39 (Discovery 12) launched
April 28: "Taking Steps" closes at Circle in Sq Theater New York City after 78 performances
April 29: Croatia declares independence
April 29: Cyclone strikes Bangladesh, 139,000 die/10 million homeless
April 29: Earthquake in Georgia, kills 100
April 29: "Our Country's Good" opens at Nederlander Theater New York City for 48 performances
April 30: In Bangladesh a cyclone killed over 131,000 and left 9 million homeless


May 1: A's Rickey Henderson steals an all time record 939th base vs Yankees
May 1: Actor Robert Duvall weds Sharon Brophy
May 1: Angola's civil war ends
May 1: Last day of Test cricket for Gordon Greenidge
May 1: Milwaukee Brewers beat Chicago Cubs, 10-9, in 19 innings
May 1: Nolan Ryan pitches his 7th no-hitter, beating Toronto
May 1: Rickey Henderson breaks Lou Brocks record with his 939th steal
May 1: Texas Ranger Nolan Ryan pitches record 7th no hitter (beats Toronto 3-0)
May 1: "Will Rogers Follies" opens at Palace Theater New York City for 983 performances
May 2: Pope John Paul II's encyclical on Centesimus annus
May 3: 356th and final episode of CBS 2nd longest running series Dallas, 2nd only to Gunsmoke
May 3: Andy Williams weds Debbie Hass
May 4: 117th Kentucky Derby: Chris Antley aboard Strike the Gold wins in 2:03
May 4: ABC Masters Bowling Tournament won by Doug Kent
May 4: Actress Sharon Gless and producer Barney Rosenzeig wed
May 4: Indians' Chris James sets club record for most RBIs in a game (9)
May 4: Mo Udall, Representative-D-Arizona, resigns due to Parkinson disease
May 4: New York Mets M Sasser and Mark Carreon are 8th to hit consecutive pinch home runs
May 4: President Bush is hospitalized for erratic heartbeat
May 5: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Sara Lee Golf Classic
May 6: Phillie Lenny Dykstra slams his sports car into 2 trees
May 6: Seppo Raty of Finland sets javelin record to 301' 9"
May 6: Space Shuttle STS-39 (Discovery 12) lands
May 7: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
May 7: Haryana beat Bombay in the Ranji Cricket Trophy final by 2 runs
May 8: CIA director William H. Webster resigns
May 9: Italian actress Laura Antonelli found guilty of cocaine possession
May 9: Michael Landon appears on Tonight Show to talk about his cancer
May 10: Oakland A's Jose Canseco is seen leaving Madonna's apt
May 12: A new cancer drug is announced, which can only be found in bark of a rare tree in the Pacific Northwest
May 12: Hollis Stacy wins LPGA Crestar-Fresh Farm Golf Classic
May 13: Apple releases Macintosh System 7.0
May 13: "Michael Jackson: Magic and Madness" goes on sale
May 13: South African activist Winnie Mandela convicted of abducting 4 blacks
May 13: Yankee Stadium fans sing "Like a Virgin" to Jose Canseco
May 14: 42 die in a train collision is Japan
May 14: Robert M. Gates becomes head of CIA
May 14: Winnie Mandela sentenced to 6 years for complicity in kidnapping and beating of four youths, one of whom died, She is freed pending appeal
May 14: World's Largest Burrito created at 1,126 lbs
May 15: Defense releases docs claiming Noriega is "CIA's man in Panama"
May 15: Edith Cresson becomes France's 1st female premier
May 15: Manchester United wins 31th Europe Cup II at Rotterdam
May 15: Nepal premier Bhattarai resigns
May 15: President Bush takes Queen Elizabeth to Oakland A's-Baltimore Oriole game
May 15: Red Sox and White Sox play then slowest 9 inning game (4:11)
May 16: Daily Planet fires cub reporter Jimmy Olson (Superman character)
May 16: Queen Elizabeth becomes 1st British monarch to address U.S. congress
May 17: Lupita Jones, 23, of Mexico, crowned 40th Miss Universe
May 18: 117th Preakness: Jerry Bailey aboard Hansel wins in 1:54
May 18: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
May 18: U.S.S.R. launches 2 cosmonauts to MIR space station
May 19: "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" closes at Shubert New York City after 225 performances
May 19: Pat Bradley wins LPGA Centel Golf Classic
May 19: Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Centel Senior Golf Challenge
May 19: Willy T. Ribbs becomes 1st black driver to make Indianapolis 500
May 20: Chicago Bull Michael Jordan, named NBA's MVP
May 20: Jeff Reardon gains his 300th career save
May 20: Soviet parliament approves law allowing citizens to travel abroad
May 21: Ethiopia's Marxist president (Mengistu Haile Mariam) resigns
May 22: Inter Milan wins 20th UEFA Cup at Rome
May 22: NFL Owners agree to add 2 teams in 1994
May 22: Roh Jai Bong resigns as premier of South Korea
May 23: Last Cubans troops leave Angola
May 23: Phillie Tommy Greene no-hits Mont Expos, 2-0
May 23: San Diego Sockers win 4th consecutive Major Soccer League championship
May 23: U.S. Supreme Court bars subsidized clinics from discussing abortion
May 25: Israel evacuates 14,000 Ethiopian Jews
May 25: "People Are Still Having Sex," by LaTour hits #35
May 25: Stanley Cup: Pittsburgh Penguins beat Minnesota North Star, 4 games to 2
May 26: Betsy King wins LPGA Corning Golf Classic
May 27: Austrian Boeing 767-300 explodes at Bangkok, 223 die
May 28: Ethiopian rebels seize Addis Ababa
May 29: Crevena Zvezda wins 36th Europe Cup I
May 29: "Les Miserables," opens at ACTEA Theatre, Auckland New Zealand
May 30: 64th National Spelling Bee: Joanne Lagatta wins spelling antipyretic
May 30: Arturo Barrios runs world record one-hour distance (21,096 km)
May 30: Supreme Court rules prosecutors can be sued for legal advice they give police and can be held accountable
May 31: Oldest bride - Minnie Munro, 102, weds Dudley Reid, 83, in Australia
May 31: Sides in Angola sign a treaty ending 16 year civil war


June 1: Mount Pinatubo (Philippines) erupts for 1st time in 600 years
June 1: Roseanne Arnold and Tom Arnold wed again, they divorced later
June 2: 45th Tony Awards: Lost in Yonkers and Will Rogers Follies win
June 2: 4th Children's Miracle Network Telethon
June 2: Rosie Jones wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
June 2: Seppo Raty of Finland improves his world javelin record to 318' 1"
June 2: Three Andrettis finished 1-2-3 in the Miller 200 at Wisconsin
June 3: Mount Unzen erupts in Japan, worst eruption in Japanese history
June 3: New York Yankees selected 19-year-old Brien Taylor, #1 in amateur draft
June 3: Thomas Hearns captures WBA light-heavyweight title
June 4: 1st post WW II non-communist government in Albania
June 4: Lesbian priest Elizabeth Carl is ordained in Episcopal Church
June 4: Pope John Paul II compares abortion with nazi murders
June 4: Robert Strauss becomes U.S. ambassador to Soviet Union
June 5: Lesbian priest Elizabeth Carl ordained in Episcopal Church
June 5: Mikhail Gorbachev receives his 1990 Nobel Peace Prize
June 5: Space Shuttle STS-40 (Columbia 12) launched
June 6: Albert Belle is shipped to minors for not running out a ground ball
June 6: Dana Plato receives 6 yr suspended sentence for robbing a video store
June 6: NBC announces Jay Leno will replace Johnny Carson on May 25, 1992
June 6: Test Cricket debut of Graeme Hick, vs. West Indies at Headingley
June 7: Singer Jimmy Osmond weds Michelle Larson
June 8: 123rd Belmont: Jerry Bailey aboard Hansel wins in 2:28
June 8: 61st French Womens Tennis: Monica Seles beats A S Vicario (63 64)
June 8: College World Series: Louisiana State defeats Wichita State 6-3
June 8: Former New York Jet Mark Gastineau wins 1st pro boxing fight in 12 seconds
June 8: "Our Country's Good" closes at Nederlander Theater New York City after 48 performances
June 8: Victory parade held in Washington D.C., Persian Gulf War
June 8: Warren Schutte, is 1st non American to win NCAA Div 1 golf title
June 9: 61st French Mens Tennis: Jim Courier beats A Agassi (36 64 26 61 64)
June 9: 9th Seniors Players Golf Championship: Jim Albus
June 9: Bruce Springsteen weds his backup singer Patty Scialfa
June 9: Jack La Lanne, 76, arrested for suspicion of DWI
June 9: Jane Geddes wins LPGA Atlantic City Golf Classic
June 9: WLAF 1st world bowl London Monarchs defeat Barlecona Dragons 21-0
June 10: 25th Music City News Country Awards: Ricky Van Shelton
June 10: Mother of All Parades - New York City welcomes desert storm troops
June 10: South Florida and Denver picked for 1993 NL franchises
June 10: "Twin Peaks" airs on ABC-TV
June 11: Microsoft releases MS DOS 5.0
June 12: 45th NBA Championship: Chicago Bulls beat Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 1
June 12: Boris Yelstin elected president of Russian Federation
June 12: Mount Pinatubo volcano on Philippines erupts
June 13: A spectator is killed by lightning at U.S. Open Golf tournament
June 13: NHL owners present contract to players, leads to Apr 1, 1992 strike
June 13: The National, 1st all-sports daily newspaper, ceases publication
June 14: Leroy Burrell of USA sets 100m record (9.90) in New York City
June 14: "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" opens
June 14: Space Shuttle STS-40 (Columbia 12) lands
June 15: Carolyn Tanny and Bob Trischel wed
June 15: Philippines volcano Mount Pinatubo erupts
June 16: 91st U.S. Golf Open: Payne Stewart shoots a 282 at Hazeline National Golf Club Minnesota
June 16: Boris Yeltsin elected president of Russian SSR
June 16: Colleen Walker wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
June 16: "Fiddler on the Roof" closes at Gershwin Theater New York City after 241 performances
June 16: Minnesota Twins win a team record 15 games in a row
June 16: New York City Mayor Dinkins declares "Joseph Doherty Week"
June 16: Otis Nixon steals NL record 6 bases in 1 day
June 16: With 3 runs in 9th, Baltimore ends Twins 15 game win streak 6-5
June 17: President Zachary Taylors body is exhumed to test how he died
June 17: South Africa abolishes last of its apartheid laws
June 18: Boris Yeltsin, president of Russia, arrives in U.S.
June 18: Mud storm in Antofagasta Chile, kills 80
June 18: San Francisco Giant pitcher Dave Dravecky's cancerous left arm is amputated
June 18: Yankee pitchers pick-off 3 Toronto Blue Jays
June 19: 2 of Mia Farrow's daughters arrested for shoplifting lingerie
June 19: Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar surrenders to police
June 19: New York Yankee Steve Howe records his 1st major league save since 1987
June 21: Islanders Denis Potvan and Michael Bossy inducted into NHL Hall of Fame
June 21: Jorg Haider resigns as premier of Karinthia
June 21: New York Islanders Denis Potvin and Mike Bossy, elected to Hockey Hall of Fame
June 22: "I Hate Hamlet" closes at Walter Kerr Theater New York City after 88 performances
June 22: Quebec Nordiques pick Eric Lindros #1 at NHL entry draft
June 22: Underwater volcano, Mount Didicas, erupts in Philippines
June 23: Beth Daniel wins LPGA McDonald's Golf Championship
June 23: Mazda becomes 1st Japanese car to capture Le Mans 24 hour race
June 23: "Odd Couple" opens and closes at Belasco Theater New York City
June 23: "Weird Al" Yankovic records "Babalu Music"
June 24: NHL adopts instant-replay and tenth of second clock in final minute
June 25: Martina Navratilova wins record 100th singles match at Wimbledon
June 25: Slovenia and Croatia declare independence from Yugoslavia
June 26: Amy Elizabeth Goodman, of California, crowned America's Junior Miss
June 26: ANC leader Nelson Mandela addresses congress
June 26: Charlotte Hornets make Larry Johnson of UNLV, NBA's #1 draft pick
June 26: "Getting Married" opens at Circle in Sq Theater New York City for 70 performances
June 27: Emmy 18th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 12th time
June 29: 6.0 earthquake hits southern California
June 29: Britain's Nick Brown, 591st rank beats 10th-seeded Goran Ivanisevic 4-6, 6-3, 7-6, 6-3 in 2nd round at Wimbledon
June 29: "Jackie Mason - Brand New" closes at Neil Simon New York City after 216 performances
June 30: 37th Mazda LPGA Championship won by Meg Mallon


July 2: Riot at Guns N' Roses concert in St. Louis
July 3: Donald Trump gives Marla Maples a 7.45 karat diamond ring
July 3: Gateway Board of Trustees approve a 20-year lease with Cleveland Indians
July 5: Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins given final approval by owners
July 5: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
July 5: Lillian Cucuzza wins name Florida baseball team contest (Marlins)
July 6: 98th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Steffi Graf beats G Sabatini (64 36 86)
July 7: 105th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Michael Stich beats B Becker (64 76 64)
July 7: Alice Miller wins LPGA Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic
July 7: Nolan Ryan possible 8th no-hitter ends in the 8th inning
July 8: Major league umpire Steve Palermo and former NFL defensive lineman Terence Mann were shot trying to help 2 waitresses from being robbed
July 8: Pittsburgh Pirate President Carl Barger becomes 1st President of Florida Marlins
July 9: 62nd All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 4-2 at SkyDome, Toronto
July 9: All star MVP: Cal Ripken, Jr. for the Baltimore Orioles
July 9: "Little Night Music" opens at New York State Theater New York City for 7 performances
July 9: South Africa readmitted to Olympics
July 10: Boris Yeltsin sworn in as 1st elected president of Russian Rep
July 10: L'Express Airlines Beechcraft C-99 crashes in Alabama, killing 13
July 11: Calumet Farm, home to 8 Kentucky Derby winners, files bankruptcy
July 11: Nigerian DC-8 crashes near Saudi-Arabia, 261 die
July 11: Total solar eclipse is seen in Hawaii
July 13: Bob Milacki and 3 other Baltimore Oriole pitchers no-hit A's 2-0
July 14: 46th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Meg Mallon
July 14: Failed military coup in Mali
July 15: France performs nuclear Test at Muruora Island
July 15: Sandhi Ortiz-DelValle is 1st woman to officiate a men's pro basketball (USBL) game, game between New Haven Skyhawks and Philadelphia Spirit
July 15: U.S. troops leave northern Iraq
July 18: Florida Marlins' logo unveiled
July 18: Mike Tyson meets Miss Black America contestants
July 19: Cal Ripken plays in his 1,500th consecutive game
July 19: With New York Yankee victory, 10 of 14 AL teams are at .500 or better
July 20: Kirk Cameron marries Growing Pains co-star Chelsea Noble in upstate New York
July 20: Mike Tyson is accused of raping a Miss Black America contestant
July 21: 120th British Golf Open: Ian Baker-Finch shoots 272 at Royal Birkdale
July 21: Betsy King wins LPGA JAL Big Apple Golf Classic
July 21: Ferguson Jenkins, Gaylord Perry, Rod Carew, Tony Lazzeri, and Bill Veeck are elected into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York
July 21: Sharmell Sullivan (Gary, Indiana), 20, crowned 23rd Miss Black America
July 22: Jeffrey Dahmer confesses to killing 17 males in 1978
July 23: James Farentino of Dynasty arrested in Canada for cocaine possession
July 23: Rob Dibble back from 3-game suspension, is ejected for throwing at and hitting Cubs baserunner Doug Dascenzo Cubs win, 8-5
July 24: Ottawa Rough Riders Board of Directors resign
July 24: University of Manchester scientist announce finding a planet outside of solar system
July 25: Howard Stern adds a 4th radio market (KLSX FM-97.1 Los Angeles)
July 25: Pittsburgh Steelers guard Terry Long treated for an apparent suicide attempt after he learned he tested positive for steroid use
July 25: Seattle Jay Buhner hits a 479' home run in Yankee Stadium
July 26: CFL assumes ownership of Ottawa Rough Riders
July 26: Expo's Mark Gardner no hits Dodgers for 9 innings, but loses in 10th
July 27: Rocker Jani Lane, Warrant-Cherry Pie, marries model Bobbie Brown
July 27: TV Guide publishes it's 2000th edition
July 28: 12th U.S. Seniors Golf Open: Jack Nicklaus
July 28: 29th Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats USA in Nottingham England (2-1)
July 28: Buffalo Bills beat Philadelphia Eagles, 17-13 in American Bowl in Wembley
July 28: Dennis Martinez pitches the 15th perfect game in baseball history
July 28: "Gypsy" closes at Marquis Theater New York City after 105 performances
July 28: Juli Inkster wins LPGA Bay State Golf Classic
July 28: Miguel Indurain of Spain wins Tour de France bicycle race
July 29: 1st Sunday Night game at Shea Stadium, Mets beat Cubs 6-0
July 29: Yankee Stadium fans throw cups and blowup dolls at Jose Canseco
July 30: MTV announces it will split into 3 channels in 1993
July 30: Red Sox Carlos Quintana is 11th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (3rd)
July 31: Russia and U.S. sign long range nuclear weapons reduction pact
July 31: Senate votes to allow women to fly combat aircraft


August 1: Actress Hedy Lamarr, 77, arrested for shoplifting in Florida
August 1: Italian/Argentine Soccer star Diego Maradona retires
August 2: Funk singer Rick James, arrested on sexual torture charges
August 2: Hedy Lamaar is arrested for shoplifting in Los Angeles
August 2: Mike Jeffcoat is 1st AL pitcher to get an RBI since 1972
August 2: Space shuttle STS-43 (Atlantis 9) launched
August 3: Giant Victory, driven by Jack Moiseyev, wins Hambletonian
August 3: Pan Am games open in Havana
August 4: 1st time Seattle Mariners are 9 games over .500
August 4: Deb Richard wins LPGA Phar-Mor in Youngstown Golf Tournament
August 5: Sergeo Bubka of U.S.S.R. sets pole vault record (20'") in Malmo Sweden
August 6: Debbie Doom (U.S.) pitches 2nd consecutive perfect game in women's softball at the Pan American Games, beats Nicaragua, 8-0
August 7: Charles Austin breaks U.S. high jump record at 7'10 "
August 7: Court rules Manuel Noriega, may access some secret U.S. documents
August 7: Darrin Lewis hits his 1st major league home run
August 7: Manhattan Cable final day of amnesty to return illegal cable boxes
August 7: U.S. sets 400m relay record at 37.67 seconds
August 8: Carlos Santana pleads no contest to marijuana possession charge
August 8: Shite Moslems release British hostage John McCarthy
August 8: With two months left, White Sox set new home attendance (2,150,951)
August 10: "Little Night Music" closes at New York State New York City after 7 performances
August 10: NFL sportscaster Paul Maquire suffers a heart attack at 53
August 11: 400,000 demonstrate for democracy in Madagascar, 31 killed
August 11: 73rd PGA Championship: John Daly shoots a 276 at Crooked Stick Ind
August 11: Melissa Mcnamara wins Stratton Mountain LPGA Golf Classic
August 11: Shite Moslems release U.S. hostage Edward Tracy
August 11: Space shuttle STS-43 (Atlantis 9) lands
August 11: Wilson Alvarez hurls a no-hitter in his 1st big league start
August 12: Creditors vote to support Greyhound Bus reorganization plan
August 12: Last day in Test Cricket for Viv Richards, Dujon and Marshall
August 13: Michael Ray Barrowman swims world record 200m breaststroke (2:10.60)
August 13: Test Cricket debut of Mike Whitney versus England at Old Trafford
August 14: Comedian Jackie Mason marries his manager Jyll Rosenfeld (37)
August 14: Twins Dave Winfield is 23rd to hit 400 home run
August 15: 750,000 attend Paul Simon's free concert in Central Park
August 15: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
August 16: Belgium census is 10,000,963 inhabitants
August 16: President Bush declares recession is near an end
August 17: Royals Warren Cromartie's 1st major league home run since 1983
August 18: Cindy Rarick wins LPGA Northgate Computer Golf Classic
August 18: Hurricane Bob hits North Carolina with 115 MPH wind
August 18: Pan Am games closes in Havana
August 19: Hurricane Bob hits U.S.
August 19: Janajev and KGB coup in Russia deposes Mikhail Gorbachev
August 19: Janel Bishop, 17, of New Hampshire, crowned 9th Miss Teen USA
August 20: Dolphin Dan Marino surpasses Joe Montana as the highest paid NFL player with a 5-year extension for $25 million
August 20: Estonia declares it's independence from U.S.S.R. itself independent
August 20: Norbert Rosza swims world record 100m breast stroke (1:01.29)
August 21: Communist coup is crushed in U.S.S.R. in 2 days
August 21: Latvia declares it's independence from U.S.S.R.
August 22: Krizstina Egerszegi swims world record 100 m backstroke (1:00.31)
August 24: Emmy Creative Arts Award presentation
August 24: Gorbachev resigns as head of U.S.S.R. Communist Party
August 24: Silky Stallone, wins the Cane Pace at Yonkers Raceway
August 24: Taiwan captures its 15th Little League World Series, 11-0
August 24: Ukraine declares independence from U.S.S.R.
August 25: 43rd Emmy Awards: LA Law, Cheers, Kirstie Alley and Patricia Wettig
August 25: 91st U.S. Golf Amateur Championship won by Mitch Voges
August 25: Carl Lewis rus 100m in 9.86 seconds
August 25: Cubs Doug Dascenzo commits his 1st career error after 242 games
August 25: "Getting Married" closes at Circle in Sq Theater New York City after 70 performances
August 25: Krizstina Egerszegi swims world record 200m backstroke (2:06.62)
August 25: Martha Nause wins LPGA Chicago Sun-Times Shoot-Out Golf Tournament
August 25: Norway and Denmark recognize independence of former U.S.S.R. Baltic reps
August 25: Wanda Panfil wins 3rd female world champion marathon (2:29:53)
August 26: Royal Brett Saberegen no-hits White Sox 7-0
August 27: Moldavia declares independence from U.S.S.R.
August 28: Lexington Ave IRT subway train derails at Union Square, 5 die
August 28: Red Tom Browning vs Expo Dennis Martinez both perfect game pitcher
August 29: John F. Kennedy, Jr. wins his 1st battle as an attorney
August 29: U.S.S.R. suspends Communist Party activities
August 30: Dan O'Brien sets U.S. decathalon record with 8,812 points
August 30: France beats U.S. by narrowest Ryder Cup margin - 14 to 13
August 30: Mike Powell of U.S., sets then long jump record at 29' 4 " (8.95m)
August 30: Tamil Tigers capture Sri Lanka poet Selvi
August 31: Houston quarterback David Klingler sets NCAA record with 6 touchdown passes in the 2nd quarter as the Cougars clobbered Louisiana Tech 73-3
August 31: Jan Berry (Jan and Dean) weds Gertie Filip
August 31: Richard J. Kerr, ends term as deputy director of CIA
August 31: Rockies bat out of order against Expos in 1st inning
August 31: William H. Webster, ends term as 14th director of CIA


September 1: Hiromi Taniguchi wins 3rd world championship marathon (2:14:57)
September 1: Richard J Kerr, serves as acting director of CIA
September 2: Jerry Lewis' 26th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $45,071,657
September 2: Pat Bradley wins LPGA Rail Charity Golf Classic
September 2: U.S. officially recognizes independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
September 4: "Most Happy Fella" opens at New York State Theater New York City
September 4: Panel of 8 baseball experts vote to drop asterisk next to Roger Maris home run record and determine an official no hitter must go at least 9 innings
September 4: Rte 35 Theater in Hazlit, last drive-in in NJ, closes
September 5: 8th MTV Awards: REM
September 5: Actor John Travolta weds Kelly Preston
September 5: Nelson Mandela chosen president of South African ANC
September 5: U.S. trial of former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega begins
September 6: 33rd Walker Cup: U.S., 14-10
September 6: Ronald Venetiaan chosen president of Suriname
September 6: Soviet Union recognizes Estonian independence
September 6: U.S.S.R. recognizes independence of the 3 Baltic republics
September 7: 105th U.S. Womens Tennis: Monica Seles beats Martina Navratilova (76 61)
September 7: 1st South African international competition in 25 years, gymnastics
September 7: Die Laughing wins Messenger Stakes
September 7: Harry Hamlin weds Nicollette Sheridan
September 7: Monica Seles (17) defeats Martina Navratilova (34) to win U.S. Open
September 7: Ty Detmer of Brigham Young passes NCAA record 11,606 yards
September 8: 111th U.S. Mens Tennis: Stefan Edberg beats Jim Courier (62 64 60)
September 8: Buffalo Bill Jim Kelly passes for 6 touchdowns vs Pitts (52-34)
September 8: Macedonia votes for independence from Yugoslavia
September 8: Michelle Estill wins Ping-Cellular One LPGA Golf Championship
September 9: Only 1,695 fans watch Boston Red Sox play Cleveland
September 10: Senate Committee begins hearings on Clarence Thomas' nomination
September 10: Yolanda Gail Devers runs U.S. female record 100m hurdles (12.48 seconds)
September 11: 14 die in a Continental Express commuter plane crash near Houston
September 11: Atlanta Braves Kent Mercker, Mark Wohlers and Alejandro Pena pitched 1st combined no-hitter in NL, beating San Diego Padres, 1-0
September 11: Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation
September 11: "La Toya: Growing Up in The Jackson Family" goes on sale
September 11: New York Yankees final game at Baltimore Oriole's Memorial Stadium
September 12: Nolan Ryan's 4-3 victory over Twins is his 312th career win
September 12: Space shuttle STS-48 (Discovery 14) launched
September 13: 55 ton concrete beam falls in Montreal's Olympic Stadium
September 13: Joe Carter is 1st to have 3 consec 100-RBI seasons with 3 differ teams
September 13: Joe Coleman 3rd 100 RBI season in a row 3 teams (Cleveland, San Diego and Toronto)
September 13: Kim Zmeskal is 1st American to win a medal at World Gymnastics Championships, she wins the gold with 39.848 pts
September 14: 386 yards and scored 7 touchdowns as the Aztecs beat Pacific 55-34
September 14: Carolyn Suzanne Sapp (Hawaii), 24, crowned 65th Miss America 1992
September 14: Freshman Marshall Faulk of San Diego State rushed for NCAA record
September 14: Magic Johnson weds Erieatha "Cookie" Kelly
September 14: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
September 15: 19th du Maurier Golf Classic: Nancy Scranton
September 15: NBA star Magic Johnson marries Earletha "Cookie" Kelly
September 15: "Party Machine with Nia Peeples" final show
September 15: SD State freshman Marshall Faulk sets NCAA rushing record of 386 yards
September 15: U.S. women's gymnastics team win 1st World Championships medal (silver)
September 16: Atlanta's Otis Nixon suspended for rest of 1991 due to cocaine
September 16: Norm Charlton suspended for 7 days for intentionally hitting Steve Scioscia with a pitch
September 16: U.S. trial of Panamanian leader Noriega begins
September 17: 4,355 turn out to see Expos play New York Mets at Shea Stadium
September 17: U.N. admits Estonia, Latvia, Lithuiania, North and South Korea, Marshall Islands and Micronesia
September 18: John Hart becomes general manager of Cleveland Indians
September 18: NCAA places Tenn on 2 years probation for football recruting violations
September 18: Robert Helmick resigns as President of U.S. Olympic Committee
September 18: Space shuttle STS-48 (Discovery 14) lands
September 19: Precious Bunny wins the 46th Little Brown Jug
September 20: Lion's Terry Taylor reinstated after 1 year drug related suspension
September 21: Armenia votes on whether to remain in Soviet Union
September 21: USA Basketball announces "Dream Team" for the 1992 Olympics
September 22: ABN and AMRO Dutch banks merge
September 22: California University makes Dead Sea Scrolls public
September 22: Harry Gant wins NSACAR Goody's 500
September 22: Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula records his 300th career NFL victory
September 22: Pat Bradley wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
September 23: New York Islanders Mike Bossy and Denis Potvin inducted into NHL Hall of Fame
September 24: After 3 year reign as AL champs, A's are eliminated from AL West
September 24: Deion Sanders, left Braves July 31 to report to NFL Falcons, returns
September 24: "Good and Evil" and "Sibs" premieres on ABC TV
September 24: Robin Yount is 37th to hit 2,000 singles
September 25: "Good and Evil" premieres on ABC TV
September 25: Paramount at Madison Square Garden in New York City opens
September 26: 2 year experimental Biosphere 2 in Oracle Arizona begins
September 27: 1st scheduled NHL exhibition game in St. Petersburg Fla, is cancelled due to poor ice conditions (New York Islanders vs Boston Bruins)
September 27: President Bush decides to end full-time B-52 bombers alert
September 27: "Princesses" premieres on CBS TV
September 28: "Commish," debuts on ABC-TV
September 28: "Good Time" by Ziggy Marley and Melody Makers peaks at #85
September 28: "Love Of A Lifetime" by Firehouse peaks at #5
September 28: New York Yankees set record of 75 games without a complete pitched game
September 28: "Shiny Happy People" by REM peaks to #10
September 28: U.N. weapons inspectors ends 5-day standoff with Iraq
September 29: 29th Ryder Cup: U.S. beats Europe, 14 -13 at Ocean Course (SC)
September 29: "My Own Private Idaho" premieres
September 29: Pat Bradley wins MBS LPGA Golf Classic
September 30: Reverend Jean Betrand Aristide ousted as president of Haiti


October 1: Howard Stern adds Baltimore to his radio network on WJFK-AM
October 2: Eric Lindros, refused to sign with Quebec Nordiques
October 2: Steffi Graf becomes the youngest woman to win 500 pro tennis matches
October 2: Toronto Blue Jays clinches AL East title and becomes 1st team to draw 4 million fans
October 3: 25th Country Music Association Award:
October 4: NHL New York Rangers trade Bernie Nichols to Edmonton for Mark Messier
October 4: San Jose Sharks lose 4-3 to Vancouver Canucks in their 1st NHL game
October 4: Whiteland Janice, driven by Mike Lachance, wins Kentucky Futurity
October 5: Actor Ted Shackelford (Knots Landing) weds Annett Wolf
October 5: Carlos Huerta's NCAA record streak of successful points after a touchdown ends at 157
October 5: Fresno State ties NCAA record with 49 points in a quarter, as they route New Mexico 94-17
October 5: Military transport plane crashes at Djakarta, 133 dies
October 5: New Jersey Devils begin their 10th Anniversary with a 7-2 win over the Blues
October 5: U.S.S.R. reduces nuclear weapons arsenal
October 6: Elizabeth Taylor weds for 8th time (Larry Fortensky)
October 6: Meg Mallon wins LPGA Daikyo World Golf Championship
October 6: New York Met David Cone ties NL record by striking out 19 Phillies
October 6: Orioles last game at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium (vs Detroit Tigers)
October 7: Child star Adam Rich arrested for stealing hypodermics
October 7: Law Professor Anita Hill accuses Supreme nominee Clarence Thomas of making sexually inappropriat comments to her
October 7: Scorecard Harry, Space Appeal and Cafe Lex in 9th race at Belmont, creating 2nd triple dead heat in New York thoroughbred racing history
October 9: Bush declares "total confidence" in nominee Clarence Thomas
October 9: "On Borrowed Time" opens at Circle in Sq Theater New York City for 99 performances
October 9: San Jose Sharks beat Calgary for their 1st NHL win, 4-3
October 10: Ex-postal worker Joseph Harris kills 4 postal workers
October 10: Greyhound Bus ends bankruptcy
October 10: U.S. cuts all foreign aid to Haiti
October 11: Anita Hill testifies Clarence Thomas sexually harrased her
October 11: Chip Beck ties PGA lowest 18 hole score of 59
October 11: Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart seen soliciting a prostitute
October 12: Doug Flutie of BC Lions sets CFL passing record of 582 yards despite losing to Edmonton 45-38 in overtime
October 12: Mike Lerch of Princeton ties NCAA record with 370 receiving yards
October 12: Statler Brothers Show premieres on TNN
October 12: Steven Spielberg weds Kate Capshaw
October 12: Wrestler Rip Oliver forced to retire after being injured by Crush
October 13: Actress Katey Segal suffers a miscarriage
October 13: Blue Jay Cito Gaston is 1st manager ejected in a playoff game
October 13: Minnesota Twins win AL pennant beating Toronto in 5 games
October 14: Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi wins Nobel Peace Prize
October 14: New York Rangers right wing Mike Gartner scores his 500th NHL goal
October 15: Clarence Thomas is confirmed as Supreme Court Justice
October 16: Dallas Mavericks Roy Tarpley becomes 7th to be banned from NBA for life under the league's anti-drug agreement
October 16: George Jo Hennard, 35, kills 23 and himself and wounds 20 in Texas
October 16: U.S. Supreme Court begins to hear Joseph Doherty case
October 17: Angel Cordero is 3rd jockey to win 7,000 horse races
October 17: Atlanta Braves beat Pittsburgh Pirates for NL pennant in 7 games
October 17: News anchor Bree Walker Lampley files an FCC complaint that LA radio KFI-AM personally attacked her by discuss her having a disformed baby
October 17: Pitts Penguin Paul Coffey sets NHL defenseman scoring record with 1,053 career points (309 goals and 744 assists)
October 18: "Most Happy Fella" closes at New York State Theater New York City
October 18: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
October 19: Longest NCAA football game (3:52) as RI beats Maine 52-30 (6 OTs)
October 19: Lonnie Glieberman purchased Ottawa Rough Riders from CFL
October 20: 6.1-7.1 earthquake in Uttar Kashi, India, about 670 die
October 20: Actress Lisa Hartman weds country singer Clint Black
October 20: "Andre Heller's Wonderhouse" opens at Broadhurst New York City for 9 performances
October 20: Formal opening ceremony of International One Mind Zen center in Crestone, Colorado
October 21: 24 die in a fire in Oakland, California
October 21: Former California Governor Jerry Brown announce run for presidency
October 21: U.S. hostage Jesse Turner released from 5 years in captivity in Beirut
October 22: General Motors announces 9 month loss of $2.2 billion
October 23: Clarence Thomas, sworn in as Supreme Court Justice
October 23: Dr. Jack Kevorkian's suicide machine kills 2 women
October 23: "Les Miserables," opens at Mogador Theatre, Paris
October 24: "Dancing at Lughnasa" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 421 performances
October 24: Larry Ryckman purchases CFL Calgary Stampeders
October 25: Aaqib Javed takes 7-37 in 10 overs vs. India in cric 1-dayer at Sharjah
October 27: "Andre Heller's Wonderhouse" closes at Broadhurst New York City after 9 performances
October 27: "Homecoming" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 49 performances
October 27: John Brodie wins Security Pacific Senior Golf Classic
October 27: Minn Twins beat Altanta Braves 1-0 in 10 to win World Series in 7
October 29: Buck Showalter replaces Stump Merrill as New York Yankee manager
October 30: Colombian government negotiate with M-19-guerrilla
October 30: Mark Sauer becomes CEO of Pittsburgh Pirates
October 30: Mid East peace conference begins in Madrid Spain
October 30: Singer Clint Black (34) weds actress Lisa Hartman (29)
October 31: Palestinians attend U.S. mideast peace talks in Madrid


November 1: New Dutch Regulations Traffic rules and Traffic signs enforced
November 2: Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Arazi, Black Tie Affair, Dance Smartly, Miss Alleged, Opening Verse, Pleasant Stage, Sheikh Albadou
November 2: Jermaine Jackson releases "Word to the Badd!!" anti Michael song
November 2: Nevada makes biggest comeback in NCAA football history, overcoming a 35-pt deficit in the 3rd quarter and rallying to beat Weber State 55-49
November 3: 21st New York City Women's Marathon won by Liz McColgan of Scotland in 2:27
November 3: 22nd New York City Marathon won by Salvador Garcia of Mexico in 2:09:28
November 3: Ayrton Senna wins shortest Formula One race ever run (17 laps)
November 4: Mid East peace conference ends in Madrid Spain
November 5: Kiichi Miyazawa elected premier of Japan
November 5: Richard J. Kerr, ends term as acting director of CIA
November 6: Grand duke Vladimir Kirillovitsj returns to St. Petersburg
November 6: Keck II, biggest telescope in use at Mauna Kea Hawaii
November 6: Maximus 2.0 BBS released
November 6: "Moscow Circus Cirk Valentin" opens at Gershwin New York City for 32 performances
November 6: Robert M. Gates, becomes 15th director of CIA
November 6: Russian president Yeltsin outlaws Communist Party
November 7: 1st NBA game in Delta City, Utah Jazz beats Seattle 103-95
November 7: "Brigadoon" opens at New York State Theater New York City for 12 performances
November 7: Magic Johnson announces he has HIV virus and retires from Los Angeles Lakers
November 7: "Park Your Car in Harvard Yard" opens at Music Box New York City
November 8: Carol Burnette Show premieres on CBS-TV
November 8: Paul Coffey sets NHL defensman soring mark with 311th goal
November 9: Houston's Roman Anderson is 1st NCAA to kick 400 pts
November 10: Bernie Kosar ends NFL record of 308 passes without an interception
November 10: Browns set club record for largest lead blown (led 23-0), Philadelphia 32-30
November 10: Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
November 10: Martina Navratilova ties Chris Evert, 157 pro tennis tournament wins
November 10: Marty Glickman broadcasts his 1,000th football game
November 10: South Africa's 1st cricket international since 1970 - one-day vs. India
November 12: Atlanta Brave Tom Glavine wins NL Cy Young Award
November 12: "Full House" 100th episode-twins are born
November 12: Indonesian army shoots on funeral possession: 270-520 die
November 13: Bomb attack on Aad Kosto, Dutch social dem party - Assistant Secretary of state
November 13: Boston Red Sox Roger Clemens wins AL Cy Young Award
November 14: Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video premieres on FOX TV
November 14: Pittsburgh Steelers guard Terry Long loses his steroids appeal and is suspended without pay by NFL for 4 weeks
November 15: Dow Jones avg drops 120.31 points (5th largest dive)
November 15: Ricky Pierce (Seattle) begins NBA free throw streak of 75 game
November 17: 1st TV condom ad aired (FOX- TV)
November 17: "Brigadoon" closes at New York State Theater New York City after 12 performances
November 17: Detroit Lion Mike Utley is paralized in a game vs Los Angeles Rams
November 18: Auburn men's basketball team was placed on 2 yr probation for recruiting violations and is not eligble for post-season play in 1991-92
November 18: France deports Marlon's daughter Cheyenne Brando to Tahiti
November 18: Moslem Shites release hostages Terry Waite and Thomas Sutherland
November 19: Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken wins his 2nd AL MVP
November 20: Atlanta Braves Terry Pendleton wins NL MVP
November 21: Poet Maria Elene Cruz Varela arrested in Cuba
November 22: New York Knicks pay Patrick Ewing a record $18.8 million for 2 yr extension
November 23: A day before he dies, Freddie Mercury, 45, confirms he has AIDS
November 23: Brigham Young Ty Detmer finishes NCAA career with record 4,031 yards passed in a season and 15,031 for career
November 23: Evander Holyfield TKOs Bert Cooper in 7 for heavyweight boxing title
November 23: Martin Lopez-Zubero swims world record 200m backstroke (1:56.57)
November 23: Sacramento Kings ends NBA's longest road losing streak at 43 games
November 23: Sam's Town Bowling Invitational won by Lorrie Nichols
November 24: 1st International flight from Long Island's MacArthur Airport (to Mexico)
November 24: 79th CFL Grey Cup: Toronto Argonauts defeats Calgary Stampeders, 36-21
November 24: After going 12-0, Washington Redskins lose to Dallas 24-21
November 24: Monica Seles, sets female tennis record winning $2,457,758 in a year
November 24: Rachmon Nabijev elected President of Tadzjikistan
November 24: U.S. 75th manned space mission "STS-44" Atlantis 10 launched
November 26: Condoms are handed out to thousands of New York High School students
November 27: "Peter Pan" opens at Minskoff Theater New York City for 48 performances
November 27: Poet Maria Elene Cruz Varela sentenced to 2 years (Cuba)
November 27: Undertaker beats Hulk Hogan to become new WWF champ
November 29: Test Cricket debut of Javagal Srinath, vs. Australia at the Gabba
November 29: TV show "Roc" has a gay wedding episode - Can't Help Loving that Man
November 30: 1st world championship of women's soccer, U.S. defeats Norway 2-1
November 30: 93 cars and 11 truck accident near San Francisco during a dust storm, 17 die
November 30: Rob Pilatus, 27, of Milli-Vanilli attempts suicide
November 30: San Diego State's Marshall Faulk is 1st freshman to capture national rushing and scoring titles


December 1: 80th Davis Cup: France beats USA in Lyon (3-1)
December 1: AIDS awareness day
December 1: Colorado party wins Paraguay parliamentary election
December 1: "Moscow Circus Cirk Valentin" closes at Gershwin New York City after 32 performances
December 1: Nursultan Nazarbayev sworn in as president of Kazakhstan
December 1: "Once on this Island" closes at Booth Theater New York City after 469 performances
December 1: U.S. 75th manned space mission "STS-44" Atlantis 10 lands
December 1: Ukrainian people vote for independence
December 2: Bobby Bonilla signs record $29 million-5 year pact with New York Mets
December 2: Muslim Shites release American held in Lebanon hostage Joseph Cicippio
December 3: Hulk Hogan defeats Undertaker to become 4th time WWF champion
December 3: Muslim Shites release U.S. hostage Alan Steen
December 3: White House Chief of Staff John Sununu resigns
December 4: Judds final concert (Nashville)
December 4: Muslim Shites release last U.S. hostage Terry Anderson (held 6 years)
December 4: Pan American World Airways ceased operations
December 5: "Catskills on Broadway" opens at Lunt-Fontanne New York City for 452 performances
December 5: Charles Keating, Jr. (Lincoln Savings and Loan fraud), found guilty
December 5: NY Daily News files for protection under chapter 11
December 6: "Les Miserables" opens at Circustheater, Scheveningen
December 6: "Star Trek VI-Undiscovered Country" premieres
December 7: A J Kitt, U.S., wins World Skiing Cup
December 8: "Homecoming" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 49 performances
December 8: Kris Tschetter/Billy Andrade wins LPGA J C Penney Golf Classic
December 8: "Nick and Nora" opens at Marquis Theater New York City for 9 performances
December 8: Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine form Commonwealth of Ind States
December 9: 2nd Billboard Music Awards
December 10: "Crucible" opens at Belasco Theater New York City for 32 performances
December 10: Howard Spira sentenced to 2 years in prison for trying to extort money from Yankees owner George Steinbrenner
December 10: IM Pei receives $5 million for design of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
December 10: Jackie Martling walks off of Howard Stern show for one day
December 12: Actor Richard Gere marries supermodel Cindy Crawford
December 12: Maastricht Treaty signed to create a European Community
December 12: New Jersey Nets set NBA record of 22 blocks beating Nuggets 121-81
December 12: Orion Pictures filed Chapter 11 for bankruptcy protection
December 12: Tampa Bay Bucaneer Dexter Manley, retires after failing drug test
December 13: Both Koreas sign an accord calling for reconcilliation
December 13: NY assembly speaker Mel Miller is convicted of federal mail fraud
December 13: Ricky Pierce (Seattle) ends NBA free throw streak of 75 games
December 14: 57th Heisman Trophy Award: Desmond Howard, Michigan (WR)
December 14: Ferry boat Salem Express sinks in Red Sea, 476 killed
December 15: Deb Richard wins JBP Cup LPGA Match Play Golf Championship
December 15: "Nick and Nora" closes at Marquis Theater New York City after 9 performances
December 16: Florida Marlins sign their 1st player, 16 year old pitcher Clemente Nunez
December 16: U.N. reverses ruling that Zionism is racism by 111-25 (13 abstain) vote
December 17: Cleveland Cavaliers beat Miami Heat 148-80, by record 68 pts
December 17: NBA's most lopsided game Cleveland beats Miami 148-80
December 17: Patrick Manning becomes premier of Trinidad and Tobago
December 17: Soap opera "One Life To Live" airs its 6,000th episode
December 18: DeForest Kelly (Dr. McCoy on Star Trek) gets a star in Hollywood
December 18: General Motors announces closing of 21 plants
December 19: 6,000th episode of One Life To Live
December 19: Boris Yeltsin takes control of Kremlin
December 19: "Christmas Carol" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City for 14 performances
December 19: New York Yankee pitcher Steve Howe arrested for cocaine possession
December 20: NHL grants permanent membership to Tampa Lightning and Ottawa Senators
December 20: Paul Keating installed as premier of Australia
December 21: 95 share in Madrid Spain $1.3 billion lottery (#47996)
December 21: El Sayid Nosair acquitted of killing Meir Kahane
December 21: Soviet Union formally dissolves 11 of 12 republics sign treaty forming Commonwealth of Independent States
December 21: U.S. actress Jane Fonda marries CNN-director Ted Turner
December 23: NY Daily News publisher Kevin Maxwell resigns
December 25: Last day of a washout Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka at Gujranwala
December 25: Mikhail Gorbachev formally resigned as President of U.S.S.R.
December 26: Chuck Knolls retires as NFL coach after 23 years
December 26: Jack Ruby's gun sells for $220,000 in auction
December 26: Militant Sikhs kill 55 and wound 70 in India
December 26: New York Islander Derek King ties New Jersey Devils 5-5 with second left
December 27: Bengals hire Dave Shula as youngest NFL coach (32)
December 27: "Carol Burnett Show" last airs on CBS-TV
December 27: Chuck Knox retires as Seattle Seahawks coach
December 28: 8 are crushed to death at a RAP basketball game at City College, New York City
December 28: Blockbuster Bowl 2: Alabama beats Colorado, 30-25
December 28: Irene the Icon of Greek Orthodox church returns after being stolen
December 28: Ninibeth Beatriz Leal Jiminez, 20, of Venezuela, crowned 41st Miss World
December 28: Ted Turner is named Time Magazine Man of Year
December 29: 12th United Negro College Fund
December 29: Boeing 747-200F of China Airlines crash into mountain at Taipei
December 29: "Christmas Carol" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City after 14 performances
December 31: CPN, Communist Party of Netherland, last day of existance
December 31: Daniel R McCarthy elected New York Yankee managing general partner
December 31: Dow Jones closes at record high 3168.83
December 31: J Donald Crump resigned as CFL Commissioner
December 31: U.S.S.R., last day of existence
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