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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1985 AD


January 1: Actress Judith Licht (Who's the Boss) marries Robert Desiderio (One Life to Live)
January 1: International Youth Year begins
January 1: US's 1st manadatory seat belt law goes into effect (NY)
January 1: VH-1 made its broadcasting debut
January 2: 90th hat trick in Islander history-Brent Sutter
January 2: Australia beat WI by innings at SCG, Bob Holland 10 match wkts
January 2: Egyptian President Mubarak reappoints Coptic pope Shenuda III
January 2: Nevada-Las Vegas beats Utah 142-140, highest college basketball score
January 2: Undefeated BYU becomes college football champions
January 3: Azharuddin scores 110 in 1st Test innings
January 3: Israel government confirms resettlement of 10,000 Ethiopian Jews
January 5: Bryan Trottier failed on 9th Islander penalty shot
January 5: Discovery moves to launch pad for STS-51-C mission
January 7: Japanese space probe Sakigake launched to Halley's comet
January 7: KHQ-AM in Spokane WA changes call letters to KLSN (now KAQQ)
January 7: "King and I" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 191 performances
January 7: Lou Brock and Hoyt Wilhelm, elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame
January 8: Japan launches Sakigake space probe to Halley's Comet
January 9: Flames set NHL record 264th regular season game without being shut-out
January 10: Daniel Ortega Saavedra inaugurated as president of Nicaragua
January 13: 23rd Tennis Fed Cup: Czechoslovakia beats USA in Nagoya Japan (2-1)
January 13: 99-yr-old Otto Bucher scores a hole-in-one at Spanish golf course
January 13: Blackhawk Doug Wilson failed on 12th penalty shot against Islanders
January 13: Cerberal Palsy telethon raises $17,1000,000
January 13: Express train derails in Ethiopia, kills at least 428
January 14: 16 indicted by U.S. for granting sanctuary to Central American refugees
January 14: M Navratilova is 3rd to win 100 tennis tournaments (Connors and Evert)
January 15: Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to John Ashbery and Fred Chapell
January 15: Civil rights activist Tancredo Neves elected president
January 15: Mike Gatting and Graeme Fowler both scores 200's vs. India
January 15: Tancredo Neves becomes 1st elected president of Brazil in 21 years
January 16: "Playboy" announces end of stapling centerfolds
January 17: Azharuddin scores second Test century in second Test (v England)
January 18: U.S. renounces jurisdiction of World Court despite previous promise
January 19: 4 die in a car and train crash in Buda Ill
January 19: "Born In The USA" by Bruce Springsteen peaked at #9
January 20: Cold front strikes U.S., at least 40 die (-27 degrees F (-33 degrees C) in Chicago)
January 20: Superbowl XIX: San Francisco 49ers beat Miami Dolphins, 38-16 in Stanford Superbowl MVP: Joe Montana, San Francisco, quarterback
January 21: -19 degrees F (-28 degrees C), Caesar's Head, South Carolina (state record)
January 21: -34 degrees F (-37 degrees C), Mount Mitchell, North Carolina (state record)
January 21: Bomb attack on Borobudur temple in Java
January 21: Dennis Potvin ties Bobby Orr's career record of 270 NHL goals
January 22: -30 degrees F (-34 degrees C), Mountain Lake Bio Station, Virginia (state record)
January 22: Cold wave damages 90 percent of Florida's citrus crop
January 22: Kelly Hu, 16, of Hawaii, crowned 3rd Miss Teen USA
January 22: Zak Starkey (Ringo's son) marries Sarah Menikides
January 23: Britains House of Lords debate 1st televised
January 24: 15th Space Shuttle (51-C) Mission-Discovery 3 is launched
January 25: "Black and Blue," premieres in Paris
January 25: Test debut of Wasim Akram, vs. New Zealand at Auckland (2-105)
January 25: "We are the World" is recorded by Pop stars in LA
January 26: 42th Golden Globes: Amadeus wins
January 26: Edmonton Oiler Wayne Gretzky scores 50th goal in 49th game of season
January 27: 15th Space Shuttle (51-C) Mission-Discovery 3 returns to Earth
January 27: "Doug Henning and His World..." closes at Lunt-Fontanne New York after 60 perf
January 27: Hollis Stacy wins LPGA Mazda Golf Classic
January 27: Mark Mckoy cycles world record 50m hurdles indoor (5.25)
January 27: NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 22-14
January 28: 12th American Music Award
January 29: Jari Kurri of Edmonton Oilers scores 100th pt of season in game 39
January 31: "Harrigan 'n Hart" opens at Longacre Theater New York City for 5 performances
January 31: South Africa President PW Botha offers to free Mandela if he denounces violence


February 1: -61 degrees F (-52 degrees C), Maybell, Colorado (state record)
February 1: -69 degrees F (-56 degrees C), Peter's Sink, Utah (state record)
February 1: Azharuddin scores 3rd Test century in 3rd Test Cricket (122 vs. Eng)
February 1: Cards trade D Green, Jose Uribe, Dave LaPoint to Giants for Jack Clark
February 1: U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Tiffany Chin
February 2: U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Brian Boitano
February 3: "Harrigan 'n Hart" closes at Longacre Theater New York City after 5 performances
February 3: Joanne Carner wins LPGA Elizabeth Arden Golf Classic
February 4: 20 countries (but not U.S.) sign United Nations treaty outlawing torture
February 4: Naval exercises canceled when U.S. refuses to tell New Zealand of nuclear weapons
February 7: Marshall U's Bruce Morris scores a basket from 92'5"
February 7: New York Devil Don Lever becomes 57th NHLer to score 300 goals
February 7: "New York, New York" became the official anthem of New York City
February 8: 1st-class cricket debut of Jimmy Adams (age 17), Jamaica vs. Barbados
February 8: Bruce Morris, Marshall University, makes a 92' 5" basketball shot
February 8: Michael Gross swims world record 800m freestyle (7:38.75)
February 8: Opposition leader Kim Dae Jung returns to South-Korea
February 9: Madonna's "Like a Virgin," album goes #1 for 3 weeks
February 10: 35th NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 140-129 at Indiana
February 10: Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-E mission
February 10: Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Classic
February 10: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
February 11: Jordan king Hussein and PLO leader Arafat sign accord
February 11: Kent Hrbek signs 5-year, $6 million contract with Minnesota Twins
February 11: Wasim Akram takes 10 wickets in his 2nd Test Cricket, New Zealand still wins
February 12: 37th NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 6-4 at Calgary
February 12: West Indies beat Australia 2-1 to win cricket World Series Cup
February 13: Dow Jones closes at 1297.92 (record high) after topping 1300 earlier
February 13: Polish police arrests 7 Solidarity leaders
February 14: Hostage CNN reporter Jeremy Levin is released in Beirut
February 15: STS-51-E vehicle moves to launch pad
February 15: World chess championship match abandoned-Karpov 25, Kasparov 23
February 16: Largest NBA crowd to date, 43,816, sees Philadelphia at Detroit
February 16: Livingston Bramble defeats Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini to win WBA champ
February 16: New Jersey Devils score their fastest hat trick in 42 seconds
February 17: 1st class postage rises from 20 cents to 22 cents
February 17: 1st day/night game at the MCG, Australia vs. England
February 17: 3rd person to receive an artificial heart (Murray Haydon)
February 17: Hein Vergeer becomes world champion skater
February 17: Laffit Pincay, Jr. is third to ride 6,000th winners at Santa Anita
February 19: 150 killed when a Spanish jetliner crashed approaching Bilbao, Spain
February 19: ADM of Amsterdam declares bankruptcy
February 19: Canned and bottled Cherry Coke introduced by Coca-Cola
February 19: Mickey Mouse welcomed in China
February 19: William Schroeder is 1st artificial heart patient to leave hospital He spent 15 minutes outside Humana Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky
February 20: After defending his WBC flyweight championship, Sot Chitalada's check for $104,000 is stolen by a ringside pickpocket
February 21: Evert van Benthem wins 13th Friese 11 city skateing race
February 21: Largest NBA crowd to date 44,970 (Atlanta at Detroit)
February 21: Tim Raines is awarded a $12 million salary for 1985 by arbitrator
February 23: Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight throws a chair during a game
February 23: U.S. Senate confirms Edwin Meese III as attorney general
February 24: Amy Alcott wins LPGA Circle K Golf Open Tucson
February 24: Birendra, Bir Bikram Shah Dev crowned King of Nepal
February 24: Jim Kelly (Houston USFL) passes for pro football record 574 yards
February 24: Yul Brynner reprised his role in "The King and I"
February 26: 27th Grammy Awards: Whats Love Got to Do With It, Cyndi Lauper wins
February 27: Farmers converge in Washington to demand economic relief
February 27: Mauritania's new constitutional charter published


March 1: Liza Minnelli enters Betty Ford Drug Center
March 1: Milwaukee businessman Herb Kohl purchases the Milwaukee Bucks
March 1: Pentagon accepts theory that atomic war would cause a nuclear winter
March 2: U.S. approves screening test for AIDS
March 3: Betsy King wins LPGA Samaritan Turquoise Golf Classic
March 3: Bill (Willie) Shoemaker is 1st jockey to surpass $100 million
March 3: "Moonlighting" with Cybill Shepard and Bruce Willis, premieres
March 3: "My One and Only" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 767 performances
March 3: National Union of Mine Workers in England end a 51 week strike
March 4: STS-51-E vehicle rolls back to Vandenberg AFB; mission cancelled
March 4: Virtual ban on leaded gas ordered by EPA
March 4: War veterans returned to the "Bridge over the River Kwai"
March 5: New York Islander Mike Bossy is 1st to score 50 goals in 8 straight seasons
March 6: Enos Slaughter and Arky Vaughan are elected to baseball Hall of Fame
March 6: Mexican authorities find body of U.S. drug agent Enrique C. Salaazar
March 6: Mike Tyson KOs Hector Mercedes in 1 round in his 1st pro fight
March 6: Yul Brynner appears in his 4,500th performance of "King and I"
March 7: IBM-PC DOS Version 3.1 update released
March 8: Ice Dance Championship at Tokyo won by Bestemianova and Bukin (URS)
March 9: Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Tokyo won by Katarina Witt (GDR)
March 9: Laura Johnson (Falcon Crest) and Harry Hamlin (LA Law) wed
March 10: Bonnie Lauer wins Uniden LPGA Golf Invitational
March 10: Dallas Maverick coach Dick Motta is 4th NBA coach to win 700 games
March 10: French socialists lose election (National Front 9%)
March 10: Ice Pairs Championship at Tokyo won by Elena Valova and O Vasiliev (URS)
March 10: India beat Pakistan to win "World Championship of Cricket"
March 10: Mens Figure Skating Championship in Tokyo won by Alexandr Fadeev (URS)
March 11: Mikhail Gorbachev replaces Konstantin Chernenko as Soviet leader
March 12: Larry Bird scores Boston Celtic record 60 points
March 13: Funeral services held for Konstantin Chernenko (Moscow)
March 13: Michael Secrest (U.S.) begins 24-hour ride of 516 miles, 427 yards
March 14: 11th People's Choice Awards: Bill Cosby wins 4 awards
March 14: Michael Secrest (U.S.) completes 24-hour ride of 516 miles, 427 yards
March 15: Larry Holmes TKOs David Bey in 10 for heavyweight boxing title
March 15: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
March 16: Associated Press correspondent Terry Anderson taken hostage in Beirut
March 16: Denny McLain, pitcher; convicted of racketeering, sentenced to 25 yrs
March 17: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open
March 17: Matti Nykanen of Finland set a world ski jump record of 623'
March 18: Capital Cities Communications Inc. acquires ABC
March 18: Commissioner Peter Ueberroth reinstates Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle
March 19: NSW wins cricket Sheffield Shield by beating Queensland by 1 wicket
March 19: Senate votes 55-45, to authorize production of the MX missile
March 19: "Spin Magazine" begins publishing
March 20: Libby Riddles is 1st woman to win Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race
March 21: Arthur Ashe is named to International Tennis Hall of Fame
March 21: Bloodbath at Langa (Uitenhage) South Africa, 19 killed
March 22: NASA launches Intelsat VA
March 23: Billy Joel weds supermodel Christie Brinkley
March 23: Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-D mission
March 23: Julian Lennon's 1st concert (San Antonio Texas)
March 23: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
March 24: 5th Golden Raspberry Awards: Bolero wins
March 24: Golden Raspberry Awards presented to parody Oscar Awards (Bolero wins)
March 24: Jan Stephenson wins LPGA GNA Golf Classic
March 24: Norman Gifford makes cricket ODI debuts at age 44 (v Australia, Sharjah)
March 25: 57th Academy Awards - "Amadeus," F Murray Abraham and Sally Field win
March 25: Edwin Meese III becomes U.S. Attorney General
March 27: Billy Dee Williams receives a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
March 28: International Cometary Explorer measures solar wind ahead of Halley
March 28: Neil Simon's "Biloxi Blues," premieres in New York City
March 28: STS-51-D vehicle moves to launch pad
March 29: Christos Sartzetakis elected president of Greece
March 29: Wayne Gretzky breaks own NHL season record with 126th assist
March 31: 15th Easter Seal Telethon raises $27,400,000
March 31: 4th NCAA Women's Basketball Championship: Old Dominion beats Georgia 70-65
March 31: El Salvador's President Duartes Christian-Democrats win election
March 31: Wrestlemania I at MSG NY, Hogan and Mr. T beat Piper and Orndorf


April 1: 47th NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: Villanova beats Georgetown 84-75
April 2: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
April 3: French government adopts equal electoral system
April 3: Players' Association agrees to expand LCS from 5 to 7 games
April 3: Vic Elliot pocketed 15,780 pool balls in 24 hours in London
April 4: Tulane University cancels its basketball season amidst scandal
April 6: Atlantis (OV-104) rollout at Palmdale
April 6: Bombay beat Delhi by 90 runs to win the Ranji Trophy final
April 6: Sudan suspends constitution after coup under general Swarreddahab
April 6: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
April 7: 14th Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Alice Miller
April 7: 1st live telecast of Easter Parade
April 7: New Jersey General Hershel Walker runs for USFL record 233 yards
April 8: Amdahl releases UTS/V, 1st mainframe Unix
April 8: India files suit against Union Carbide over Bhopal disaster
April 8: "Leader of the Pack" opens at Ambassador Theater New York City for 120 performances
April 9: White Sox pitcher Tom Seaver starts a record 15th opening day game
April 10: At 80 Leo Sites becomes oldest bowler to score a 300 game
April 10: Caps 4-Isles 3 (OT)-Patrick Division Semifinals-Caps hold 1-0 lead
April 10: Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-B mission
April 11: Caps 2-Isles 1 (OT)-Patrick Div Semifinals- Caps hold 2-0 lead
April 12: 16th Shuttle Mission (51D)-Discovery 4 launched-with Senator Jake Garn
April 12: U.S. Olympic Committee endorses a boycott of Moscow games
April 13: Atlantis ferried to Kennedy Space Center via Ellington AFB, Texas
April 13: Caps 1-Isles 2-Patrick Div Semifinals- Caps hold 2-1 lead
April 13: Katrin Dorre wins 1st female World Cup marathon (2:33:30)
April 13: Ramiz Alia succeeds Enver Hoxha as party leader of Albania
April 13: "TASS" denounced U.S. boycott of Moscow Olympics
April 14: 49th Golf Masters Championship: Bernhard Langer wins, shooting a 282
April 14: Ahmed Salah wins 1st World Cup marathon (2:08:09)
April 14: Alan Garcia wins elections in Peru
April 14: Beth Daniel wins LPGA Kyocera Inamori Golf Classic
April 14: Bob Carpenter is unsuccessful on Washington Caps 1st playoff penalty shot
April 14: Caps 4-Isles 6-Patrick Div Semifinals-Series tied at 2-2
April 14: Jack C Burcham is 5th to receive "Jarvik 7" permanent artificial heart
April 14: "Take Me Along!" opens/closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City
April 15: 14th Boston Women's Marathon won by Lisa Larsen Weidenbach in 2:34:06
April 15: 89th Boston Marathon won by Geoff Smith of Great Britain in 2:14:05
April 15: Challenger moves to launch pad for 51-B mission
April 15: South Africa will repeal sex and marriage laws against whites and non-whites
April 16: Caps 1-Isles 2-Patrick Div Semifinals-Isle win series 3-2
April 16: "Grind" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 79 performances
April 18: Flyers 3-Isles 0-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 1-0 lead
April 19: 16th Space Shuttle Mission (51-D)-Discovery 4 returns to Earth
April 19: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
April 20: Carlos Lopes runs world record marathon (2:07:12)
April 20: Firestone World Bowling Tournament of Champions won by Mark Williams
April 20: Karyn Marshall of New York City lifted 303 lbs in a clean and jerk lift
April 21: Bomb attacks in NATO/AEG-Telefunken building in Brussels
April 21: Flyers 5-Isles 2-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 2-0 lead
April 21: Ingrid Kristiansen wins London Marathon in a record 2:21:06
April 21: Patty Sheehan wins LPGA J&B Scotch Pro-Am Golf Tournament
April 23: Brooklyn College soccer team wins Nepal's invitational
April 23: Coca-Cola announced it is changing its secret flavor formula
April 23: Flyers 5-Isles 3-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 3-0 lead
April 23: New Coke debuts
April 24: Pulitzer prize awarded to Carolyn Lizer for "Yin"
April 25: "Big River" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City for 1005 performances
April 25: Flyers 2-Isles 6-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 3-1 lead
April 25: For 2nd time, Wayne Gretzky, scores 7 goals in a Cup game
April 25: Roger Miller's musical "Big River," premieres in New York City
April 25: West German Parliament ruled it illegal to deny the holocaust
April 28: Alice Miller wins LPGA S&H Golf Classic
April 28: Billy Martin named New York Yankee manager for 4th time
April 28: Fernando Valenzuela sets record of 41 scoreless inn to start season
April 29: 17th space shuttle mission (51-B)-Challenger 7 launched
April 29: Ranger Larry Parrish is 5th to hit 3 home runs in a game in both leagues
April 29: Tony Tubbs TKOs Greg Page in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
April 30: Dale Murphy drives in record tying 28th and 29th runs of April
April 30: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
April 30: Last edition of Brink Daily Mail/Sunday Express in South Africa


May 1: "Communist" bomb attack kills 2 firemen in Brussels
May 1: U.S. president Reagan ends embargo against Nicaragua
May 1: William Hoffman's "As Is," premieres in New York City
May 2: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
May 4: 111th Kentucky Derby: Angel Cordero, Jr. on Spend A Buck wins 2:00.2
May 5: Amy Alcott wins LPGA Moss Creek Women's Golf Invitational
May 6: 17th Space Shuttle Mission (51-B)-Challenger 7 lands at Edwards AFB
May 8: 20th Academy of Country Music Awards: Alabama and Judds win
May 8: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
May 10: Challenger transports back to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
May 11: 40 die and 150 injured in fire at Bradford City football ground
May 11: Booby trap bomb kills 86 people in India
May 11: Dave Concepcion becomes 4th Cincinnati Red teammate to get 2,000 hits, others include Pete Rose, Tony Perez and Cesar Cedeno
May 11: Madonna's "Crazy For You," single goes #1
May 11: Pope John Paul II arrives in Netherlands
May 11: Soccer stadium in Bradford England catches fire; 53 die
May 12: Amy Eilberg is ordained in New York as 1st woman Conservative rabbi
May 12: Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA United Virginia Bank Golf Classic
May 13: Carlton Fisk becomes 5th catcher to steal 100 bases
May 13: Laura Elena Martinez-Herring, 21, (Texas), crowned 34th Miss USA
May 13: Philadelphia Police bomb a house held by group "Move," kills 11
May 15: Everton wins 25th Europe Cup II at Rotterdam
May 16: Michael Jordan named NBA Rookie of Year
May 16: Pope John Paul II arrives in Belgium
May 17: Les Anderson, catches record 97 lb 4 oz Chinook Salmon, off Alaska
May 18: 111th Preakness: Pat Day aboard Tank's Prospect wins in 1:53.4
May 18: 1st remote location for "Nightline" (South Africa)
May 18: "One Night In Bangkok" by Murray Head hits #3
May 19: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Chrysler-Plymouth Golf Classic
May 20: 1150 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners exchanged for 3 Israelis
May 20: Dow Jones industrial avg closes above 1300 for 1st time
May 20: FBI arrests John A Walker, Jr., convicted of spying for U.S.S.R.
May 20: Indians-Brewers game at Cleveland Stadium is 1st rain-out of 1985, ends record string of 458 ML games since Opening Day without a rain-out
May 20: Larry Holmes beats Carl Williams in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
May 20: U.S. began broadcasts to Cuba on Radio Marti
May 22: Pete Rose 2,108th run passes Hank Aaron as NL run scoring leader
May 22: Real Madrid wins 14th UEFA Cup at Madrid
May 22: U.S. sailor Michael L. Walker arrested for spying for U.S.S.R.
May 24: "View to a Kill" premieres in US
May 25: Allan Border scores 4th successive 1st class 100 (v Derbyshire)
May 25: Cyclone ravages Bangladesh; 11,000 killed
May 26: Danny Sullivan wins Indy 500 by 24 seconds following a spin
May 26: Explosions destroys 2 tankers off of Gibraltar, 30 die
May 26: Patti Rizzo wins LPGA Corning Golf Classic
May 27: Britain agrees to return Hong Kong to China in 1997
May 27: Inaugural bands parade for President Reagan
May 28: David Jacobsen taken hostage in Beirut, Lebanon
May 28: Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-G
May 29: Juventus wins 30th Europe Cup 1 in Brussels, 39 die in riot
May 30: Stanley Cup: Edmonton Oilers beat Philadelphia Flyers, 4 games to 1
May 31: 41 tornadoes hit Northeast U.S., killing 88
May 31: Guatemala adopts constitution
May 31: New Orleans Saints are sold for $70,204,000
May 31: Tornados in Penn, Ohio, New York and Canada kill 88 and injured more than 1,000


June 1: "Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" by David Lee Roth hits #12
June 1: Viv Richards scores 300 in a day on the way to 322 vs. Warwicks cricket
June 1: Weird Al Yankovic released his Dare To Be Stupid LP
June 2: 31st LPGA Championship won by Nancy Lopez
June 2: 39th Tony Awards: Biloxi Blues and Big River win
June 2: Andreas Papandreous PASOK-party wins election in Greece
June 2: RJ Reynolds Company proposed a merger with Nabisco
June 3: Brewers draft B J Surhoff #1
June 3: Massive anti-ETA demonstration in Basques
June 4: STS-51-G vehicle moves to launch pad
June 4: Supreme Court strikes down Alabama "moment of silence" law
June 6: 55th French Womens Tennis: Chris Evert beats Navratilova (63 67 75)
June 6: 58th National Spelling Bee: Balu Natarajan wins spelling milieu
June 6: Body of Nazi criminal, Dr. Josef Mengele located and exhumed
June 6: Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts "status" of Aruba
June 6: Soyuz T-13 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 7 space station
June 8: 117th Belmont: Eddie Maple aboard Creme Fraiche wins in 2:27
June 8: Pirates score 10 in top of 1st, but lose 15-11 to Phillies, as Steve becomes 1st Phillie to switch hit home runs in same game
June 9: 39th NBA Championship: Los Angeles Lakers beat Boston Celtics, 4 games to 2
June 9: 55th French Mens Tennis: Mats Wilander beats Ivan Lendl (36 64 62 62)
June 9: Alice Miller wins LPGA McDonald's Golf Championship
June 9: American Thomas Sutherland is kidnapped and held hostage in Lebanon
June 9: Bernard Hinault wins Tour de France
June 9: U.S.S.R.'s Vega 1 deposits lander on surface of Venus
June 10: 19th Music City News Country Awards: Statler Brothers, B Mandrell
June 10: Claus von Bulow acquitted on charges he tried to murder his wife
June 10: Coca Cola announces they'd bring back their 99-year-old formula
June 10: French agents blow up Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior near New Zealand
June 11: Russian space probe Vega 1 lands on Venus
June 11: Von Hayes becomes 21st to hit 2 home runs in an inning (Phils-26, Mets-7)
June 11: WJW-AM/TV in Cleveland Ohio change call letters to WRMR
June 14: Earl Weaver comes out of retirement to manage Baltimore Orioles
June 14: Lebanese Shiite Muslim extremists hijacked TWA Flight 847
June 14: "Michael Nesmith In Television Parts" premieres on NBC-TV
June 15: En route to Halley's Comet, U.S.S.R.'s Vega 2 drops lander on Venus
June 15: Pinklon Thomas KOs Mike Weaver in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
June 15: "Pryor's Place," children show last airs on CBS-TV
June 15: Russian space probe Vega 2 lands on Venus
June 16: 85th U.S. Golf Open: Andy North shoots a 279 at Oakland Hills CC Michigan
June 16: Pat Bradley wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
June 16: T. C. Chen, ahead by 4 strokes in final round of U.S. Open
June 16: Willie Banks of USA sets triple jump record (58'11 ") in Indianapolis quadruple bogies 5th hole and never recovers
June 17: 18th Space Shuttle Mission (51-G)-Discovery 5 launched
June 18: Boston Red Sox Fred Lynn gets 10 RBIs
June 19: Reggie Jackson hits his 513th home run to move into 10th place
June 21: American, Brazilian and West German forensic pathologists confirm skeletal remains exhumed in Brazil were Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele
June 22: "Grind" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 79 performances
June 22: "Smuggler's Blues" by Glenn Frey peaks at #12
June 23: Alice Miller wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic
June 23: Bomb destroys Air India Boeing 747 in air near Ireland, 329 die
June 23: Laffit Pincay, Jr. becomes 2nd jockey to win $100 million
June 24: 18th Space Shuttle Mission (51-G)-Discovery 5 returns to Earth
June 24: Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-F
June 25: Fireworks factory near Hallett, OK explodes, 21 die
June 27: 1st hotel strike in New York
June 27: Route 66, Chicago to Santa Monica, is decertified
June 28: Discovery ferried back to Kennedy Space Center via Bergstrom AFB, Tx
June 29: NASA launches Intelsat VA
June 29: STS-51-F vehicle moves to launch pad
June 30: 39 remaining hostages from Flight 847 are freed in Beirut
June 30: Juli Inkster wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
June 30: "King and I" closes at Broadway Theater New York City after 191 performances
June 30: Los Angeles Dodger Pedro Gonzalez sets NL record of 15 home runs in June


July 2: Andrei Gromyko appointed president of U.S.S.R.
July 2: European Space Agency launches Giotto (Halley's Comet Flyby)
July 3: CBS announces a 21% stock buy-back to thwart Ted Turner's takeover
July 4: Tinker Bell's nightly flight begins
July 5: 117 degrees F (47 degrees C), St. George, Utah (state rec) (103 degrees spread, UT 1985)
July 5: Nicholas Mark Sanders (England) begins circumnavigation of globe, covering 13,035 road miles in 78 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes
July 5: Premier Mugabe wins Zimbabwe elections
July 7: 92nd Wimbledon Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats C Evert (46 63 62)
July 7: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Mazda Hall of Fame Golf Championship
July 8: 99th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Boris Becker beats K Curren (63 67 76 64)
July 8: Marge Schott becomes CEO of Cincinnati Red
July 9: South Africa police arrested Dutch ANC'er Klaas de Jong
July 10: Coca-Cola Co announces it will resume selling old formula Coke
July 10: French agents sink Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior
July 10: Playboy publishes full frontal nude pictures of Madonna
July 11: Astros' Nolan Ryan, 1st to strike out 4000 (Mets' Danny Heep)
July 11: Refurbished Columbia moves overland from Palmdale to Dryden
July 11: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 12: Doctors discover a cancerous growth in President Reagan's colon
July 12: "Singin' in the Rain" opens at Gershwin Theater New York City for 367 performances
July 12: STS-51-F launch scrubbed at T -3s because of main engine shutdown
July 13: "Live Aid" concert raises over $70 million for African famine relief
July 13: New York Yankees retire Roger Maris (9) and Elston Howard (32) uniforms
July 14: 40th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Kathy Baker
July 14: Columbia returns to Kennedy Space Center via Offutt AFB, Neb
July 14: Last USFL game-Baltimore Stars defeats Oakland Invaders, 28-24
July 15: Deborah Carthy-Deu, of Puerto Rico, crowned 34th Miss Universe
July 16: 56th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 6-1 at Humphrey Metrodome, Minn
July 16: All star MVP: LaMarr Hoyt (San Diego Padres)
July 16: Bill to abolish Greater London Council receives royal assent
July 18: U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear Test
July 19: Christa McAuliffe chosen 1st school teacher to fly space shuttle
July 19: Dam in Fiemme Valley Italy bursts; 200-300 die
July 20: Divers find wreck of Spanish galleon Atocha
July 21: 114th British Golf Open: Sandy Lyle shoots a 282 at Royal St. George
July 21: Amina Fakir (Detroit), 23, crowned 18th Miss Black America
July 21: Bernard Hinault wins his 5th and last Tour de France
July 21: Judy Clark wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
July 21: "Leader of the Pack" closes at Ambassador Theater New York City after 120 performances
July 24: Gandhi signs peace contract with Sikh leader Harchand Singh Longowai
July 25: Spokeswoman for Rock Hudson confirmed he had AIDS
July 25: U.S. performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
July 25: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 25: Uganda suspends constitution following coup
July 28: 13th du Maurier Golf Classic: Pat Bradley
July 28: Alan Garcia sworn in as president of Peru
July 28: L Brock, Slaughter, A Vaughan, and H Wilhelm inducted into Hall of Fame
July 29: 19th Space Shuttle Mission (51-F)-Challenger 8-launched
July 30: Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-I mission
July 30: Valerie Lowrance, of Texas, 18, crowned America's Junior Miss


August 1: 15.4 cm rainfall at Cheyenne, Wyoming (state record)
August 1: Emmy 12th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 6th time
August 1: Vince Coleman steals 2 bases in 1st inning, for NL rookie record 74
August 2: 5 die in a train crash in Westminster, Colorado
August 2: Delta Lockheed L-1011 crashes at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport, 137 die
August 2: NASA launches space vehicle S-209
August 3: "Nihilator" set harness pacing mile (1:49.6) in East Rutherford, NJ
August 3: Train crash at Flaujac, France: 35 killed
August 4: California Angel Rod Carew gets his 3,000th hit
August 4: "Dreamgirls" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 1522 performances
August 4: Penny Hammel wins LPGA Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic
August 4: Phil Rizzuto Day, Yankees retire #10
August 4: Rod Carew, is 16th to get 3,000 hits
August 4: White Sox Tom Seaver is 17th to win #300, beating Yankees
August 5: Baseball players go on strike for 2 days
August 5: Establishment of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is announced
August 5: Flexible-wing glider altitude record (214,250') set by Larry Tudor
August 6: 19th space shuttle mission (51-F), Challenger 8, lands at Edwards AFB
August 6: Major League Baseball Players' Association stages a midseason baseball strike (lasts 1 day)
August 6: STS-51-I vehicle moves to launch pad
August 7: Barbra Streisand records "Broadway Album"
August 7: Baseball players end a 2 day strike
August 8: Baseball's new agreement permits 2 new NL teams in 1993
August 8: Japan launches Planet A, a probe to Halley's comet
August 10: A's Dave Kingman is 21st to hit 400 home runs (off Matt Young at Seattle)
August 10: Michael Jackson buys ATV Music (every Beatle songs) for $47 million
August 10: Uno Lindstron of Sweden, juggles a soccer ball 13.11 miles
August 11: 67th PGA Championship: Hubert Green shoots 278 at Cherry Hills Denver
August 11: Challenger flies to Kennedy Space Center via Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz
August 11: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Henredon Golf Classic
August 11: Oakland A's Dave Kingman becomes 21st to hit 400 home run
August 11: Rudolf Povarnitsin of U.S.S.R. sets new high jump world record (7'10"12)
August 11: "Tap Dance Kid" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 669 performances
August 12: 7th Emmy Sports Award presentation
August 12: Baltimore Orioles W Gross and L Sheets are 6th to hit consecutive pinch home runs
August 12: Japanese Boeing 747SR crashes, 520 die (worst in-flight toll)
August 15: Anti-apartheid lawyer Bulelani Ngcuka marries in South Africa
August 15: Iraqi air raid on Iran oil-island Kharg
August 16: Madonna weds Sean Penn on her 27th birthday
August 17: 1,400 meatpackers walk off the job at a Geo A Hormel and Co plant
August 17: Dave Kingman hits his 400th home run
August 17: Rajiv Gandhi announces Punjab state elections in India
August 17: Sara Trollinger forms House of Hope in Orlando
August 18: Amy Alcott wins LPGA Nestle World Championship of Women's Golf
August 18: Muffin Spencer-Devlin wins MasterCard International Pro-Am Golf Tourn
August 18: Suisei Launch (Halley's Comet Flyby)
August 19: Japan launches its 2nd probe of Halley's Comet, Suisei
August 20: 1st NL pitcher to strike out 200+ in 1st 2 seasons (Dwight Gooden)
August 20: Hanspeter Beck of South Australia, finishes a 3,875 mile, 51 day trip from Western Australia to Melbourne on a unicycle
August 20: Israel ships 96 TOWs to Iran on behalf of US
August 20: Libya throws out 1000s Tunisian/Egyptian gas workers
August 20: Met Dwight Gooden strikes out 16 on way to his 13th consecutive win
August 21: Mary Decker Slaney runs mile in world record 4:16.71
August 21: New York Lotto pays $41 million to three winner (#s are 14-17-22-23-30-47)
August 22: 30th Walker Cup: U.S. wins 13-11
August 22: Airtours Boeing-737 crashes at airport of Manchester, 55 killed
August 23: Paul Hornung awarded $1,160,000 by a Louisville court against NCAA who barred him as a college football analyst for betting on games
August 23: Said Aouita of Morocco sets 1.5k record (3:29.46) in Berlin
August 23: South African attorney/UDF leader "Dulah" Omar arrested
August 23: West German top counter espionage Hans Tiedge moves to East Germany
August 24: STS-51-I mission scrubbed at T -5m because of bad weather
August 25: Met Dwight Goodin becomes youngest pitcher to win 20 games (20y 9m 9d)
August 25: Pat Bradley wins LPGA National Pro-Am Golf Tournament
August 25: STS-51-I scrubbed at T -9m because of an onboard computer problem
August 26: Baltimore Oriole Eddie Murray knocks in 9 RBIs in a game vs California Angels
August 26: French government claims no knowledge of assault on Rainbow Warrior
August 27: 20th Space Shuttle Mission (51-I)-Discovery 6-launched
August 27: Mary Joe Fernandez, 14 years and 8 days old is youngest to win a U.S. Tennis Open match (beats Sara Gomer in 1st round)
August 29: Atlantis moves to launch pad for 51-J mission
August 29: Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation
August 29: New York Yankee Don Baylor is hit by a pitch for a record 190th time
August 31: Angel Cordero becomes 3rd jockey to ride horses earning over $100 M
August 31: "Prakas" sets trotting mile record of 1:53.4 at Du Quoin, Ill


September 1: Cyclist Joop Zoetemelk becomes world champion
September 1: U.S. - French expedition locates wreckage of Titanic off Newfoundland
September 2: Betsy King wins LPGA Rail Charity Golf Classic
September 2: Jerry Lewis' 20th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $33,100,000
September 3: 20th Space Shuttle Mission (51-I)-Discovery 6-returns to Earth
September 3: England regain Cricket Ashes by beating Australia at The Oval
September 3: New York Met Gary Carter hits 3 consecutive home runs in a game
September 4: Igor Paklin of U.S.S.R. set a new high jump world record at 7-11 12
September 4: New York Mets Gary Carter's 2 home runs ties record of 5 home runs in 2 games
September 7: 99th U.S. Womens Tennis: Hana Mandlikova beats M Navratilova (76 16 76)
September 7: Mary Decker Tabb Slaney runs U.S. 3K female record (8:25.83)
September 8: 105th U.S. Mens Tennis: Ivan Lendl beats John McEnroe (76 63 64)
September 8: 7 die in a car and train crash in San Jose, California
September 8: Alayson Gibbons sets 24 hour women swim record of 42.05 miles in 25 meter pool
September 8: Discovery flies back to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
September 8: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Portland Ping Golf Championship
September 8: Pete Rose ties Ty Cobb with 4,191 hits
September 8: "USA Weekend's" 1st issue, appears in 255 newspapers
September 9: President Reagan orders sanctions against South Africa
September 9: Race riot in Birmingham England
September 11: Flyby of Comet Giacobini-Zinner
September 11: International Cometary Explorer (ISEE 3) passes Giacobini-Zinner by 7900 km
September 11: Pete Rose of Cincinnati Reds gets career hit 4,192 off Eric Show of San Diego Padres, eclipsing Ty Cobb's record
September 11: Sri Lanka score their 1st Test Cricket victory, by 149 runs vs. India
September 12: Flight readiness firing of Atlantis' main engines; 20 seconds
September 13: 2nd MTV Awards: Bruce Springsteen
September 13: John Williams introduces new Today Show theme
September 14: Susan Akin (Miss), 21, crowned 59th Miss America 1986
September 15: 26th Ryder Cup: Europe beat U.S., 16 -11 at The Belfry, England
September 15: Joanne Carner wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
September 15: Olof Palme forms Sweden minority government
September 15: Senate judiciary committee begins Robert Bork confirmation hearings
September 15: Willie Nelson's Farm Aid concert
September 15: Yankees trade Jim Deshaies to Astros for 40-year-old Joe Niekro
September 17: Soyuz T-14 carries 3 cosmonauts to Salyut 7 space station
September 18: "Song and Dance" opens at Royale Theater New York City for 474 performances
September 19: 12,000 die and 40,000 injured in Mexico's earthquake (8.1)
September 20: Curtis Strong is convicted for selling cocaine to pro baseball players
September 20: Walt Disney World receives its 200-millionth guest
September 21: Michael Spinks beats Larry Holmes in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
September 22: 37th Emmy Awards: Cagney and Lacey, Cosby Show and Tyne Daly win
September 22: Billy Martin's right arm is broken by pitcher Ed Whitson
September 22: Earthquake strikes Mexico, 2,000 killed
September 22: France premier confesses on attack of Rainbow Warrior
September 22: Michael Spinks beats Larry Holmes to become Heavyweight Boxing Champ
September 22: Rock and country musicians participate in FarmAid in Champaign, Ill
September 22: St. Louis Cardinals set an unusual streak record by winning 9 of 10 games, each pitched by a different man
September 22: Val Skinner wins LPGA Konica San Jose Golf Classic
September 24: Expos Andre Dawson joins Willey McCovey to hit 2 home runs in an inn twice
September 24: Fastest English Channel crossing by a relay team set (15h 30m)
September 24: Montreal Expo Andre Dawson is 9th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (5th)
September 25: Akali Dal wins Punjab State election in India
September 25: Palestinian terrorists kill 3 Israeli sailors at Lanaca Cyprus
September 25: Rickey Henderson steals Yankee record 75th base of season
September 26: Tunisia drops diplomatic relations with Libya
September 27: 8 killed as roof collapses in Brussel's supermarket
September 27: Hurricane Gloria's 130 MPH wind hits Atlantic coast
September 28: "Don't Lose My Number" by Phil Collins peaks at #4
September 28: "Every Step Of The Way" by John Waite peaks at #25
September 28: "Freedom" by Wham! peaks at #3
September 28: "Janet" by Commodores peaks at #87
September 29: "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," returns to NBC-TV
September 29: "Amazing Stories," by Steven Spielberg, debuts on NBC-TV
September 29: Deron Cherry, Kansas City vs Seattle, has 4 interceptions!
September 29: Houston quarterback Warren Moon sacked NFL tying record 12 times (by Cowboys)
September 29: "MacGyver," starring Richard Dean Anderson, debuts on ABC-TV
September 30: Howard Stern gets fired from WNBC AM in New York


October 1: Israeli air raid on PLO-headquarter at Tunis, 68 killed
October 2: Russian party leader Gorbatsjov visits Paris
October 2: Tigers Darrell Evans is 1st to hit 40 home run seasons in both leagues
October 3: 21st Shuttle Mission (51J)-Atlantis 1-all-military flight launched
October 3: Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) adopts constitution
October 3: Pope John Paul II declares Titus Brandsma divine
October 3: South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands adopts constitution
October 4: Henry G. Perry completes 157 day, 14,021 mile bicycle tour of Australia
October 4: Shite Moslems claim to have killed hostage William Buckley - CIA station chief in Beirut
October 5: Grambling's Eddie Robinson wins record 324th football game
October 6: Marita Koch of Germany sets 400m woman's record (47.6) in Australia
October 6: Yankee Phil Niekro becomes 18th pitcher to win 300 games and also at 46 becomes oldest to pitch a shut-out beating Toronto 8-0
October 7: 21st Space Shuttle Mission (51-J)-Atlantis 1 lands at Edwards AFB
October 7: KHQ-AM in Spokane Washington's final transmission
October 7: Lynette Woodward, chosen as 1st woman on Harlem Globetrotters
October 7: PLO terrorists sieze Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro
October 8: Alain Boubil/Herbert Kretzner's "Les Miserables," premieres in London
October 8: Little Richard seriously injured in a car accident
October 8: "Rembrandt and Hitler or Me" premieres in Amsterdam
October 9: Central Park's Strawberry Fields, dedicated
October 9: "Tango Argentino" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 198 performances
October 9: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
October 10: Sudan adopts interim constitution
October 10: U.S. fighter jets force Egyptian plane carrying hijackers of Italian ship Achille Lauro to land in Italy, gunmen are placed in custody
October 11: Atlantis returns to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
October 11: President Reagan bans importation of South African Krugerrands
October 11: U.S. intercepts Egyptian Boeing with Achille Lauro terrorists
October 12: Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-61A mission
October 12: International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War receives Nobel Prize
October 12: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
October 13: Belgium premier Martens CVP wins parliamentary election
October 13: During NLCS, Cards rookie Vince Coleman is injured stretching before game as his left leg is caught in Busch Stadium's automated tarpaulin
October 13: "Sunday in the Park with George" closes at Booth New York City after 604 performances
October 14: 19th Country Music Association Award: Ricky Skaggs wins
October 14: On Mon Night football, Jets retire Joe Namath's #12, beat Miami 23-7
October 15: Nobel prize for economics awarded to Franco Modigliani
October 15: Shelley Taylor of Australia makes fastest swim ever around Manhattan Island, doing it in 6 hours 12 minutes 29 seconds
October 15: Shuttle Columbia carries Spacelab into orbit
October 16: Challenger vehicle moves to launch pad for STS-61A mission
October 16: Intel introduces 32-bit 80386 microcomputer chip
October 16: Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals win their league championships
October 16: Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Herbert Hauptman and Jerome Karle
October 17: French author Claude Simon won the Nobel Prize in literature
October 17: Lou Piniella named New York Yankee manager
October 21: Qasim Omar (206) and Javed Miandad (203*) make 397 stand vs. SL
October 22: Bret Saberhagen gives Kansas City Royals their 1st World Series win
October 25: Angels announce that they will not offer Rod Carew a new contract
October 25: Kosmos 1700 communications satellite placed in geostationary orbit
October 26: On a poor call in 6th game, umpire Don Deckinger starts a string of events costing Cardinals the World Series
October 27: 15th New York City Women's Marathon won by Grete Waitz in 2:28:34
October 27: 16th New York City Marathon won by Orlando Pizzolato in 2:11:34
October 27: Anthony Carter begins NFL streak of 100+ consecutive game receptions
October 27: Billy Martin is fired by Yankees for 4th time
October 27: Hurricane Juan ravages U.S. Gulf states and east coast, 49 die
October 27: Kansas City Royals beat St. Louis Cardinals, 4 games to 3 in 82nd World Series
October 27: Thieves steal 9 paintings, including 5 Monet's and 2 Renoir's
October 28: Ravi Ratnayeke takes 8-83 for Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan
October 29: Cards' Joaquin Andujar suspended for 10 games for bumping an ump
October 30: 22nd Space Shuttle Mission (61-A)-Challenger 9-launched
October 31: Last day in Test cricket for Zaheer Abbas


November 1: Netherlands decides definative sites for cruise missiles
November 1: Nostalgia Television begins on cable
November 2: Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Cozzene, Life's Magic, Pebbles, Precisionist, Proud Truth, Tasso, Twilight Ridge
November 3: Argentine President Alfonsins Radical Burgerunie wins elections
November 3: Jan Stephenson wins LPGA Nichirei Cup Team Match Golf Tournament
November 5: "News" opens at Helen Hayes Theater New York City for 4 performances
November 6: 22nd Space Shuttle Mission (61A) -Challenger 9- lands at Edwards AFB
November 6: Exploratory well at Ranger Tx, explodes spilling 6.3 m gallons of oil
November 6: M-19 guerrilla's occupies Palace of Justice Bogota Colombia
November 6: Space shuttle Challenger lands at Edwards AFB California
November 7: Colombian troops end 27-hour siege of Bogota's Palace of Justice
November 8: Atlantis moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-61-B mission
November 9: Gary Kasparov becomes world chess champion
November 9: "News" closes at Helen Hayes Theater New York City after 4 performances
November 9: Richard Hadlee takes 9-52 vs. Australia at the Gabba
November 9: Surprise attack on Belgium supermarket in Aalst, 8 killed
November 10: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
November 11: 1st AIDS theme TV movie - "An Early Frost"
November 11: Challenger flies back to Kennedy Space Center via Davis-Monthan AFB
November 11: Yonkers is found guilty of segregating schools and housing
November 12: Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Cozzene, Life's Magic, Pebbles, Precisionist, Proud Truth, Tasso, Twilight Ridge at Aqueduct
November 12: R. Hadlee takes 15-123 for Cricket match vs. Australia at Brisbane
November 12: STS-61-B vehicle moves to launch pad
November 13: Dwight Gooden, youngest 20 game winner, wins Cy Young award
November 13: Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts in Colombia, kills 25,000
November 14: Brewers release 39-year-old pitcher Rollie Fingers
November 14: Holmfriour Karlsottir of Iceland, 22, crowned 35th Miss World
November 14: Volcano Nevado del Ruiz Colombia erupts, 1000s killed
November 17: Howard Stern begins broadcasting on 92.3 WXRK FM in New York
November 17: New York Jets best offensive production beating Tampa Bay 62-28
November 18: Dwight Gooden (NL) and Bret Saberhagen (AL) win Cy Young
November 18: Enterprise (OV-101) flies from Kennedy Space Center to Dulles Airport
November 18: Howard Stern radio show returns to New York City WXRK 92.3 FM-afternoons
November 18: Paul McCartney releases "Spies Like Us"
November 19: Herb Gardner's "I'm Not Rappaport," premieres in New York City
November 19: President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet for 1st time
November 20: New York Yankee Don Mattingly easily wins AL MVP
November 22: Columbia moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-61-C
November 22: Largest swearing-in ceremony, 38,648 immigrants become U.S. citizens
November 22: PNP/MAN win Antilian parliamentary election
November 23: 58 die as Egyptian commandos storm hijack Egyptair jet in Malta
November 23: Retired CIA analyst Larry Wu-tai Chin, arrested of spying for China
November 24: 73rd CFL Grey Cup: BC Lions defeats Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 37-24
November 24: Egyptian commandos storm captured Boeing in Malta, 60 killed
November 25: White Sox shortstop Ozzie Guillen, is named AL Rookie of Year
November 26: 23rd Space Shuttle Mission (61-B)-Atlantis 2-is launched
November 26: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
November 26: Random House buys Richard Nixons memoires for $3,000,000
November 27: Cards Vince Coleman wins NL Rookie of Year
November 27: Republic of Ireland gains consultative role in Northern Ireland
November 28: 6th Belgium government of Martens forms


December 1: Noraly Beyer becomes Netherlands 1st black TV newscaster
December 1: South Africa's Cosatu union centre forms
December 1: STS-61-C vehicle moves to launch pad
December 2: "Mystery of Edwin Drood" opens at Imperial Theater New York City for 608 performances
December 2: Philipine Chief staff General Fabian speaks of B Aquino's murder
December 2: Rupert Holmes' musical "Mystery of Edwin Drood," premieres in New York City
December 3: 23rd Shuttle Mission (61-B)-Atlantis 2-lands at Edwards AFB
December 4: French President Mitterrand receives Polish leader Jaruzelski
December 4: "Les Miserables" opens at Palace Theatre, London
December 4: President Reagan appoints Vice Admiral John Poindexter as security adviser
December 5: Dow Jones Industrial Average rose above 1,500 level for 1st time
December 5: Great Britain performs nuclear test
December 5: Sam Shepard's "Lie of the Mind," premieres in New York City
December 7: 51st Heisman Trophy Award: Bo Jackson, Auburn (RB)
December 7: Atlantis returns to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
December 8: 60th Australian Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats C Evert (62 46 62)
December 8: Ken O'Brien's 96 yard TD pass (New York Jet record) to Wesley Walker
December 8: Laurie Rinker/Larry Rinker wins LPGA J C Penney Golf Classic
December 9: 74th Australian Mens Tennis: S Edberg beats Mats Wilander (64 63 63)
December 9: Jerry Rice begins NFL streak of 100+ consecutive game receptions
December 9: Phoenix Arizona, gets 3 inches of snow
December 10: Bill to balance the federal budget passed by Congress
December 10: Junta leaders Videla and Massera sentenced in Buenos Aires
December 11: Computer store owner in Sacramento California killed by package bomb
December 11: Dow Jones closes above 1,500 for 1st time (1,511.70)
December 11: General Electric acquires RCA Corp and its subsidiary, NBC
December 11: NHL Record 62 points scored, Edmonton (36) beats Chicago (26) 12-9 and ties record of 21 goals
December 12: 248 U.S. soldiers and 8 crew members die in Arrow Air charter crash
December 12: DC-8 crashes near Gander, Newfoundland; 258 die
December 12: NASA launches space vehicle S-207
December 13: David Boon's 1st Test century, 123 vs. India at Adelaide
December 13: Test debut of Merv Hughes, Geoff Marsh and Bruce Reid (v India)
December 14: U.S. Foreign Minister George Shultz arrives in West Berlin
December 15: Sylvester Stallone and Brigitte Nielson wed
December 16: Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-L mission
December 18: "Jerry's Girls" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 139 performances
December 18: U.N. Security Council unanimously condemns "acts of hostage-taking"
December 19: Mary Lund is 1st woman to receive a Jarvik VII artificial heart
December 19: STS-61-C scrubbed at T -13s because of SRB auxiliary power problem
December 19: "Wind in the Willows" opens at Nederlander Theater New York City for 4 performances
December 20: Denis Potvin passes Bobby Orr as NHL defenseman scorer (916 points)
December 20: Howard Cosell retires from television sports after 20 years with ABC
December 20: Position of American Poet Laureate established (Robert Warren is 1st)
December 21: Alice Miller/Don January wins LPGA Mazda Golf Championship
December 21: ARCO Anchorage runs aground near Port Angeles, WA
December 21: Heart's "Heart," album goes #1
December 22: 74th Davis Cup: Sweden beats Germany in Munich (3-2)
December 22: STS-51-L vehicle moves to Launch Pad 39B
December 22: "Wind in the Willows" closes at Nederlander Theater New York City after 4 performances
December 26: Test Cricket debut of Steve Waugh, vs. India at the MCG
December 27: Terrorists kill 20 and wound 110 attacking El Al at Rome and Vienna airports, President Reagan blames Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi
December 28: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
December 28: Warring Lebanese Moslem and Christian leaders sign peace agreement
December 30: IBM-PC DOS Version 3.2 released
December 30: Pakistan restores constitution
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