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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1979 AD


January 1: International Year of the Child begins
January 1: Jura, 26th canton of Switzerland, established
January 1: U.S. and China (Peoples Republic) begin diplomatic relations
January 2: 30th Islander shut-out opponent-Glenn Resch 9-0 vs Vancouver
January 2: Gavaskar gets twin tons for India for the third time (v WI)
January 2: Sid Vicious' trial for murder of girlfriend Nancy Spungen begins
January 7: Vietnamese forces capture Phnom Penh from Khmer Rouge
January 8: 512 die as oil tanker Bantry Bay blows up
January 8: Argentina and Chile sign Beagle Canal accord
January 8: Today Show gets a new theme song
January 8: Vietnamese troops overtook Khmer Rouge and occupy Phnom Penh
January 9: Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to WS Merwin
January 9: High-school player Daryl Moreau makes 126th consecutive free throws
January 9: K-Mart pulls Steve Martin's "Let's Get Small" for being in "bad taste"
January 9: Supreme Court strikes down (6-3) Pennsylvania law requiring doctors performing an abortion to try to preserve lives of potentially viable fetuses
January 10: 1st brother Billy Carter makes allegedly anti-Semitic remarks
January 10: Entertainer of the Year Awards
January 11: "Grand Tour" opens at Palace Theater New York City for 61 performances
January 12: 6th American Music Award: Barry Manilow, Linda Ronstadt win
January 12: LA's Hillside Strangler, Kenneth Bianchi, arrested in Bellingham
January 12: Record blizzard struck midwest killing over 100
January 13: Charlie Daniels hosts Volunteer Jam
January 13: YMCA files libel suit against Village People's YMCA song
January 14: President Carter proposes Martin Luther King's birthday be a holiday
January 16: Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi of Iran flees Iran for Egypt
January 17: New York Islanders didn't get a shot off in 1 period against New York Rangers
January 17: Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi flees Iran
January 17: U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
January 18: Peter Jenkins finishes "A Walk Across America," Florence Oregon
January 19: John N Mitchell (former AG) released on parole from federal prison
January 21: Neptune becomes outermost planet (Pluto moves closer)
January 21: Price of gold increases to record $875 troy oz
January 21: Superbowl XIII: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Dallas Cowboys, 35-31 in Miami Superbowl MVP: Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh, quarterback
January 23: Willie Mays elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
January 24: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
January 25: 22.2-km Oshimizu railroad tunnel holed through, central Honshu, Japan
January 25: Pope John Paul II's 1st overseas trip as supreme pontiff
January 26: "Dukes of Hazzard" premieres on CBS
January 26: Music Center Vredenburg opens in Utrecht, Netherlands
January 27: 36th Golden Globes: Midnight Express, Jon Voight and Jane Fonda
January 27: Islanders ends 23 undefeated games at home streak (15-0-8)
January 28: Arthur Kopit's "Wings," premieres in New York City
January 28: "Wiz" closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 1672 performances
January 29: 9th AFC-NFC pro bowl, NFC wins 13-7
January 29: Brenda Spencer kills 2, inspires Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays"
January 29: Chinese vice-premier Deng Xiaoping visits Washington, D.C.
January 29: Emerson, Lake and Palmer disband after 10 years together
January 29: NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 13-7
January 29: President Carter commuted Patricia Hearst's 7 year sentence to 2 years
January 30: Rhodesia agrees to new constitution


February 1: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returns to Iran after 15 years in exile
February 1: Patricia Hearst is released from a San Francisco prison for bank robbery
February 1: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
February 3: Minnesota Twins trade Rod Carew to California for 4 players
February 3: U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Linda Fratianne
February 3: U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Charles Tickner
February 3: "YMCA" by Village People peaks at #2 on pop singles chart
February 4: "Co-Ed Fever," TV Comedy, debut and cancelled that outing on CBS
February 4: End of last 3+day D/N game for 15 years (WSC, SCG)
February 4: Joanne Carner wins LPGA Colgate Triple Crown Golf Tournament
February 5: Costliest single periodical ad, $3.2 million, Gulf + Western in Time
February 5: Sears Radio Theater premieres on CBS
February 6: Supreme court of Lahore affirms death sentence against premier Bhutto
February 7: Colonel Benjedid Chadli succeeds President Boumedienne in Algeria
February 7: Faoud Bacchus scores 250 for WI vs. India at Kanpur
February 7: Pink Floyd premiered their live version of "The Wall" in Los Angeles
February 7: "Supertrain," TV Anthology, Superbomb of 1979, debuts on NBC
February 8: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
February 9: 21st Grammy Awards: Just the Way You Are, Taste of Honey
February 9: ABC airs "Heroes of Rock N Roll" special
February 9: Beginning of James Clavell's novel "Whirlwind"
February 9: Nigeria amends constitution
February 10: Border is named 12th man for Australia, only Test Cricket he missed
February 10: "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" by Rod Stewart peaks at #1
February 11: 43 million watch "Elvis!" on ABC
February 11: Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation
February 11: Iran's premier Bakhtiar resigns, Ayatollah Khomeini seizes power
February 11: Musical "They're Playing Our Song," premieres in New York City
February 11: "They're Playing Our Song" opens at Imperial New York City for 1082 performances
February 12: Kosmos 1076, 1st Soviet oceanographic satellite, launched
February 13: 2nd Emmy Sports Award presentation
February 13: Washington State's Hood Canal Bridge breaks up in windstorm
February 14: "Whoopee!" opens at ANTA Theater New York City for 204 performances
February 15: 21st Grammy Awards: Just the Way You Are, Taste of Honey wins
February 15: Paul Shirley (21) of Australia, sucked a lifesaver for 4 hours 40 minutes
February 15: Temple City Kazoo Orchestra appears on Mike Douglas Show
February 15: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
February 16: George Harrison releases "Blow Away"
February 16: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
February 17: China invades Vietnam
February 17: Eric Heiden equals skating world record 1000m (1:14.99)
February 18: -52 degrees F (-47 degrees C), Old Forge, New York (state record)
February 18: Amy Alcott wins LPGA Elizabeth Arden Golf Classic
February 18: Miniseries "Roots: Next Generations" premieres on ABC TV
February 18: NASA launches space vehicle S-202
February 18: President Zia ur-Rahmans National Party wins elections in Bangladesh
February 18: Snow falls in Sahara Desert
February 20: "Comin' Uptown" opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 45 performances
February 21: 2 Iowa girls High School basketball teams play 4 scoreless quarters game was won 4-2 in 4th overtime period
February 21: Japan launches Hakucho x-ray satellite and Corsa-B (550/580 km)
February 22: Billy Martin named manager of Oakland A's
February 22: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's Primate and Cat Building is dedicated
February 22: St. Lucia gains independence from Britain
February 23: Frank Peterson, Jr. named 1st black general in Marine Corps
February 23: George Harrison releases "George Harrison" album
February 23: "Sarava" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 140 performances
February 24: Highest price ever paid for a pig, $42,500, Stamford, Texas
February 24: War between North and South Yemen begins
February 25: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Classic
February 25: Soyuz 32 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6 space station is launched
February 26: Last total eclipse of Sun in 20th century for continental US
February 28: Ernest Thompson's "On Golden Pond," premieres in New York City


March 1: "Sweeney Todd" opens at Uris Theater New York City for 557 performances
March 4: 200th episode of "All in the Family"
March 4: "Grand Tour" closes at Palace Theater New York City after 61 performances
March 4: Sally Little wins LPGA Bent Tree Golf Classic
March 4: U.S. Voyager I photo reveals Jupiter's rings
March 5: Voyager I's closest approach to Jupiter (172,000 miles)
March 7: Baseball exhibition season opens with semipro and amateur umpires
March 7: Warren Giles and Hack Wilson selected to baseball Hall of Fame
March 8: 1st extraterrestrial volcano discovered on Io, a satellite of Jupiter
March 8: 5th People's Choice Awards
March 8: China withdraws invasion troops from Vietnam
March 8: Shuttle Columbia (OV-102) transported 38 miles overland from Palmdale
March 9: Bowie Kuhn orders baseball to give equal access to female reporters
March 9: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
March 11: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Sunstar Golf Classic
March 11: Randy Hold receives 67 minutes in penalties in a 60 minutes NHL hockey game
March 13: European Monetary System is established, ECU created
March 13: Gairy dictatorship in Grenada overthrown by New Jewel Movement
March 13: Isle's Mike Bossy's 5th career hat trick
March 15: Apparat releases Newdos + 2.1 for Radio Shack's TRS-80
March 15: Isle's Bryan Trottier's 5th career hat trick
March 15: Sarfraz takes 9-86 at MCG as Australia lose 7-5 to lose the Test
March 16: CBS-TV airs "Wings Over the World" with Paul McCartney
March 17: Ice Dance Championship at Vienna won by N Linichuk and G Karponosov U.S.S.R.
March 17: Ice Pairs Championship at Vienna won by Tai Babilonia and R Gardner USA
March 17: Men's Figure Skating Champ in Vienna won by Vladimir Kovalev (U.S.S.R.)
March 17: Worlds Ladies Figure Skating Champ in Vienna won by Linda Fratianne
March 18: Battles between Kurds and Iranians break in Sananday Iran
March 18: Joanne Carner wins LPGA Honda Civic Golf Classic
March 18: "On the 20th Century" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 460 performances
March 19: House of Representatives begins live television broadcasts via C-SPAN
March 20: Columbia flies on Shuttle carrier aircraft to Kennedy Space Center
March 21: Egyptian Parliament unanimously approve peace treaty with Israel
March 22: Israeli parliament approves peace treaty with Egypt
March 22: NHL votes to accept 4 WHA teams (Oilers, Jets, Nordiques and Whalers)
March 23: Larry Holmes TKOs Osvaldo Ocasio in 7 for heavyweight boxing title
March 23: Wings release "Goodnight Tonight"
March 24: 10 rebounds and 10 assists, as the Spartans cruise to a 101-67 by Earvin "Magic" Johnson registers triple-double 29 pts
March 24: 1st appearance as Australian cricket captain for Kim Hughes
March 24: "Ballroom" closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 116 performances
March 24: Columbia flown on carrier aircraft lands at Kennedy Space Center
March 25: Major riot at Bourda prevents day's play in WSC Supertest
March 25: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Sahara National Pro-Am Golf Tournament
March 26: 41st NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: Michigan State beats Indiana State. 75-64
March 26: Camp David peace treaty between Israel and Egypt
March 26: Michigan State Spartans snaps Indiana State's 33-game win streak
March 26: Padres and Giants announce plans to play exhibition series in Tokyo but Giant players reject it
March 27: Supreme Court rules, 8-1, police can't randomly stop cars
March 28: British government of Callaghan falls
March 28: Lazarus and Vosburgh's "Day in Hollywood and night in Ukraine," premieres
March 28: Major nuclear accident at 3 Mile Island, Middletown, Pennsylvania (no deaths)
March 29: Andrew Hilditch given out handled the ball vs. Pakistan at WACA
March 29: Caryl Churchill's "Cloud Nine," premieres in London
March 29: Delhi beat Karnataka by 399 runs to win Cricket's Ranji Trophy
March 29: Last day of Test cricket for Mushtaq Mohammad


April 1: Iran proclaimed an Islamic Republic following fall of Shah
April 1: Joanne Carner wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open
April 2: Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin visits President Sadat in Cairo
April 3: Belgium's Martens government forms
April 3: Jane Byrne, elected 1st woman mayor of Chicago, Illinois
April 5: Baltimore manager Earl Weaver wins his 1,000th game as a skipper
April 5: Ex-premier Pol Jar flees out of Cambodia
April 6: Rod Stewart and Alana Collins wed
April 7: Henri La Mothe dives 28' into 12 3/8" of water
April 7: Houston Astro Ken Forsch no-hits Atlanta Braves, 6-0
April 7: Islander's Mike Bossy scores 4 goals against Flyers
April 8: 204th and final episode of "All in the Family"
April 8: 8th Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Sandra Post
April 8: "Carmelina" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 17 performances
April 8: People's Republic of China joins IOC
April 9: 51st Academy Awards - "Deer Hunter," Jon Voight and Jane Fonda win
April 9: Longest doubles ping-pong match of 101 hours, begins
April 10: J. R. Richard throws major league record 6 wild pitches in Astrodome
April 10: Soyuz 33 launched with a Russian and a Bulgarian
April 11: Ugandan dictator Idi Amin overthrown; Tanzania takes Kampala
April 12: Soyuz 33 returns to Earth
April 13: Christian Turks occupy St. Jansbasiliek
April 13: Longest doubles ping-pong match ends after 101 hours
April 13: Yusuf Lule becomes premier of Uganda
April 14: Susan Horvath, of Penn, crowned America's Young Woman of the Year
April 15: 43rd Golf Masters Championship: Fuzzy Zoeller wins, shooting a 280
April 16: 15th Mayor's Trophy Game, Yankees and Mets tie 1-1
April 16: 83rd Boston Marathon won by Bill Rodgers of Mass in 2:09:27
April 16: 8th Boston Women's Marathon won by Joan Benoit Samuelson in 2:35:15
April 16: Failed Palestinian attack on Zaventem Airport in Belgium
April 16: Pulitzer prize awarded to Sam Shepard for "Buried child"
April 17: Brian Clark's "Whose Life is it Anyway?," premieres in London
April 18: Major Haddad declares South-Lebanon independent
April 18: "Real People" premieres on NBC TV
April 19: Following a 6-3 loss to the Orioles, Yankees Goose Gossage and Cliff
April 19: Johnson brawl, Gossage sustains a sprained ligament in his left thumb
April 21: "Carmelina" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 17 performances
April 22: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Florida Lady Citrus Golf Tournament
April 22: Mick Jaggar and Keith Richards give a benefit concert in Canada
April 24: Rhodesian bishop Muzorewa wins general election
April 25: Peace treaty between Israel and Egypt goes into effect
April 25: "Rock 'n Roll High Schools" premieres
April 27: George Harrison releases "Love Comes to Everyone"
April 29: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Otey Crisman Golf Classic
April 30: Mary Therese Friel, New York, crowned 28th Miss USA


May 1: Elton John becomes 1st pop star to perform in Israel
May 1: Home rule introduced to Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland)
May 1: Marshall Islands (in Pacific) become self-governing
May 2: 14th Academy of Country Music Awards: Kenny Rogers and Barbara Mandrell
May 2: "Quadrophenia" premieres in London
May 3: Bobby Bonds hits his 300th home run (2nd to have 300 home runs and 300 stolen bases)
May 3: Margaret Thatcher becomes the 1st woman prime minister of Great Britain
May 3: Martin Sherman's "Bent," premieres in London
May 4: Jackie Mercer wins her 4th golf title 31 years after her 1st
May 4: NASA launches Fltsatcom-2
May 5: 105th Kentucky Derby: Ron Franklin on Spectacular Bid wins in 2:02.4
May 5: Masterpiece Radio Theater begins broadcasting
May 5: Voyager 1 passes Jupiter
May 6: Fred Markham set a bicycle speed record of 818 kph over 200 m
May 6: Louis LaRusso II's "Knockout," premieres in New York City
May 6: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Women's International Golf Tournament
May 6: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
May 7: 5th UNCTAD-conference opens in Manila
May 7: Gary Roenicke hits into Orioles 13th triple play (Oakland)
May 8: Radio Shack releases TRSDOS 2.3
May 9: U.S. and U.S.S.R. sign Salt 2 treaty, limiting nuclear weapons
May 10: Federated States of Micronesia becomes self-governing
May 10: John McMullen becomes CEO of Houston Astros
May 10: Vivekananda (Sri Lanka) completes nonstop cycle ride of 187 hours, 28 minutes, around Vihara Maha Devi Park, Colombo, Sri Lanka
May 12: Chris Evert's 125-match winning streak on clay comes to an end
May 13: Sandra Post wins LPGA Lady Michelob Golf Tournament
May 13: Shah and family sentenced to death in Teheran
May 13: "Utter Glory... Morrissey Hall" opens and closes at Mark Hellinger New York City
May 16: FC Barcelona wins 19th Europe Cup II in Basel
May 16: NL approves Astros sales from Ford Motors to John J McMullen for $19M
May 17: 12 degrees F, on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii (state record)
May 17: Emmy 6th Daytime Award presentation
May 17: Phillies beat Cubs, 23-22, on 50 hits with 11 home runs
May 19: 105th Preakness: Ron Franklin aboard Spectacular Bid wins in 1:54.2
May 19: Guitarist Eric Clapton marries Patti Boyd
May 19: "In The Navy" by Village People hits #3
May 20: "I Love My Wife" closes at Barrymore Theater New York City after 864 performances
May 20: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Coca-Cola Golf Classic
May 21: Dan White convicted of manslaughter death of San Francisco mayor Moscone
May 21: Elton John becomes 1st western rocker to perform live in U.S.S.R.
May 21: National Volksraad installed in Namibia
May 21: Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens beat New York Rangers, 4 games to 1
May 22: Canadians elect conservatives, Joseph Clark replaces Pierre Trudeau
May 22: Commencement of 1st ICC Trophy (PNG vs. E Afr and Singapore vs. Arg)
May 23: 1st edition of "Wisden Cricket Monthly"
May 23: Borussia Monchengladbach wins 8th UEFA Cup at Dusseldorf
May 23: "Kids Are All Right" premieres
May 23: Rocker Tom Petty files chapter 11 bankruptcy
May 23: West-Germany elects Karl Carstens president
May 24: Billy Martin issues a public apology to Reno sportswriter Ray Hagar
May 24: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
May 25: American Airlines DC-10 crashes in Chicago killing 275
May 25: Israel begins to return Sinai to Egypt
May 25: Raul Gonzales of Mexico completes 50,000 m walk in record 3:41:38.4
May 26: Dancin' Fool by Frank Zappa hits #45
May 27: Penny Pulz wins LPGA Corning Golf Classic
May 27: Pope John Paul ordains John J O'Conner as a bishop
May 28: European Market accepts Greece as member
May 29: Bishop Abel Muzorewa is sworn in as Zimbabwe's 1st black PM
May 29: Radio's 1st rock network "Source" premieres
May 30: Nottingham Forrest wins 24th Europe Cup 1 at Munich
May 30: Pat Underwood makes his pitching debut for Detroit beats brother Tom
May 30: Percom Data Company Inc release Microdos for Radio Shack's TRS-80
May 30: Ted Coombs begins a 5,193 mile roller skate from LA to New York City
May 31: "I Remember Mama" opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 108 performances
May 31: Radio City Music Hall (New York City) reopens
May 31: Zimbabwe proclaims independence


June 1: 33rd NBA Championship: Sea Supersonics beat Washington Bullets, 4 games to 1
June 1: Rhodesian bishop Able Muzorewa becomes premier
June 1: Ted Coombs began a 5,193 mile roller skate from LA to New York City
June 1: Wings release "Old Siam, Sir"
June 2: John Paul II becomes 1st pope to visit a communist country (Poland)
June 2: NASA launches space vehicle S-198
June 2: Pope John Paul II visits Poland
June 3: 33rd Tony Awards: Elephant Man and Sweeny Todd win
June 3: Ex-president Idi Amin of Uganda flees to Libya
June 3: Ixtoc I rig in Gulf of Mexico blows; 3 million bbl of oil spilled, world's worst oil spillage
June 3: "Madwoman of Central Park West" opens on Broadway
June 3: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Golden Lights Golf Championship
June 4: South African President Vorster resigns due to scandal
June 4: Sri Lanka forfeit ICC Trophy game vs Israel for political reasons
June 5: Seychelles adopts constitution
June 6: 200th running of horse's Derby in England
June 6: Royal Air force receives 1st F-16
June 6: Willie Horton becomes 43rd player to hit 300 home runs in the majors
June 7: 52nd National Spelling Bee: Katie Kerwin wins spelling maculature
June 7: Bhaskara 1, Indian Earth resources/meteorology satellite, launched
June 7: Portugal government of Mota Pinto resigns
June 7: Rocker Chuck Berry is charged with tax evasion
June 8: Mariners draft Al Chambers #1
June 8: "The Source," 1st computer public information service, goes on-line
June 8: Wings release "Back to the Egg" album
June 9: 111th Belmont: Ruben Hernandez aboard Coastal wins in 2:28.6
June 9: 49th French Womens Tennis: Chris Evert beats Wendy Turnbull (62 60)
June 9: Michael Cairney topples a record row of 169,713 dominoes
June 9: Phillies wear burgundy uniforms for 1st and last time
June 9: Willie Horton is honored at Seattle's Kingdome
June 10: 25th LPGA Championship won by Donna Caponi Young
June 10: 49th French Mens Tennis: Bjorn Borg beats Victor Pecci (63 61 67 64)
June 10: Baltimore Orioles pull their 8th triple play, 5-4-3 vs. Cleveland
June 10: Pope John Paul II visits Poland
June 11: Chuck Berry pleads guilty to income tax evasion, sentenced to 4 months
June 12: Bryan Allen flew man-powered Gossamer Albatross over English Channel in a human-powered aircraft; flight took 2 hours, 49 minutes
June 12: Kevin St. Onge throws a playing card a record 185'
June 12: Opening ceremony at Cambridge Buddhist Association meditation in Boston
June 12: Sanista occupies parts of Managua
June 12: Tigers fire manager Les Moss, hiring Sparky Anderson
June 13: "Madwoman of Central Park West" opens at 22 Steps New York City for 86 performances
June 13: Sioux nation receives $100 million in compensation for Black Hills, South Dakota
June 14: Canada all out 45 in Cricket World Cup vs. England, in 40 3 overs
June 14: New York Giants Willie McCovey 513th home run is an NL lefty record
June 14: Rock group "Little Feat" disbands
June 15: 1st space shuttle SRB qualification test firing; 122 seconds
June 16: Carl Yastrzemski hits his 1,000th extra base hit
June 16: "Logical Song" by Supertramp peaks at #6
June 16: Moslem Brotherhood kills 62 sheiks in Aleppo, Syria
June 17: 79th U.S. Golf Open: Hale Irwin shoots a 284 at Inverness Club in Toledo
June 17: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Sarah Coventry Golf Tournament
June 17: "Sarava" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 140 performances
June 18: Billy Martin becomes Yankee manager (2nd time), replacing Bob Lemon
June 18: President Carter and Leonid I Brezhnev sign SALT 2 treaty
June 18: Sri Lanka beat India by 47 runs in Cricket World Cup upset
June 19: In New York 36,211 show up to witness return of Billy Martin as Yank manager
June 19: Mali's constitution goes into effect
June 21: Sri Lanka beat Canada by 60 runs to win the 1st ICC Trophy
June 22: Larry Holmes TKOs Mike Weaver in 12 for heavyweight boxing title
June 22: Little Richard quits rock and roll for religious pursuit
June 22: Pro Football Researchers Association forms, Canton, Ohio
June 23: Charlie Daniels Band releases "Devil Went Down to Georgia"
June 23: Rock group, the Knack releases "My Sharona"
June 23: West Indies beat England by 92 runs to win Cricket World Cup
June 24: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
June 24: Rickey Henderson debuts for Oakland and steals his 1st base
June 25: Failed attack on NATO commander Haig in Obourg, Belgium
June 25: "Got Tu Go Disco" opens at Minskoff Theater New York City for 8 performances
June 26: Heavyweight Muhammad Ali confirms that his 3rd retirement is final
June 26: Rocker Nigel Olsson runs a stop sign, crashes and kills a driver
June 27: Muhammad Ali retires as boxing champ
June 27: Supreme Court rules employers may use quotas to help minorities
June 28: OPEC raises oil prices 24 percent
June 29: "Moonraker" premieres in U.S.
June 29: San Diego Chicken reborn at Jack Murphy Stadium
June 30: "Got To Go Disco" closes at Minskoff Theater New York City after 8 performances
June 30: Johnny Rotten and Joan Collins appear together on BBC's Juke Box Jury


July 1: Stampede Pass, Washington is covered with 6" of snow
July 1: Vicki Fergon wins LPGA Lady Stroh's Golf Open
July 2: Susan B. Anthony dollar is issued, 1st U.S. coin to honor a woman
July 4: Algerian ex-president Ben Bella freed
July 6: 86th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats Chris Evert (64 64)
July 6: IRA-bomb explodes in British consulate in Antwerp
July 7: 93rd Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Bjorn Borg beats R Tanner (67 61 36 63 64)
July 7: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 8: Congo adopts constitution
July 8: Don Martina's MAN party wins election in Dutch Antilles
July 8: Hollis Stacy wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic
July 8: Voyager 2 takes 1st ever photo of Jupiter's satellite Adrastea (J14)
July 9: Dr. Walter Massey named director of Argonne national Lab
July 9: Voyager 2 flies past Jupiter
July 10: Chuck Berry sentenced to 4 months for $200,000 in tax evasion
July 11: U.S. Skylab enters atmosphere over Australia and disintegrates
July 12: "Disco Demolition Night" at Comiskey Park, causes fans to go wild and causes White Sox to forfeit 2nd game of a doubleheader to Tigers
July 12: Ian Palce joins Whitesnake
July 12: Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands) declares independence from U.K.
July 13: California's Nolan Ryan and Boston's Steve Renko each lose no-hitters in 9th
July 13: George Harrison releases "Faster"
July 14: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test
July 15: 34th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Jerilyn Britz
July 15: Morarji Desai resigns as premier of India
July 16: Premier/president al-Bakr of Iraq is succeeded by Saddam Hussein
July 17: 50th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 7-6 at Kingdome, Seattle
July 17: All star MVP: Dave Parker (Pittsburgh Pirates)
July 17: David Gower 200* in England score of 5-633 vs. India at Edgbaston
July 17: Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza flees to Miami
July 17: Sebastian Coe runs world record 3:49 mile in Oslo
July 17: Simone Veil becomes chairman of European Parliament
July 18: Gold hits record $303.85 an ounce in London
July 18: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 19: 2 supertankers collide off Tobago - 260,000 TONS of oil spill
July 19: Maritza Sayalero, 18, of Venezuela, crowned 28th Miss Universe
July 19: Nicaragua Liberation Day; Sandinistas take over from Somoza
July 20: 44-kg Newfoundland dog pulls 2293-kg load, Bothell, Wash
July 21: 108th British Golf Open: Seve Ballesteros shoots a 283 at Royal Lytham
July 21: National Women's Hall of Fame (Seneca Falls, New York) dedicated
July 22: Pat Meyers wins LPGA Greater Baltimore Golf Classic
July 23: George Brett gets his 1,000th hit
July 24: President Carter names Paul Volcker, President of Federal Reserves
July 24: Red Sox Carl Yastrzemski hits his 400th home run
July 25: 109 cm rainfall at Alvin Texas (state record)
July 26: Estimated 109 cm (43") of rain falls in Alvin, Texas (national record)
July 27: "Broadway Opry '79" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 6 performances
July 27: France performs nuclear Test
July 28: Dave Kingman becomes 6th to have a 2nd 3 home run game
July 28: France performs nuclear Test
July 29: 7th du Maurier Golf Classic (Peter Jackson Classic): Amy Alcott
July 31: "But Never Jam Today" opens at Longacre Theater New York City for 7 performances


August 1: Maria de Lurdes Pintasilgo forms government in Portugal
August 2: "Broadway Opry '79" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 6 performances
August 2: Gilda Radner Live From New York opens on Broadway
August 3: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
August 4: Italian government of Cossiga begins
August 4: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
August 5: "But Never Jam Today" closes at Longacre Theater New York City after 7 performances
August 5: Government of Mauretania signs peace treaty with Polisario
August 5: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Colgate European Golf Open
August 5: Phillies Pete Rose collects NL record 2,427th career single
August 5: Varetta Shankle (Miss), crowned 12th Miss Black America
August 5: Willie Mays, Warren Giles, and Hack Wilson inducted in Hall of Fame
August 6: 61st PGA Championship: David Graham shoots a 272 at Oakland Hills, Michigan
August 6: Marcus Hooper, 12, is youngest person to swim English Channel
August 8: Iraqi president Saddam Hussein executes 22 political opponents
August 9: English seaside resort Brighton gets 1st British nude beach
August 10: Ecuador adopts its constitution
August 10: Wings release "Getting Closer" and "Baby's Request"
August 11: 28 degrees F in Embarrass Minnesota
August 11: Phillies Tug McGraw gives up record 4th grand slam of year
August 12: Iran press censors start massive book burnings
August 12: Judy wins LPGA WUI Golf Classic Rankin
August 12: "Whoopee!" closes at ANTA Theater New York City after 204 performances
August 13: Lou Brock, is 14th to get 3,000 hits
August 14: Rainbow seen in Northern Wales for a 3 hours duration
August 15: Andrew Young resigns as United Nations ambassador
August 17: 2 Russian passenger planes collide above Ukraine, 173 killed
August 17: Monty Python's "Life of Brian" premieres
August 18: Iran Ayatollah Khomeini demands Saint War against Kurds
August 18: Nick Lowe marries singer Carlene Carter
August 18: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
August 19: Crew of Soyuz 32 returns to Earth aboard Soyuz 34 aft 175 d flight
August 19: "My Sharonna" by the Knack hits #1 (stays for 42 days)
August 19: Sally wins LPGA Barth Golf Classic Little
August 19: Soviet Cosmonauts Vladimir Lyakov and Valery Ryumin returned to Earth aboard Soyuz 34 after a record 175 days in space
August 20: India premier Charan Singh resigns
August 20: Singer Vikki Carr and Michael Nilsson wed
August 21: Mets win a protested game against Astros, 5-0
August 22: 200 black leaders, meet in New York, to support Andrew Young
August 23: Bolshoi Ballet dancer Alexander Godunov defects in New York City
August 23: Iran army opens offensive against Kurds
August 24: Cars play concert in New York Central Park
August 24: NFL fans (60,916) choose old Patriots logo over new
August 24: U.N.'s Vienna office begins issuing postage stamps
August 25: California Angels trounce Toronto Blue Jays, 24-2
August 25: "Madwoman of Central Park West" closes at 22 Steps New York City after 86 performances
August 25: Somali adopts constitution
August 26: Beth Daniel wins LPGA Patty Berg Golf Classic
August 27: 18 British militia die in ambush/bomb attack in Northern Ireland
August 28: IRA bomb explodes on Brussels Great Market
August 28: Train crash at Nijmegen, 7 die
August 29: Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
August 29: Sheridan Broadcasting Corp purchases Mutual Black Network
August 30: 1st recorded occurrance-comet hits sun (energy=1 mil hydrogen bombs)
August 30: Ian Botham makes 1000 runs/100 wkts in Tests in his 21st match
August 30: Kathy Horvath (14y5d) is youngest to play in U.S. Tennis Open, she loses
August 30: President Carter attacked by a rabbit on a canoe trip in Plains Ga
August 30: Wildest U.S. Tennis Open match, McEnroe defeats Ilie Nastase 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2. Nastase was defaulted by the umpire then reinstated
August 31: 16 yr old Tracy Austin defeats 14 yr old Andrea Jaeger at U.S. Open
August 31: Comet Howard-Koomur-Michels collides with Sun
August 31: Donald McHenry named to succeed Andrew Young as United Nations ambassador
August 31: Phillies replaces manager Danny Ozark with Dallas Green


September 1: Debbie Boone and Gabriel Ferrer wed in Los Angeles
September 1: L.A. Court orders Clayton Moore to stop wearing Lone Ranger mask
September 1: Pioneer 11 makes 1st fly-by of Saturn, discovers new moon, rings
September 2: 79th U.S. Golf Amateur Championship won by Mark O'Meara
September 2: "I Remember Mama" closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 108 performances
September 3: Hurricane David, a strong Atlantic storm kills over 1,000
September 3: Iran army conquerors Mahabad
September 3: Jerry Lewis' 14th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $30,000,000
September 3: Jo Ann Washam wins LPGA Rail Charity Golf Classic
September 4: India need 438 to win vs. England, game ends at 8-429
September 4: Iran army conquerors Baneh
September 5: A's Matt Keough A's beats Brewers 6-1 for 1st win after 14 straight losses, ended 1978 with 4 loses (1 shy of the record 19)
September 5: Canada puts its 1st gold bullion coin on sale
September 5: Earl of Mountbatten funeral held in Burma
September 5: Iran army occupies Piranshahr
September 5: Roscoe Tanner fires 11 aces, breaks the net with his bullet serve and upsets top-seeded Bjorn Borg in U.S. Tennis Open quarterfinals
September 6: "Peter Pan" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City for 578 performances
September 7: 5 day MUSE concert against nuclear energy opens at MSG, New York
September 8: Cheryl Prewitt of Mississippi, 22, crowned 52nd Miss America 1980
September 8: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
September 9: 31st Emmy Awards: Taxi, Lou Grant, Ron Leibman and Ruth Gordon
September 9: 93rd U.S. Womens Tennis: Tracy Austin beats C E Lloyd Mills (64 63)
September 9: 99th U.S. Mens Tennis: John McEnroe beats Vitas Gerulaitis (75 63 63)
September 9: Sally Little wins LPGA Columbia Savings Golf Classic
September 9: Sid Bernstein offers $ billion for a Beatle reunion
September 9: Yusef Islam (Cat Stevens) weds Fouzia Ali at Kensington Mosque
September 10: 3 Puerto Rican nationalists who attempted to kill Truman are freed
September 12: Carl Yastrzemski, is 15th to get 3,000 hits
September 12: Hurricane Frederick hits Mobile Alabama; 5 die and $23 million damage
September 12: Indiana Pacers cut Ann Meyers, 1st woman on an NBA club
September 13: China performs nuclear test
September 13: South Africa grants Venda independence (Not recognized out of South Africa)
September 14: Theodore Coombs completes 5,193 mile roller skate from LA to New York City and back to Yates Center, Ks
September 14: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
September 15: Red Sox Bob Watson is 1st to hit for cycle in AL and NL (Astros)
September 15: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
September 16: 23rd Ryder Cup: U.S., 17-11 at Greenbrier
September 16: Catfish Hunter Day at Yankee Stadium
September 16: Coup in Afghanistan under Hafizullah Amin
September 16: KC's Willie Wilson hits 5th inside-the-park home run (most since 1925)
September 16: Nancy Lopez/JoAnn Washam wins Portland- Ping Team Golf Championship
September 16: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test
September 17: Pietro Mennea runs world record 200 m (19.72")
September 17: Royals George Brett is 6th to have 20 doubles/triples/home runs in a season
September 18: Bolshoi Ballet dancers Leonid and Valentina Kozlov defect
September 18: Steven Lachs, appointed California's 1st admittedly gay judge
September 18: The Who opens New York City concerts at MSG
September 19: No Nukes Concert at MSG includes Springsteen and Crosby, Stills and Nash
September 20: Coup in Central African Rep: David Dacko overthrows emperor Bokassa I
September 20: Jose E dod Santos becomes president of Angola
September 20: NASA launches HEAO
September 22: Israel performs nuclear test at Indian Ocean
September 22: Larry Parrish (Expos) home runs off Rawly Eastwick (Phillies) in DH
September 23: Jane Fonda and 200,000 attend anti-nuke rally in Battery Park, New York City
September 23: Sandra Post wins LPGA ERA Real Estate Golf Classic
September 23: Somali constitution approved by president
September 23: St. Louis legend Lou Brock steals 938th and final base of his career
September 24: CompuServe began operation as 1st computer information service
September 24: Ghana adopts constitution
September 24: Pete Rose reaches 200 hits in a season for 10th time
September 24: Russian ice skaters Protopopov and Beloussova ask for asylum in Switzerland
September 24: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
September 25: California Angels win their 1st NL West pennant
September 25: "Evita" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 1568 performances
September 26: 1984 summer LA Olympic coverage sold to ABC for $225 million
September 26: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
September 27: Congress' final approval to create Department of Education
September 27: Elton John, sick with flu, collapses at the Hollywood Universal Ampitheater
September 27: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
September 28: Larry Holmes TKOs Earnie Shaver in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
September 29: "Ain't That A Shame" by Cheap Trick peaks at #35
September 29: Astros' J R Richard strikes out NL season righty record of 313
September 29: "Bad Case Of Loving You" by Robert Palmer peaks at #14
September 29: "Boom Boom (Out Go Lights)" by Pat Travers peaks at #56
September 29: "Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez peaks at #16
September 29: "Cruel To Be Kind" by Nick Lowe peaks at #12
September 29: "Different Worlds" by Maureen McGovern peaks at #18
September 29: "Driver's Seat" by Sniff 'n' the Tears peaks at #15
September 29: "Girls Talk" by Dave Edmunds peaks at #65
September 29: Gold hits record $400.20 an ounce in Hong Kong
September 29: John Huston's "Wine Blood" premieres at New York Film Festival
September 29: "Lonesome Loser" by Little River Band peaks at #6
September 29: Los Angeles Dodger Manny Mota hits record 146th pinch hit
September 29: "Message In A Bottle" by Police peaks at #1 in UK
September 29: Pope John Paul II becomes 1st pope to visit Ireland
September 29: "What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin'" by Stephanie Mills peaks at #22
September 30: Milwaukee Brewers lose 5-0 ending 213 straight games without a shutout
September 30: Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Mary Kay Golf Classic


October 1: Nigeria adopts constitution, Alhaji Shagari becomes president
October 1: Pope John Paul II begins visit of US
October 1: RKO radio network begins operation
October 1: U.S. returns Canal Zone to Panama after 75 years
October 4: Hugh Leonards "Life," premieres in Dublin
October 4: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test
October 6: Harry Drake set long distance footbow shot record of 2,006 yards 1'9"
October 6: Pope John Paul II is 1st Pope to visit White House
October 7: "1940's Radio Hour" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 105 performances
October 7: Cleveland Browns' Dino Hall sets club records with 9 kickoff returns
October 7: Debbie Massey wins LPGA Wheeling Golf Classic
October 7: "Eubie!" closes at Ambassador Theater New York City after 439 performances
October 7: U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
October 8: J McHugh and A Malvin's musical "Sugar Babies," premieres in New York City
October 8: "Sugar Babies" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 1208 performances
October 9: Howard Stern begins broadcasting on WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut
October 10: Fleetwood Mac gets a star in Hollywood
October 10: Nordiques' Real Cloutier sets NHL record of a hat trick in 1st game
October 10: Panama assumes sovereignty over Canal Area (ie Canal Zone)
October 10: Recorded trace of snow in Central Park New York City
October 11: Allan McLeod Cormack and Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield win Nobel Prize for medicine for developing CAT scan
October 11: East Germany frees dissidents Rudolf Bahro and Nico Hubner
October 11: "Most Happy Fella" opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 53 performances
October 12: Pressure in nucleus of tropical cyclone at Guam hits record 870 hpa
October 14: 100,000 demonstrate in Bonn against nuclear energy
October 14: Amy Alcott wins LPGA United Virginia Bank Golf Classic
October 14: Flyers start 35 game unbeaten streak beating Toronto 4-3
October 14: NHL's greatest scorer Wayne Gretzky scores his 1st NHL goal
October 15: 1st Monday night game from New York City, Jets beat Vikings 14-7 (Shea Stad)
October 15: Chinese premier Hwa Kwofeng visits Paris
October 15: Military coup in El Salvador: president/general Carlos Romero flees
October 15: New York Knicks retire 2nd number, # 10, Walt Frazier
October 17: "Beatlemania" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 920 performances
October 17: D Bautista of Mexico completes 20,000 m walk in record 1:20:06.8
October 17: Mother Teresa of India, awarded Nobel Peace Prize
October 17: Pittsburgh Pirates beat Baltimore Orioles, 4 games to 3 in 76th World Series
October 17: President Carter signs legislation creating Department of Education
October 18: "Beatlemania" opens in London
October 18: Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini orders mass executions to stop
October 18: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
October 18: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
October 20: Bob Dylan appears on SNL
October 20: John F. Kennedy Library dedicated in Boston
October 20: John Tate beats Gerrie Coetze in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
October 21: 10th New York City Marathon won by Bill Rodgers in 2:11:42
October 21: 9th New York City Women's Marathon won by Grete Waitz in 2:27:33
October 21: Greta Weitz wins woman participation in New York City marathon (02:27:33)
October 21: Israeli minister of Foreign affairs Moshe Dayan resigns
October 21: Ozzie Newsome begins NFL streak of 150 consecutive game receptions
October 22: Deposed Shah of Iran arrives in New York for medical treatment
October 22: "One Mo' Time" with Vernel Bagners premieres in New York City
October 22: Walt Disney World's 100-millionth guest
October 23: Billy Martin is involved in a barroom altercation with Joseph Cooper, a Minnesota marshmallow salesman. Cooper requires 15 stitches
October 24: Billy Martin punches a marshmallow salesman, puts job in jeopardy
October 24: Guinness Book of Records presents Paul McCartney with a rhodium disc
October 25: U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
October 27: Islanders score 2 goals within 6 seconds 3 goals within 44 seconds
October 27: St. Vincent and Grenadines becomes independent of U.K. (National Day)
October 27: Voluntary Euthanasia Society publishes how-to-do-it suicide guide
October 28: Dick Howser (best Yank manager win-lost percentage .636) replaces Billy Martin
October 28: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
October 29: Billy Martin fired as Yankee manager (2nd time)
October 29: Silvia Bertolaccini wins LPGA Colgate Far East Golf Open
October 30: NASA launches space vehicle S-203
October 30: Richard Arrington elected mayor of Birmingham
October 31: Mike Flanagan, wins AL Cy Young Award
October 31: U.S. DC-10 crashes at Mexico-City, 74 killed


November 1: A. L. Webber musical "Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," premieres
November 1: Bolivia military coup under General Busch, President Guevara flees
November 1: Edward Bennett Williams buys Orioles from Hoffberger for $12.3 million
November 1: Federal government makes a $1.5 billion loan to Chrysler
November 1: Tanker Burmah Agate off Galveston Bay, Texas, spills 10.7 m gallons of oil, in US's worst oil spill disaster
November 2: Peter Shaffers musical "Amadeus," premieres in London
November 3: 5 mortally wounded during anti-Ku Klux Klan demonstration in NC
November 3: 63 Americans taken hostage at U.S. Embassy (Teheran, Iran)
November 3: Amy Alcott wins LPGA Mizuno Japan Golf Classic
November 3: Marocco offensive against Polisario
November 4: 500 Iranian "students" seize U.S. embassy, take 90 hostages (444 days)
November 5: Iran government of Bazargan resigns
November 5: Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini declares U.S. The Great Satan
November 6: Ayatolla Khomeini takes over in Iran
November 7: Cub reliever Bruce Sutter wins NL Cy Young Award
November 8: ABC broadcasts "Iran Crisis: American Held Hostage" with Frank Reynolds (forerunner to "Nightline")
November 8: Bernard Slade's "Romantic Comedy," premieres in New York City
November 11: Boston Court issues occupancy permit for Cambridge Buddhist Center
November 12: President Carter announces immediate halt to all imports of Iranian oil
November 12: Tony Franklin of Philadelphia Eagles kicks 59-yard field goal
November 12: U.S. halts Iranian oil imports and freezes Iranian assets
November 13: British newspaper "Times" resumes publishing after 1 year
November 13: Ronald Reagan in New York announces his candidacy for president
November 13: Willie Stargell and Keith Hernandez share NL MVP Award NL
November 14: California's Don Baylor, wins AL MVP
November 15: ABC-TV announces it would broadcast nightly specials on Iran hostage
November 15: British government identifies Sir Anthony Blunt as 4th man in Soviet spy ring
November 16: Paul McCartney releases "Wonderful Christmas"
November 17: Daniel Okrent sketches out 1st draft rules for Rotisserie Baseball
November 17: Khomeini frees most black and female U.S. hostages
November 17: New York Stars (WBL) home opener at MSG in New York City
November 17: On a flight to Austin, TX, Daniel Okrent sketches out the first
November 18: Ayatollah Khomeini charges U.S. ambassador/embassy espionage
November 19: Astros sign Nolan Ryan, to record 4 year, $4.5 million contract
November 20: Sji'ieten occupies great mosque of Mecca, 100s killed
November 20: U.S.'s 1st artificial blood transfusion occurs at University of Minnesota Hospital
November 21: Crowd at Islamabad, Pakistan attack U.S. embassy, 1 dies
November 23: Pink Floyd's "The Wall" released, sells 6 million copies in 2 weeks
November 24: Kings' Charley Simmer fails on 8th penalty shot against Islanders
November 24: U.S. admits troops in Vietnam were exposed to the toxic Agent Orange
November 25: 67th CFL Grey Cup: Edmonton Eskimos defeats Montreal Alouettes, 17-9
November 25: American Airlines DC-10 crashes on takeoff from Chicago, kills 275
November 25: Israel returns Alma oilfields in Gulf of Suez to Egypt
November 25: "Most Happy Fella" closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 53 performances
November 25: Pittsburgh gains 606 net yards against Cleveland, winning 33-30
November 26: International Olympic Committee votes to readmit China
November 26: Twins John Castino and Jays Alfredo Griffin tie for AL Rookie of Year
November 27: 1st day-night one-day cricket international, Australia vs. WI at SCG
November 28: Air New Zealand DC-10 crashes into Mount Erebus on Antarctica kills 257
November 28: "King of Schnorrers" opens at Playhouse Theater New York City for 63 performances
November 28: Los Angeles Dodger Rick Sutcliffe wins NL Rookie of Year
November 29: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
November 30: Ted Koppel becomes anchor of nightly news on Iranian Hostages (ABC)
November 30: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.


December 2: Crowds attack U.S. embassy at Tripoli Libya
December 2: Foots Walker becomes 1st Cleveland Cavalier to score a triple-double
December 2: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
December 3: 45th Heisman Trophy Award: Charles White, Southern California (RB)
December 3: Christies auctions a thimble for a record $18,400
December 3: Iran accepts constitution
December 4: Cleveland Cavaliers retire jersey # 7, Bingo Smith
December 4: Liza Minnelli's 3rd marriage (Mark Gero)
December 5: Ireland premier Jack Lynch resigns
December 9: Murle Breer/Dave Eichelberger wins LPGA J C Penney Golf Classic
December 10: Piet Dankert appointed as chairman of European Parliament
December 11: Geoff Boycott scores cricket century in a limited-over international
December 11: Great Britain grants independence to Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
December 12: Gold hits record $462.50 an ounce
December 12: Rhodesia becomes independent nation of Zimbabwe
December 13: "Oklahoma!" opens at Palace Theater New York City for 301 performances
December 13: Strikes against price increases in Gdansk Poland
December 14: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
December 15: Deposed Shah of Iran leaves U.S. for Panama
December 15: World Court in Hague rules Iran should relase all U.S. hostages
December 16: 68th Davis Cup: USA beats Italy in San Francisco (5-0)
December 16: Quarterback Roger Staubach's last regular season game with the Dallas Cowboys
December 17: Budweiser rocket car reaches 1190 kph
December 18: Stanley Barrett 1st to exceed land sonic speed (739.666 MPH)
December 21: Gary Unger plays in record 914th consecutive NHL game
December 21: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
December 21: Zimbabwe adopts constitution
December 23: New York Islanders greatest shutout lose (8-0) vs Chicago Black Hawks
December 23: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
December 24: 1st Ariane-rocket launched
December 25: Opening day of 4th Test Cricket, India 8-112 vs. Pakistan at Kanpur
December 25: U.S.S.R. airlifts invasionary army to Afghanistan
December 27: "Knots Landing," premieres on CBS-TV
December 27: Red Army beats New York Rangers 5-2 at MSG
December 27: Soviet troops invade Afghanistan, President Hafizullah Amin overthrown
December 29: Red Army beats New York Islanders 3-2 at Nassau Coliseum
December 30: Rock group, Emerson, Lake and Palmer break up
December 30: Togo adopts constitution
December 31: Winterland Rock Concert Hall in San Francisco closes after 556 concerts
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