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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1974 AD


January 1: Lee MacPhail takes over as AL president, succeeding Joe Cronin
January 1: NBC radio begins on the hour news 24 hours a day (following CBS lead)
January 1: World Population Year begins
January 2: 55 MPH speed limit imposed by Richard Nixon
January 2: Worst fire in Argentine history destroys 1.2 million acres
January 3: Arias Navarro succeeds Carrero Blanco as premier of Spain
January 3: Burma accepts its constitution
January 3: Gold hits record $121.25 an ounce in London
January 3: Miguel Pinero's "Short Eyes," premieres in New York City
January 3: New York Yankees sign Bill Virdon as manager
January 4: Nixon refuses to hand over tapes subpoenaed by Watergate Committee
January 5: Raul Julia appears on Bob Newhart Show in "Oh, Brother"
January 6: "CBS Mystery Theater," premieres on radio
January 6: England begins 3 day work week during mine strike
January 7: Dutch rations gasoline
January 8: E Wilson Jr's musical "Let My People Come," premieres in New York City
January 8: Gold hits record $126.50 an ounce in London
January 8: Loch Ness Monster photographed
January 8: Silver hits record $3.40 an ounce in New York
January 11: ABC airs final episode of "Love, American Style"
January 12: "Joker" by Steve Miller Band peaks at #1
January 12: Libya and Tunisia announces they are merging as "Islamic Arab Republic"
January 13: Superbowl VIII: Miami Dolphins beat Minnesota Vikings, 24-7 in Houston Superbowl MVP: Larry Csonka, Miami, RB
January 14: World Football League founded
January 15: 24th NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 134-123 at Seattle
January 15: Expert panel reports 18 -m gap in Watergate tape, 5 separate erasures
January 15: "Happy Days" begins an 11 year run on ABC
January 16: "Jaws" by Peter Benchley is published
January 16: L A Landslide kills 9, Canyonville, Oregon
January 16: New York Yankees Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford elected to Hall of Fame
January 17: Styne, Comdem and Green's musical "Lorelei," premieres in New York City
January 18: "$6 Million Man" starring Lee Majors premieres on ABC TV
January 18: Israel and Egypt sign weapons accord
January 19: Belgium government of Leburton falls
January 19: Notre Dame beats UCLA, ends NCAA-record 88-game basketball win streak
January 20: 4th NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 15-13
January 20: 7th ABA All-Star Game: East 128 beats West 112 at Virginia
January 20: A college basketball game ends 210-67
January 20: Essex Comm College beats Englewood Cliffs 210-67 in basketball
January 21: Gold hits record $161.31/silver hits record $3.97 an ounce in London
January 23: 1st edition of women's magazine "Story"
January 25: Bulent Ecevit forms government in Turkey
January 25: Christian Barnard transplants 1st human heart without removal of old
January 25: Ray Kroc, CEO of McDonald's, buys San Diego Padres for $12 million
January 27: "Lorelei" opens at Palace Theater New York City for 320 performances
January 28: Sam Thompson, Jim Bottomley, and Jocko Conlan elected to Hall of Fame
January 29: 27th NHL All-Star Game: West beat East 6-4 at Chicago
January 30: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
January 31: McDonald's founder Ray Kroc buys San Diego Padres


February 1: "Good Times" (spinoff from "Maude") premieres on CBS TV
February 2: Barbra Striesand's 1st #1 hit, "The Way We Were"
February 2: Pope Paul VI encyclical "To Honor Mary"
February 2: Smallest crowd at Cleveland Arena (Cavs vs Golden State-1,641)
February 3: "Pajama Game" closes at Lunt Fontanne Theater New York City after 65 performances
February 3: Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Burdine's Golf Invitational
February 4: Benzine rationing ends in Netherlands
February 4: Chimpanzee Nim Chimsky signs his 1st word, at 2 months
February 4: Gas rationing ends in Netherlands
February 4: Patricia Hearst (19) kidnapped by Symbionese Liberation Army
February 5: British mine strike
February 5: Mats Wermelin, Sweden, scores all points in 272-0 basketball win
February 5: Maximum speed on Autobahn reduced to 100 kph
February 5: Patty Hearst kidnapped
February 5: U.S. Mariner 10 returns 1st close-up photos of Venus' cloud structure
February 6: 3rd time Rangers shut-out Islanders 6-0
February 6: Dutch speed limit set at 100km due to oil crisis
February 6: U.S. House of Representatives begins determining grounds for impeachment of Nixon
February 7: Grenada gains independence from Britain (National Day)
February 7: Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" opens in movie theaters
February 8: "Good Times," debuts on CBS TV
February 8: Ringo releases "You're 16"
February 8: Skylab 4's astronauts land
February 8: Soap opera "Secret Storm" ends a 20 year run
February 9: "Daddy What If" by Bobby Bare peaks at #41
February 9: "The Americans (A Canadian's Opinion)" by Gordon Sinclair peaks at #24
February 9: U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Dorothy Hamill
February 9: U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Gordon McKellen Jr
February 10: Gail Denenber wins LPGA Sears Women's Golf Classic
February 10: "Gigi" closes at Uris Theater New York City after 103 performances
February 10: Iran/Iraqi border fight breaks out
February 10: Judy Ikenberry wins 1st U.S. women's marathon (2:55:17)
February 10: Silver futures hit record $4.81 an ounce in London
February 11: 1st baseball arbitration Twins pitcher Dick Woodson seeking $29,000 wins, Twins offered $23,000
February 11: Dick Woodson is 1st of 48 to invoke baseball's new arbitration rule
February 11: Titan-Centaur Test launch fails
February 13: Dissident Nobel writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn expelled from U.S.S.R.
February 13: James "Cool Papa" Bell is named to baseball's Hall of Fame
February 13: "Rainbow Jones" opens and closes at Music Box Theater New York City
February 17: 49 die in stampede for seats at soccer match, Cairo, Egypt
February 17: Carol Mann wins LPGA Naples Lely Golf Classic
February 18: NASA launches Italian satellite San Marcos C-2 (235/843 km)
February 18: U.S. ambassador to India Daniel Moynihan present $2,046,700,000 check
February 20: Cher files for separation from husband Sonny Bono
February 20: Gordie Howe comes out of retirement for $1M from Houston Aeros, WHA
February 21: Israeli forces leave western Suez
February 21: Silver hits record $5.96 an ounce in London
February 21: Yugoslavia adopts constitution
February 22: Ethiopian police shoot at demonstrators
February 23: Patty Hearst, daughter of publisher Randolph Hearst, kidnapped by SLA
February 23: Teri Garr appears on Bob Newhart Show in "Confessions of an Orth"
February 24: Atje Keulen-Deelstra becomes world champ all-round skater
February 24: Pakistan officially recognizes Bangladesh
February 25: Veronica and Colin Scargill (England) begin tandem bicycle ride a record 18,020 miles around the world, completed on August 27, 1975
February 26: Gold hits record $188 an ounce in Paris
February 27: "People" magazine begins sales
February 27: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
February 28: Ethiopian government of Makonnen forms
February 28: Labour Party wins British parliamentary election
February 28: Taiwan police shoots into crowd
February 28: U.S. and Egypt re-form diplomatic relations after 7 years


March 1: George Harrison announces his concert tour of U.S. in November
March 1: Ian and Greg Chappell make 264 partnership vs. New Zealand cricket at Wellington
March 1: Watergate grand jury indicts 7 presidential aides
March 2: 16th Grammy Awards: Killing Me Softly, Bette Midler wins
March 2: 1st class postage raised to 10 cents from 8 cents
March 2: Grand jury concludes President Nixon is involved in Watergate cover-up
March 2: Greg Chappell makes 247* vs. New Zealand, 410 minutes, 29 fours 1 six
March 3: Despite Billy Harris' hat trick Islanders lose 3-4
March 3: George Foreman KOs Ken Norton
March 3: Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Classic
March 3: "Sextet" opens at Bijou Theater New York City for 9 performances
March 3: World's worst air disaster, Turkish DC-10 crashes in Paris (346 die)
March 4: David Hares' "Knuckle," premieres in London
March 4: Harold Wilson replaces resigning Ed Heath as British premier
March 5: "Candide" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 740 performances
March 5: Ralph Stewart failed in 2nd Islander penalty shot
March 6: An Italian loses a record $1,920,000 at roulette in Monte Carlo
March 6: Ian and Greg Chappell score cricket
March 6: "Over Here" opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 341 performances
March 7: 1st general striking in Ethiopia
March 7: "Monitor" (U.S. Civil War Ship) restored at Cape Hatteras North Carolina
March 8: Charles de Gaulle Airport opens in Paris
March 9: Last Japanese soldier, a guerrilla operating in Philippines, surrenders, 29 years after World War II ended
March 10: Carol Mann wins LPGA S&H Green Stamp Golf Classic
March 10: Christian Democrats win Belgium parliamentary election
March 10: Lawrence Rowe completes 302 vs. England Bridgetown, 36 fours 1 six
March 10: "Sextet" closes at Bijou Theater New York City after 9 performances
March 11: Mount Etna in Sicily erupted
March 11: Rhino Store gives people 5 cents to take home Danny Bonaduce's Album
March 13: Charles de Gaulle Airport opens near Paris
March 13: Glenn Turner scores twin tons for New Zealand's 1st win against Australia
March 15: Brazilian president Garastazu Medici resigns
March 16: 1st performance at new Grand Ole Opry House at Opryland in Nashville
March 17: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Bing Crosby Golf Classic International
March 18: Most Arab oil producing nations end embargo against US
March 19: Jefferson Starship begins their 1st tour
March 21: Attempt made to kidnap Princess Anne in London's Pall Mall
March 24: 36th NCAA Mens Basketball Championship: North Carolina State beats Marquette 76-64
March 25: Barbra Streisand records the album "Butterfly"
March 26: George Foreman TKOs Ken Norton in 2 for heavyweight boxing title
March 26: Romanian Communist Party names party leader Ceausescu president
March 28: Rock group Raspberries breakup
March 29: Mariner 10's, 1st fly-by of Mercury, returns photos


April 1: Ayatollah Khomeini calls for an Islamic Republic in Iran
April 1: Pioneer Hall opens
April 2: 46th Academy Awards - "Stng," Glenda Jackson and Jack Lemmon win
April 2: Arganat Commission publishes report concerning Yom Kippur War
April 2: Tony Greig takes 8-86 vs. WI Port-of-Spain (later 5-70 in 2nd inn)
April 3: 148 tornadoes are reported over an area covering a dozen states
April 3: Gold hits record $197 an ounce in Paris
April 4: Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth's home-run record by hitting his 714th
April 5: Last day of Test cricket for Garry Sobers and Rohan Kanhai
April 5: Then tallest building, World Trade Center opens in New York City (110 stories)
April 6: 200,000 attend rock concert "California Jam"
April 6: Firestone World Tournament of Champions won by Earl Anthony 11/16
April 6: Yankees 1st home game at Shea Stadium, beat Indians 6-1
April 7: Herb Gardner's "Thieves," premieres in New York City
April 8: Discovery Island opens
April 8: Hammerin' Hank Aaron hits 715th home run, breaks Babe Ruth's record
April 9: Padres owner Ray Kroc, addresses fans "Ladies and gentlemen, I suffer with you I've never seen such stupid baseball playing in my life"
April 10: American Boccaccio Association forms
April 10: Magicians Penn and Teller 1st meet
April 10: Yitzhak Rabin replaces resigning Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir
April 11: WW II war criminal JP Philippa arrested
April 14: 38th Golf Masters Championship: Gary Player wins, shooting a 278
April 15: 3rd Boston Women's Marathon won by Miki Gorman of California in 2:47:11
April 15: 78th Boston Marathon won by Neil Cusack of Ireland in 2:13:39
April 15: Military coup in Niger, president Diori Hamani deposed
April 16: 200,000 attend rock concert California Jam I in Ontario California
April 16: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
April 16: "Words and Music" opens at John Golden Theater New York City for 127 performances
April 17: Moslem fundamentalists assault military academy in Heliopolis Egypt
April 18: Red Brigade kidnaps Italian attorney general Mario Sossi
April 19: Oriole Al Bumbry hits an inside-the-park home run against New York Yankees
April 20: Paul McCartney releases "Band on the Run"
April 21: 28th Tony Awards: River Niger and Raisin win
April 21: 3rd Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Jo Ann Prentice
April 22: Barbara Walters becomes news co-anchor of Today Show
April 23: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan U.S.S.R.
April 24: Dutch women hockey team becomes world champion
April 24: NFL grants franchise to Tampa Bay Bucaneers
April 25: Chancellor Willy Brandt sect Gunther Guillaume found to be a spy
April 25: Leo Tindemans forms Belgium government
April 25: Marcello Caetano overthrown in Portugal (Carnation revolution)
April 25: NFL moves goal posts and adopts sudden-death playoff
April 26: Landslide in Huancavelica Province Peru creates a natural dam
April 26: Malta adopts constitution
April 26: Yankees trade Peterson, Beene, Kline and Buskey to Indians for Chambliss, Tidrow and Upshaw
April 27: Pan Am 707 crashes into mountains of Bali, killing 107
April 28: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Birmingham Golf Classic
April 29: President Nixon said he will release edited tapes made in White House
April 30: President Nixon hands over partial transcripts of Watergate tape recordings


May 2: Former Vice President Spiro Agnew disbarred
May 4: 100th Kentucky Derby: Angel Cordero Jr. aboard Cannonade wins in 2:04
May 5: Sandra Spuzich wins LPGA Lady Tara Golf Classic
May 6: A's pitcher Paul Lindblad makes an errant throw in 1st inning of 6-3 loss to Baltimore ends his record streak of 385 consecutive errorless games
May 6: Smallest attendance at Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium (4,149)
May 6: Stolen "Guitar Player" painting by Jan Vermeer found in London
May 6: West German chancellor W. Brandt resigns
May 7: Pulitzer prize awarded to Robert Lowell (Dolphin)
May 8: 50 MPH speed limit in Britain lifted
May 8: Canada government of Trudeau falls
May 8: FC Magdenburg wins 14th Europe Cup II
May 9: House Judiciary Committee begin formal hearings on Nixon impeachment
May 10: 7th ABA championship: New York Nets beats Utah Stars, 4 games to 1
May 11: "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Frank Sinatra hits #83
May 11: Steely Dan releases "Rikki Don't Lose that Number"
May 11: "Tubular Bells" by Mike Oldfield hits #7
May 12: 28th NBA Championship: Boston Celtics beat Milwaukee, 4 games to 3
May 12: Jo Ann Prentice wins LPGA American Defender-Raleigh Golf Classic
May 14: Symbionese Liberation Army destroyed in shoot-out, 6 killed
May 15: Mail truck terrorists take school in Maalot, 30 killed
May 15: Walter Scheel succeeds Heinemann as president
May 16: Helmut Schmidt becomes West German chancellor
May 16: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
May 17: Bayern Munchen wins 20th Europe Cup 1 at Brussels
May 17: Dmitri Shostakovich completes his 15th String quartet
May 18: 100th Preakness: Miguel Rivera aboard Current Little wins in 1:54.6
May 18: "Streak" by Ray Stevens hits #1
May 19: Joanne Carner Golf Invitational wins LPGA Bluegrass
May 19: Stanley Cup: Philadelphia Flyers beat Boston Bruins, 4 games to 2
May 19: Valeri Giscard d'Estaing wins French presidential election
May 20: Soyuz 14 returns to Earth
May 22: Ruffian begins her racing career as a filly and dies 14 months later
May 22: Soccer team Veendam forms
May 22: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
May 23: Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
May 23: Italian Red Brigade officer Mario Sossi freed
May 24: Dean Martin Show, last airs on NBC-TV
May 26: During a David Cassidy concert in London a 14 year old is trampled
May 26: Joanne Carner wins Hoosier LPGA Golf Classic
May 27: Pirates Ken Brett no-hits Padres until 9th inning
May 28: 26th Emmy Awards: MASH, Alan Alda and Mary Tyler Moore win
May 28: Emmy 1st Daytime Award presentation
May 28: Italians fascist bomb demonstrators in Brescia, 6 killed
May 28: "Magic Show" opens at Cort Theater New York City for 1859 performances
May 28: Stephen Schwartz' musical "Magic Show," premieres in New York City
May 29: Northern Ireland is brought under direct rule from Westminster
May 30: 10th Mayor's Trophy Game, Yankees beat Mets 9-4
May 31: Israel and Syria sign an agreement concerning Golan Heights
May 31: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.


June 1: Chemical plant explodes in Flixborough Lincs kills 29 in UK
June 1: "My Girl Bill" by Jim Stafford hits #12
June 2: Judy Rankin wins LPGA Baltimore Golf Classic
June 2: Malta's constitution goes into effect
June 3: Yitzhak Rabin forms a new Israeli government
June 4: 10 cents Beer Night at Cleveland, unruly fans stumble onto field and cause Indians to forfeit the game to Rangers with score tied 5-5 in 9th
June 4: Never-to-be-repeated 10 cents Beer Night at Cleveland Stadium occurs
June 4: NFL grants franchise to Seattle Seahawks
June 5: A's Reggie Jackson and Bill North engage in clubhouse fight at Detroit
June 6: 47th National Spelling Bee: Julie Ann Junkin wins spelling hydrophyte
June 7: Padres draft Brown University shortstop Bill Almon #1
June 8: 106th Belmont: Miguel Rivera aboard Little Current wins in 2:29.2
June 8: Keyboardist Rick Wakeman quits rock group "Yes"
June 8: U.S. and Saudi Arabia sign military-economic contract
June 9: Joanne Carner wins LPGA Desert Inn Golf Classic
June 9: Supergroup Blind Faith's (Clapton, Windwood, Baker) 1st concert
June 10: Mike Schmidt hits a ball off public address speaker on Astrodome roof
June 10: Rumor's government in Italy resigns
June 11: Mel Stottlemyre's AL record 272nd consecutive start, without relief
June 13: Henry Aaron addresses House of Representatives
June 14: Angels' Nolan Ryan strikes out 19 Red Sox in 12 innings
June 15: "Streak" by Ray Stevens hit #1 on U.K. pop chart
June 16: 74th U.S. Golf Open: Hale Irwin shoots a 287 at Winged Foot Golf Club New York
June 16: Sandra Haynie wins Lawson's LPGA Golf Open
June 18: Gaston Thorn forms Luxembourg government
June 19: Kansas City Royal Steve Busby 2nd no-hitter beats Milwaukee Brewers, 2-0
June 19: Yemen Arab Republic, North Yemen, suspends constitution
June 23: 1st extraterrestrial message sent from Earth into space
June 23: 20th LPGA Championship won by Sandra Haynie
June 24: India all out for 42 in Lord's Test cricket in 77 minutes
June 24: Steve Busby retires 1st 9 White Sox to set AL record with 33 consecutive batters retired
June 26: Liz Taylor's 5th divorce (Richard Burton)
June 27: "Flip Wilson Show," last airs on NBC-TV
June 27: U.S. president Nixon visits U.S.S.R.
June 28: Fall of earth and rocks kill 200 (Quebrada Blanca Canyon, Colombia)
June 28: Wings release "Band on the Run" and "Zoo Gang" in UK
June 30: 2nd du Maurier Golf Classic (Peter Jackson Classic): Carole Jo Skala
June 30: Petty thief Peter Leonard sets fire to cover burglary that torches "Gulliver's" nightclub killing 24 (Port Chester New York)
June 30: Soviet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov defects to west


July 1: 1st Laura Ashley-store in U.S. opens in San Francisco
July 1: General Pinochet becomes president of Chile
July 1: Isabel Peron succeeds husband Juan as President of Argentina
July 1: Monmouthshire renamed Gwent and becomes part of Wales
July 2: Fernando Mameda of Portugal sets record for 10,000 m (27:13.81)
July 3: Mike Marshall saves Tommy John's 4-1 win
July 3: Pitching in major league-record 13th consecutive game for Dodgers
July 3: Soyuz 14 carries 2 cosmonauts to space station Salyut 3
July 4: Mike Marshall goes 9-0 with 3 saves in 20 appearances in 30 days
July 5: 81st Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Chris Evert beats Olga Morzova (60 64)
July 6: 88th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Jimmy Connors beats K Rosewall (61 61 64)
July 7: Brewer Don Money sets record of consec errorless games at 3rd, 78
July 7: Sue Roberts wins LPGA Niagara Frontier Golf Classic
July 7: West Germany beats Netherlands 2-1 for soccer's 10th World Cup in Munich
July 8: U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
July 8: Yank shortstop Jim Mason ties record with 4 doubles in 9 inn game
July 9: Trudeau's Liberal Party wins Canadian parliamentary election
July 10: OPEC ends oil boycott against Netherlands
July 10: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 11: House Judiciary Committee releases evidence on Watergate inquiry
July 11: World Football League plays 1st games
July 12: John Ehrlichman convicted of violating Daniel Ellsberg's rights
July 13: 103rd British Golf Open: Gary Player shoots a 282 at Royal Lytham
July 13: India's 1st one-day international (v England, Headingley)
July 14: Billy Martin is 1st AL manager ejected by ump from 2 games in 1 day
July 14: Sharon Miller wins LPGA Borden Golf Classic
July 15: Military coup on Cyprus: archbishop/president Makarios flees
July 17: 1st quadrophonic studio in U.K. is open by Moody Blues
July 17: Bob Gibson becomes 2nd pitcher to strike-out 3,000 (Cesar Geronimo)
July 17: France performs nuclear Test at Muruora Island
July 17: John Lennon is ordered to leave U.S. in 60 days
July 18: U.S. performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
July 18: World's tallest structure, 646-m Polish radio mast, completed
July 19: Cleveland Indian Dick Bosman no-hits Oakland A's, 4-0
July 19: David Bowie's 'Diamond Dog' tour ends in New York City
July 19: Soyuz 14 lands
July 20: Heng Yo and Heng Ju, completes 1,000 mile (SF-Seattle) pilgrimage
July 20: Turkey invades Cyprus
July 21: 29th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Sandra Haynie
July 21: Eddy Merckx wins his 5th Tour de France
July 21: House Judiciary approves 2 Articles of Impeachment against President Nixon
July 23: 45th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 7-2 at 3 Rivers Stadium, Pitts
July 23: Greek military dictatorship collapses
July 24: Supreme Court unanimously rules Nixon must turn over Watergate tapes
July 26: France performs nuclear Test at Muruora Island
July 26: U.S.S.R.'s Soyuz fails to dock with Salyut 3
July 27: House Judiciary Committee votes 27-11 recommends Nixon impeachment
July 27: Kanhai and Jameson add 465 for 2nd wicket, Warwickshire vs. Gloucs
July 28: 69 die when packed bus strikes heavy truck, Belem, Brazil
July 28: Carole Jo Skala wins LPGA Wheeling Ladies Golf Classic
July 29: 2nd impeachment vote against Nixon by House Judiciary Committee
July 29: Episcopal Church ordained female priests
July 29: France performs nuclear Test at Muruora Island
July 29: St. Louis Card Lou Brock steals his 700th base
July 30: House Judiciary Committee votes on 3rd and last charge of "high crimes and misdemeanors" to impeach President Nixon in the Watergate cover-up


August 1: Virginia Squires trade Julius "Dr. J" Erving to New York Nets
August 3: Guitarist Jeff Baxter quits Steely Dan and joins Doobie Brothers
August 3: "Little Night Music" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 601 performances
August 3: "Words and Music" closes at John Golden Theater New York City after 127 performances
August 4: Crawford-Butler Act allows Puerto Ricans to elect own governor
August 4: Sandra Haynie wins LPGA George Washington Golf Classic
August 5: Joan Jett forms her rock group Runaways
August 5: President Nixon admits he withheld information about Watergate break-in
August 6: 6th time Phils get just 1 assist in game; no other team did it twice
August 6: Explosion and fire destory Great Northern RR yard in Wenatchee, Washington
August 7: Actress Faye Dunaway weds Peter Wolf of J Geils Band
August 7: Philippe Petit walks tightrope strung between twin towers
August 8: President Richard M Nixon announces he'll resign his office 12PM Aug 9
August 9: Richard Nixon resigns presidency, Vice President Gerald Ford becomes 38th president
August 10: Judy Rankin wins LPGA Colgate-European American Golf Open
August 11: 56th PGA Championship: Lee Trevino shoots a 276 at Tanglewood NC
August 11: Coup in East-Timor under UDT
August 11: Head-on collision between two buses kills 21 (Ankara, Turkey)
August 12: Nolan Ryan strikes out 19 and walks only 2 as Angels top Red Sox, 4-2
August 12: Yankees Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford become 1st teammates elected to hall of fame on same day
August 14: Congress authorizes U.S. citizens to own gold
August 14: Turkish army attacks Nicosia Cyprus
August 14: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
August 14: U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
August 15: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
August 15: Hurricane/floods ravage Bangladesh, 4,000 killed
August 15: Longest team (6) trampoline bouncing marathon (1,248 hours (52 days))
August 15: South Korean President Park Chung-Hee escapes assassination
August 16: Ramones concert debut (NY's CBGBs)
August 18: Joanne Carner wins LPGA St. Paul Keller Golf Open
August 20: Brooklyn pitcher Dan Bankhead is 1st black to homer in his 1st at bat
August 20: Nelson Rockefeller becomes V.P.
August 20: Nolan Ryan pitch measured at record 161.6 kph (100.4 mph)
August 20: President Gerald Ford, assumes office after Richard Nixon's resignation
August 23: John Lennon reports seeing a UFO in New York City
August 23: Zaheer Abbas scores 240 Pakistan vs. England at The Cricket Oval
August 24: Sandra Haynie wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open
August 25: France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
August 25: L.A. Aztecs defeat Miami Toros to win NASL cup
August 26: Guinee-Bissau becomes independent of Portugal
August 26: Soyuz 15 carries 2 cosmonauts to space station Salyut 3
August 27: New York Met Benny Ayala hits a home run in his 1st at bat
August 28: Soyuz 15 returns to Earth
August 29: U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
August 30: Express train runs full speed into Zagreb, Yugo rail yard killing 153
August 30: Launching of 1st Dutch satellite, ANS, from Vandenberg
August 30: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site


September 1: Jane Blalock/Sue Roberts wins LPGA Southgate Ladies Golf Open
September 1: Train accident at Zagreb Yugoslavia, 121 killed
September 2: Jerry Lewis' 9th Muscular Dystrophy telethon
September 2: Prest Gerald Ford signs Employee Retirement Income Security Act
September 3: Giants John Montefusco makes his major league debut
September 3: NBA guard Oscar Robinson retires
September 3: U.S. and East Germany establish diplomatic relations
September 4: Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation
September 7: "Irene" closes at Minskoff Theater New York City after 605 performances
September 7: Shirley Cothran (Texas), 21, crowned 47th Miss America 1975
September 8: 88th U.S. Womens Tennis: Billie J King beats Evonne Goolagong (36 63 75)
September 8: 94th U.S. Mens Tennis: Jimmy Connors beats Ken Rosewall (61 60 61)
September 8: Ian Thompson wins marathon (2:13:18.8)
September 8: Joanne Carner wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open
September 8: President Gerald Ford pardons former President R Nixon of all federal crimes
September 9: 88th U.S. Womens Tennis: B J M King beats E Goolagong Cawley (36 63 75)
September 10: Lou Brock ties (104) and then sets (105) baseball stolen base mark
September 10: New York Dolls disband
September 10: Portugal recognizes independence of Rep of Guinea-Bissau
September 10: Teuvo Louhivouri sets cycling distance record of 515.8 mi in 24 hours
September 11: Cards beat Mets, 4-3, in 25 (7h4m), record 202 plate appearances, Felix Milan and John Milner come to bat 12 times each
September 12: Coup overthrows Emperor Haile Selassie in Ethiopia (National Day)
September 12: Jeff "Skunk" Baxter joins Doobie Brothers
September 13: 1st broadcast of "Rockford Files" on NBC-TV
September 13: 3 Japanese kidnap French ambassador in Hague
September 13: Phillies set NL record, using 27 players in a game, St. Louis uses 24, tying record of 51. Phils win 7-3 in 17
September 13: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
September 14: Charles Kowal discovers Leda, 13th satellite of Jupiter
September 15: Market Square Arena in Indianapolis opens
September 15: Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Charity Golf Classic
September 16: BART begins regular transbay service
September 16: Bob Dylan records 'Blood on the Tracks'
September 16: President Ford announces conditional amnesty for U.S., Vietnam War deserters
September 16: U.S. General Haig becomes NATO-supreme commander in Europe
September 17: Courageous (U.S.) beats Southern Cross (Australia) in 23rd America's Cup
September 18: Hurricane Fifi strikes Honduras with 110 mph winds, 5,000 die
September 19: Hurricane Fifi hits coast of Honduras; about 5,000 die
September 21: U.S. Mariner 10 makes 2nd fly-by of Mercury
September 23: BBC Ceefax begins 1st teletext service
September 23: "Gypsy" opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 120 performances
September 24: Al Kaline, Detroit Tiger, is 12th to get 3,000 hits
September 24: Clarence Jones of Kintetsu Buffaloes hits his 38th home run, 1st American to win a Japanese home run title
September 25: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
September 26: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
September 27: Austr National Gallery buys W de Kooning's "Woman V" for $850,000
September 28: 1st Lady Betty Ford undergoes a radical mastectomy
September 28: "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" by Aretha Franklin peaks at #47
September 28: California Angel Nolan Ryan 3rd no-hitter beats Minnesota Twin, 4-0
September 28: "I'm A Ramblin' Man" by Waylon Jennings peaks at #75
September 28: John Lennon appears as guest dj on WNEW-FM (New York City)
September 28: "Live It Up Part 1" by Isley Brothers peaks at #52
September 28: Mick Ronson joins Mott the Hoople
September 28: "Papa Don't Take No Mess Part 1" by James Brown peaks at #31
September 28: "Rock Me Gently" by Andy Kim peaks at #1
September 28: "Surfin' USA" by Beach Boys reenters chart and peaks at #36
September 29: 4th New York City Women's Marathon won by Katherine Switzer in 3:07:29
September 29: 5th New York City Marathon won by Norbert Sander in 2:26:30
September 29: Joanne Carner wins LPGA Portland Ladies Golf Classic
September 30: General Francesco da Costa Gomez succeeds General Spinola as President of Portugal


October 1: Watergate cover-up trial opens in Washington D.C.
October 2: Hank Aaron's 733rd career home run on his last NL at bat
October 3: Frank Robinson becomes baseball's 1st black manager with the Cleveland Indians
October 3: Pele retires as soccer player
October 4: John Lennon releases "Walls and Bridges" album
October 6: Carole Jo Skala wins LPGA Sacramento Union Ladies Golf Classic
October 6: "Mack and Mabel," opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 66 performances
October 7: East Germany amends constitution
October 9: Race riot in Boston due to "busing"
October 9: Washington Capitals 1st NHL game, losing 6-3 to New York Rangers at MSG Washington Caps begin a 37 game road losing streak
October 10: A's Mike Andrews files $25 million lawsuit against Charlie Finley
October 10: Canadian John Hathaway begins 2-yr ride of 50,600 miles
October 10: Labour Party wins British parliamentary election
October 10: U.S. General George Brown's speech deplores Jewish influence in U.S. over his treatment during the 1973 World Series
October 11: A's Catfish Hunter charge owner Charlie Finley with breach of contract
October 12: 1st time Washington Caps are shutout as they are beat 6-0 by Minnesota
October 14: 8th Country Music Association Award: Charlie Rich
October 15: National Guard mobilizes to restore order in Boston school busing
October 15: Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Paul J Flory (macro molecules)
October 15: Washington Capitals 1st NHL tie, playing Los Angeles Kings to 1-1 tie
October 16: A's Ken Holtzman, who hasn't batted all season, belts 3rd inning home run in Game 4 and gets the win, 5-2
October 17: "Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope" closes at Playhouse New York City after 1065 per
October 17: NBA New Orleans Jazz begin a 28 game road losing streak
October 17: Oakland A's beat Los Angeles Dodgers, 4 games to 1 in 71st World Series makes A's only team other than Yankees to win 3 straight series
October 17: Washington Capitals 1st NHL home victory, beating Chicago 4-3
October 18: 1st NBA game at Market Square Arena - Pacers beat Spurs 129-121
October 18: Andre van de Louw appointed mayor of Rotterdam
October 18: Chicago Bull Nate Thurmond becomes 1st in NBA to complete a quadruple double-22 pts, 14 rebounds, 13 assists and 12 blocks
October 18: Wings (Country Hams) release "Walking in the Park with Eloise"
October 19: Detroit Pistons beat Trailblazers in Portland (next win 6-1-90)
October 19: Detroit Red Wing Mickey Redmond scores 1st hat trick against Washington Caps
October 20: 1st broadcast of "Derrick" on ZDF
October 20: Bard's presentation of "Richard III" opens at Lincoln Center New York City
October 21: 1st Islander shut-out opponent-Billy Smith 5-0 vs Caps
October 21: Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Cubic Corp Golf Classic
October 22: Yankees trade Bobby Murcer to Giants for Bobby Bonds
October 23: Cubs trade Billy Williams to A's for Manny Trillo, Knowles and Locker
October 23: Lake Isaac in Cleveland Metroparks' Big Creek Reservation dedicated
October 24: Billy Martin named AL Manager of Year (Texas Rangers)
October 25: Air Force fires 1st ICBM
October 25: Dmitri Shostakovich' 15th String Quartet premieres in Leningrad
October 25: Wings release "Junior's Farm"
October 26: Cleveland Coliseum opens for NBA's Cavaliers and MISL's Crunch
October 27: Chantal Langlace runs female world record marathon (2:46:24)
October 28: 1st time 2 Islanders hat trick in same game-MacMillian and Westfall
October 28: Luna 23 launched (landing on Moon)
October 28: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
October 29: Law bans discrimination of sex or marital status in credit application
October 30: California Angel Nolan Ryan throws fastest recorded pitch (100.9 MPH)
October 30: Catfish Hunter is named AL Cy Young Award
October 30: Muhammad Ali KOs George Foreman in 8th round in Kinshasa Zaire


November 1: Fire kills 189 in less than 25 minutes (Sao Paulo Brazil)
November 1: U.N. affirms independence of Cyprus
November 2: Art Modell gets snowed in and misses his 1st Cleveland Brown game in 33 yrs
November 2: Braves trade Hank Aaron to Milwaukee Brewers for outfielder Dave May
November 2: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
November 3: Chako Higuchi wins Japan LPGA Golf Classic
November 3: "Lorelei" closes at Palace Theater New York City after 320 performances
November 5: Dmitri Sjotakovitch completes Michelangelo-liederen
November 5: Ella Grasso (Ct) elected 1st woman U.S. Governor not related to previous gov
November 5: Walter E. Washington, becomes 1st elected mayor of Washington D.C.
November 6: Dodger Mike Marshall is 1st relief pitcher to win Cy Young Award
November 7: 63rd Davis Cup: South Africa beats India in (w/o)
November 8: British Lord Lucan disappears
November 10: 2nd meeting of Giants-Jets, Jets even series at 1 with 26-20 OT win
November 10: Montreal Canadiens shutout Washington Capitals 11-0
November 12: South Africa suspended from United Nations General Assembly over racial policies
November 13: Dodgers Steve Garvey wins NL MVP
November 15: Ringo releases "Goodnight Vienna" and "Only You" in UK
November 16: 1st intentional interstellar radio message sent, Arecibo telescope towards M 41, a cluster of stars some 25,000 light years away
November 16: John Lennon's only solo #1 "Whatever Gets You Through the Night"
November 16: Milwaukee Bucks lose their 11th straight NBA game (team record)
November 17: Bonnie Bryant wins Bill Branch LPGA Golf Classic
November 17: Union of Banana Exporting Countries (UPEB) forms
November 20: Rangers' Jeff Burroughs wins AL MVP
November 20: The U.S. files antitrust suit to break-up AT&T
November 21: Freedom of Information Act passed by Congress over President Ford's veto
November 22: Test Cricket debut of Gordon Greenidge and Viv Richards, at Bangalore
November 22: U.N. General Assembly recognizes Palestine right to sovereignty
November 23: 60 Ethiopia government officials executed
November 24: 62nd CFL Grey Cup: Montreal Alouettes defeats Edmonton Eskimos, 20-7
November 24: Gerald Ford and Leonid Brezhnev signs SALT-2-treaty
November 24: Jane Blalock wins LPGA Lady Errol Golf Classic
November 25: Irish Republican Army is outlawed in Britain following deaths of 21
November 25: Rangers' Mike Hargrove wins AL Rookie of Year
November 26: Approximately 140 die when suspension bridge collapses (Nepal)
November 26: Catfish Hunter and Charlie Finley meet in arbitration
November 26: Greenidge scores 107 in 2nd innings of Test Cricket debut vs. India
November 27: Cardinals outfielder Bake McBride wins NL Rookie of Year
November 28: Bowie Kuhn suspends George Steinbrenner for 2 years
November 28: John Lennon's last concert appearance (Elton John concert in MSG New York City)
November 30: 20th time Islanders shut-out (3-0 vs Canucks)
November 30: "Good Evening" closes at Plymouth Theater New York City after 438 performances
November 30: "Mack and Mabel" closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 66 performances
November 30: Miss Teenage America Pageant
November 30: Most complete early man skeleton found (Johanson and Gray in Ethiopia)


December 1: Boeing 727 crashes in Upperville Virginia, 92 died
December 1: Jacqueline Hansen runs female world record marathon (2:43:54.5)
December 1: LA Skid Row slasher kills 1st of 8
December 2: Cowhide, rather than just horsehide, can be used to make baseballs
December 2: Giant Baba beats Jack Brisco in Kagoshimi, to become NWA champ
December 2: Soyuz 16 launched into Earth orbit for 6 days
December 4: Dutch DC-8 charter crashes in Sri Lanka killing 191 Moslem pilgrims
December 4: Jean-Paul Sartre visits RAF leader Andreas Baader in prison
December 5: 1st Washington Capitals penalty shot, Tom Williams unsuccessful vs Buff Sabres
December 5: 1st World Football League Bowl, Birmingham Americans beat Florida
December 5: Airport terminal roof collapses killing 17 (Teheran Iran)
December 5: Monty Python's final episode airs on BBC
December 5: "Monty Python's Flying Circus" last shown on BBC
December 5: NFL's Seattle Seahawks forms
December 5: Oliver Tilden Triangle in the Bronx named
December 5: Tom Williams is unsuccessful on Washington Capitals 1st NHL penalty shot
December 6: George Harrison releases "Ding Dong, Ding Dong"
December 8: Greek monarchy rejected by referendum
December 8: Irish Republican Socialist Party forms
December 8: Sandra Post wins LPGA Colgate Far East Golf Open
December 8: Soyuz 16 returns to Earth
December 9: Dow Jones index hits 570.01
December 9: Jack Brisco beats Giant Baba in Tokyo, to become NWA wrestling champ
December 9: Johnson Grigsby freed after 66 years in jail
December 10: European Economic Community calls for a European Parliament
December 10: Helios 1 launched by U.S., Germany; later makes closest flyby of Sun
December 10: Space probe Helios 1 launched
December 13: Jim "Catfish" Hunter wins free agent claim against A's owner Finley
December 13: Malta becomes a republic
December 14: Islander Glenn Resch's 1st shut-out opponent-Kings 3-0
December 14: Viv Richards scores 1st Test Cricket ton 192 vs. India 20 fours 6 sixes
December 15: A's Catfish Hunter is ruled a free agent (later signs with Yankees)
December 16: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
December 16: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
December 18: SF Visitors Center at City Hall opens
December 19: Dave Kryskow scores Washington Capitals 1st NHL shorthanded goal
December 19: "Man With Golden Gun" premieres in US
December 19: Nelson A. Rockefeller sworn-in as 41st Vice President
December 20: Ethiopia becomes socialist one-party state
December 20: George Harrison releases his "Dark Horse" album in the United Kingdom
December 22: 2nd cease-fire between IRA and British; lasts until approx April 1975
December 22: Phil Esposito, Boston, became 6th NHLer to score 500 goals
December 22: Referenda in Comoros-3 islands for independence, 1 stays French
December 23: "Good News" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 16 performances
December 23: Leningrad: premier of Dmitri Sjotakovitsj' Michelangelo-liederen
December 24: Cardinals' Lou Brock is named Sportsman of the Year
December 25: Cyclone Tracy virtually destroys Darwin, Australia
December 26: Washington Capitals 1st NHL sellout
December 27: 40th Heisman Trophy Award: Archie Griffin, Ohio State (RB)
December 27: Dear Abby show ends run on CBS radio after 11 years
December 27: FSLN seizes government hostages at a private Managua party
December 27: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
December 28: 6.3 earthquake strikes Pakistan: 5200 killed
December 29: Murray Schisgal's "All Over Town," premieres in New York City
December 30: Beatles are legally disbanded (4 years after suit was brought)
December 31: 41st Sugar Bowl: Nebraska 13 beats Florida 10
December 31: Free agent pitcher Catfish Hunter signs $3M 5 year New York Yankees contract
December 31: Gold legal in U.S., Franklin Mint strikes Panama's Gold 100 balboa coin
December 31: Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks join Fleetwood Mac
December 31: New York Yankees sign Jim "Catfish" Hunter to 5 years for record $3.75 million
December 31: Popular Electronics displays Altair 8800 computer
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