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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1964 AD


January 1: Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland dissolved
January 1: KNMT TV channel 12 in Walker, MN (CBS) begins broadcasting
January 1: KTVS TV channel 3 in Sterling, CO (CBS) begins broadcasting
January 2: Ayub Khan elected president of Pakistan
January 2: Failed assassination attempt on president Nkrumah of Ghana
January 3: Jack Paar Show, shows a clip of the Beatles singing "She Loves You"
January 5: Pope Paul VI visits Jordan and Israel
January 5: San Diego Chargers win AFL-championship
January 6: Charlie Finlay announces he wants to move Kansas City A's to Louisville
January 6: Rolling Stones' 1st tour as headline act (with Ronettes)
January 7: Bahamas becomes self-governing
January 7: Dick Weber rolls highest bowling game in air (Boeing 707)
January 8: European Parliament accept Mansholt Plan
January 8: President Lyndon B Johnson declares "War on Poverty"
January 9: Anti-U.S. rioting broke out in Panama Canal Zone
January 10: Battles between moslems and hindus in Calcutta
January 10: Panama severs diplomatic relations with U.S.
January 10: U.S. version of "That Was The Week That Was," premieres
January 11: 1st government report warning smoking may be hazardous to one's health
January 11: Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Hand" is #80 in U.S. (Cashbox)
January 11: Panama ends diplomatic relations with U.S.
January 11: "She Loves Me" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City after 302 performances
January 11: U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry reports that smoking may be hazardous
January 12: NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 31-17
January 12: Revolution overthrows Sultan of Zanzibar, 1 month after independence
January 13: Karol Wojtyla becomes archbishop of Krakow
January 14: 14th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 111-107 at Boston
January 14: Bapu Nadkarni 32-27-5-0 vs. England, 21 maiden overs in a row
January 14: Jacqueline Kennedy's 1st public appearance (TV) since assassination
January 15: Baseball agrees to hold a free-agent draft in New York City
January 15: Teamsters negotiate 1st national labor contract
January 16: AL owners vote 9-1 against Charlie Finley moving Kansas City A's to Louisville
January 16: "Hello, Dolly!" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 2,844 performances
January 18: Beatles 1st appear on Billboard Chart (I Want to Hold Your Hand-#35)
January 18: Plans for World Trade Center announced (New York City)
January 19: AFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 27-24
January 19: KFME TV channel 13 in Fargo, ND (PBS) begins broadcasting
January 20: "Meet The Beatles" album released in US
January 21: Carl T. Rowan named director of U.S. Information Agency
January 22: Kenneth Kaunda becomes premier of North-Rhodesia (Zambia)
January 22: World's largest cheese (15,723 kg) manufactured, Wisconsin
January 23: 24th Amendment ratified, barring poll tax in federal elections
January 23: Arthur Miller's "After the Fall," premieres in New York City
January 24: 24th Amendment to U.S. Constitution goes into effect and states voting rights could not be denied due to failure to pay taxes
January 24: CBS purchases 1964 and 1965 NFL TV rights for $28.2 million
January 24: Martin Kresses final comic strip of Eric the Viking
January 25: Beatles 1st U.S. #1, "I Want to Hold your Hand" (Cashbox)
January 25: Echo 2, U.S. communications satellite launched
January 27: Barlow and Graeme Pollock complete 341 stand at Adelaide Oval
January 27: "Introducing the Beatles" album released in US
January 27: Margaret Chase Smith, Senator-R-Maine, tries for Republican President bid
January 29: 9th Winter Olympic games open in Innsbruck, Austria
January 29: Beatles record in German "Komm, Gib Mir Diene Hand" and "Sie Leibt Dich"
January 29: Most lopsided high-school basketball score 211-29 (Louisiana)
January 29: NBC purchases AFL 5 year (1965-69) TV rights for $36 million
January 29: Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove," premieres
January 29: Unmanned Apollo 1 Saturn launcher test attains Earth orbit
January 30: Military coup of General Nguyen Khanh in South Vietnam
January 30: Ranger 6 launched; makes perfect flight to Moon, but cameras fail
January 31: U.S. report "Smoking and Health" connects smoking to lung cancer


February 1: Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand," 1st #1 hit, stays #1 for 7 weeks
February 1: Indiana Governor Mathew Walsh tries to ban "Louie Louie" for obscenity
February 1: "Stop the World, I Want to..." closes at Shubert New York City after 556 perf
February 1: Suriname River dammed
February 2: GI Joe, debuts as a popular American boy's toy
February 2: Red Faber, Burleigh Grimes, Tim Keefe, Heinie Manush, John Montgomery Ward, and Miller Huggins are selected to Hall of Fame
February 2: Sjoukje Dijkstra (Netherlands) wins Olympic gold for figure skating
February 3: Black and Puerto Rican students boycott New York City public schools
February 3: "Meet the Beatles" album goes Gold
February 4: Amendment 24 outlaws poll tax
February 4: FAA begins 6 month test of reactions to sonic booms over Oklahoma City
February 6: France and Great Britain sign accord over building channel tunnel
February 6: "Rugantino" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 28 performances
February 6: WCIU TV channel 26 in Chicago, IL (IND) begins broadcasting
February 7: Baskin-Robbins introduces Beatle Nut ice cream
February 7: Beatles land at New York's JFK airport, for 1st U.S. tour
February 7: Roger Sessions' 5th Symphony, premieres
February 8: Peter Shaffer's "Royal Hunt of the Sun," premieres in London
February 8: Rep Martha Griffiths address gets civil rights protection for women being added to the 1964 Civil Rights Act
February 9: 1st appearance of Beatles on "Ed Sullivan Show" (73.7 million viewers)
February 9: 9th Winter Olympic games close at Innsbruck, Austria
February 9: GI Joe character created
February 9: Hanumant Singh scores 105 India vs. England on debut at Delhi
February 9: New York City news anchor Jim Jenson's 1st appearance on WCBS-TV
February 10: Australian destroyer "Voyager" sinks in collision, killing 82
February 10: Destroyer Voyager sinks off Australia after colliding with aircraft carrier Melbourne
February 10: WBGU TV channel 27 in Bowling Green, OH (PBS) begins broadcasting
February 11: Beatles 1st live appearance in U.S.; Washington D.C. Coliseum
February 11: Greek and Turks begin fighting in Limassol, Cyprus
February 11: Taiwan drops diplomatic relations with France
February 12: Beatles 1st New York City concert at Carnegie Hall
February 12: End of Richie Benaud's 63-Test Cricket career
February 12: U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming
February 12: U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Allen
February 15: Beatles' "Meet the Beatles!," album goes #1 and stays #1 for 11 weeks
February 15: Bill Bradley scores 51 points for Princeton
February 16: Beatles' 2nd appearance on "Ed Sullivan Show"
February 16: "Foxy" opens at Ziegfeld Theater New York City for 72 performances
February 17: 101st member elected to baseball's hall of fame (Luke Appling)
February 17: U.S. House of Representatives accept Law on the civil rights
February 17: U.S. Supreme Court rules - 1 man 1 vote (Westberry vs. Sanders)
February 17: WMEM TV channel 10 in Presque Isle, ME (PBS) begins broadcasting
February 18: Muriel Resnik's "Any Wednesday," premieres in New York City
February 18: Papandreou Government takes power in Greece
February 21: U.K. flies 24,000 rolls of Beatle wallpaper to U.S.
February 22: Beatles arrive back in England after their 1st U.S. visit
February 23: Charlie Finley signs a 4 year lease to keep A's in Kansas City
February 24: Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston for the heavyweight boxing title
February 25: Austrian chancellor Alfons Gorbach resigns
February 25: Cassius Clay TKOs Sonny Liston in 7 for heavyweight boxing title
February 27: "What Makes Sammy Run?" opens at 84th St. Theater New York City for 540 performances
February 29: Frank Rugani sets badminton shuttlecock distance record, 24.3 m
February 29: Lyndon Baines Johnson reveals U.S. secretly developed the A-11 jet fighter
February 29: North Carolina high school basketball teams play to 56-54 score in 13 overtime
February 29: "Rugantino" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 28 performances


March 2: Beatles begin filming "Hard Days Night," Harrison meets Patti Boyd
March 4: Jimmy Hoffa convicted of jury tampering
March 5: Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., announces a baseball team is moving there
March 5: Emergency crisis proclaimed in Ceylon due to social unrest
March 6: Constantine succeeds Paul I as king of Greece
March 6: Elijah Muhammad renames Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali
March 6: Liz Taylor's 4th divorce (Eddie Fisher)
March 6: Tom O'Hara runs world record mile (3:56.4)
March 8: Malcolm X leaves Black Muslim Movement
March 9: 1st Ford Mustang produced
March 9: Creighton's Paul Silas grabs Midwest record 27 rebounds against Okla
March 9: Supreme Court issues New York Times vs. Sullivan decision, public officials must prove malice to claim libel and recover damages
March 10: U.S. reconnaissance plane shot down over East Germany
March 12: 6th Grammy Awards: Days of Wine and Roses, Striesand wins 2
March 12: Jimmy Hoffa sentenced to 8 years
March 12: Malcolm X resigns from Nation of Islam
March 12: SN Behrmann's "But for Whom Charlie," premieres in New York City
March 12: WKAB TV channel 32 in Montgomery, AL (ABC) begins broadcasting
March 13: Turkey threatens Cyprus with armed attack
March 14: Dallas jury sentences Jack Ruby to death in Lee Harvey Oswald murder
March 14: "Girl Who Came to Supper" closes at Broadway New York City after 112 performances
March 15: Liz Taylor's 5th marriage (Richard Burton)
March 15: Lyndon Baines Johnson asks for a War on Poverty
March 15: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
March 16: KCOY TV channel 12 in Santa Maria, California (CBS) begins broadcasting
March 16: Paul Hornung and Alex Karras reinstated in NFL after 1 year suspension
March 19: Sean Connery's 1st day of shooting on "Goldfinger"
March 20: ESRO established, European Space Research Organization
March 21: 26th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Duke 98-83
March 21: Beatles' "She Loves You," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 2 weeks
March 21: UCLA completes undefeated NCAA basketball season (30-0)
March 22: Barbra Streisand appears on the cover of New York Times Magazine section
March 22: Carol Mann wins LPGA Women's Western Golf Open Invitational
March 23: UNCTAD 1 world conference opens in Geneva
March 24: Kennedy half-dollar issued
March 25: Britain sets memorial for the late President John F. Kennedy
March 25: Egypt ends state of siege (1952-64)
March 26: "Funny Girl" opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 1,348 performances
March 27: Earthquake strikes Alaska, 8.4 on Richter scale, 118 die
March 27: Great Train Robbers sentenced to a total of 307 years behind bars
March 27: U.N. troops arrive on Cyprus
March 28: 9.2 earthquake shakes Prince William Sound, Alaska
March 30: Astronaut John Glenn withdraws from Ohio senate race
March 31: President Jango Goulart of Brazil chased out of office by military


April 1: 10 degrees F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in April
April 1: John Lennon is reunited with his father Freddie after 17 years
April 1: Robert Lowell's "Benito Cereno," premieres in New York City
April 2: Josef Klaus succeeds Alfons Gorbach as chancellor of Austria
April 2: Military coup in Brazil by General Castello Branco, President Goulart ousted
April 2: U.S.S.R. launches Zond 1 to Venus; no data returned
April 3: Beatles hold top 6 spots on Sydney Australia record charts
April 3: U.S. and Panama agree to resume diplomatic relations
April 4: "Anyone Can Whistle" opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 9 performances
April 4: Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 5 weeks
April 5: 1st driverless trains run on London Underground
April 5: Mary Lena Faulk wins LPGA St. Petersburg Women's Golf Open
April 6: Egypt and Belgium restore diplomatic relations
April 8: Unmanned Gemini 1 launched
April 10: Demolition begins on Polo Grounds to clear way for housing project
April 10: Iranian motor launch catches fire and sinks killing 113 (Persian Gulf)
April 11: "Anyone Can Whistle" closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 9 performances
April 12: 28th Golf Masters Championship: Arnold Palmer wins, shooting a 276
April 12: Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Baton Rouge Ladies' Golf Open Invitational
April 13: 36th Academy Awards - "Tom Jones," Sidney Poitier and Patricia Neal win
April 13: Ian D. Smith becomes premier of Rhodesia
April 13: New Zealand Colin Bosher shears a record 565 sheep in 1 work day
April 14: Sandy Koufax throws his 9th complete game without allowing a walk
April 15: Chesapeake Bay Bridge opens (world's longest)
April 15: Ian Smith becomes premier of Rhodesia
April 16: 9 men sentenced 25-30 years for Britain's 1963 "Great Train Robbery"
April 16: Geraldine Mock of U.S. is 1st woman to fly solo round the world
April 17: 1st game at Shea Stadium, New York Mets lose to Pittsburgh Pirates, 4-3
April 17: "Cafe Crown" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 3 performances
April 17: Ford Mustang formally introduced ($2368 base)
April 17: "High Spirits" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 375 performances
April 17: Jerrie Mock becomes 1st woman to fly solo around the world
April 18: Artisans strike in Belgium ends
April 18: "Cafe Crown" closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City after 3 performances
April 18: "Foxy" closes at Ziegfeld Theater New York City after 72 performances
April 18: Sandy Koufax is 1st to strike out the side on 9 pitches
April 18: Van Joe Orton's "Entertaining Mr. Sloane"
April 19: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Peach Blossom Golf Invitational
April 19: Rightist coup in Laos, Suvanna Phuma remains premier
April 19: Roger Sessions' opera "Montezuma," premieres in West-Berlin
April 20: 68th Boston Marathon won by Aurele Vandendriessche of Belgium in 2:19:59
April 20: 86% of black students boycott Cleveland schools
April 21: Pirates and Cubs combine for 9 home runs, Pirates win 8-5
April 22: Tanganyika and Zanzibar form republic Tanzania
April 22: World's Fair (Flushing Meadow, Corona Park, New York) opens
April 23: Houston Colt 45s Ken Johnson becomes 1st major league pitcher to lose a 9 inning no-hitter, Reds win 1-0
April 23: James Baldwin's "Blues for Mr. Charlie," premieres in New York City
April 23: New York State Theater opens
April 25: Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3
April 26: 18th NBA Championship: Boston Celtics beat San Francisco Warriors, 4 games to 1
April 26: Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
April 26: Tanganyika and Zanzibar form United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar
April 27: John Lennon's "In His Own Write" is published in U.S.
April 28: Japan joins OECO
April 29: Princess Irene marries Spanish prince Carel Hugo de Bourbon Parma
April 29: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site


May 1: 1st BASIC program runs on a computer (Dartmouth)
May 2: 90th Kentucky Derby: Bill Hartack aboard Northern Dancer wins in 2:00
May 2: Beatles' "Beatles' 2nd Album" goes #1 and stays #1 for for 5 weeks
May 2: Mad Dog Vachon beats Verne Gagne in Omaha, to become NWA champ
May 3: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Clifford Ann Creed Golf Invitational
May 4: 70 GATT-countries confer in Geneva
May 4: "Another World" and "As the World Turns" premieres on TV
May 4: KIII TV channel 3 in Corpus Christi, Texas (ABC) begins broadcasting
May 4: Pulitzer prize awarded to Richard Hofstadter (Anti-intellectualism)
May 5: Separatists riot in Quebec
May 6: Joe Orton's "Entertaining Mr. Sloan," premieres in London
May 9: Khrushchev visits Egypt
May 9: Peter and Gordon release "World Without Love"
May 10: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Squirt Ladies' Golf Open Invitational
May 12: Manlio Brosio chosen as Secretary-General of NATO
May 14: Underground America Day is 1st observed
May 15: Sporting Portugal wins 4th Europe Cup II at Antwerp
May 15: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
May 16: 90th Preakness: Bill Hartack aboard Northern Dancer wins in 1:56.8
May 16: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
May 16: Verne Gagne beats Mad Dog Vachon in Omaha, to become NWA champ
May 17: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Muskogee Civitan Golf Open Invitational
May 18: David Frost interviews Paul McCartney on BBC
May 18: Supreme Court rules unconstitutional to deprive naturalized citizens of citizenship if they return to home country for more than 3 years
May 19: U.S. diplomats find at least 40 secret microphones in Moscow embassy
May 20: Buster Mathis defeats Joe Fraizer to qualify for U.S. Olympic team
May 21: 1st nuclear-powered lighthouse begins operations (Chesapeake Bay)
May 21: Fire in Wegimond Belgium resort, kills 19
May 21: U.S. begin intelligence flights above Laos
May 22: Lyndon Baines Johnson presents "Great Society"
May 23: Dale Greig runs female marathon world record (3:27:45)
May 24: 18th Tony Awards: Luther and Hello Dolly win
May 24: Beatles' 3rd appearance on Ed Sullivan
May 24: Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open Invitational
May 24: Longest home run (471') in Baltimore Memorial Stadium (Harmon Killebrew, Minnesota)
May 24: Panic in Lima Peru soccer stadium, kills 300
May 25: 16th Emmy Awards: Dick Van Dyke Show, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore
May 25: Frank Gilroy's "Subject is Roses," premieres in New York City
May 25: Ground is broken for a new stadium in St. Louis
May 25: Supreme Court rules closing schools to avoid desegregation unconstitut
May 26: "Fade Out-Fade In" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 199 performances
May 27: "From Russia With Love" premieres in U.S.
May 27: Inter Milan wins 9th Europe Cup 1 in Vienna
May 28: Dmitri Shostakovich completes his 9th String quartet
May 28: Jawaharlal Nehru cremated in New Dehli
May 28: Palestine National Congress forms the PLO in Jerusalem
May 28: Unmanned Apollo 2 Saturn test launched into Earth orbit
May 30: Beatles 1961 record of "Cry for a Shadow" is #1 in Australia
May 30: Beatles' "Love Me Do," single goes #1
May 30: "Beyond the Fringe" closes at John Golden Theater New York City after 673 performances
May 30: Giants sweep Mets 5-3 and 8-6 in 23 inn, records include elapsed time of 9:50, 47 strikeouts, 7:22 for 2nd game and New York's 22 K's in 2nd games
May 31: Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Babe Didrikson Zaharias Golf Open
May 31: San Francisco Giants beat New York Mets, 8-6, in 23 innings (2nd game) (7 hours 32 minutes)


June 2: "Follies Bergere" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 191 performances
June 2: Lal Bahadur Sjastri elected premier of India
June 2: Rolling Stones 1st U.S. concert tour debuts in Lynn, Massachusetts
June 3: Ringo Starr collapses from tonsillitis and pharyngitis
June 3: Rolling Stones begin 1st U.S. tour, with Bobby Goldsboro and Bobby Vee
June 4: Beatles "World Tour" begins in Copenhagen Denmark
June 4: Los Angeles Dodger Sandy Koufax 3rd no-hitter beats Philadelphia Phillies, 3-0
June 4: Maldives adopts constitution
June 4: Test Cricket debut of Geoff Boycott vs. Australia at Trent Bridge, 48
June 5: Davie Jones and King Bees debut "I Can't Help Thinking About Me," group disbands but Davie Jones goes on to success as David Bowie
June 6: 96th Belmont: Manuel Ycaza aboard Quadrangle wins in 2:28.6
June 6: Beatles arrive in netherlands
June 7: Beatles travel canals of Amsterdam
June 9: Jack Nicklaus wins British Open golf tournament
June 10: Rolling Stones record their 12x5 album at Chess Studios in Chicago
June 10: Southern Democrats filibuster on civil rights bill ends; cloture invoked
June 11: Chicago police break up Rolling Stones press conference
June 11: Manfred Mann record Do Wah Diddy Diddy
June 11: Queen Elizabeth orders Beatles to her birthday party, they attend
June 11: West Germany seeks talks with Czechoslovakia
June 12: Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in prison in South Africa
June 13: Basil Heatley runs world record marathon (2:13:55)
June 14: Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
June 15: Last French troops leave Algeria
June 16: Quake strikes Niigata Japan
June 18: African Groundnut Council forms in Dakar
June 19: Bob Dylan completes U.K. tour
June 19: Cambuur Leeuwarden BVO soccer team forms in Leeuwarden
June 19: Civil Rights Act of 1964 passes 73-27
June 20: 64th U.S. Golf Open: Ken Venturi shoots a 278 at Congressional CC MD
June 21: Beckwith arrested for murder of Medger Evers, found guilty 30 yr later
June 21: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Lady Carling Eastern Golf Open
June 21: Phillies Jim Bunning pitches perfect game (Mets) on Fathers day, in 2nd game of DH, Mets get 3 hits, 3 being fewest hits in NL DH
June 23: General Maxwell Taylor appointed U.S. ambassador in South Vietnam
June 24: FTC rules health warnings must appear on all cigarette packages
June 25: Prince A Taylor becomes 1st black methodist bishop (NJ)
June 25: WMCA (New York City) plays Beatles' Hard Days Night Album (10 days prior to its scheduled release date), they decide to release it June 26th
June 26: Beatles release "A Hard Day's Night" album
June 26: Blacks and Whites riot over racial segregation in St. Augustine
June 26: Moise Tsjombe forms government in Congo
June 27: Jan and Dean release "Little Old Lady From Pasadena"
June 27: "New Phil Silvers Show," last airs on CBS-TV
June 28: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Waldemar Golf Open
June 28: Organization for Afo-American Unity forms in New York by Malcolm X
June 29: 1st draft of Star Trek's pilot "Cage" released
June 29: Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed after 83-day filibuster in Senate
June 30: Centaur 3 launch vehicle fails to make Earth orbit
June 30: Last United Nations troops leave Congo


July 2: Cilla Black records Beatle's "Its For You," McCartney plays piano
July 2: Grand jury indicts Beckwith in murder of Medger Evers
July 2: President Johnson signs Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act into law
July 3: 78th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Roy Emerson beats Stolle (64 12-10 46 63)
July 4: 71st Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Maria Fraser beats M Court (64 79 63)
July 4: Beachboy's "I Get Around" reaches #1
July 6: Beatles' film "Hard Day's Night" premieres in London
July 6: Malawi (formerly Nyasaland) declares independence from U.K.
July 7: 35th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 7-4 at Shea Stadium, New York
July 7: All star MVP: John Callison, Philadelphia Phillies
July 10: Jesus Alou is 1st Giant in 40 years to get 6 hits in a game
July 10: Moise Tsjombe becomes premier of Congo
July 12: 19th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Mickey Wright
July 14: Jacques Anquetil wins his 5th Tour de France
July 14: Oriole Bob Johnson's 6th straight hit as a pinch hitter
July 15: Barry M. Goldwater nominated for president by Republicans
July 16: Republicans convention selects Barry Goldwater as President candidate
July 17: Don Campbell sets record for turbine vehicle, 690.91 kph (429.31 mph)
July 17: Great Britain performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
July 19: 46th PGA Championship: Bobby Nichols shoots a 271 at Columbus CC Ohio
July 19: Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Yankee Women's Golf Open
July 19: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 20: 1st surfin' record to go #1-Jan and Dean's "Surf City"
July 20: Dmitri Shostakovich completes his 10th String quartet
July 21: Arnold Long takes 11 catches in the match for Surrey vs. Sussex
July 21: Mildred Simpson runs female world record marathon (3:19:33)
July 21: Netherlands last whaling ship Willem Barents Sea sold to Japan
July 22: Steve Ballesteros wins British Golf Open
July 23: A's Bert Campaneris home runs on 1st pitch, hits a 2nd home run on 2nd at bat
July 23: Egyptian munition ship "Star of Alexandria" explodes at dockside in Bone, Algeria. 100 die, 160 injured, $20 million damage
July 25: Beatles' "Hard Day's Night, A," album goes #1 and stays #1 for 14 weeks
July 25: Bob Simpson out for 311 at Old Trafford
July 25: "Here's Love" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 338 performances
July 25: Race riot in Rochester, New York
July 26: Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Cosmopolitan Women's Golf Open
July 26: Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa convicted of fraud and conspiracy
July 26: Train from Povoa de Varzin, Portugal derails near Oporto, 94 die
July 28: England all out 611 in reply to Australia's 8-656 Match a draw
July 28: Ranger 7 launched toward the Moon; sent back 4308 TV pictures
July 30: U.S. naval fire on Hon Ngu/Hon Mo, North Vietnam
July 31: Al Parker glides 644 miles without any motor
July 31: George Lascelles marries Patricia Tuckwell
July 31: Rolling Stone concert in Ireland halts after 12 minutes due to riot
July 31: U.S. Ranger 7 takes 4,316 pictures before crashing on Moon


August 1: ALM (Antillian Airlines) begins operation
August 1: Beatles' "Hard Day's Night, A," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 2 weeks
August 2: Dutch government gives Indonesia export guarantees
August 2: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Milwaukee Jaycee Golf Open
August 2: North Vietnam fires on a U.S. destroyer in Gulf of Tonkin
August 2: Race riot in Jersey City, New Jersey
August 4: Civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James E Chaney, bodies discovered in an earthen Mississippi dam
August 4: North Vietnamese torpedos U.S. ships Gulf of Tonkin
August 5: Actress Anne Bancroft and comedian Mel Brooks wed
August 5: Beatles record "Leave My Kitten Alone"
August 5: Congo rebellion: Christopher Gbenye/Pierre Mulele conquer Stanleyville
August 5: Ford Frick says he will not run for another term as commissioner
August 5: U.S. begins bombing North Vietnam
August 6: Pope Paul VI publishes encyclical Ecclesiam Suam
August 7: 31st NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Chicago 28, All-Stars 17 (65,000)
August 7: Turkey begins air attack on Greek-Cypriots
August 7: U.S. Congress approves Gulf of Tonkin resolution
August 8: "110 in the Shade" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 330 performances
August 8: Dutch Opera forms in Amsterdam
August 8: Rolling Stones 1st Dutch concert
August 9: 1st Rolling Stones concert in Netherlands
August 9: Bunning continues pitching perfectly to New York Mets until 2 outs in 5th, when Joe Christopher beats out a bunt. He totals 15 innings
August 9: Shirley Englehorn wins LPGA Waterloo Women's Golf Open Invitational
August 10: WJSP TV channel 28 in Columbus, Georgia (PBS) begins broadcasting
August 11: Beatles' "A Hard Days Night" opens in New York City
August 12: 10th time Mantle switch-hits home run in a game, one goes 502 feet
August 12: Mickey Mantle switch-hits home run record 10th and final time in a game
August 13: 1st broadcast by Trans World Radio on Bonaire
August 14: Bo Belinsky is suspended after attacking sportswriter Braven Dyer
August 14: Egypt/Iraq/Jordan/Kuwait/Syria form common market
August 15: Fred Trueman takes 300th Test Cricket wicket (Neil Hawke)
August 15: Mayor Daley declares "Ernie Banks Day" in Chicago
August 15: Phillies triple-play New York Mets
August 15: Ralph Boston of U.S., sets then long jump record at 27' 3"
August 16: Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Omaha Jaycee Golf Open Invitational
August 16: St. Louis Card Curt Flood gets 8 straight hits in a doubleheader
August 17: Boycott scores his 1st Test Cricket century, 113 vs. Australia at the Oval
August 18: Beatles arrive in San Francisco, 2nd U.S. visit
August 18: Charles Helu elected president of Lebanon
August 18: South Africa banned from Olympic Games because of apartheid policies
August 18: U.S.S.R. launch 3 Kosmos satellites
August 19: Communication satellite Syncom 3 launched
August 20: Lyndon Baines Johnson signs anti-poverty measure totaling nearly $1 billion
August 20: President Johnson signs Economic Opportunity Act
August 20: Rex Sellers bowls 5-1-17-0 vs. India in only Test Cricket innings
August 20: Yankee Phil Linz plays harmonica on bus despite Yogi Berra's orders
August 22: Guinee, Liberia and Ivory Coast form joint market
August 22: Supreme's "Where Did Our Love Go," reaches #1
August 23: Marilynn Smith wins Albuquerque Professional Amateur Golf Tournament
August 23: St. Louis Cardinals are 11 games back in NL, and win World Series
August 24: 2nd Mayor's Trophy Game, Yankees beat Mets 6-4
August 25: Singapore limits imports from Netherlands due to Indonesian aggression
August 26: Italians CP selects Luigi Longo as chairman
August 26: Lyndon B. Johnson nominated at Democratic convention
August 28: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
August 28: U.S. weather satellite Nimbus 1 launched
August 28: WEWS-TV Channel 5's "Upbeat" debuts in Cleveland
August 29: "Funny Thing Happened" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 965 performances
August 29: On Elston Howard Night, Mickey Mantle ties Babe Ruth's career strikeout record (1,330)
August 29: Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins" released
August 30: Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Riverside Ladies Golf Open
August 31: Ground is broken for Anaheim Stadium, future home of Angels


September 1: Masanori Murakami is 1st Japanese player in majors (New York Mets)
September 2: Indonesian paratroopers lands in Malaysia
September 2: Norman Manley scores 2-consecutive holes-in-one at Del Valley, Cal
September 3: U.S. attorney general Robert Kennedy resigns
September 3: Wilderness Act signed into law by President Lyndon B Johnson
September 4: Eduardo Frei elected president of Chile
September 4: Longest bridge in Europe opens (Scottish 4th Road Bridge)
September 4: NASA launches its 1st Orbital Geophysical Observatory (OGO-1)
September 7: Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Valhalla Golf Open
September 9: East Germany government allows short visits to West Germany
September 9: John Osborne's "Inadmissable Evidence," premieres in London
September 10: Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) forms
September 10: Rod Steward records his 1st single "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"
September 11: George Harrison forms Mornyork Ltd music publishing company
September 11: Gillette's 20 year contract with MSG and ABC to televise fights for free ends as Dick Tiger defeats Don Fullmer at Cleveland Auditorium
September 12: 1st football game at Shea Stadium, Jets defeat Denver 30-6
September 12: Ralph Boston of U.S., sets then long jump record at 27' 4 "
September 12: Typhoon Gloria strikes Taiwan killing 330, with $17.5 million damage
September 13: 3rd sitting of 2nd Vatican council opens in Rome
September 13: 78th U.S. Womens Tennis: Maria Fraser beats Carole Graebner (61 60)
September 13: 84th U.S. Mens Tennis: Roy Emerson beats Frederick S Stolle (64 62 64)
September 13: Mary Mills wins LPGA Eugene Ladies' Golf Open
September 13: St. Louis is 1st NL to score runs in every game since 1923, win 15-2
September 13: WKEF TV channel 22 in Dayton, OH (NBC) begins broadcasting
September 14: Walt Disney awarded Medal of Freedom at White House
September 14: WCVE TV channel 23 in Richmond, Virginia (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 15: Beatles play at Public Auditorium in Cleveland
September 15: Final edition of socialist British newspaper "Daily Herald"
September 16: "Shindig" premieres on ABC-TV
September 17: Beatles are paid a then record $150,000 for a concert (Kansas)
September 17: "Bewitched" premieres on ABC TV
September 17: Mickey Mantle gets hits #1999, 2000 and 2001 and his 450th home run
September 17: Supremes release "Baby Love"
September 18: Greek king Constantine II marries Danish princess Anne-Marie
September 18: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
September 20: Gunter Grass' "Die Plebejern proben den Aufstand," premieres in Berlin
September 20: Paramount Theater (New York City) presented the Beatles with Steve and Eydie
September 21: Constellation (U.S.) beats Sovereign (England) in 20th America's Cup
September 21: Malta gains independence from Britain
September 21: Reds Chico Ruiz steals home, beats Phillies 1-0. Phillies start a 10 game losing streak that gives Cards the pennant
September 22: "Fiddler on the Roof" opens at Imperial Theater New York City for 3242 performances
September 22: "Man from U.N.C.L.E," premieres on NBC-TV
September 23: "Fiddler on the Roof" with Zero Mostel premieres in New York City
September 24: 1st Minuteman II ICBM was tested
September 24: "Munsters" premieres on TV
September 24: Ringo forms Brikley Building Company Ltd
September 24: Willi Stoph succeeds Otto Great as premier of East Germany
September 25: Jens Otto Krag forms minority government in Denmark
September 26: Braves (25) and Phillies (18) set record by using 43 players in 9 inn
September 27: Despite 3 home runs by Johnny Callison, Phils are 14-8 losers to Braves
September 27: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Visalia Ladies' Golf Open
September 27: Phillies 7th straight loses sends them into 2nd place
September 27: Warren Commission released, finds Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
September 28: 53rd Davis Cup: Australia beats USA in Cleveland (3-2)
September 28: Suriname governor A Currie resigns
September 29: Greece and Bulgaria close boundaries
September 30: "Oh What a Lovely War" opens at Broadhurst Theater New York City for 125 performances


October 1: 1st official broadcast of Trans World Radio on Bonaire
October 1: 2nd Dutch televisienet begins broadcastings
October 1: Free Speech Movement launched at University of California, Berkley
October 1: San Francisco cable cars declared a national landmark
October 1: WSJU TV channel 18 in Carolina, Puerto Rico begins broadcasting
October 1: WTSJ TV channel 18 in San Juan, Puerto Rico (NBC) begins broadcasting
October 1: WWAY TV channel 3 in Wilmington, North Carolina (ABC) begins broadcasting
October 2: Phillies tie major league record with season's 3rd triple play (Reds)
October 3: Yankees clinch their 5th straight pennant, and 29th in club's history
October 4: 10th LPGA Championship won by Mary Mills
October 4: 3 cars of a commuter train derails in South Africa killing 81
October 4: Hurricane Hilda, kills 38 in La, Miss and Ga
October 4: Italian Autostrada del Sol opens at Milan-Naples
October 4: Patriots' Gino Cappelletti kicks 6-of-6 field goals against Broncos
October 4: Phils bomb Reds 10-0 as both teams finish one game behind St. Louis
October 5: KIXE TV channel 9 in Redding, California (PBS) begins broadcasting
October 5: San Francisco Fire Department Museum is dedicated
October 6: "Cambridge Circus" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 23 performances
October 7: New York Yankees make 14th appearance in last 16 and 29th in 61 World Series
October 8: Gilroy Roberts becomes 1st U.S. chief engraver to retire (than die)
October 10: 18th modern Olympic games opens in Tokyo
October 10: 18th NHL All-Star Game: All-Stars beat Toronto 3-2 at Toronto
October 11: Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Hillside House Ladies' Golf Open
October 12: 1st time 3 people in space
October 12: KCSM TV channel 60 in San Mateo-SF, California (PBS) begins
October 12: Launch of Voskhod 1, 1st 3 man crew (Komarov, Feokistov, Yegorov)
October 12: Voskhod 1 launched: 1st flight with 3 cosmonauts
October 12: WSBK TV channel 38 in Boston, MA (IND/ABC/CBS/NBC) begin
October 12: WUCM TV channel 19 in University Center, MI (PBS) begins broadcasting
October 13: At Plesman airport, Curaeao, 125.5 mm rainfalls (record)
October 13: Voskhod 1 crew returns
October 14: Martin Luther King, Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize
October 14: Martin Walser's "Der Schwarze Schwan," premieres in Stuttgart
October 14: Philips begins experimenting with color TV
October 14: Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle hit home runs runs on back-to-back pitches
October 14: Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts weds Shirley Shepherd
October 15: Craig Breedlove sets auto speed record of 846.97 kph
October 15: Kosygin and Brezhnev replace Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev
October 15: New York Yankees appears in 14 and win 9 of last 16 World Series
October 15: St. Louis Cardinals beat New York Yankees, 4 games to 3 in 61st World Series
October 16: Brezhnev and Kosygin replace Khrushchev as head of Russia
October 16: China becomes world's 5th nuclear power
October 16: Harold Wilson's Labour party wins British election
October 16: Indians' directors vote to keep franchise in Cleveland, rejecting bids by Seattle, Oakland and Dallas
October 17: Yankees fire Manager Yogi Berra
October 18: Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Mickey Wright Golf Invitational
October 20: "Golden Boy" opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 569 performances
October 20: Mad Dog Vachon beats Verne Gagne in Minneapolis, to become NWA champ
October 20: Riot at Rolling Stones show in Paris (150 arrested)
October 21: Abebe Bikila runs world/olympic record marathon (2:12:11.2)
October 21: Braves ask NL to allow them to leave Milwaukee for Atlanta
October 22: EMI rejects audition by "High Numbers," they go on to become The Who
October 22: French philosopher/author Jean-Paul Sartre refuses Nobel prize
October 22: U.S. performs underground nuclear test at Hattiesburg Miss
October 23: Japanese beat Russian for 1st Olympic Gold in woman's volleyball
October 23: Time Magazine uses term "op art" for 1st time
October 24: 18th Olympic games close at Tokyo, Japan
October 24: Belgian para's liberate 1,000 white hostages in Stanleyville
October 24: "Cambridge Circus" closes at Plymouth Theater New York City after 23 performances
October 24: Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda becomes president of Zaire
October 24: Khalid "Billy" Ibadulla scores 166 on Cricket debut vs. Australia
October 24: Test Cricket debut of Asif Iqbal, Majid Khan and Khalid Ibadulla vs. Australia
October 24: Zambia (N Rhodesia) gains independence from Britain (National Day)
October 25: Anton Geesink is 1st non-Japanese Olympic judo gold medal winner
October 25: Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Phoenix Thunderbirds Ladies' Golf Open
October 25: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
October 25: Viking Jim Marshall runs 66 yards in wrong direction for a safety
October 26: Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan Show
October 27: "Ben Franklin in Paris" opens at Lunt Fontanne New York City for 215 performances
October 27: Congo rebel leader Christopher Gbenye holds 60 Americans/800 Belgians
October 27: Singers Sonny and Cher wed, Cher wore bell-bottoms
October 29: Bobby Simpson completes cricket century in each innings vs. Pakistan
October 29: Karmi'el founded in Galilee
October 29: Star of India and other jewels are stolen in New York
October 29: Town of Karmiel founded in Galilee
October 29: United Rep of Tanganyika and Zanzibar renamed United Rep of Tanzania
October 30: Tran Van Huong appointed premier of South Vietnam
October 31: Barbra Streisand's "People," album goes #1 for 5 weeks


November 1: George Blanda of Houston throws NFL-record 37 passes in 68 attempts
November 1: Kansas City Chief Len Dawson passes for 6 touchdowns vs Denver (49-39)
November 1: Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Las Cruces Ladies' Golf Open
November 1: Vietcong-assault on airport Bien Hoa at Saigon
November 2: CBS purchases 80% of Yankees for $11,200,000, later buys remaining 20%
November 2: Faisal succeeds Saudi as king of Saudi Arabia
November 3: Lyndon Baines Johnson defeats Barry Goldwater for president
November 3: Philadelphia voters approve $25 million to build a new sports stadium
November 5: U.S. launches Mariner 3 toward Mars; no data returned
November 6: WEIQ TV channel 42 in Mobile, AL (PBS) begins broadcasting
November 7: NL keeps Braves in Milwaukee in 1965, may move to Atlanta in 1966
November 8: IMF grants Great Britain credit of $1 billion
November 8: KUPK TV channel 13 in Garden City, KS (ABC) begins broadcasting
November 8: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Tall City Golf Open
November 8: Orioles Frank Robinson unanimous choice as AL MVP
November 9: "Comedy in Music-Opus 2" opens at John Golden New York City for 192 performances
November 9: Eisaku Sato becomes premier of Japan
November 10: Braves sign a 25-year lease to play in the new Atlanta stadium
November 10: "Something More!" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City for 15 performances
November 11: Murray Schisgal's "Luv," premieres in New York City
November 12: Jean becomes Grand Duke of Luxembourg
November 12: Paula Murphy sets female land speed record 226.37 MPH
November 13: Bob Petit (St. Louis Hawks) becomes 1st NBAer to score 20,000 points
November 13: Pope Paul VI gives tiara to poor
November 14: Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe sets NHL record 627th career goal
November 14: "Fade Out-Fade In" closes at Mark Hellinger New York City after 199 performances
November 14: "Follies Bergere" closes at Broadway Theater New York City after 191 performances
November 14: "Oliver!" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 774 performances
November 15: Ajax soccer star Johan Cruijff debuts against GVAV
November 15: Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA San Antonio Civitan Golf Open
November 15: KBYU TV channel 11 in Provo, UT (PBS) begins broadcasting
November 15: Mickey Wright shoots a 62, lowest golf score for a woman pro
November 15: Sudan Premier Ibrahim Abbud resigns
November 16: Radio CJCX Sydney Nova Scotia (Canada) starts shortwave transmission
November 16: U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
November 17: British Labour Party installs weapon embargo against South Africa
November 18: Baltimore Oriole Brooks Robinson wins AL MVP
November 18: J. Edgar Hoover describes Martin Luther King as "most notorious liar"
November 20: Dmitri Sjostakovitch's 9th/10th String Quartet premiers in Moscow
November 21: Pope Paul VI signs 3rd sitting of 2nd Vatican council
November 21: "Something More!" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City after 15 performances
November 21: World's longest suspension bridge "Verrazano Narrows" opens (New York City)
November 21: "Zizi" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 49 performances
November 22: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Mary Mills Miss Gulf Coast Golf Invitational
November 22: WITF TV channel 33 in Harrisburg-Hershey, Pennsylvania (PBS) begins broadcasting
November 23: "Bajour" opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 232 performances
November 23: Beatles release "I Feel Fine" and "She's a Woman"
November 23: Vatican abolished Latin as official language of Roman Catholic liturgy
November 24: 30th Heisman Trophy Award: John Huarte, Notre Dame (quarterback)
November 24: Cards' 3rd baseman Ken Boyer is voted NL MVP
November 24: For 1st time since 1800, residents of Washington D.C. permitted to vote
November 24: Rebellion ends in Zaire
November 28: 52nd CFL Grey Cup: BC Lions defeats Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 34-24
November 28: France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
November 28: Mariner 4 launched; 1st probe to fly by Mars
November 29: Roman Catholic Church in U.S. replaces Latin with English
November 30: U.S.S.R. launches Zond 2 towards Mars; no data returned


December 1: Houston Colt .45s change name to Astros
December 1: ML King speaks to J Edgar Hoover about his slander campaign
December 2: Ringo Starr's tonsils are removed
December 3: KHQL (now KCAN) TV channel 8 in Albion, NB (ABC) begins broadcasting
December 3: Police arrests 800 sit-in students at Univeristy of California at Berkeley
December 3: "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" 1st airs on TV
December 4: Baseball approves a free-agent draft
December 4: Beatles release "Beatles For Sale" album
December 4: Commissioner's office given full powers in baseball disputes
December 4: Test Cricket debut of Ian Chappell, vs. Pakistan MCG, 11, 0-49, 0-31
December 6: KTVR TV channel 13 in La Grande, OR (PBS) begins broadcasting
December 6: President Segni of Italy resigns
December 7: George Harrison changes his company's name from Mornyork to Harrisongs
December 12: Cleveland Browns' Frank Ryan sets club record of 5 TD passes
December 12: Shooting starts for "Star Trek" pilot "The Cage" (Menagerie)
December 13: In El Paso, Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Mexican President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz set off an explosion diverting Rio Grande, to reshape US-Mexico border
December 13: Shirley Englehorn and Sam Snead wins Haig and Haig Mixed Foursome Golf
December 14: Michael Brown meets Rene Fladen, then writes "Walk Away Rene"
December 15: 1st time 4 people in space
December 15: American Radio Relay League (organization for hams) founded
December 15: Canada adopts maple leaf flag
December 16: U.S. performs nuclear test at Pacific Ocean
December 18: During services held for Sam Cooke fans caused damage to Funeral Home
December 18: "I Had a BaIl" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 199 performances
December 18: "The Pink Panther" cartoon series premieres (Pink Phink)
December 18: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
December 20: Levi Eshkol forms Israeli government
December 22: Lockheed SR-71 spy aircraft reaches 3,530 kph (record for a jet)
December 23: India and Ceylon hit by cyclone, about 4,850 killed
December 24: Shooting begins on "The Cage" the pilot for Star Trek
December 25: George Harrison's girlfriend Patti Boyd attacked by female Beatle fans
December 25: "Goldfinger" premieres in US
December 26: Beatles' "I Feel Fine," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 3 weeks
December 26: Buffalo Bills beat San Diego Chargers 20-7 in AFL championship game
December 27: Cleveland Browns beat Baltimore Colts 27-0 in NFL championship game
December 28: Premier of Dmitri Sjostakovitch' Stefan Rasin
December 28: Principal filming of "Dr. Zhivago," begins
December 30: Edward Albee's "Tiny Alice," premieres in New York City
December 31: Donald Campbell (UK) sets world water speed record (276.33 mph)
December 31: Indonesia proclaims expelled from the UN
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