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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1960 AD


January 1: Bank of France issues new franc, worth 20 cents
January 1: French Cameroon gains independence from France
January 1: Johnny Cash plays 1st of many free concerts behind bars
January 1: Montserrat adopts constitution
January 1: U.S. census at 179,245,000
January 2: 1st redshank old world shore bird reported in North America (Halifax)
January 2: John F. Kennedy announces run for U.S. Presidency
January 2: John Reynolds sets age of solar system at 4,950,000,000 years
January 2: Roger Sessions' 4th Symphony, premieres
January 2: Senator John F Kennedy, announces his candidacy for president
January 4: European Free Trade Association forms in Stockholm
January 5: Continental League, a proposed third major league, gets an assurance of congressional support from New York Senator Kenneth Keating
January 9: Building of Aswan dam in Egypt, begins
January 10: Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Delmore Schwartz
January 11: Chad declares independence from France
January 11: Lamar Clark sets pro boxing record of 44 consecutive knockouts
January 12: Sobers and Worrell complete 399 stand for 4th wkt vs. England
January 12: Syracuse National Dolph Schayes is 1st NBA'er to score 15,000 points
January 14: Tuindorp-Oostzaan in Northern Amsterdam, flooded
January 14: U.S. Army promoted Elvis Presley to Sergeant
January 17: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Sea Island Women's Golf Invitational
January 17: NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 38-21
January 18: U.S. and Japan sign joint defense treaty
January 19: Eisenhower and Premier Kishi sign US-Japanese Security pact
January 20: Patrice Lumumba sentenced to 6 months in Belgian Congo
January 21: Little Joe 4 suborbital Mercury test reaches 16 km
January 21: Rock falls traps 437 at Coalbrook South Africa, 417 die of methane poisoning
January 22: 10th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 125-115 at Philadelphia
January 22: Coal mine of Johnburg caves-in, 417 die
January 22: French president De Gaulle escape attempt by general Massu
January 22: Paul Pender beats Sugar Ray Robinson for middleweight boxing title
January 23: Bathosphere "Trieste" reach bottom of Pacific (10,900 m)
January 24: Algeria uprises against French president De Gaulle
January 26: Danny Heater scores 135 pts in basketball game (Boys' HS)
January 26: High-school basketball sensation Danny Heater scores 135 points
January 26: Oakland enters AFL
January 26: Pete Rozelle elected NFL commissioner on 23rd ballot
January 28: Goon Show's final episode on BBC
January 28: NFL announces Dallas Cowboys (1960) and Minnesota Vikings (1961) franchises
January 30: CIA OKs Lockheed to produce a new U-2 aircraft
January 30: Dutch communist trade union EVC'58 disbands
January 30: Riot curtails third days play at Port-Of-Spain WI vs. England
January 30: U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Carol Heiss
January 30: U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by David Jenkins
January 31: Songwriter Adolph Green marries actress and singer Phyllis Newman in New York City


February 1: 34th Australian Womens Tennis: Margaret Smith beats J Lehane (75 62)
February 1: 4 students stage 1st civil rights sit-in, at Greensboro North Carolina Woolworth
February 1: 48th Australian Mens Tennis: Rod Laver beats N Fraser (57 36 63 86 86)
February 1: Extreme right-wing rebels in Algiers surrender
February 2: Michale Eufemia sinks 625 balls in pool match without a miss
February 4: BBWAA voters fail to elect a new Hall of Fame member
February 4: Giants move their offices to Candlestick Park
February 4: Lionel Bart's musical "Fings ain't wot they used t'be," premieres
February 7: Old handwriting found in at Qumran, near the Dead Sea
February 8: Boston Celtic Bill Russell becomes 1st NBAer with 50 rebounds (51)
February 9: AFL and NFL agree verbally to a no tampering pact
February 10: Charles Ives' "Lincoln, the Great Commoner," premieres
February 10: "Unsinkable Molly Brown" closes at Winter Garden New York City after 532 performances
February 11: Jack Paar walks off his TV show
February 12: Chinese army kills 12 Indian soldiers
February 13: "Beg, Borrow or Steal" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 5 performances
February 13: France performs 1st nuclear test at Reggane Proving Grounds Algeria
February 13: "Saratoga" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 80 performances
February 14: Beverly Hanson wins LPGA St. Petersburg Golf Open
February 14: Marshal Ayub Khan elected president of Pakistan
February 16: U.S. nuclear submarine USS Triton set off on underwater round-world trip
February 18: 8th Winter Olympic games open in Squaw Valley, Colorado
February 18: Walter O'Malley, Los Angeles Dodger owner, purchases Chavez Ravine for $494,000
February 19: Protest strike in Poznan Poland
February 21: Fay Crocker wins LPGA Lake Worth Golf Open
February 23: Demolition begins on Brooklyn's Ebbets Field (opened in 1913)
February 24: Italian government of Segni falls
February 24: U.S. beats Germany in Olympic hockey finals round, 9-1
February 25: John Cage's "Music for Amplified Toy Pianos," premieres
February 25: Lillian Hellman's "Toys in the Attic," premieres in New York City
February 26: Soviet premier Khrushchev voices support for Indonesia
February 26: USA's David Jenkins wins Olympic Gold for men's figure skating
February 26: Verne Gagne beats Doctor X in Omaha, to become NWA wrestling champ
February 27: Oil pipeline from Rotterdam to Ruhrgebied opens
February 27: U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey Team beats U.S.S.R. 3-2 en route to gold medal
February 28: 8th winter Olympic games close at Squaw Valley, Colorado
February 28: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
February 28: U.S. wins Olympic hockey gold medal by defeating Czechoslovakia 9-4
February 29: 1st Playboy Club, featuring bunnies, opens in Chicago
February 29: Bil Keane's "Family Circus" cartoon strip debuts
February 29: Earthquake kills 1/3 of Agadir Morocco population (12,000) in 15 sec
February 29: John F. Kennedy makes missile gap the presidential campaign issue
February 29: KRET TV channel 23 in Richardson, Texas (PBS) begins broadcasting


March 3: 9th largest snowfall in New York City history, 14.5"
March 4: French freighter "La Coubre" explodes in Havana Cuba, killing 100
March 4: Lucille Ball files divorce from Desi Arnaz
March 5: Elvis Presley ends 2-year hitch in U.S. Army
March 5: Ice Dance Championship at Vancouver won by Denny and Jones (GRB)
March 5: Ice Pairs Championship at Vancouver won by Wagner and Paul (CAN)
March 5: Men's Figure Skating Championship in Vancouver won by Alain Giletti (FRA)
March 5: Worlds Ladies Figure Skating Champions in Vanc won by Carol E Heiss (USA)
March 6: President Sukarno disbands Indonesia's parliament
March 7: Dutch Builders strike for CLA
March 8: "Greenwillow" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 95 performances
March 10: U.S.S.R. agrees to stop nuclear testing
March 11: Pioneer 5 launched into solar orbit between Earth and Venus
March 13: Fay Crocker wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
March 13: NFL's Chicago Cardinals moves to St. Louis
March 13: White Sox unveil new road uniforms with players' names above number
March 14: 14 die in a train crash in Bakersfield California
March 14: Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia) sets NBA playoff record of 53 points
March 15: Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve established, 1st underwater park
March 15: National Observatory at Kitt Peak, Arizona dedicated
March 17: Eisenhower forms anti-Castro-exile army under the CIA
March 17: WSLA (now WAKA) TV channel 8 in Selma, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
March 19: 22nd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Ohio State beats California 75-55
March 19: "Redhead" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 455 performances
March 21: Sharpeville Massacre: Police kill 72 in South Africa and outlaws ANC
March 22: 1st patent for lasers, granted to Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes
March 23: Explorer (8) fails to reach Earth orbit
March 24: U.S. appeals court rules novel, "Lady Chatterly's Lover," not obscene
March 25: 1st guided missile launched from nuclear powered sub (Halibut)
March 25: DH Lawrence' "Lady Chatterley's Lover" ruled not obscene (New York City)
March 25: Ford Frick voids Indians - Red Sox deal as Sam White retires
March 25: Italian government Tambroni forms
March 26: Iraq executes 30 after attack on President Kassem
March 26: Orioles-Reds series for Havana, is moved to Miami
March 26: USC captures NCAA swimming title
March 27: Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Royal Crown Golf Open
March 28: Pope John raises the 1st Japanese, 1st African and 1st Filipino cardinal
March 28: Scotch factory explodes burying 20 fire fighters (Glasgow Scotland)
March 29: Darius Milhaud's 9th Symphony, premieres
March 31: Gore Vidal's "Best Man," premieres in New York City


April 1: 2nd French atom bomb explodes in the Reggane Proving Grounds, Algeria
April 1: Mabry Harper catches a 25 lb Walleye in Tennessee
April 1: RCA TIROS (TV and Infra-Red Observation 'weather' Satellite) I launched
April 1: U Nu elected premier of Burma
April 2: Cuba buys oil from U.S.S.R.
April 2: KPEC TV channel 56 in Lakewood Center-Tacoma, WA (PBS) 1st broadcast
April 3: Earthquake at Havre, Belgium
April 4: 32nd Academy Awards - "Ben-Hur," Charlton Heston and Simone Signoret win
April 4: Oscar awarded to Netherlands director Bert Haanstra
April 4: Project Ozma begins at Green Bank radio astronomy center
April 4: Senegal declares independence from France
April 8: Netherlands and Germany sign accord concerning war casualties
April 9: 14th NBA Championship: Bost Celtics beat St. Louis Hawks, 4 games to 3
April 9: South African premier Verwoerd wounded in battle
April 10: 24th Golf Masters Championship: Arnold Palmer wins, shooting a 282
April 10: Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Babe Didrikson Zaharias Golf Open
April 10: Senate passes landmark Civil Rights Bill
April 11: 1st weather satellite launched (Tiros 1)
April 12: Bert Haanstra wins Oscar for "Glass"
April 12: Bill Veeck and Chicago Comiskey Park debuts "Exploding Scoreboard"
April 13: France becomes 4th nuclear nation exploding an A-Bomb in Sahara
April 13: Transit 1B, 1st navigational satellite, placed in Earth orbit
April 14: 1st underwater launching of Polaris missile
April 14: "Bye Bye Birdie" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 607 performances
April 14: Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens sweep Toronto Maple Leafs in 4 games
April 15: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), organizes at Shaw U
April 17: American Samoa sets up a constitutional government
April 17: Cleveland Indians trade Rocky Colavito to Tigers for Harvey Kuenn
April 19: 64th Boston Marathon won by Paavo Kotila of Finland in 2:20:54
April 19: Baseball uniforms begin displaying player's names on their backs
April 19: Comiskey Park's famed "exploding" scoreboard begins operating
April 20: "From A to Z" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 21 performances
April 21: Brasilia becomes capital of Brazil
April 23: 1st performance of Ferde Grofe's "San Francisco Suite"
April 24: 14th Tony Awards: Miracle Worker and Fiorello! win
April 24: Heavy earthquake strikes South Persia, 500 killed
April 24: Louise Suggs wins LPGA Civitan Golf Open
April 24: Record 4 grand slams hit today
April 25: 1st submerged circumnavigation of Earth completed by Triton
April 27: 1st atomic powered electric-drive submarine launched, the Tullibee
April 27: South Korean President Syngman Rhee resigns
April 27: Togo (formerly French Togo) declares independence from French Admiral
April 28: "Christine" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 12 performances
April 28: WIPM TV channel 3 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (PBS) begins broadcasting


May 1: India's Bombay state split into Gujarat and Maharashtra states
May 1: Pancho Gonzalez retires from tennis
May 1: Russia shoots down Francis Gary Powers in a U-2 spy plane
May 2: Harry Belafonte 2nd Carnegie Hall performance
May 2: House investigating committee, looking into payola questions
May 2: Pulitzer prize awarded to Al Drury (Advice and Consent)
May 3: Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones' musical "Fantasticks," premieres in New York City
May 4: 1st great Delta dam closes, North-South Beveland
May 6: English prince Margaret marries Antony Armstrong-Jones (Lord Snowdon)
May 6: President Eisenhower signs Civil Rights Act of 1960
May 6: Students attack Dutch embassy in Djakarta
May 6: Trotsky's murderer Jacques Mornard (Ramon Mercader), freed in Mexico
May 7: 86th Kentucky Derby: Bill Hartack on Venetian Way wins in 2:02.4
May 7: "Christine" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 12 performances
May 7: Dodgers Larry and Norm Sherry are baseball's 10th brother battery
May 7: "Flower Drum Song" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 602 performances
May 7: "From A to Z" closes at Plymouth Theater New York City after 21 performances
May 7: Leonid Brezhnev replaces Kliment Voroshilov as President of U.S.S.R.
May 7: Los Angeles Dodger Norm Sherry's 11th home run wins the game for brother Larry
May 7: Michael Tal beats Botvinnik 12 -8 for world chess championship
May 7: U.S.S.R. announces Francis Gary Powers confessed to being a CIA spy
May 8: U.S.S.R. and Cuba resume diplomatic relations
May 8: Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Betsy Rawls Peach Blossom Golf Open
May 9: Nigeria becomes a member of British Commonwealth
May 9: U.S. is 1st country to use the birth control pill legally
May 9: U.S. send U-2 over U.S.S.R.
May 10: John F. Kennedy wins primary in West Virginia
May 10: USS Nautilus completes 1st circumnavigation of globe under water
May 11: French liner "France" launched
May 11: Israeli soldiers capture Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires
May 12: Elvis Presley appears on a Frank Sinatra special
May 13: 1st launch of Delta satellite launching vehicle; it failed
May 13: Phillies lose 3rd consecutive 1-0 game
May 13: WOLE TV channel 12 in Aguadillo, PR
May 14: "At the Drop of a Hat" closes at John Golden New York City after 216 performances
May 14: U.S.S.R. launch 1st (unmanned) space capsule
May 14: Virgil Thomson's "Missa Pro Defunctis," premieres in Pottstown NY
May 15: Chicago Cub Don Cardwell no-hits St. Louis Cardinals, 4-0
May 15: Dmitri Shostakovich's 7th String quartet, premieres in Leningrad
May 15: KHVO TV channel 13 in Hilo, HI (ABC) begins broadcasting
May 15: Sputnik 4 launched into Earth orbit; later recovery failed
May 16: Big 4 summit in Paris collapses as U.S.S.R. levels spy charges against US
May 17: 1st atomic reactor system patents, J W Flora of Canoga Park, California
May 18: Eillen Fulton begins playing Lisa on As the World Turn (for > 30 yrs)
May 18: Jean Genets "Le Balcon," premieres in Paris
May 19: Alan Freed and eight other DJ accused of taking radio payola
May 19: Belgian parliament requires rest day for self employed
May 19: Juan Marichal debuts as San Francisco Giant pitcher, beats Phillies on 1 hitter
May 19: USAF Major Robert M. White takes X-15 to 33,222 m
May 20: Baseball game in Milwaukee postponed due to dense fog
May 21: 86th Preakness: Bobby Ussery aboard Bally Ache wins in 1:57.6
May 22: Virtually all coastal towns between 37th and 44th parallels severly damaged by tsunami that strikes Hilo, Hawaii at 01:04 AM
May 23: "Finian's Rainbow" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 12 performances
May 23: "Got A Girl" by The Four Preps hits #24
May 23: Israel announces capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina
May 23: WGTV TV channel 8 in Athens-Atlanta, Georgia (PBS) begins broadcasting
May 23: WKBM TV (now WLII) channel 11 in Caguas/San Juan, Puerto Rico 1st broadcast
May 23: WRCA radio changes call letters back to WNBC (New York City)
May 24: 1 millionth Dutch telephone installed
May 25: George Crowe's record 11th pinch-hit home run
May 27: Baltimore manager Paul Richards devises oversized catcher's mitt
May 27: Military coup overthrows democratic government of Turkey
May 28: "Greenwillow" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 95 performances
May 29: Everly Brothers "Cathy's Clown" hits #1


June 1: "Finian's Rainbow" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 12 performances
June 1: WDTV TV channel 5 in Clarksburg-Weston, WV (CBS) begins broadcasting
June 2: Broadway theaters close, labor dispute between owners and Actors Equity
June 5: "George Gobel Show," last airs on CBS-TV
June 5: Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Wolverine Golf Open
June 6: Roy Orbison releases "Only the Lonely"
June 6: South Africa police kills 11 Pondo's at Nqusa Hill
June 6: Steve Allen Show," last airs on NBC-TV
June 8: 1st date in James Clavell's novel "Nobel House"
June 8: Argentine government demands release of Adolf Eichmann
June 9: ABC and AFL sign a 5 year contract
June 9: Typhoon Mary in China killed at least 1,600
June 11: 92nd Belmont: Bill Hartack aboard Celtic Ash wins in 2:29.2
June 11: House packed with wedding celebrants collapses killing 30 (Pakistan)
June 12: KORN (now KDLT) TV channel 5 in Mitchell-Sioux Falls, SD (ABC) begins
June 12: Louise Suggs wins LPGA Triangle Round Robin Golf Tournament
June 13: "Alley-Oop" by Dyna-Sores peaks at #59
June 13: Prince Norodom Sihanoek becomes head of Cambodia
June 15: Angel Cordero wins his 1st of over 7000 horse races
June 15: Argentina complains to United Nations about Israeli illicit transfer of Eichmann
June 16: "Psycho," opens in New York
June 17: Ted Williams hit his 500th home runs
June 18: 60th U.S. Golf Open: Arnold Palmer shoots 280 at Cherry Hills in Denver
June 18: "Destry Rides Again" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 472 performances
June 18: Giants hire Tom Sheehan as baseball's oldest debuting manager (66)
June 18: Real Madrid wins 5th Europe Cup 1
June 19: Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Cosmopolitan Golf Open
June 19: Loretta Lynn records "Honky Tonk Girl"
June 20: 12nd Emmy Awards: Playhouse 90, Robert Stack and Jane Wyatt
June 20: Federation of Mali (& Senegal) becomes independent of France
June 20: Floyd Patterson KOs Ingemar Johansson in 5 for heavywgt boxing title
June 20: Heavyweight Floyd Patterson KOs Ingemar Johnstown (New York City)
June 21: Armin Hary runs world record 100m (10.0)
June 23: Japan signs security treaty with the U.S.
June 23: "Pat Boone Show," last airs on ABC-TV
June 24: Geoff Griffin takes a hat-trick South Africa vs. England Lord's
June 25: Earthquake in NE Belgium
June 25: Madagascar gains independence of France
June 26: British Somaliland (now Somalia) gains independence from Britain
June 26: Hall of Fame allows veteran committee to vote annually
June 26: Italian Somaliland declares independence from Italian-administration
June 26: Madagascar (formerly Malagasy Rep) declares independence from France
June 27: British Somaliland becomes part of Somalia
June 27: Chlorophyll "A" synthesized Cambridge Mass
June 27: Oil pipe line from Rotterdam-Ruhrgebied opens
June 28: 10.40" (26.42 cm) of rainfall, Dunmor, Kentucky (state 24-hour record)
June 29: Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Western Golf Open
June 29: KYA-AM in San Francisco changes call letters to KDBQ (for 2 weeks)
June 30: U.S. stops sugar import from Cuba
June 30: Zaire (formerly Belgian Congo) declares independence from Belgium


July 1: Benjamin Britten's cantate "Carmen Baseliense," premieres in Basel
July 1: British Somaliland becomes Somalia
July 1: Fidel Castro nationalizes Esso, Shell and Texaco in Cuba
July 1: Ghana becomes a republic
July 1: Italian Somaliland gains independence, unites with Somali Republic
July 1: No passports needed inside Benelux
July 1: U.S.S.R. shoots down U.S. RB-47 reconnaissance plane
July 2: "Once Upon a Mattress" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 460 performances
July 3: Vernon Presley (father of Elvis) weds Dee Alliot
July 4: 6th LPGA Championship won by Mickey Wright
July 4: America's new 50-star flag honoring Hawaiian statehood unfurled
July 4: Mickey Mantle is 18th to hit 300 home runs
July 5: Mongolia adopts constitution
July 6: Dr. Barbara Moore completes a 3,207 mile walk from Los Angeles to New York City
July 7: Netherlands - U.S. cemetery Margraten official opens
July 7: U.S.S.R. shoots down a U.S. aircraft over Barents sea
July 8: Fidel Castro ends Havana's International League team, Sugar Kings move to NJ
July 10: Belgium sends troops to Congo
July 10: Louise Suggs wins LPGA Youngstown Kitchens (Trumball Golf Open)
July 11: 28th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 5-3 at Municipal Stadium, KC
July 11: Czechoslovakia adopts Constitution
July 11: Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Upper Volta and Niger declare independence
July 11: Moise Tsjombe declares Congolese county Katanga independence
July 12: Congo, Chad and Central African Republic declare independence
July 12: Echo I, 1st passive satellite launched
July 12: Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Hoosier Celebrity Golf Tournament
July 12: U.S.S.R.'s Sputnik 5 launched with 2 dogs
July 12: XEWT TV channel 12 in Tijuana-San Diego, California (IND) begins broadcasting
July 13: 29th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 6-0 at Yankee Stadium, New York
July 13: KDBQ-AM in San Francisco, California changes call letters to KYA
July 13: U.S. Democratic convention nominates John F. Kennedy as presidential candidate
July 14: Barbara Romack wins LPGA Leesburg Pro-Am Golf Tournament
July 14: Fire raging through a Guatemala City, Guatemala insane asylum kills 225, severly injuring 300
July 15: Baltimore Orioles' Brooks Robinson goes 5 for 5 including the cycle
July 16: 205,000 (record sports attend) see Brazil-Uruguay World Cup soccer
July 16: George Crowe sets record of 12 pinch hit home runs with a runner on
July 18: 1st United Nations troops reach Congo
July 18: Baseball's NL votes to add Houston and New York franchises
July 18: Premier Kishi of Japan, resigns
July 19: Italian Government Tambroni, resigns
July 19: San Francisco Giants Juan Marichal debuts, with a 1 hitter against Phillies
July 20: 1st submerged submarine, George Washington, to fire Polaris missile (
July 20: Sirima Bandaranaike becomes 1st female premier of Ceylon
July 20: U.S.S.R. recovered 2 dogs; 1st living organisms to return from space
July 21: Country of Katanga forms in Africa
July 21: Francis Chichester arrive in New York aboard Gypsy Moth II, setting record of 40 days for a solo Atlantic crossing
July 21: In Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) Sirima Bandaranaike is world's 1st woman PM
July 22: Cuba nationalizes all U.S. owned sugar factories
July 23: 15th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Betsy Rawls
July 24: 42nd PGA Championship: Jay Hebert shoots a 281 at Firestone CC Akron
July 25: Company Industrielle et Forestere (Indufor) forms in Brussels
July 25: U.S. Republican convention nominates Nixon as presidential candidate
July 26: Italian government of Fanfani forms
July 27: Vice President Nixon nominated for President at Republican convention in Chicago
July 28: Republican National convention selects Richard Nixon as candidate
July 30: 1st AFL preseason game Boston Patriots defeat Bills in Buffalo (28-7)
July 31: Elijah Muhammad, leader of Nation of Islam, calls for a black state
July 31: KSOO (now KSFY) TV channel 13 in Sioux Falls, SD (NBC) 1st broadcast
July 31: Patty Berg wins LPGA American Women's Golf Open


August 1: Aretha Franklins 1st recording session
August 1: Benin (Dahomey) gains independence from France
August 1: Chubby Checker releases "The Twist"
August 3: Niger gains independence from France
August 4: Rocket propelled USAAF research aircraft sets record at 2,150 MPH
August 5: Burkina (formerly Upper Volta) declares independence from France
August 5: Detroit trades manager Jimmy Dykes for Cleveland's manager Joe Gordon
August 6: Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) beat Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 43-16 in Toronto
August 7: Ivory Coast, Cote d'Ivoore, gains independence from France
August 7: Students stage kneel-in demonstrations in Atlanta churches
August 7: Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Waterloo Golf Open
August 8: "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" hits #1
August 9: Race riot in Jacksonville Florida
August 10: Discoverer 13 launched into orbit; returned 1st object from space
August 10: Nicolaas Jouwe forms PANA in New-Guinea
August 11: Chad declares Independence from France
August 12: 27th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Baltimore 32, All-Stars 7 (70,000)
August 12: Echo 1, 1st communications satellite, is launched
August 12: Ralph Boston of U.S., sets then long jump record at 26' 11"
August 12: USAF Major Robert M White takes X-15 to 41,600 m
August 13: Central African Republic and Chad proclaim independence from France
August 13: U.S.S.R. draws adviseors out of China
August 15: CFL's Calgary Stampeders move into McMahon Stadium
August 15: Chicago Bears beat New York Giants 16-7 in Toronto (NFL expo)
August 15: Congo (formerly Congo/Brazzaville) declares Independence from France
August 15: Mil Brave Lew Burdette no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 1-0
August 16: Britain grants independence to crown colony of Cyprus
August 16: Joseph Kittinger parachutes from balloon at 31,330 m (84,700')
August 16: Republic of Congo (Zaire, Dem Rep of Congo) forms
August 17: Francis Gary Powers U-2 spy trial opens in Moscow
August 17: Gabon gains independence from France, National Day
August 17: Indonesia drops diplomatic relations with Netherlands
August 18: 1st commercial oral contraceptive, Enovid 10 debuts in Skokie, Illinois
August 18: 1st photograph bounced off a satellite, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
August 18: Beatles give their 1st public performance (Kaiserkeller in Hamburg)
August 18: Lew Burdette pitches to just 27 for a 1-0 no-hitter against Phillies
August 19: Francis Gary Powers convicted of spying by U.S.S.R. (U-2 incident)
August 19: Sputnik 5 carries 2 dogs, 3 mice into orbit (later recovered alive)
August 20: Senegal breaks from Mali federation, declaring independence
August 20: U.S.S.R. recovers 2 dogs, 1st living organisms to return from space
August 22: Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Asheville Golf Open
August 22: Gil Hodges set NL righty home run record with #352
August 23: World's largest frog (3.3 kg) caught (Equatorial Guinea)
August 24: -127 degrees F (-88 degrees C), Vostok, Antarctica (world record)
August 24: 60 people die when bus plunges off bridge into Turvo River, Brazil
August 25: 17th summer olympics opens in Rome
August 25: AFL begins placing players names on back of their jersies
August 25: Demonstrations against premier Lumumba
August 27: Anita Lonsbrough swims world/olympic record 200m (2:49.5)
August 27: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Grossinger Golf Open
August 28: White Sox Ted Kluzewski's 3-run home run is disallowed as ump called time
August 29: Jordan premier Hazza-el-Madjali deadly injured at bomb attack
August 30: Boston 2nd baseman Pete Runnels goes 6-for-7
August 30: East Germany imposes a partial blockade on West Berlin
August 31: Agricultural Hall of Fame forms


September 1: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Eastern Golf Open
September 1: Robert Bolt's "Man For All Seasons," premieres in London
September 2: Tamara and Irina Press (U.S.S.R.) become 1st sisters to win olympic gold
September 2: William Walton's 2nd Symphony, premieres
September 4: Hurricane Donna, kills 148 in Caribbean and US
September 5: Cassius Clay captures Olympic light heavyweight gold medal
September 5: President Kasavubu fires premier Lumumba of Congo
September 5: Wilma Rudolph wins her 2nd gold medal
September 7: Ljudmila Shevcova runs female olympic record 800m (2:04.3)
September 8: East Germany limits access to East-Berlin for West Berliners
September 9: 4th American Football League plays 1st game (Denver 13, Boston 10)
September 10: Abebe Bikila runs Olympic/World record marathon (2:15:16.2)
September 10: New York Yankee Mickey Mantle hits 643' home run over right field roof in Detroit
September 11: 17th Olympic games close in Rome, Italy
September 11: 74th U.S. Womens Tennis: Darlene R Hard beats Maria Fraser (64 1012 64)
September 11: 80th U.S. Mens Tennis: Neale A Fraser beats Rodney G Laver (64 64 97)
September 12: "Vintage '60" opens at Brooks Atkinson Theater New York City for 8 performances
September 13: Dutch 1st Chamber condemns soccer-law
September 14: Chubby Checker's "Twist" hits #1
September 14: Coup under Col Joseph-Desire Mobutu in Congo
September 14: Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia and Venezuela form OPEC
September 14: KERA TV channel 13 in Dallas, Texas (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 16: Amos Alonzo Stagg retires as a football coach at 98
September 16: Milwaukee Brave Warren Spahn no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 4-0
September 17: Cuba nationalizes U.S. banks
September 17: "Vintage '60" closes at Brooks Atkinson Theater New York City after 8 performances
September 18: Mickey Wright wins LPGA Memphis Golf Open
September 19: Chubby Checkers' "Twist" reaches #1
September 20: U.N. General Assembly admit 13 African countries and Cyprus (96 nations)
September 20: WFSU TV channel 11 in Tallahassee, Florida (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 22: Mali, formerly French Sudan, declares independence from France
September 24: International Development Association (U.N. agency) comes into existence
September 24: USS Enterprise, 1st nuclear power aircraft carrier, launches
September 25: Chubby Checker's "Twist," hits #1
September 25: For 1st time since 1927, Pirates clinch NL pennant
September 25: New York Yankees clinch AL pennant
September 25: Phillies beat Reds 7-1, ending 16 consecutive Sunday loses
September 26: 1st of 4 TV debates Nixon and Kennedy took place (Chicago)
September 26: Fidel Castro gives a very long speech at the United Nations, 4 hours, 29 minutes
September 26: Ted Williams last at bat is his 521st home run off Jack Fisher
September 27: Europe's 1st "moving pavement," (travelator), opens at Bank station
September 28: "Millionaire," last airs on CBS-TV
September 28: "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own," by Connie Francis hits #1
September 28: "Queen For A Day," moves to ABC-TV
September 28: "Sunrise at Campobello" premiered at Palace theater
September 28: Ted Williams hits his final homer #521
September 29: "Johnny Ringo," TV Western Drama; last airs on CBS-TV
September 29: "lrma La Douce" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 527 performances
September 29: "My Three Sons" starring Fred MacMurray, debuts on ABC-TV
September 29: "Outlaws," TV Western Drama; debuts on NBC-TV
September 29: "Tell Laura I Love Her" by Ricky Valance peaks at #1 in UK
September 30: Flintstones premieres, 1st prime time animation show
September 30: On Howdy Doody's last show Clarabelle finally talks "Goodbye Kids"
September 30: West Germany signs trade agreement with East Germany


October 1: 14th NHL All-Star Game: All-Stars beat Montreal 2-1 at Montreal
October 1: KCBY TV channel 11 in Coos Bay, OR (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 1: Nigeria gains independence from Britain (National Day)
October 1: South Korean troops cross 38th parallel into North Korea
October 2: Louise Suggs wins LPGA San Antonio Civitan Golf Tournament
October 3: "Flair" (CBS' answer to Monitor) premieres on radio with Dick Van Dyke
October 3: Janio Quadros elected president of Brazil
October 3: San Francisco's White House department store 1st to accept BankAmericard
October 3: Yankees win 8-7, ending season on a 15 game win streak, and record 193 home runs
October 4: Courier 1B Launched; 1st active repeater satellite in orbit
October 5: British Labour party demands unilateral nuclear disarmament
October 5: Eastern AL Electra turbo-prop crashed in Boston Harbor (61 die)
October 5: KEYC TV channel 12 in Mankato, MN (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 7: 2nd John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon debate
October 7: "Route 66" premieres
October 8: Bobby Richarson hits a World Series grand slammer
October 9: Cowboy quarterback Eddie LeBaron throws shortest touchdown pass (2")
October 10: 16 California Poly football team members die in plane crash in Toledo
October 10: Cyclone hits coast of Gulf of Bengal; about 4000 die
October 10: "Laughs and Other Events" opens at Barrymore Theater New York City for 8 performances
October 10: Ron Stewart of Ottawa rushes for CFL-record 287 yards
October 10: WGTE TV channel 30 in Toledo, OH (PBS) begins broadcasting
October 11: Hurricane ravages East-Pakistan (6,000 die)
October 11: Radio - TV executive John Fetzer buys a controlling interest of Detroit Tigers
October 12: John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon's 3rd presidential debate
October 12: Nikita Khrushchev pounds his shoe at United Nations General Assembly
October 13: 3rd presidential debate with Nixon in Hollywood and Kennedy in NY
October 13: Opponents of Fidel Castro executed in Cuba
October 13: Pirate's Mazeroski's bottom of 9th lead off home run beats New York Yankees 10-9 in game 7 of 57th World Series
October 14: Belgian sen Victor Leemans reveals huge gas field in Groningen
October 14: Peace Corps 1st suggested by John F. Kennedy
October 15: "Laughs and Other Events" closes at Barrymore Theater New York City after 8 performances
October 16: NL votes to admit Houston and New York to league
October 17: "Tenderloin" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 216 performances
October 17: U.S. and Britain sign accord for nuclear sub bases
October 18: Casey Stengel retired by New York Yankees (won 10 pennants in 12 years)
October 18: In Britain, News Chronicle and Daily Mail merge, and London Evening Star merges with Evening News
October 19: France grants Mauritania independence
October 19: KWCS (now KOOG) TV channel 30 in Ogden, UT (IND) begins broadcasting
October 19: Martin Luther King, Jr. arrested in Atlanta sit-in
October 19: U.S. imposes embargo on exports to Cuba
October 20: 1st fully mechanized post office opened, Providence, RI
October 20: Ralph Houk, 41, replaces Casey Stengel as Yankee manager
October 21: 1st British nuclear sub Dreadnought launched
October 21: John F. Kennedy and Nixon clashed in 4th and final presidential debate (New York City)
October 22: Cassius Clay wins 1st battle as professional boxer
October 24: Disaster on U.S.S.R. (Baikonoer) launch pad, kills missile expert Nedelin and team (165 die-unconfirmed); U.S.S.R. claims killed in plane crash
October 25: 1st electronic wrist watch placed on sale, New York City
October 25: Cuba nationalizes all remaining U.S. businesses
October 26: AL approves Washington Senators move to become Minnesota Twins and announces franchises in LA and Washington D.C. for 1961
October 27: AL admits LA and Washington to the league
October 27: Singer Ben E King records "Spanish Harlem" and "Stand By Me"
October 29: Chartered C46 carrying California State's football team crashes, kills 16
October 29: Muhammad Ali's 1st professional fight, beats Tunney Hunsaker in 6
October 30: Guatemala's "La Hora" reports plan for invasion on Cuba
October 31: Cyclone hits coast of Gulf of Bengal; about 10,000 die


November 1: Balitmore Oriole shortstop Ron Hansen voted AL Rookie of Year
November 1: Benelux treaty goes into effect
November 2: Dmitri Sjostakovitch's 8th String quartet, premieres in Leningrad
November 2: George Weiss, at 66, resigns as General Manager of New York Yankees
November 2: Penguin Books publishes "Lady Chatterley's Lover"
November 2: Roger Maris nips Mickey Mantle as AL MVP, 225-222
November 3: Ivory Coast adopts constitution
November 3: Pittsburgh Pirates' Vern Law wins Cy Young Award
November 3: Tammy Grimes' "Unsinkable Molly Brown," premieres in New York City
November 3: "Unsinkable Molly Brown" opens at Winter Garden New York City for 532 performances
November 4: "Misfits" premieres, final movie for Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe
November 7: KNRR TV channel 12 in Pembina, ND (IND) begins broadcsting
November 8: John F. Kennedy, Senator-D-Massachusetts, beats Vice President Richard Nixon to become the 35th U.S. president
November 10: Senate passes landmark Civil Rights Bill
November 11: Largest New York Knick 49th St. MSG crowd-18,499
November 12: Coup against South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem fails
November 13: Fire in movie theater kills 152 children (Amude Spain)
November 13: Sammy Davis, Jr. marries Swedish actress May Britt
November 14: 2 passenger trains collided at high-speed killing 110 (Czechoslovakia)
November 14: Belgium threatens to leave United Nations due to criticism on it's Congo-policy
November 14: OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), forms
November 14: Ray Charles' "Georgia On My Mind" reaches #1
November 14: Riot due to school integration in New Orleans
November 15: Elgin Baylor of NBA Los Angeles Lakers scores 71 points vs New York Knicks
November 15: USS George Washington, 1st sub with nuclear ballistic missiles, launched
November 16: NL batting champion Dick Groat wins MVP
November 17: New Washington franchise is awarded to Elwood Quesada
November 18: Charlie Finley, makes a bid to purchase expansion LA Angels
November 18: Copyright office issues its 10 millionth registration
November 19: Mickey Vernon is hired as 1st manager of new Washington team
November 21: Bob Scheffing signs to manage Tigers after Casey Stengel turns it down
November 22: French National Meeting decide to build own nuclear weapons
November 23: Dodgers outfielder Frank Howard is voted NL Rookie of Year
November 23: Tinseltown dedicated its Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd
November 23: Tiros 2, a weather satellite is launched
November 24: Wilt Chamberlain pulls down 55 rebounds in a game (NBA record)
November 25: 1st atomic reactor for research and development, Richland Wa
November 25: "Amos 'n' Andy" made its last broadcast on CBS radio
November 25: CBS ends last 4 radio soap operas (Ma Perkins, Right to Happiness, Young Dr. Malone and 2nd Mrs. Burton) and cancels 4 other series
November 26: 48th CFL Grey Cup: Ottawa Rough Riders defeats Edmonton Eskimos, 16-6
November 26: Minneapolis-St. Paul baseball club takes the name Twins
November 27: CBS radio cancels "Have Gun Will Travel"
November 27: Dr. Felix Houphouet-Boigny becomes president of Ivory Coast
November 27: Gordie Howe becomes 1st NHLer to score 1,000 points
November 27: Patrice Lumumba flees Leopoldville Congo
November 27: Trailing 38-7 late in 3rd quarter, Buffalo Bills tie Broncos at 38-38
November 28: CBS radio expands hourly news coverage from 5 to 10 minutes
November 28: Mauritania gains independence from France (National Day)
November 29: 26th Heisman Trophy Award: Joe Bellino, Navy (HB)
November 30: French Senate condemns building own nuclear weapons
November 30: Tad Mosels "All the Way Home," premieres in New York City


December 1: Patrice Lumumba caught in the Congo
December 3: "Camelot" opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 873 performances
December 3: Frederick Loewe/Alan Jay Lerner's "Camelot," premieres in New York City
December 5: Ghana drops diplomatic relations with Belgium
December 6: AL grants Gene Autry a franchise, LA Angels
December 7: Ivory Coast claims independence from France
December 8: Expansion LA Angels sign a 4 year lease to use Dodger Stadium
December 9: 1st broadcast of "Coronation Street" on British ITV
December 11: Black Sunday - Riot in Algiers, 114 die
December 11: Cleveland's Bernie Parrish sets club record for longest interception return with a 92 yard run
December 11: Coleman/Leigh's musical "Wildcat" with Lucille Ball premieres in New York City
December 13: Italy beats U.S. in Davis cup (1st time in 24 years U.S. not in finals)
December 13: Laos General Fumi Nosavang occupies Vientiane
December 14: Australia vs. West Indies 1st Test Cricket at the Gabba ends in a tie
December 14: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) forms
December 14: Washington Senators joins American League
December 15: King Boudouin of Belgium marries dona Fabiola de Mora y Aragon
December 16: TWA 266 and United 826 collide over Staten Island, kills 134
December 16: "Wildcat" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 172 performances
December 17: "La Plume de Ma Tante" closes at Royale Theater New York City after 835 performances
December 17: Pablo Casals' oratorio "El Pesebrio," premieres
December 17: "Take Me Along" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 448 performances
December 18: General Meeting of United Nations condemns apartheid
December 19: Fire aboard USS Constellation, under construction at Brooklyn (50 die)
December 19: Frank Sinatra's 1st session with Reprise Records (Ring-A-Ding-Ding)
December 19: Mercury-Redstone 1A reaches 210 km in test flight
December 20: Auschwitz commandant Richard Bar arrested in West Germany
December 23: De Quay's Dutch government falls
December 23: King Saudi of Saudi-Arabia takes power
December 24: Dutch bishops question papacy values
December 26: "Do Re Mi" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 400 performances
December 26: Musical "Do re mi" with Phil Silvers premieres in New York City
December 26: Philadelphia Eagles beat Green Bay Packers 17-13 in NFL championship game
December 27: France performs nuclear test
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