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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1943 AD


January 1: Count Claus von Stauffenberg promoted to Lt-colonel
January 3: 1st missing persons telecast (New York City)
January 3: Canadian Army troops arrive in North Africa
January 4: Thomas Mann completes his tetralogy, "Joseph and His Brothers"
January 5: Teams agrees to start season later due to WW II
January 5: William H. Hastie, civilian aide to secretary of war, resigns to protest segregation in armed forces
January 9: Japanese government in Java limits sale and use of motorcars
January 10: 1st U.S. President to visit a foreign country in wartime-FDR leaves for Casablanca, Morocco
January 10: Russian offensive against German 6th/4th Armies near Stalingrad
January 11: U.S. and Britain relinquish extraterritorial rights in China
January 12: Frankfurters replaced by Victory Sausages (mix of meat and soy meal)
January 13: British premier Winston Churchill arrives in Casablanca
January 13: Hitler declares "Total War"
January 13: Russian offensive at Don under general Golikov
January 13: U.S. infantry captures Galloping Horse-ridge Guadalcanal
January 14: Alex Smart (Mont) is 1st NHLer to score hat trick in his 1st game
January 14: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill confer in Casablanca concerning WW II
January 14: Heinrich Himmler views Warsaw
January 15: 1st transport of Jews from Amsterdam to concentration camp Vught
January 15: World's largest office building, Pentagon, completed
January 16: 1st U.S. air raid on Ambon
January 16: -60 degrees F (-51 degrees C), Island Park Dam, Idaho (state record)
January 16: German 2nd SS-Pantzer division evacuates Charkow
January 16: Red Army recaptures Pitomnik airport at Stalingrad
January 17: Tin Can Drive Day
January 18: Jews in Warsaw Ghetto begin resistance of Nazis
January 18: Presliced bread sale banned to reduce bakery demand for metal parts
January 18: Soviets announce they broke long Nazi siege of Leningrad
January 18: U.S. rations bread and metal
January 18: Uprising in Warsaw ghetto
January 19: Joint Chiefs of Staff decide on invasion in Sicily
January 20: Lead, South Dakota, temp is 52 degrees F, while 1.5 miles away Deadwood SD records -16 degrees F
January 20: Operation-Weiss: Assault of German, Italian, Bulgarian and Croatian
January 21: Soviet forces reconquer Gumrak airport near Stalingrad
January 21: Soviet forces reconquer Worosjilowsk
January 21: Vice-Admiral Cunningham appointed British adm of fleet
January 22: 66.3 cm precipitation at Hoegees Camp, California (state record)
January 22: Battle of Anzio: Italy; Allies stopped on beach
January 22: Joint Chiefs of Staff determine invasion in Sicily for July 10th
January 22: Temperature rises 49 degrees F (9 degrees C) in 2 minutes in Spearfish, SD
January 23: 66.34 cm (26.12"), Hoegees Camp, California (state record)
January 23: British 8th army marches into Tripoli
January 23: Detroit Red Wings scores NHL record 8 goals in 1 period
January 23: Japanese Mount Austen on Guadalcanal captured
January 24: Hitler orders nazi troops at Stalingrad to fight to death
January 24: Jewish patients/nurses/doctors incinerated at Auschwitz-Birkenau
January 27: 1st U.S. air attack on Germany (Wilhelmshafen)
January 28: Chicago Blackhawks beats New York Rangers 10-1, Max Bentley scores 4 goals
January 28: Forward Doug Bentley sets NHL record with 5 points in a game
January 29: New Zealand's Kiwi cruiser collides with Japanese sub I-1 at Guadalcanal
January 29: Sidney Kingsley's "Patriots," premieres in New York City
January 30: 6 British Mosquito's daylight bomb Berlin
January 30: German assault on French in Tunisia
January 30: German under officers shot down in Haarlem, Netherlands
January 30: Hitler promotes Friedrich von Paul to general-Field Marshal
January 30: Illegal opposition newspaper Loyal begins publishing
January 30: USS Chicago sinks in Pacific Ocean
January 31: 39 U boats sunk this month (203,100 ton)
January 31: Chile breaks contact with Germany and Japan
January 31: General Friedrich von Paul surrenders to Russian troops at Stalingrad


February 1: German occupiers make Vidkun Quisling Norwegian premier
February 1: Mussert forms pro Nazi shadow cabinet (Netherlands)
February 2: Battle of Stalingrad ends with final surrender of the German army
February 2: Cubs return to original uniform after experimenting with a vest
February 2: German 6th Army surrenders at Stalingrad, turning point of WW II
February 3: 4 chaplains drown after giving up their life jackets to others
February 4: Bertolt Brecht's "Der gute Mensch von Sezuan," premieres in Zurich
February 5: Amsterdam resistance group CS-6 shoots nazi general Seyffardt
February 5: Clandestine Radio Atlantiksender, Germany, 1st transmission
February 6: 1st Spitfire in action above Darwin, Australia, Mu Ki-46 shot down
February 6: Singer Frank Sinatra debuts on radio's "Your Hit Parade"
February 7: Shoe rationing begins in U.S. (may purchase up to 3 more pairs in 1942)
February 8: Red Army recaptures Kursk
February 9: Franklin D. Roosevelt orders minimal 48 hour work week in war industry
February 9: German riots at "plutocratenzoontjes," 1,200 in Vught Camp
February 9: Japanese evacuate Guadalcanal, ends epic battle
February 9: Nazis arrest Dutch sons of rich parents
February 9: NL seeks buyer for Phillies, as owner Gerry Nugent, falls in arrears
February 10: 8th Army sweeps through North Africa to Tunisia
February 10: "Manifesto of Algerian People" calls for equality and self-determination
February 10: Van der Veen Resistance starts fire in Amsterdam employment bureau
February 11: General Eisenhower selected to command the allied armies in Europe
February 11: Transport nr 47 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
February 12: General Eisenhower departs Algiers to Tebessa
February 13: German assault on Sidi Bou Zid Tunisia, General Eisenhower visits front
February 13: Women's Marine Corps created
February 14: German offensive through de Faid-pass Tunisia
February 14: Soviets recapture Rostov
February 15: Women's camp Tamtui on Ambon (Moluccas) hit by allied air raid
February 16: -32 degrees F (-36 degrees C), Falls Village, Connecticut (state record)
February 16: British premier Winston Churchill gets pneumonia
February 16: Red army conquers Kharkov
February 16: Sign on Munich facade: "Out with Hitler! Long live freedom!" done by "White Rose" student group, caught on 2/18, beheaded on 2/22
February 16: Withdrawing Africa Corps reaches Mareth-line in North-Africa
February 17: Dutch churches protest at Seyss-Inquart against persecution of Jews
February 17: General-major Bradley flies to Washington D.C.
February 17: Hitler visits Field Marshal von Mansteins hq in Zaporozje
February 17: New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio, enlists into the U.S. army
February 18: 1st edition of Dutch resistance newspaper "Trouw"
February 18: Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (Chilean gen/dictator) marries Lucia Hiriart
February 18: Munich resistance group "White Rose" captured by Nazis
February 18: William D. Cox buys Philadelphia Phillies
February 19: German tanks under Brigadier General Buelowius attack Kasserine Pass Tunesia
February 20: Allied troops occupy Kasserine pass in Tunisia
February 20: New volcano Paracutin erupts in farmer's corn patch (Mexico)
February 20: Phil Wrigley and B Rickey charter All-American Girls Softball League
February 21: Dutch RC bishops protest against persecution of Jews
February 21: German offensive at Western Dorsalgebergte Tunisia
February 23: German troops pull back through Kasserine-pass Tunisia
February 23: Major General Bradley arrives in Dakar and Marrakesh
February 24: General-major Bradley flies to Algiers
February 24: Texas League announces it will quit for the duration of WW II
February 25: Vietminh forms Indo Chinese Democratic Front
February 26: German assault moves to Beja North Tunisia
February 28: 63 U Boats (359,300 ton) sinks this month
February 28: "Porgy and Bess" opens on Broadway with Anne Brown and Todd Duncan


March 1: Jewish old age home for disabled in Amsterdam raided
March 2: 1st transport from Westerbork Netherlands to Sobibor concentration camp
March 2: Sea battle in Bismarck Sea finishes, U.S. and Australia win
March 3: Bomb fleeing crowd falls into London shelter; 173 die
March 3: F Ryerson and Cohn Claues' "Harriet," premieres in New York City
March 3: U.S. defeats Japan and wins Battle of Bismark Sea
March 4: Transport nr 50 departs with French Jews to Maidanek/Sobibor
March 5: Anti fascist strikes in Italy
March 5: RAF bombs Essen Germany
March 6: Battle at Medenine, North-Africa: Rommels assault attack
March 6: Sukarno asks for cooperation with Japanese occupiers
March 7: General-major Patton arrives in Djebel Kouif Tunisia
March 8: 335 allied bombers attack Neurenberg
March 8: Limited gambling legalized in Mexico
March 8: U.S. Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Gretchen Merrill
March 8: U.S. Mens Figure Skating championship won by Arthur Vaughn
March 9: Delft opposition group-Pahud de Mortanges overthrown
March 9: Greek Jews of Salonika are transported to Nazi extermination camps
March 11: Nazi Militia forms in Netherlands
March 12: Soviet troops liberate Wjasma
March 13: Baseball approves official ball (with cork and balata)
March 13: Failed assassin attempt on Hitler during Smolensk-Rastenburg flight
March 13: Frank Dixon wins Knights of Columbus mile (4:09.6)
March 15: Allied reconnaissance flight over Java
March 15: Red Army evacuates Kharkov
March 16: Elin K (No) and Zaanland (Netherlands) torpedoed and sinks
March 17: Aldemarin (Ned) and Fort Cedar Lake (U.S.) torpedoed and sinks
March 17: F. Hugh Herbert's "Kiss and Tell," premieres in New York City
March 18: James Oglethorpe (U.S.) and Terkolei (Netherlands), torpedoed and sinks
March 18: Red Army evacuates Belgorod
March 19: Airship Canadian Star torpedoed and sinks
March 20: British offensive against Mareth-line
March 20: German U-384 bombed and sinks
March 21: Assassination attempt on Hitler fails
March 21: British 8th army opens assault on Mareth line, Tunisia
March 22: Dutch work week extended to 54 hour
March 22: Obligatory work for woman ends in Belgium
March 22: SS police chief Rauter threatens to kill half Jewish children
March 23: German counter attack on U.S. lines in Tunisia
March 25: 97% of all Dutch physicians strike againt nazi registration
March 25: Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore premiere on radio
March 26: Battle of Komandorski Islands, Pacific Ocean
March 26: Elsie S. Ott becomes 1st woman awarded U.S. Air Force Medal
March 27: Assassination attempt on Van de Peat at Amsterdams census bureau
March 27: Blue Ribbon Town (with Groucho Marx) 1st heard on CBS Radio
March 27: U.S. begins assault on Fondouk-pass, Tunisia
March 29: Meat rationed in U.S., 784 gram/week, 2 kilogram for GI's
March 29: Meat, butter and cheese rationed in U.S. during WW II
March 30: 5th NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: University of Wyoming beat Georgetown 46-34
March 30: British 1st army recaptures Sejenane
March 30: Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!," premieres in New York City
March 31: U.S. errantly bombs Rotterdam, kills 326


April 3: Jan Dieters (leader of illegal CPN) arrested
April 5: Allies bomb Mortsel
April 5: Japanese troops conquer Indin
April 5: Poon Lim found after being adrift 133 days
April 6: British and U.S. Army link up in Africa during WW II
April 6: British offensive at Wadi Akarit, South-Tunisia
April 6: Lou Jansen, leader of illegal Dutch political party (CPN) arrested
April 7: Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini met for an Axis conference in Salzburg
April 7: British and U.S. troops make contact at Wadi Akarit, South-Tunisia
April 7: Lieutenant Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg seriously wounded at allied air raid
April 7: NFL adopts free substitution rule
April 8: Hakuun Yasutani Roshi, founder of Sanbo Kyodan, receives dharma
April 8: Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya convicted of involvement with Mau Mau
April 8: Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings sweep Boston Bruins in 4 games
April 10: 12 Jewish patients of Herren Loo-Lozenoord escape nazis
April 10: General Montgomery occupies Sfax Tunisia
April 11: Frank Piasecki, Vertol founder, flies his 1st (single-rotor) craft
April 12: Allies conquer Soussa, North-Africa
April 12: Dutch Catholic University Nijmegen closed
April 13: Catholic University Nijegen closes
April 13: Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicates Jefferson Memorial
April 13: Nazi's discover mass grave of Polish officers near Katyn
April 14: General Alexander, Eisenhower, Anderson and Bradley discuss assault on Tunis
April 14: James Gow and A d'Usseau's "Tomorrow the World," premieres in New York City
April 15: Metropolitan Life Insurances issues a $225 million check to Chase
April 16: 40 German bombers attack Haarlem, Netherlands, 85 killed
April 17: Admiral Yamamoto flies from Truk to Rabaul
April 19: 47th Boston Marathon won by Gerard Cote of Canada in 2:28:25.8
April 19: Jews attack Nazi occupation forces at Warsaw Ghetto
April 19: Revolt in Warsaw Ghetto under Mordechai Anielewicz
April 20: Braves manager Casey Stengel is struck by a taxi, fractures a leg
April 22: German counter attack in North-Tunisia
April 22: RAF shoots down 14 German transport planes over Mediterranean Sea
April 23: British and U.S. offensive directed at Tunis/Bizerta
April 27: Lou Jansen and Jan Dieters arrested, lead illegal CPN party in Holland
April 27: Soviet Union breaks contact with Polish government exiled in London
April 28: 1st performance of Marc Blitzstein's "Freedom Morning"
April 28: German-Italian counter offensive in North-Africa
April 28: U.S. 34th Division occupies Djebel el Hara North Tunisia
April 29: Dietrich Bonhoffer arrested by nazis
April 29: Noel Coward's "Present Laughter," premieres in London
April 29: U.S. 34th Division occupies Hill 609, North Tunisia
April 30: Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp for Jews forms
April 30: Dutch strike against forced labor in Nazi Germany's war industry
April 30: Noel Coward's "This Happy Breed," premieres in London


May 1: 1st edition of illegal "The Free Artist" appears in Amsterdam
May 1: 69th Kentucky Derby: Johnny Longden aboard Count Fleet wins in 2:04
May 1: Food rationing begins in U.S.
May 1: German plane sinks boat loaded with Palestinian Jews bound for Malta
May 1: German Wehrmacht deployed in order to break Dutch strikes
May 1: Rauter signs unofficial death sentence
May 2: German troops vacate Jefna Tunisia
May 3: Pulitzer prize awarded to Upton Sinclair (Dragon's Teeth)
May 3: Strike against obligatory labor camps ends, after 200 killed
May 3: U.S. 1st armour division occupies Mateur Tunisia
May 4: NL Ford Frick demonstrates revised balata ball to reporters by bouncing it on his office carpet ball proves to be 50% livelier
May 5: Postmaster General Frank C Walker invents Postal Zone System
May 6: British 1st army opens assault on Tunis
May 7: British 11th Huzaren occupies Tunis Tunisia
May 7: Dutch men 18-35 obliged to report to labor camps
May 7: Liberty Ship George Washington Carver, named after scientist, launched
May 7: U.S. 1st Armour division occupies Ferryville, Tunisia
May 7: U.S. 9th Infantry division occupies Bizerta/Bensert, Tunisia
May 8: 69th Preakness: Johnny Longden aboard Count Fleet wins in 1:57.4
May 8: Adm Cunningham of British fleet: "Sink, burn and destroy; let nothing pass"
May 9: 5th German Pantser army surrenders in Tunisia
May 9: Rotschild-Haddassh University Hospital opens
May 11: Hermann Goering division in Tunisia surrenders
May 11: U.S. 7th div lands on Attu, Aleutian, (1st U.S. territory recaptured)
May 12: Axis forces in North Africa surrender
May 12: British premier Winston Churchill arrives in U.S.
May 12: German troops in Tunisia North Africa surrender
May 13: German and Italian forces in Africa surrender
May 13: German occupiers confiscate all radios
May 15: Halifax bombers sinks U-463
May 15: Warsaw ghetto uprising ends, in it's destruction
May 16: German troops destroy synagogue of Warsaw
May 16: Jewish resistance in the Warsaw ghetto ends after 30 days of fighting
May 16: RAF bombs Mohne and Eder (Battle of Ruhr)
May 18: Allied bombers attack Pantelleria in the Mediterranean Sea
May 19: Berlin is declared "Judenrien" (free of Jews)
May 19: Churchill pledges England's full support to U.S. against Japan
May 20: French, British and U.S. victory parade in Tunis Tunisia
May 21: Fastest 9 inning AL baseball game (89 minutes), White Sox beat Senators
May 22: 1st jet fighter is tested
May 22: RAF scatters 1st copies of "The Flying Hollander"
May 22: Stalin disbands Komintern
May 23: 826 Allied bombers attack Dortmund
May 23: In Dr. Faustus, Serenus Zeitblom begins his bio of Adrian Leverkuhn
May 23: Thomas Mann begins writing his novel Dr. Faustus
May 24: Admiral Donitz stops U-boat in Atlantic Ocean
May 24: U-441 shoots Sunderland seaplane down over Gulf of Biskaje
May 25: Riot at Mobile Alabama shipyard over upgrading 12 black workers
May 25: Trident conference in Washington D.C. (operation plan '43 against Japan)
May 26: 1st president of a black country to visit U.S. (Edwin Barclay, Liberia)
May 26: Jews riot against Germany in Amsterdam
May 26: Premier Churchill and General Marshall fly from U.S. to North Africa
May 27: French defiance under Jean Moulin meets secretly in Paris
May 27: U.S. forbid racial discrimination in war industry
May 28: British militia reaches Tito
May 29: Confederacy of Algiers (Churchill-Marshall-Eisenhower)
May 29: Meat and cheese rationed in U.S.
May 30: French general De Gaulle arrives in Algiers
May 30: U.S. troops reconquer Attu Aleutians
May 31: "Archie" comic strip 1st broadcast on radio
May 31: Cards Mort Cooper pitches 1st of back-to-back one-hitters


June 1: Germany shoots down a civilian flight from Lisbon to London, all die
June 1: Pirates Rip Sewell 1st throws his dew-drop (eephus) ball in a game
June 2: 99th Pursuit Squadron flies 1st combat mission, over Italy
June 2: German assault on Sebastopol Krim, begins
June 3: United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration forms
June 4: Argentina taken over by General Rawson and Col Juan Peron
June 4: St. Louis Card Mort Cooper pitches his 2nd consecutive 1 hitter
June 5: 75th Belmont: Johnny Longden aboard Count Fleet wins in 2:28.2
June 5: German occupiers arrest Louvain University's chancellor
June 9: U.S. income tax withholding paycheck deductions authorized
June 10: Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes 1st U.S. President to visit a foreign country during wartime
June 11: British invades Pantelleria, tiny island south of Sicily
June 11: Heinrich Himmler orders liquidation of Polish ghettos
June 12: Himmler orders extermination of all Polish ghettos
June 15: Congress of racial Equality (CORE) forms
June 17: Player-manager Joe Cronin of Red Sox hits two 3-run pinch home runs
June 18: SS Police in Amsterdam sentence for 12 resistance fighter to death (Jewish, communists, homosexuality) at the census bureau
June 19: NFL's Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers merge, (dissolves on Dec 5)
June 19: "Shiek Of Arahy" Spike Jones and City Slickers peaks at #19
June 20: Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) founded
June 20: Detroit race riot kills 35
June 20: German round up Jews in Amsterdam
June 20: National Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) organizes
June 20: New Quebec (Chubb) Crater discovered in northern Quebec (3 km dia)
June 20: Sweden's Gunther Hagg beats favorite Greg Rice by 35 yards in 5,000m at national AAU track and field championship in NY
June 21: Federal troops put down racial riot in Detroit 30 dead
June 22: WEB DuBois becomes 1st Black member of National Institute of Letters
June 23: Dutch artsens protest against nazis
June 23: RAF discovers Werner von Brauns V1/V2-base in Peenemunde
June 24: Allies begin 10-day bombing on Hamburg
June 25: Crematory III at Birkenau is finished
June 25: Seyss-Inquart orders mass arrests of Dutch physicians
June 27: Elly Dammers throws Dutch record spear (41,43m)
June 27: Fanny Blankers-Koen runs Dutch record 200m (24.5)
June 29: Germany begins withdrawing U-boats from North Atlantic in anticipation of the Allied invasion of Europe
June 29: Pope Pius XII encyclical Mystic Corporis (mystic body of Christ)
June 29: U.S. forces landed at Nassau Bay, near Salamaua, New Guinea
June 30: General MacArthur begins Operation Cartwheel, island-hopping


July 1: "Pay-as-you-go" - 1st withholding tax from paychecks
July 2: Gulf of Biskaje: Liberator bombers sinks U-126
July 2: Indians score 12 runs in 4th inning and beat Yankees 12-0
July 2: Lt Charles Hall, becomes 1st black pilot to shoot down Nazi plane
July 3: Liberator bombers sinks U-628
July 5: Battle of Gulf of Kula
July 5: Battle of Koersk, U.S.S.R. begins (6,000 tanks)
July 5: Liberator bombers sink U-535 in Gulf of Biskaye
July 5: U.S. invasion fleet of 96 ships sails to Sicily
July 6: 2nd day of battle at Kursk: 25,000 German killed
July 6: U.S. destroyer William D. Porter [Willie Dee] launched
July 7: 3rd day of battle at Kursk: Germans occupy Dubrova
July 7: Erich Hartmann shoots 7 Russian aircraft at Kursk
July 7: Japanese premier Hideki Tojo visits Java
July 7: Liberator bombers sinks U-517
July 8: 4th day of battle at Kursk: General Model uses last tank reserve
July 8: British air raid sinks U-232
July 8: U.S. invasion fleet passes Bizerta, Tunisia
July 9: 5th day of battle at Kursk: Germans occupy Verchopenje
July 9: British air raid sinks U-435
July 10: 6th day of battle at Kursk
July 10: U.S. and Britain invade Sicily in WW II, Operation Husky
July 11: 7th day of battle at Kursk
July 11: Counter attack by Hermann Goering Armour division in Sicily
July 11: U.S. 45th Division occupies airport Comiso, Sicily
July 11: U.S. 82nd Airborne division shot at, by "friendly fire" in Sicily
July 12: Battle of Kolombangara (2nd battle of Gulf of Kula)
July 12: National Committee Freies Deutschland forms
July 12: Pope Pius XII receives German ambassador baron von Weizsacker
July 12: Russian offensive at Orel
July 12: Tank battle at Prochorowka - Russians beat Nazis, about 12,000 die
July 13: 11th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 5-3 at Shibe Park, Philadelphia
July 13: Greatest tank battle in history ends with Russia's defeat of Germany at Kursk, almost 6,000 tanks take part, 2,900 were lost by Germany
July 17: RAF bombs Germany rocket base Peenemunde
July 18: British assault on Catania Sicily
July 18: Giants and Phillies strand record 30 baserunners, New York wins, 10-6
July 19: 500 allied air forces raid Rome during WW II
July 20: Joint Chiefs of Staff question Admiral Nimitz (landing Gilbert Island)
July 22: U.S. forces led by General George Patton liberate Palermo, Sicily
July 23: Battle of Koersk, U.S.S.R. ends in Nazi defeat (6,000 tanks)
July 23: U.S. 45th Infantry division occupies north coast of Termini
July 24: RAF bombs Hamburg (20,000 dead)
July 25: 1st warship named for a Black person, USS Leonard Roy Harmon, launched
July 25: Benito Mussolini captured, dismissed as premier of Italy during WW II
July 25: Opposition group Zwaantje forms in Delfzijl
July 25: RAF bombs Fokker airplane factory in Amsterdam
July 26: 120 degrees F (49 degrees C), Tishmoningo, Oklahoma (state record)
July 26: Otto Skorzeny's commando group arrives in Rome
July 27: 772 British bombers attack Hamburg
July 28: Italian Facist dictator Benito Mussolini resigns
July 28: President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces end of coffee rationing in U.S.
July 29: 1 million inhabitants flee Hamburg
July 29: Nazi's evacuate Hollandsche Theater in Amsterdam
July 30: Last Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney movie released (Girl Crazy)
July 30: U.S. 45th Infantry division occupies San Stefano
July 31: Transport nr 58 departs with French Jews to nazi Germany


August 1: Japan declares Burma Independence under U Ba Maw
August 1: Race riot in Harlem New York City
August 1: Sunderland seaplanes sink U-454 and U-383
August 2: Armed revolt breaks out in Treblinka
August 2: Lt. John F. Kennedy's PT-boat 109 sinks at Solomon islands
August 2: RAF bombs Hamburg
August 2: Sunderland seaplanes sinks U-706 and U-106
August 2: Uprising at Treblinka Concentration Camp (crematorium destroyed)
August 3: Gen. Patton slaps a U.S. GI in the hospital accusing him of cowardice
August 3: Nazi occupiers attack city Orel, leave it in fire
August 4: British premier Churchill travels on the Queen Mary to Canada
August 4: Russian units reach suburbs of Orel
August 4: USAF bombs Germans in Troina
August 5: Sicily: 3 U.S. A-36's bomb British headquarter
August 5: Soviet forces reconquer Orel and Bjelgorod
August 6: U.S. 1st Infantry division occupies node Troina Sicily
August 7: Red Army recaptures Bogodukov
August 8: Common Chiefs of staff meet in Quebec
August 8: U.S. amphibians land at St. Agata on North coast of Sicily
August 8: Vegetables and fruit rationed in Holland
August 9: Bertolt Brecht's "Leben des Galilei," premieres in Zurich
August 10: Dutch submarine attacks Island Hertenbeest in NW Bali
August 10: Hitler watches lynching of allied pilots
August 11: Red Army recaptures Tchukujev, at Kharkov
August 11: Richard Strauss' 2nd Horn Concert, premieres
August 11: U.S. amphibians land at Brolo on north coast of Sicily
August 13: Red army recaptures Spas-Demensk
August 14: 1st allied air raid on Borneo
August 14: U.S. 45th Division occupies Falcone 40 km outside of Messina
August 15: Allies land on Kiska Aleutians
August 16: 1st Long Tom bombs on Italian mainland (from Sicily)
August 16: Bulgarian czar Boris III visits Adolf Hitler
August 17: 498 British bombers attack Peenemunde
August 17: General Patton enters Messina, completing conquest of Sicily by Allies
August 17: U.S. 8th Air Force loses 60 B-17O at attack on Regensburg/Schweinfurt
August 18: Carl Hubbell wins his 253rd and final game, all with Giants
August 18: Final convoy of Jews from Salonika Greece arrive at Auschwitz
August 18: Otto Skorzeny's Heinkel-111 shot down at Sardinia
August 19: Belgian church excommunicates nazi Leon Degrelle
August 19: U.S. air raid on German bases at Gilze-Rijen/Vlissingen
August 21: Gromyko named U.S.S.R.-ambassador in Washington
August 21: Japan leaves Aleutian Islands
August 22: Soviet troops free Karkov
August 23: Red army recaptures Charkow
August 24: Philadelphia A's drop AL record tying 20th game in a row, win the 2nd game
August 25: 10th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: All-Stars 27, Washington 7 (48,471)
August 25: German occupiers impose 72-hour work week
August 25: Lord Mountbatten appointed Supreme Allied Commander in SE Asia
August 25: Red Army under General Vatutin recaptures Achtyrka
August 25: U.S. forces overrun New Georgia in Solomon Islands during WW II
August 28: Denmark, declares a universal strike against Nazi occupiers
August 28: Mussolini transfered from La Maddalena Sardinia to Gran Sasso
August 29: Denmark scuttles their warships so as not to be taken by Germany
August 31: 1st battle of Essex/new Yorktown: U.S. assault on Marcus Island
August 31: Japanse occupiers intern Jewish Congregation of Sorabajo


September 3: British 8th army lands in South Italy (Messina)
September 3: General Castellano signs cease fire treaty in Sicily
September 4: British 8th army lands at Taranto South Italy
September 5: 57th U.S. Womens Tennis: Pauline Betz beats A Louise Brough (63 57 63)
September 5: U.S. airland at Nadzab, New-Guinea
September 6: 63rd U.S. Mens Tennis: J R Hunt Seaman beats Jack Kramer (63 68 108 60)
September 6: Carl Scheib becomes youngest pitcher in AL (16y 8 ms) of the A's
September 6: "Congressional Limited" train derails near Frankfort Pa, kills 79
September 7: 987 Dutch Jewish transported to Auschwitz Concentration Camp
September 7: Fire in decrepit old Gulf Hotel kills 45 (Houston Texas)
September 8: General Eisenhower announce unconditional surrender of Italy in WW II
September 8: Lieutenant-general Bradley flies to Carthago/Algiers Sicily
September 8: New York Giants' pitcher Ace Adams sets record by working in his 62nd game
September 9: 15 German JU-88's sink Italian flag ship Rome
September 9: Lieutenant-general Bradley flies from Algiers to to Marrakech/Prestwick
September 9: Red Army occupies Bachmatsj
September 9: U.S., British and French troops land in Salerno (operation Avalanche)
September 10: British 8th army occupies Tarente
September 10: German troops occupied Rome and took over the protection of Vatican City
September 10: Italian fleet anchors at Malta
September 10: Lieutenant-general Bradley arrives in Prestwick/London
September 11: Allied arm forces conquerors Salerno
September 11: Jewish ghettos of Minsk and Lida Belorussia liquidated
September 11: Last German Q/pirate ship sinks near Easter Island
September 11: U.S. and Australian troops join in Salamaua, New Guinea
September 12: Free French lands on Corsica
September 12: German paratroopers, on orders of Adolf Hitler, seize former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini who was being held prisoner by the government
September 12: Waffen-SS (Skorzeny) frees Mussolini at Gran Sasso
September 13: Chiang Kai-shek became president of China
September 13: German counter attack at Salerno
September 13: Having been Generalissimo since 1928, Chiang Kai-shek elected president
September 14: Comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara marries
September 14: Yankees clinch pennant #14
September 15: Benito Mussolini forms a rival fascist government in Italy
September 15: Concentration Camp Kauwen in Lithuania opens
September 15: Concentration Camp Vaivara in Estonia opens
September 16: Montgomery's 8th army contacts invasion - arm forces at Salerno
September 16: Soviet army under general Vatutin reconquer Romny
September 17: Load of "ammunition in transit" explodes at Norfolk Naval Air Station
September 17: Red Army recaptures Brjansk
September 18: Cardinals clinch NL pennant
September 18: Hitler orders deportation of Danish Jews (unsuccessful)
September 19: Fanny Whiteers-Koen breaks jumping world record
September 19: Liberator bombers sinks U-341
September 20: Liberator bombers sinks U-338
September 21: Arundel (Solomon Island) in U.S. hands
September 21: Lynch Triangle (Square) in Bronx named
September 21: Russian 13th/61st Army reconquer Chyernigov
September 21: Soviet forces reach Dnjepr
September 22: British dwarf submarines attack Tirpitz
September 22: Destroyer Itchen torpedoed and sinks
September 22: Destroyer Keppel sinks U-229
September 24: Soviet forces reconquer Smolensk
September 25: Russian troops liberate Smolensk
September 27: Anti-fascism opposition begins in Naples
September 27: Dutch opposition newspaper "The Slogan" publishes KZ-Lower letter
September 29: 1st Silbertanne-murder by German occupiers in Meppel
September 29: Eisenhower and Italian Marshal Pietro Badoglio sign an armistice
September 29: German riots at Amsterdam Jews
September 29: Zjadovs 5th Gardeleger/Managarovs 53rd Army reconquer Kremenchug
September 30: Pope Pius XII encyclical on Divine spirit


October 1: Allied forces captured Naples during WW II
October 1: Averell Harriman named U.S. ambassador to Moscow
October 1: Germans attack Jews in Denmark
October 1: King's Dragon Guards liberates suburbs of Naples
October 2: Japanse troops leave Kolombangara, Solomon Island
October 2: Yankees sweep 14th doubleheader of year, beating Browns, 5-1 and 7-6
October 3: British 8th army lands at Termoli, East Italy
October 3: Operations begin at PETA Java, defending (Japanese) fatherland
October 4: Corsica freed by Free French
October 4: German occupiers forbid flying of kites (6 month jail sentence)
October 5: U.S. air raid on Wake
October 6: Battle at Vella Lavella, Solomon Island
October 6: Himmler wants acceleration of "Final Solution"
October 7: Weill/Perelman/Nash' musical "One Touch of Venus," premieres in New York City
October 8: Great Britain establishes bases on Azores
October 10: Chiang Kai-shek takes oath of office as president of China
October 10: U.S. bombers accidentally strike Enschede, Netherlands, causing 151 deaths
October 11: New York Yankees beat Cards 4 games to 1, in 40th World Series, to become 1st team to win 10 World Series
October 12: U.S. bombs Rabaul, New Britain
October 13: Italy declares war on former Axis partner Germany
October 14: 400 Jews escape in uprising at Sobibor extermination Camp in Poland
October 14: Japan declares Philippine Independence (premier/president Jose Laurel)
October 14: Outbreak attempt in Sobibor Concentration Camp
October 14: U.S. 8th Air Force loses 60 B-17 during assault on Schweinfurt
October 16: Anti Jewish riot in Rome
October 16: Chicago Mayor Ed Kelly opens city's new subway system
October 16: Jewish quarter of Rome surrounded by Nazis, they are sent to Auschwitz
October 16: U.S. 1st Army establishes headquarter in Bristol
October 17: Liberators sink U-540 and U-631
October 18: U.S. bombing of Bougainville, Solomon Island
October 19: Conference of foreign ministers in Moscow
October 19: Theater Guild presentation of "Othello" opens at Shubert
October 19: Yankee 2nd baseman Joe Gordon announces retirement (hates New York)
October 23: 1st Jewish transport out of Rome reaches camp Birkenau
October 23: Burma railway opens
October 24: Anti-nazi Clandestine Radio Soldatsender Calais begins transmitting
October 25: Burma railroad completed and opens
October 28: U-220 sinks
October 29: 3 allied officers escape out camp Stalag Luft 3
October 30: Italian director Federico Fellini marries actress Giulietta Masina
October 30: Molotov-Eden-Cordell Hull accord over operations at UN
October 30: Soviet forces under Tolbuchin stick Sivash-bay about
October 31: Washington Redskin Sammy Baugh passes for 6 touchdowns vs Brooklyn (48-10)


November 1: Dim-out ban lifted in San Francisco Bay area
November 1: U.S. troops land on Bougainville Island on Solomon Island
November 2: Jewish ghetto of Riga Latvia is destroyed
November 3: Dmitri Sjostakovitch's 8th Symphony premieres in Moscow
November 3: P-47D Thunderbolt shot down above North-Holland
November 4: France arrests government of Lebanon
November 5: Vatican bombed
November 6: Russian troops land on Kertsj peninsula
November 6: Soviet forces reconquer Kiev
November 6: Stalin says: "The issue of German fascism is lost"
November 7: Detroit Lions 0, New York Giants 0; last scoreless tie in NFL
November 11: Spud Chandler wins AL MVP; Stan Musial wins NL MVP
November 11: U.S. air raid on Rabaul
November 12: Landwacht (NSB-political party) forms in Netherlands
November 14: Chicago Bear Sid Luckman passes for 7 touchdowns vs New York Giants (56-7)
November 14: J Postma, C Schalker, D Goulooze arrested for leading illegal CPN
November 18: 1st U.S. ambassador to Canada, Ray Atherton, nominated
November 18: 444 British bombers attack Berlin
November 18: U-211 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
November 19: U-536 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
November 20: U-538 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
November 20: U.S. forces land on Tarawa and Makin Atoll in Gilbert Island
November 21: 7 Belgian ministers in London sentence King Leopold III
November 22: FDR, Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek meet to discuss ways to defeat Japan
November 22: Lebanon declares independence from French administration
November 22: RAF begins air bombing of Berlin
November 22: U.S. troops land on Abemada, Gilbert Island
November 23: 1st printing of illegal "Warheid"
November 23: British Forces Broadcasting Service begins operation
November 23: Phils owner William D. Cox is permanently banned from baseball for having bet on his own team
November 23: U.S. forces take control of Tarawa, Gilbert Island and Makin from Japanese
November 25: U-600 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
November 27: 31st CFL Grey Cup: Hamilton Flying Wildcats defeat Winn Bombers, 23-14
November 27: Conference of Teheran (Churchill-Roosevelt-Stalin)
November 28: FDR, Churchill and Stalin met at Tehran to map out strategy
November 29: Partisan Tito forms temporary government in Jajce Bosnia
November 29: U-86 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
November 29: U.S. aircraft carrier Hornet launched


December 1: FDR, Churchill and Stalin agree to Operation Overlord (D-Day)
December 2: 1st RSHA transport out of Vienna reaches Birkenau camp
December 3: 9th Heisman Trophy Award: Angelo Bertelli, Notre Dame (quarterback)
December 3: Battle of Monte Cassino, Italy begins
December 3: Howard Hanson's 4th Symphony, premieres
December 3: Strike of Monte Cassino, Italy begins
December 4: 2nd conference of Cairo: FDR, Churchill and Turkish President Inonu
December 4: Yugoslavian resistance forms provisionary government under Dr. Ribar
December 5: NFL Philadelphia Eagle-Pitts Steeler merger disolves
December 7: Cairo: president Roosevelt travels back to the US
December 8: John Van Druten's "Voice of the Turtle," premieres in New York City
December 10: British 8th Army occupies Orsogna/Ortona Italy
December 13: 150 U.S. Marauders bomb Schiphol
December 16: "Tamiami Champion" trains collide, kills 73 and injures 200
December 17: Transport 63 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
December 19: Military coup in Bolivia
December 20: "International" is no longer U.S.S.R. National Anthem
December 22: Manufacturers get permission to use synthetic rubber for baseball core
December 22: WEB Du Bois elected 1st black member, National Inst of Arts and Letters
December 23: 1st telecast of a complete opera (Hansel and Gretel), Schenectady, New York
December 23: General Montgomery told he is appointed commandant for D-day
December 24: Franklin D. Roosevelt appoints General Eisenhower supreme commander of Allied forces
December 24: Terence Rattigan's "While the Sun Shines," premieres in London
December 26: British sink German battle cruiser Scharnhorst
December 26: Chicago Bears win NFL championship
December 26: Earl Claus von Stauffenberg vain with bomb to Hitlers headquarter
December 27: France transfers most of her powers in Lebanon to Lebanese government
December 27: German warship "Scharnhorst" sinks in Barents Sea
December 27: Montgomery discusses Overlord with Eisenhower and Bedell Smith
December 28: All inhabitants of Kalmukkie deported, about 70,000 killed
December 30: Phillies trade Babe Dahlgren to Pitts for Babe Phelps and cash
December 31: New York City's Times Square greets Frank Sinatra at Paramount Theater
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