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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1942 AD


January 1: Rose Bowl played in North Carolina due to Japanese threat, Oregon - 20, Duke - 16
January 1: U.S. and 25 other countries sign a united declaration against the Axis
January 2: 28 nations, at war with Axis, pledge no separate peace
January 2: German troops in Bardia surrender
January 2: Japanese troops occupy Manila Philippines
January 3: American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) Command forms
January 4: NFL Pro Bowl: Chi Bears beats NFL All-Stars 35-24
January 4: Premier Churchill and General Marshall fly to Florida
January 4: Rogers Hornsby is 14th player selected to the Hall of Fame
January 5: 55 German tanks reach North-Africa
January 6: 1st around world flight, Pan Am "Pacific Clipper"
January 6: Bob Feller, enlists in Navy and reports for duty to Norfolk Virginia
January 7: WW II siege of Bataan starts
January 9: Joe Louis KOs Buddy Baer in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
January 9: U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff created
January 10: Japan invades North-Celebes, Netherlands Indies
January 11: -23 degrees F (-31 degrees C), Kingston, Rhode Island (state record)
January 11: Japan conquers Kuala Lumpur, Malaya
January 12: British troops reconquer Sollum
January 12: Dutch troops on Tarakan surrender
January 12: National War Labor Board created
January 13: Allied Conference for war trials
January 13: German U-boats begin harassing shipping on U.S. east coast
January 13: Henry Ford patents a method of constructing plastic auto bodies
January 13: Interallied war trial conference publishes St. James Declaration
January 14: Japanese troops land at oil center Balikpapan in Borneo
January 15: Cubs, drop plans to install lights at Wrigley due to WW II
January 15: Franklin D. Roosevelt asks commissioner to continue baseball during WW II
January 16: William Knudsen becomes 1st civilian appointed a general in U.S. army
January 18: Nazi's arrest Frans Goedhart and Wiardi Beckman
January 19: Japanese forces invade Burma
January 19: Titus Brandsma arrested by German occupiers
January 20: Japanese air raid on Rabaul New Britain
January 20: Japanese invade Burma
January 20: Nazi officials hold notorious Wannsee conference in Berlin deciding on "final solution" calling for extermination of Europe's Jews
January 21: Bronx magistrate rules all pinball machines illegal
January 21: Count Basie records "One O'Clock Jump"
January 21: Japanese air raid on Rabaul New Britain
January 21: Tito's partisans occupy Foca
January 22: Japanese air raid on Rabaul, New Britain
January 22: Sietze de Groot wins 8th Dutch 11 city skate (8:44:06)
January 23: Japanese troops occupy Rabaul New Britain
January 23: Tank battle at Adzjedabia, African corps vs British army
January 24: Musical "Star and Garter," premieres in New York City
January 25: Lt General Rommels African corps reaches Msus
January 26: 1st U.S. force in Europe during WW II go ashore in Northern Ireland
January 26: Italian supreme command demands dismissal of German marshal Rommel
January 27: -19 degrees F (-27.4 degrees C), Netherland's coldest day since 1850
January 28: General Timoshenko's troops move into Ukraine
January 28: German troops occupy Benghazi Libya
January 29: 1st broadcast of Roy Plomley's "Desert Island Discs" on BBC
January 29: German and Italian troops occupy Banghazi
January 29: Peru and Ecuador sign Protocol of Rio (boundary determiniation)
January 30: Japanese troops land on Ambon
January 31: 62 U boats sunk this month (327,000 ton)


February 1: 2nd Norwegian government of Quisling forms
February 2: Los Angeles Times urges security measures against Japanese-Americans
February 2: U.S. auto factories switch from commercial to war production
February 3: 1st Japanese air raid on Java
February 3: Baseball owners agree to permit each club up to 14 night games in 1942
February 4: Clinton Pierce becomes 1st U.S. general wounded in action in WW II
February 5: Braves get Tommy Holmes from Yankees for Buddy Hassett and Gene Moore
February 5: "Woman of the Year," starring Hepburn and Tracy opens at Radio City
February 7: 1st indoor 15' pole vault (Cornelius Warmerdam 15' 3/8")
February 8: Congress advises Franklin D. Roosevelt that, Americans of Japanese descent should be locked up en masse so they wouldn't oppose the U.S. war effort
February 8: Stravinsky's "Danses Concertantes," premieres in Los Angeles
February 9: Daylight Savings War Time goes into effect in U.S.
February 9: Japanese troops land near Makassar, South Celebes
February 9: Philadelphia "Phillies" change nickname (temporarily) to "Phils"
February 10: Glenn Miller awarded 1st ever gold disc for selling 1 million copies of "Chattanooga Choo Choo"
February 11: "Archie" comic book debuts
February 12: 3 German battle cruisers escape via Channel to Brest N Germany
February 13: Hitler's Operation Seelowe (invasion of England) cancelled
February 14: Japanese parachutists land near oil center Palembang Sumatra
February 14: Rotterdam's Maas tunnel opens
February 15: German U-boat shells at Antillian oil refinery
February 15: Japanese troops march into Palembang, South Sumatra
February 15: Singapore surrenders to Japanese
February 16: German submarines attack Aruba oil refinery
February 18: Japanese troop land on Bali
February 19: About 150 Japanese warplanes attacked the Australian city of Darwin
February 19: Bill Longson beats Managoff and Sandor Szabo, to become wrestling champ
February 19: Dutch actors protest obligatory membership of Culture Chamber
February 19: Franklin D. Roosevelt orders detention and internment of all west-coast Japanese-Americans
February 19: Japanese troops land on Timor
February 19: New York Yankees annouce 5,000 uniformed soldiers admitted free at each of their upcoming home games
February 19: Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra recorded "I'll Take Tallulah"
February 20: Lt. E. H. O'Hare single-handedly shoots down 5 Japanese heavy bombers
February 21: U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Jane Vaughn
February 21: U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Bobby Specht
February 23: Japanese sub fires on oil refinery in Ellwood, California
February 24: Voice of America begins broadcasting (in German)
February 26: German battle cruiser Gneisenau deactivated by bomb
February 26: Radio Orange calls for March 1 day of prayer in Dutch Indies
February 26: Werner Heisenberger informs nazis about uranium project "Wunderwaffen"
February 26: WW II Navy flier Don Mason sends message "Sighted sub sank same"
February 27: 1st transport of French Jews to nazi-Germany
February 27: Battle of Java Sea began 13 U.S. warships sunk - 2 Japanese
February 27: J. S. Hey discovers radio emissions from Sun
February 28: 1st weapon drop on Netherlands
February 28: Japanese land in Java, last Allied bastion in Dutch East Indies
February 28: Race riot, Sojourner Truth Homes, Detroit


March 1: 3 day Battle of Java Sea ends, U.S. suffers a major naval defeat
March 1: Baseball decides that players in military can't play when on furlough
March 1: J. Milton Cage Jr's "Imaginary Landscape No 3," premieres in Chicago
March 1: Japanese troops occupy Kalidjati airport in Java
March 1: Suriname camp for NSB people opens to save Jews
March 1: Tito establishes 2nd Proletarit Brigade in Bosnia
March 2: 14th Academy Awards - "How Green was My Valley," Cooper and Fontaine win
March 2: Admiral Helfrich departs Java for Ceylon
March 3: 1st combat flight for Canada's Avro Lancaster military plane
March 5: Bosnia Tito establishes 3rd Proletarit Brigade in Bosnia
March 5: Dmitri Shostakovich' 7th Symphony, premieres in Siberia
March 5: Japanese troop march into Batavia
March 7: 15 Mk-VB Spitfires reach Malta
March 7: 1st cadets graduated from flying school at Tuskegee
March 8: Japanese forces captures Rangoon Burma
March 8: KNIL, Dutch colonial army on Java, surrenders to Japanese armies
March 9: Construction of the Alaska Highway began
March 11: 1st deportation train leaves Paris for Auschewitz Concentration Camp
March 11: General MacArthur leaves Corregidor (Bataan) for Australia
March 11: Japanese troop land on North-Sumatra
March 12: British troops vacate the Andamanen in Gulf of Bengal
March 13: Julia Flikke, Nurse Corps, becomes 1st woman colonel in U.S. army
March 17: Belzec Concentration Camp opens-30,000 Lublin Polish Jews transported
March 17: General Doug MacArthur arrives in Australia to become supreme commander
March 18: 2 black players, Jackie Robinson and Nate Moreland, request a tryout with the Chicago White Sox, they are allowed to work out
March 18: Illegal Free Netherlands announces boycott of theaters
March 19: Franklin D. Roosevelt orders men between 45 and 64 to register for non military duty
March 19: Thoroughbred Racing Association of U.S. formed in Chicago
March 20: Convoy PQ13 departs Reykjavik Iceland to Russia
March 20: General MacArthur vows, "I shall return"
March 20: Major German assault on Malta
March 21: Convoy QP9 departs Great Britain to Murmansk
March 21: Heavy German assault on Malta
March 22: Heavy German assault on Malta
March 23: 2,500 Jews of Lublin massacred or deported
March 23: Japanese forces occupy Andaman Islands in Indian Ocean
March 23: U.S. move native-born of Japanese ancestry into detention centers
March 25: 700 Jews of Polish Lvov-district reach Belzec Concentration camp
March 26: 1st "Eichmann transport" to Auschwitz and Birkenau Camps
March 26: 1st 700 Jews from Polish Lvov-district reach concentration camp Belzec
March 26: 20 tons of gelignite in a stone quarry at Easton Pennsylvania, kills 21
March 26: German offensive in North-Africa under Colonel General Rommel
March 27: Allies raid German submarine base in St. Nazaire
March 27: Japan forces Java to use "Tokyo time" 1 hour forward
March 27: Joe Louis KOs Abe Simon in 6 to retain heavyweight boxing title (New York City)
March 28: 234 RAF bombers attack Lubeck
March 28: 4th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Stanford beats Dartmouth 53-38
March 28: British naval forces raid Nazi occupied French port of St. Nazaire
March 28: Raid on lock/dock St. Nazaire
March 29: British cruiser Trinidad torpedoes itself in the Barents Sea
March 29: British destroyer Campbeltown explodes in St-Nazaire: 400 Germans die
March 29: German submarine U-585 sinks
March 30: 1st RSHA-transport from France arrives in camp Birkenau
March 30: SS murders 200 inmates of Trawniki labor camp


April 1: Allied air raid on harbor city Kupang Timor
April 1: Mexico changes from 3 time zones to 2
April 7: Heavy German assault on Malta
April 8: A Schoenberg and Tudor's ballet "Pillar of Fire," premieres in New York City
April 9: Battle of Bataan, U.S. and Filipino forces overwhelmed by Japanese at Bataan
April 10: Cigarettes and candy rationed in Holland
April 11: Distinguished Service Medal for Merchant Marines authorized
April 12: 9th Golf Masters Championship: Byron Nelson wins, shooting a 280
April 12: Japan kills about 400 Filipino officers in Bataan
April 14: Destroyer Roper sinks German U-85 of U.S. east coast
April 15: George VI awards George Cross to people of Malta
April 16: Japanese occupying army on Java installs film censorship
April 16: King George VI awards George Cross to Island of Malta
April 17: 12 Lancasters bombs MAN-factory in Augsburg
April 17: Operations begin to destroy Sobibor Concentration Camp
April 18: James H. Doolittle bombs Tokyo and other Japanese cities
April 18: Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3
April 18: "Stars and Stripes" paper for U.S. Armed Forces starts
April 19: 46th Boston Marathon won by Joe Smith of Mass in 2:26:51.2
April 20: German occupiers forbids Dutch access to their beach
April 20: Heavy German assault on Malta
April 23: 4-day allied bombing on Rostock begins
April 23: Luftwaffe bombs Exeter
April 24: Luftwaffe bombs Exeter
April 25: Luftwaffe bombs Bath
April 26: Coal mine explosion kills 1,549 at Honkeiko Manchuria
April 26: Luftwaffe bombs Bath
April 27: Belgium Jews are forced to wear stars
April 27: Tornado destroys Pryor, Oklahoma killing 100, injuring 300
April 28: Nightly "dim-out" begins along East Coast
April 28: "WW II" titled so, as result of Gallup Poll
April 29: Japanese troop march into Lashio, cuts off Burma Road
April 29: Jews forced to wear a Jewish Star in Netherlands and Vichy-France
April 30: 1st submarine built on Great Lakes launched, (Peto), Manitowoc, Wi


May 1: Radio Orange calls to defy order to wear "Jewish star"
May 2: 68th Kentucky Derby: Wayne D Wright aboard Shut Out wins in 2:04.4
May 2: Japanese troops occupy Mandalay Burma
May 3: Japanese troop attack Tulagi, Gavutu and Tanambogo, Solomon Islands
May 3: Luftwaffe bombs Exeter
May 3: Nazi's execute 72 OD'ers in reprisial in Sachsenhausen, Netherlands
May 3: Nazi's require Dutch Jews to wear a Jewish star
May 4: Battle of Coral Sea begun (1st sea battle fought solely in air)
May 4: Food 1st rationed in U.S.
May 4: German occupiers imprison 450 prominent Dutch as hostages
May 4: Pulitzer prize awarded to Ellen Glasgow (In this our Life)
May 5: British assault on Diego Suarez Madagascar
May 5: U.S. begins rationing sugar during WW II
May 6: Corregidor and Philippines surrender to Japanese Armies
May 7: Battle of Coral Sea ends stopping Japanese expansion
May 7: Nazi decree orders all Jewish pregnant women of Kovno Ghetto executed
May 8: 1st twilight game in 24 years, the Dodgers top Giants 7-6 raising $60,000 for Navy Relief Fund
May 8: Aircraft carrier Lexington sunk by Japanese air attack at Coral Sea
May 8: German summer offensive opens in Crimea
May 9: 68th Preakness: Basil James aboard Alsab wins in 1:57
May 11: Japanese troops conquer Kalewa
May 12: 1,500 Jews gassed in Auschwitz
May 12: David Ben-Gurion leaves Jewish state in Palestine
May 12: Nazi U-boat sinks American cargo ship at mouth of Mississippi River
May 12: Russia occupies Crackow, until Aug 23, 1943
May 13: Helicopter makes its 1st cross-country flight
May 13: Pitcher Jim Tobin belts 3 home runs in a game
May 14: U.S. Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) forms
May 15: Gasoline 1st rationed in U.S. (17 Eastern States)
May 15: Nazi occupiers in Netherlands arrests 2,000 Dutch officers
May 16: 1st transport of British/Dutch prisoners to South Burma
May 17: Dutch SS vows loyalty to Hitler
May 18: New York City ends night baseball games for rest of WW II
May 19: Braves Paul Waner is 3rd NLer to get 3,000 hits (Anson and Wagner)
May 20: U.S. Navy 1st permitted black recruits to serve
May 21: Great Britain convoy PQ16 departs to Russia
May 22: Mexico declares war on nazi-Germany and Japan
May 26: Anglo-Soviet Treaty signed in London
May 26: Belgium Jews are required by Nazis to wear a Jewish star
May 26: Tank battle at Bir Hakeim: African corps vs British army
May 27: Dorie Miller, awarded Navy cross for deeds at Pearl Harbor
May 27: Hitler orders 10,000 Czechoslovakians murdered
May 27: Italian army begin siege of French western Fort Bir Hachim
May 27: Top German Nazi Reinhard Heydrich is shot and mortally wounded in Prague
May 28: 1,800 Czechoslovakians murdered by Nazis during attack on Heydrich
May 29: Bing Crosby records "White Christmas," greatest selling record to date
May 30: 1,047 bombers bomb Cologne in RAF's raid of WW II
May 30: Reichsfuhrer Himmler arrives in Prague
May 30: Satchel Paige pitches 5 innings to defeat Dizzy Dean All-Stars 8-1
May 30: U.S. aircraft carrier Yorktown leaves Pearl Harbor
May 31: 25th PGA Championship: Sam Snead at Seaview CC Atlantic City NJ
May 31: Luftwaffe bombs Canterbury


June 2: Red Sox star Ted Williams enlists as a Navy aviator
June 3: Battle of Midway Island begins
June 4: Battle of Midway begins; Japan's 1st major defeat in WW II
June 4: Capitol Record Co. opens for business
June 4: USS Yorktown sinks near Midway Island
June 5: British offensive in North Africa under general Ritchie
June 5: Elwood Ordnance Plant near Joliet Illinois kills 54
June 5: USA declares war on Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania
June 6: 1st nylon parachute jump, Hartford Ct-Adeline Gray
June 6: 74th Belmont: Eddie Arcaro aboard Shut Out wins in 2:29.2
June 6: Japanese forces retreat, ending Battle of Midway
June 6: Japanese troop land on Kiska, Aleutians
June 7: Battle of Midway ends: Admiral Nimitz wins 1st WW II naval defeat of Japan
June 7: Germany Armys march into Sebastopol
June 7: Japanese troops lands on Attu, Aleutian Islands
June 8: Bing Cosby records "Silent Night"
June 9: Adipatie Ario Soejono becomes minister in Gerbrandy government
June 9: German-Netherlands press reports, 3 million Dutch sent to East-Europe
June 9: Nazis kill all inhabitants of Lidice, Czechoslovakia
June 10: Massacre at Lidice (Czechoslovakia), Gestapo kills 173
June 10: Nazis burn village of Lidice Bohemia, as reprisal of killing Heydrich
June 11: German army defeated at El-Alamein North Africa
June 11: U.S. and U.S.S.R. sign Lend-Lease agreement during WW II
June 12: Anne Frank gets her diary as a birthday present, Amsterdam
June 12: Hitler orders enslavement of Slavic peoples
June 12: Tornado kills 35 in Oklahoma City
June 13: 1st V-2 rocket launch, Peenemunde, Germany; reached 1.3 km
June 13: Franklin D. Roosevelt creates Office of War with Elmer Davis as head
June 13: Germany puts 4 saboteurs on Long Island
June 13: OSS, Office of Strategic Services, forms
June 14: 1st bazooka rocket gun produced Bridgeport, Connecticut
June 14: Anne Frank begins her diary
June 14: French government of Reynaud resigns
June 14: Walt Disney's "Bambi" animated movie is released
June 17: 1st WW II American expeditionary force lands in Africa (Gold Coast)
June 18: Eric Nessler of France stays aloft in a glider for 38h21m
June 19: Paul Waner, is 7th to get 3,000 hits
June 20: Adolf Eichmann proclaims deportation of Dutch Jews
June 20: German troops conquer Tobruk, North Africa
June 21: 129 degrees F (54 degrees C), Tirat Zevi, Israel
June 21: Jacqueline Kennedy's mother marries Hugh Auchincloss
June 21: President Roosevelt/premier Churchill arrives in Washington, D.C.
June 21: Rommel takes Tobruk in North Africa
June 21: Seinheuer throws female world record spear (47.24m)
June 22: Japanese submarine in mouth of Columbia River, Oregon
June 22: Jewish Brigade attached by British Army in WW II, forms
June 24: Admiral Ernest King orders Tulagi (Solomon Island) reconquered
June 24: Africa Corps occupy Egypt
June 25: British premier Winston Churchill travels from U.S. to London
June 25: British RAF staged a 1,000 bomb raid on Bremen Germany (WW II)
June 25: General Dwight Eisenhower appointed commander of U.S. forces in Europe
June 26: German assault on British at Mersa Matruh
June 27: FBI captures 8 Nazi saboteurs from a sub off New York's Long Island
June 27: PQ-17 convoy leaves Iceland for Archangelsk
June 28: Colonel General Von Hoth' 6th Pantser enters Voronezj
June 28: Dumont TV network begins (WABD New York)
June 29: Dmitri Shostakovich's 7th Symphony, premieres
June 30: 144 U boats (700,000 ton) sunk this month
June 30: Colonel General Von Paul' 6th Army enters Ukraine
June 30: U.S. bombs Celebes and Timor
June 30: U.S. Mint in New Orleans ceases operation


July 1: German troops conquer Sebastopol
July 3: Germany troop march into Sebastopol
July 3: Hitler visits Field Marshal Von Bocks headquarter/d into/d Ukraine
July 4: 1st American bombing mission over enemy-occupied Europe (WW II)
July 4: U.S. air offensive against nazi-Germany begins
July 5: 1st performance of Heitor Villa-Lobos' Choros 6/9/11
July 5: Ian Fleming graduates from a training school for spies in Canada
July 6: 10th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 3-1 at Polo Grounds, New York
July 6: Anne Frank's family goes into hiding in After House, Amsterdam
July 6: Von Hoth' IV Pantser army fights with Voronezj
July 7: Germany troop march into Woronezj
July 7: military all star team (including Bob Feller) losts to AL all stars 5-0
July 9: Anne Frank, 13, goes into hiding with her family and 4 other Jews
July 10: Himmler orders sterilization of all Jewish woman in Ravensbruck Camp
July 10: Netherland's government in exile, London, recognizes Soviet Union
July 13: 5,000 Jews of Rovno Polish Ukraine, executed by nazis
July 13: German occupiers imprison 800 prominent Dutch as hostages
July 13: SS shoots 1,500 Jews in Josefov Poland
July 14: 1st transport of Amsterdam Jews to Westerbork
July 14: Riots against Jews in Amsterdam
July 15: 1st deportation camp at Westerbork, Jews sent to Auschwitz
July 15: Dutch Jews invoked for "Labor camps"
July 16: French police arrest 13,152 Jews in Paris
July 16: Jews transported from Holland to extermination camp
July 17: 3' of rain falls on Pennsylvania, flooding kills 15
July 17: Estimated 34.5" (87.5 cm) of rainfall, Smethport, Pennsylvania (state record)
July 17: Transport nr 6 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
July 18: 1st legal New Jersey horse race in 50 years; Garden State Park track opens
July 18: Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe, 1st jet fighter, takes 1st flight
July 19: Dmitri Shostakovich' 7th Symphony, premieres in US
July 19: German occupiers confiscate bicycles in Rotterdam and Hague
July 20: 1st detachment of Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, begin basic training
July 20: Barbados dismiss Trinidad for 16 in 69 minutes, Derek Sealy 8-8
July 20: Legion of Merit Medal authorized by congress
July 20: Time puts Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich on its cover
July 20: Women's Army Auxiliary Corps began basic training at Fort Des Moines
July 21: 8 die as coal waste heap slides in river valley near Oakwood, Virginia
July 22: 4th Russian Pantser army forms with 80 tanks
July 22: Gasoline rationing using coupons begins
July 22: Warsaw Ghetto Jews (300,000) are sent to Treblinka extermination Camp
July 23: German troops conquer Rostow
July 23: Hitler's Directive #45: order to occupy Stalingrad
July 24: Irving Berlin's musical "This is the Army," premieres in New York City
July 25: German troops occupy Rostov
July 25: German troops strike at Tsym Lyanskaja
July 26: RAF bombs Hamburg
July 26: RC churches protest, Dutch bishops stand against spread of Judaism
July 28: Nazis liquidate 10,000 Jews in Minsk Belorussia Ghetto
July 28: Zionists partisans ZOB forms in Poland
July 29: Eastern Blvd in the Bronx renamed Bruckner Blvd
July 30: Franklin D. Roosevelt signs bill creating women's Navy auxiliary agency (WAVES)
July 30: German occupiers set night curfew on Jews in Netherlands
July 30: German SS kills 25,000 Jews in Minsk, Belorussia
July 31: German SS gases 1,000 Jews in Minsk, Belorussia
July 31: U boats sank 96 allied ships this month: 476,000 ton


August 1: Deurne soccer team forms
August 1: German occupier demands listing of all Dutch telephone subscribers
August 1: Race riots in Harlem, New York
August 2: 250 Dutch Catholic Jews arrested, transported to Amersfoort camp
August 2: Colonel General Hoth' Pantser army reaches Kotelnikovo
August 4: 1st train with Jews departs Mechelen Belgium to Auschwitz
August 4: British premier Winston Churchill arrives in Cairo
August 4: Colonel General Jeremenko arrives in Stalingrad/welcomed by Nikita Khrushchev
August 4: German occupier orders all Dutch homing pigeons killed
August 5: British government cancels agreement of Munich
August 5: German troops cross Kuban River
August 6: Assinibaine destroyer sinks U-210
August 6: Churchill fires General Auchinlek as Middle-East commandant
August 6: Goering proclaims occupied areas "thoroughly empty to plunder"
August 6: Riots by Dutch Jews
August 7: 1st American offensive in Pacific in WW2, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
August 7: Resistance bombs Rotterdam railway
August 7: Transport 16 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
August 8: 6 convicted Nazi saboteurs who landed in U.S. executed in Washington D.C.
August 8: Dianthus sinks U-379
August 8: "Monty" appointed commandant of British 8th Army at Alamein
August 8: Russian anti-offensive of Voronezh under marshal Timosjenko
August 9: 200 Jews escape Mir Ghetto in Poland
August 9: Dmitri Shostakovich's 7th Symphony performed in Leningrad
August 9: Mahatma Gandhi and 50 others arrested in Bombay after passing of a "quit India" campaign by the All-India Congress
August 9: Vice-Admiral Mikawa lands at Guadalcanal, Solomon Island
August 10: General B. Montgomery becomes commandant British 8th leader in North Africa
August 11: 999 Jews are taken from Mechelen transit camp in Belgium
August 11: British aircraft carrier Eagle torpedoed and sinks
August 11: Lieutenant-general Montgomery makes landing on Gibraltar
August 12: British premier Churchill arrives in Moscow, meets Stalin
August 12: German 1st tank leader captures Elista, Kalmukkensteppe
August 12: Lieutenant-general Montgomery arrives in Cairo
August 14: Dwight D. Eisenhower named commander for invasion of North Africa
August 15: 5 hostages executed by Nazis in St-Michielsgestel
August 16: Premier Churchill travels back to Cairo from Moscow
August 17: 1st European bombing run undertaken by U.S. forces
August 17: 1st US/8th Air Force bombs Europe
August 17: Task Force 17 leaves Pearl Harbor under Admiral George Murray on Hornet
August 17: Transport nr 20 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
August 17: U.S. bombers staged 1st independent raid on Europe attack Rouen, France
August 18: Carlson's Raiders land on Makin, Gilbert islands, kill 350 Japanese
August 19: 1st American offensive in Pacific in WW2, Guadalcanal, Solomon Is
August 19: 4,000 Canadian and British soldiers killed raiding Dieppe, France
August 19: Churchill visits Montgomery's headquarter in Burg-al-Arab
August 19: General Paulus orders German 6th Army to conquer Stalingrad
August 20: Dim-out regulations implemented in San Francisco
August 21: Alpine hunters plant German flag on Elbroezgebergte, Kaukasus
August 21: Transport nr 22 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
August 22: Brazil declares war on Germany, Japan and Italy
August 23: 1st U.S. flights to land on Guadalcanal
August 23: Battle of Stalingrad: 600 Luftwaffers bomb Stalingrad (40,000 die)
August 23: British Premier Winston Churchill flies back to London from Cairo
August 23: Walter Johnson pitches to Babe Ruth in pregame attraction that draws 69,000 for New York - Washington game, raises $80,000 for Army-Navy relief
August 24: Sea battle off Eastern Solomon Islands
August 24: Transport nr 23 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
August 25: SS begins transporting Jews of Maastricht, Netherlands
August 26: 7,000 Jews are rounded up in Vichy-France
August 26: Japanse troops lands on New-Guinea, Milne Bay
August 26: Russian counter offensive begins in Moscow
August 26: Transport nr 24 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
August 27: Cuba declares war on Germany, Japan and Italy
August 28: 9th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Chi Bears 21, All-Stars 0 (101,100)
August 28: Gunther Hagg (Sweden) sets world record for 3,000m (8:01.2)
August 28: Transport nr 25 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
August 30: Nazi-Germany annexes Luxembourg
August 31: Battle at Alam Halfa: German and Italians assault
August 31: U boats sunk this month 108 ships (544,000 ton)


September 1: Federal judge upholds detention of Japanese-Americans
September 1: German troops land on Taman peninsula
September 2: German troops enter Stalingrad
September 4: Transport nr 28 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
September 5: Battle at Alam Halfa ends
September 5: British and U.S. bomb Le Havre and Bremen
September 6: 56th U.S. Womens Tennis: Pauline Betz beats A Louise Brough (46 61 64)
September 6: Czechoslovakian marathon runner Oskar Haks transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau
September 7: 62nd U.S. Mens Tennis: F Schroeder, Jr. beats F Parker (86 75 36 46 62)
September 7: German occupiers take silver anniversary coins in battle
September 7: Transport nr 29 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
September 9: Compulsory work for women, children and old males in Batavia
September 9: Japanese planes drop incendiary bombs on Oregon
September 10: British troops lands on Madagascar
September 10: RAF drops 100,000 bombs on Dusseldorf
September 11: Transport nr 31 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
September 12: Battle of Edson's Ridge begins at Guadalcanal
September 12: Free-Poland and Belgium asks pope to condemn nazi-war crimes
September 13: Battle of Edson's Ridge (2nd Japanese assault) at Guadalcanal
September 13: Cubs shortstop Leonard Merullo makes 4 errors in 1 inning
September 13: German forces attack Stalingrad
September 14: Battle of Edson's Ridge (Japanese assault) at Guadalcanal
September 14: German troops occupy train station Stalingrad-1
September 14: Yankees clinch pennant #13
September 15: U.S. aircraft carrier Wasp torpedoed at Guadalcanal
September 16: Japanese attack on Port Moresby repelled
September 18: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation authorized for radio service
September 20: Gunther Hagg becomes world champ of all records from 1500m to 5000m
September 21: 116 hostages executed by Nazis in Paris
September 21: Transport nr 35 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
September 22: Meulenberg robs of church bells
September 23: Auschwitz begins experimental gassing executions
September 23: Russian counter offensive at Stalingrad
September 23: Transport nr 36 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
September 27: Heavy German assault in Stalingrad
September 27: New York Giants beat Washington Redskins 14-7 without making a 1st down
September 27: Reinhard Heydrich, "butcher of Prague," appointed SS-general
September 27: St. Louis Cardinals win NL pennant on last day of season
September 28: Luftwaffe bombs Stalingrad
September 28: NY Americans NHL team folded
September 29: 32 degrees F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in Sept
September 29: Government of De Gaulle cancels agreement of Munich
September 30: 98 U-boats sunk this month (485,000 tons)
September 30: Admiral Nimitz' B-17 finding Guadalcanal using National Geographic map
September 30: SS exterminates 3,500 Jews in Zelov Lodz Poland in 6 week period


October 1: Bell P-59 Airacomet fighter, 1st U.S. jet, makes maiden flight
October 1: Little Golden Books (children books) begins publishing
October 2: 1st self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction demonstrated, Chicago
October 2: "Queen Mary" slices cruiser "Curacao" in half, killing 338
October 3: Franklin D. Roosevelt forms Office of Economic Stabilization
October 3: Launch of 1st A-4/V-2 rocket to altitude of 53 miles (85 km)
October 3: New York Yankees Frank Crosetti shoves ump Bill Summers in World Series, he is fined $200 and suspended for 1st 30 days of 1943 season
October 4: German assault on Tractor factory in Stalingrad
October 5: 5,000 Jews of Dubno Russia massacred
October 5: St. Louis Cardinals beat New York Yankees, 4 games to 1, in 39th World Series
October 6: Allied assault on oil installations of Bula Ceram
October 7: 1 salvo Katjoesja-rocket destroys nazi battalion in Stalingrad
October 7: Last camouflaged German raider Komet leaves Flushing harbor (Netherlands)
October 7: Maxwell Andersons "Eve of St. Mark," premieres in New York City
October 7: U.S. and British government announce establishment of United Nations
October 7: Yvon Robert beats Bill Longson in Montreal, to become wrestling champ
October 8: Fight at Matanikau, Guadalcanal (John Hersey-Into the Valley)
October 10: 1,300 Austrian Jews transported to Theresienstadt
October 12: Successful Russian counter attack through 37th Guard division
October 12: U.S. Navy defeats Japanese in WW II Battle of Cape Esperance
October 14: Dobbe resistances group overthrows Bonkarten distribution
October 14: German assault on Tractor factory, 1000s killed
October 14: Japanese battleship strikes Henderson Field, Guadalcanal
October 15: German 6th Army occupies Tractorenfabriek, 3,000 German's die
October 16: Aaron Copland/de Milles ballet "Rodeo," premieres in New York City
October 16: Cyclone in Bay of Bengal kills some 40,000 south of Calcutta India
October 16: National Boxing Association freezes titles of those serving in armed services
October 18: Hitler orders allied commandos to be killed
October 20: "Durham Manifesto" calls for fundamental changes in race relations
October 22: 1st ships of invasion fleet for Oran (Algeria) leave Scotland
October 22: U.S. General Clark and Lemnitzer and French General Mast meet secretly in Algeria
October 23: 1st ships of invasion fleet to Morocco leave Norfolk
October 23: During WW II, Britain launches major offensive at El Alamein, Egypt
October 23: German units go through Red October-factory in Stalingrad
October 24: 2nd day of battle at El Alamein: British infantry
October 25: 3rd day of battle at El Alamein: British offensive
October 25: Battle of Henderson Field Guadalcanal begins
October 25: Field Marshal Rommel back in North-Africa
October 26: 2nd day of Battle of Henderson Field, Guadalcanal
October 26: 4th day in battle at El Alamein: Australian breakthrough
October 26: Battle of Santa Cruz: USS SD shoots down a record 32 enemy planes
October 27: 5th day of battle at El Alamein: heavy battles/Australian advance
October 27: U.S. aircraft carrier Hornet sinks off Santa Cruz
October 28: 6th day battle at El Alamein: British offensive under Montgomery
October 28: Train crashes into bus, killing 16 and injuring 20 (Detroit Michigan)
October 29: 7th day of battle at El Alamein: Montgomery assault
October 29: Alaska highway completed
October 29: Branch Rickey named president/General Manager of Brooklyn Dodgers
October 29: Nazi's murder 16,000 Jewish in Pinsk, Soviet Union
October 30: 8th day of battle at El Alamein: new Australian assault
October 30: U.S. aircraft carrier Enterprise reaches Noumea
October 31: 94 U boats sunk this month (619,000 ton)
October 31: 9th day in battle at El Alamein


November 1: 10th day of battle at El Alamein
November 1: Vice-Admiral Cunningham becomes British commander-in-chief
November 2: 11th day of battle at El Alamein: British assault on Tel el Aqqaqir
November 2: Montgomery (Br) defeats Rommel (G) in battle of Alamein Egypt (WW II)
November 3: 12th day of battle at El Alamein: Scottish assault
November 3: Despite Ted Williams wins Triple Crown, Yankees Joe Gordon wins AL MVP
November 3: Mort Cooper wins NL MVP
November 3: William L. Dawson elected to Congress from Chicago
November 4: 13th day of battle at El Alamein: Afr corps draws back out Fuka-posing
November 5: Nazi raid on Greek Jews in Paris
November 5: Pro-British Clandestine Radio Diego Suarez's final transmission
November 6: Nazis execute 12,000 Minsk ghetto Jews
November 6: Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta finds Ampat Serangkai
November 7: 1st U.S. president to broadcast in a foreign language-FDR in French
November 7: Bicyclist Fausto Coppi establishes world record (45,848 km)
November 8: Allies under Eisenhower land in N-Africa (Casablanca)
November 8: Hitler proclaims fall of Stalingrad from Munich beer hall
November 8: Operation "Torch" began as U.S. and British forces land in French N Afr
November 8: Vichy-France drops diplomatic relations with US
November 9: German occupiers put Erik Scavenius as Danish premier
November 9: Transport nr 44 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
November 10: Philip Barry's "Without Love," premieres in New York City
November 10: U.S. - British troops occupies Oran Algeria
November 10: U.S. troops occupy airport of Port-Lyautey Morocco
November 11: 745 French Jews deported to Auschwitz
November 11: During WW II Germany completes their occupation of France
November 11: Jews in Free Zone of France ordered to wear yellow star of David
November 11: Last German offensive in Stalingrad
November 11: Lieutenant-General Kumakashi Harada becomes Japanese commander on Java
November 11: Transport nr 45 departs with French Jews to Nazi-Germany
November 12: In World War II, battle of Guadalcanal began
November 13: Chaotic "sea battle of Friday the 13th" at Guadalcanal
November 13: Minimum draft age lowered from 21 to 18
November 14: Last Vichy-French troops in Algeria surrender
November 16: Assault of U.S. B-17 Flying Fortresses on airport at Sidi Ahmed
November 18: Thornton Wilders "Skin of our Teeth," premieres in New York City
November 19: Joseph Goebbels visits "German Theatre in the Niederlanden"
November 19: Russia launches winter offensive against Germans along Don front
November 20: 26th Russian Armoured Corps recaptures Perelazovski
November 20: British 8th Army recaptures Benghazi, Libya
November 20: Hitler names Field Marshal Erich von Manstein becomes commanding
November 20: NHL abolishes regular season OT until WW II is over
November 20: Soviet army offensive, 1 million Russians breach German lines
November 21: Tweety Bird, aka Tweety Pie, debuts in "Tale of Two Kitties"
November 22: General-major Rodins 26th Pantser corp recaptures Ostrov
November 22: Hitler orders Rommels African corps to fight to last man
November 23: 3rd and 5th Romanian army corp surrenders
November 23: Coast Guard Woman's Auxiliary (SPARS) authorized
November 23: Colonel General Von Paul asks Hitler to surrender
November 23: German 4th and 6th Army surrounded at Stalingrad
November 23: Japan bombs Port Darwin, Australia
November 23: Poon Lim set adrift for 133 days after his boat is torpedoed
November 23: Russian 21st Army recaptures Kalatsj at Don
November 23: Steward Poon Lim begins floating in a raft 133 days
November 24: Field Marshal Erich von Manstein arrives in Starobelsk
November 24: French collaborator earl De Brinon establishes "African Falanx"
November 25: National Organization for Aid to Underground, LO, forms
November 26: Anti fascist Council for National Liberation (AVNOJ) forms
November 26: "Casablanca" premieres at Hollywood Theatre, New York City
November 27: Bobby Managoff beats Yvon Robert in Houston, to become wrestling champ
November 27: French Navy at Toulon scuttles ships and subs so Nazis don't take them
November 27: Tito appoints Anti fascist Liberation board in Yugoslavia
November 28: 500 die in a fire that destroyed Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston
November 28: Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire kills 602 (Boston Mass)
November 29: U.S. rations coffee during WWII
November 30: 109 U boats sunk this month (729,000 ton)
November 30: 30th CFL Grey Cup: Toronto Hurricanes defeats Winnipeg Bombers, 8-5
November 30: Bill Terry resigns as supervisor of New York Giants minor league system
November 30: German scout ship Altmark explode and sinks off Yokohama


December 1: Gasoline rationed in US
December 2: 1st controlled nuclear chain reaction Enrico Fermi - University of Chicago
December 4: 1st U.S. citizenship granted an alien on foreign soil (James Hoey)
December 4: Franklin D. Roosevelt orders dismantling of Works Progress Administration
December 4: U.S. bombers struck Italian mainland for 1st time in WW II
December 4: Works Progress Administration liquidated
December 5: CFL Grey Cup: Tor beats Win RCAF, 8 -5 at Toronto
December 5: Seyss-Inquart orders students in nazi-Germany to go work
December 5: West Indies chocolate/coffee drop above Netherland
December 6: Queen Wilhelmina announces Dutch Commonwealth
December 6: RAF bombs Philips factory (150 die)
December 8: 8th Heisman Trophy Award: Frank Sinkwich, Georgia (HB)
December 10: Hitler names Mussert "leader of Netherland people"
December 10: North Africa: 5th German pantser army forms under Colonel General von Arnim
December 11: Australian/Dutch guerrilla troops evacuated to Timor near Australia
December 12: German offensive in South Western Stalingrad
December 13: Seyss-Inquart allows Dutch Nazi Anton Mussert to call himself Leader
December 13: Washington Redskins defeat Chicago Bears 14-6, to win NFL title
December 15: Massachusetts issues 1st U.S. vehicular license plate tabs
December 16: Hitler orders combat against partisans in Russia and Balkan
December 17: Allies in London sentence German war criminals
December 20: 1st Japanese bombing of Calcutta
December 21: U.S. Supreme Court declares Nevada separation legal
December 23: Allies air attack on Den Helder
December 24: 1st powered flight of V-1 buzz bomb, Peenemunde, Germany
December 24: Red army occupies German airports at Tasjinskaja and Morozowsk
December 25: Admiral Dalans murderer of Bosinier de la Chapelle, sentenced to death
December 25: British Col S W Bailey reaches Mihailovics headquarter
December 25: Russian artillery/tank battle on German armies at Stalingrad
December 27: 1st Japanese women camp (Ambarawa) goes into use
December 27: NFL Pro Bowl: NFL All-Stars beats Washington 17-14
December 28: Oberkommando Wehrmacht orders strategist flight out of Kaukasus
December 28: Robert Sullivan becomes 1st pilot to fly Atlantic 100 times
December 31: 60 U boats sunk this month (330,000 ton)
December 31: Battle in Barents Sea
December 31: Potatoes rationed in Holland
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