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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1934 AD


January 1: Alcatraz officially becomes a federal prison
January 1: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, FDIC, U.S. bank guarantor, effective
January 1: International Telecommunication Union established
January 2: 1st state liquor stores open, in Pennsylvania
January 2: Bradman scores 253 NSW vs. Queensland, 204 minutes, 29 fours 4 sixes
January 4: 1st Dutch talkie movie, Jan Teunissen's "Willem of Orange," premieres
January 5: Fenway Park catches fire for 2nd time (May 8th 1926 also)
January 5: National and American baseball leagues select a uniform ball
January 7: "Flash Gordon" comic strip (by Alex Raymond) debuts
January 7: Princess Juliana marries German prince Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld
January 8: Jaap Speyers "Bluejackets" premieres in Amsterdam
January 15: 8.4 earthquake in India/Nepal, 10,700 die
January 15: Babe Ruth signs a 1934 contract for $35,000 ($17,000 cut)
January 17: Carl Hubbell, NL MVP winner, gets $18,000 contract by the New York Giants
January 17: Electric Home and Farm Authority incorporated
January 17: New York Giants reward MVP pitcher Carl Hubbell with $18,000 contract
January 18: Eugene O'Neill's "Days Without End," premieres in New York City
January 19: Kenesaw Mountain Landis denies Joe Jackson's appeal for reinstatement
January 20: Japan sends Henry Pu Yi as regent to emperor of Manchuria
January 22: Dmitri Sjostakovitsj' opera "Lady MacBeth," premieres in Leningrad
January 26: Bradman scores 128 NSW vs. Victoria, 96 minutes, 17 fours 4 sixes
January 26: Nazi Germany and Poland sign non-attack treaty for 10 years
January 27: 27th Australian Men's Tennis Open: Fred Perry beat Crawford (63 75 61)
January 27: French government of Chautemps falls (Stavisky Affair)
January 27: VARA refuses to hire after commemoration of Marinus Van de Lubbe
January 28: 1st U.S. ski tow (rope) begins operation (Woodstock Vermont)
January 30: 1st theatrical presentation sponsored by U.S. government, New York City
January 30: Bert Ironmonger ends Sheffield Shield career age 51 years 298 days
January 30: Hitler proclamation on German unified states
January 31: Franklin D. Roosevelt devalus dollar in relation to gold at $35 per ounce


February 1: Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss dissolves all political parties but his
February 2: Dutch RC Bishops warn against fascism/nazism
February 6: Reds purchase 43-year-old Dazzy Vance from the Cards for $7,500
February 7: 1st contract for TVA power, Tupelo, Miss
February 8: Export-Import Bank organizes in Washington, D.C.
February 8: Gaston Doumergue forms new French government
February 9: -14.3 degrees F (-25.7 degrees C), coldest day in New York City
February 9: -51 degrees F (-46 degrees C), Vanderbilt, Michigan (state record)
February 9: Balkan Entente alliance forms (Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and Romania)
February 10: 1st Jewish immigrant ship to break the English blockade in Palestine
February 10: Byrd souvenir sheet issued, New York City; 1st unperforated ungummed U.S. stamp
February 10: Howard Hanson's "Merry Mount," premieres in New York City
February 10: Stalin ends 17th CPSU-congress, says "Life becomes merrier"
February 10: Thomson/Gertrude Steins opera premieres in New York City
February 12: Export-Import Bank incorporates
February 12: France hit by a general strike against fascists and royalists
February 13: Austrian Dollfuss government bans socialistic party
February 14: NHL Ace Bailey Benefit Game: Toronto beats All-Stars 7-3 in Toronto
February 17: 1st high school auto driving course offered (State College, Penn)
February 19: Bob and Dolores Hope marry
February 19: U.S. contract air mail service canceled, replaced by U.S. Army for 6 months
February 20: Virgil Thomson's opera "4 Saints in 3 Acts" opens in New York City
February 21: Nicaraguan patriot Augusto Cesar Sandino assassinated by National Guard
February 22: "It Happened One Night," opens at New York's Radio City Music Hall
February 23: Casey Stengel becomes manager of Brooklyn Dodgers
February 23: Coronation of King Leopold III of Belgium


March 1: Henry Pu Yi crowned emperor Kang Teh of Manchuria
March 1: Primo Carnera beats Tommy Loughran in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
March 2: Union Pacific tests light-weight high-speed passenger train, Omaha
March 3: John Dillinger breaks out of jail using a wooden pistol
March 4: Easter Cross on Mount Davidson (SF) dedicated
March 5: Mother-in-law's day 1st celebrated (Amarillo, Texas)
March 6: Sidney Howard and Paul de Kruif's "Yellowjacket," premieres in New York City
March 8: Edwin Hubble photo shows as many galaxies as Milky Way has stars
March 10: Longest undefeated streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (18 games)
March 10: U.S. Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Suzanne Davis
March 10: U.S. Mens Figure Skating championship won by Roger Turner
March 11: Netherlands beats Belgium 9-3, in soccer
March 12: Acting President Constantine Pats commits coup in Tallinn Estonia
March 12: Josip Broz (Tito) freed from jail
March 12: Paul Hindemith's "Mathis der Maler," premieres in Berlin
March 15: U.S. Information Service opens
March 16: Congress passes Migratory Bird Conservation Act
March 17: Dollfuss, Mussolini and Gombos sign Donau Pact (protocols of Rome)
March 20: Female Babe Didrickson pitches hitless inning for Philadelphia A's in exhibition game against Brooklyn Dodgers
March 20: Rudolf Kuhnold demonstrates radar in Kiel Germany
March 20: Test of practical radar apparatus made by Rudolf Kuhnold in Germany
March 21: Babe Didrikson pitches an inning in an A's-Dodgers exhibition game Walks 1, hits the next guy, 3rd guy hits into triple-play
March 21: Fire destroys Hakodate Japan, killing about 1,500
March 22: 1st Masters golf championship began in Augusta, Georgia
March 22: Fire destroys Hakodate Japan (kills 1,500, injures 1,000)
March 23: U.S. Congress accepts Philippines independence in 1945
March 24: U.S. declares the Philippines to become independent in 1945
March 25: 1st Golf Masters Championship: Horton Smith wins, shooting a 284
March 26: Driving tests introduced in Britain
March 29: Bank of Travail in Belgium, socialist worker's movement bankrupt
March 31: Netherlands Indies BC Ltd begins radio transmission (Indonesia)


April 1: Bonnie and Clyde kill 2 police officers
April 6: 418 Lutheran ministers arrested in Germany
April 7: In India, Mahatma Gandhi suspended his campaign of civil disobedience
April 10: Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Detroit Red Wings, 3 games to 1
April 12: Highest velocity wind ever recorded on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, 231 mph
April 13: 4.7 million U.S. families report receiving welfare payments
April 13: U.S. Congress passes Johnson Debt Default Act
April 17: New Fenway Park opens, Washington Senators beat Red Sox 6-5
April 18: 1st "Washateria" (laundromat) opens (Ft. Worth, Texas)
April 18: Hitler names J von Ribbentrop, ambassador for disarmament
April 19: 38th Boston Marathon won by Dave Komonen of Canada in 2:32:53.8
April 19: Shirley Temple appears in her 1st movie, "Stand Up and Cheer"
April 20: Heinrich Himmler becomes inspector Prussian secret state police
April 21: Moe Berg, Senators catcher, plays AL record 117th cons errorless game
April 28: Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Home Owners Loan Act
April 28: Soccer team Blue White '34 forms
April 28: Spanish government of Samper forms
April 28: Tigers' Goose Goslin grounds into 4 straight double plays
April 29: Pittsburgh is last major league city to play a home game on a Sunday
April 30: Austrian gets "Austrian facist" constitution


May 1: Austria signs pact with Vatican
May 1: Philippine legislature accepts U.S. proposal for independence
May 1: Water state kingdom dismisses NSB-leader Anton Mussert
May 2: Nazi-Germany begins People's court
May 3: Bradman scores 206 Australia vs. Worcestershire, 210 minutes, 27 fours
May 5: 60th Kentucky Derby: Mack Garner aboard Cavalcade wins in 2:04
May 6: Red Sox score 12 runs in 4th inning including record 4 consecutive triples hit by Carl Reynolds, Moose Solters, Rick Ferrell, and B Walters
May 7: Netherlands Princess Juliana opens Juliana Canal
May 7: Part of Khabarovsk becomes a Jewish Autnomous Region
May 7: Pulitzer prize awarded to Sidney Kingsley (Men in White)
May 7: World's largest pearl (6.4 kg) found at Palawan, Philippines
May 9: Bradman out for a Cricket duck against Cambridge University!
May 12: 60th Preakness: Robert Jones aboard High Quest wins in 1:58.2
May 12: "Cocktails For Two," by Duke Ellington hits #1
May 13: Great dustbowl storm
May 15: Department of Justice offers $25,000 reward for Dillinger, dead or alive
May 15: Karlis Ulmanis names himself fascist dictator of Latvia
May 18: Academy Award 1st called Oscar in print (Sidney Skolsky)
May 18: Congress approves "Lindbergh Act," makes kidnapping a capital offense
May 18: Jimmie Foxx hits 1st home run in Comiskey Park center field bleachers
May 18: TWA began commercial service
May 19: Military coup by Col Damian Veltsjev in Bulgaria
May 19: Sherlock Holmes crossword puzzle in "Sat Review of Lit" Males who solved puzzle became members of Baker Street Irregulars
May 21: Oskaloosa Iowa, becomes 1st U.S. city to fingerprint its citizens
May 23: Wallace Carothers manufactures 1st nylon (polymeer 66)
May 24: Colombia and Peru sign accord about harbor city Leticia
May 25: Bela Bartok's "Enchanted Deer," premieres
May 26: Century of Progress Exposition reopens in Chicago
May 28: Bradman gets 160 Australia vs. Middlesex, 124 minutes, 27 fours, 1x6, 1x5
May 28: Hobbs scores his 197th and last FC cricket ton at 51 years 163 days


June 1: AFC '34 soccer team forms in Alkmaar
June 5: 1st formal meeting of Baker Street Irregulars (New York City)
June 6: Securities and Exchange Commission established
June 6: Yankee Myrl Hoag hits 6 singles in one game
June 9: 1st Donald Duck cartoon, Wise Little Hen, released
June 9: 38th U.S. Golf Open: Olin Dutra shoots a 293 at Merion Cricket Club PA
June 9: 66th Belmont: Wayne D Wright aboard Peace Chance wins in 2:29.2
June 9: Donald Duck made his 1st screen appearance ("The Wise Little Hen")
June 9: Lawson Little beats Gene Sarazen by 3 strokes for U.S. Open
June 10: Italy beats Czechoslovakia 2-1 (OT) in soccer's 2nd World Cup at Rome
June 10: U.S.S.R. and Romania regain diplomatic relations
June 11: Disarmament conference in Geneva fails
June 12: Black-McKeller Bill passes causes Bill Boeing empire to break up into Boeing United Aircraft [Technologies] and United Air Lines
June 14: Hitler and Mussolini meet in Vienna
June 14: Max Baer KO's Primo Carnera in 11 for HW box champ in Long Island City
June 14: WOQ-AM in Kansas City Missouri goes off the air
June 15: Great Smokey Mountains National Park dedicated
June 18: U.S. Highway planning surveys nationwide authorized
June 19: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created
June 25: Hedley Verity takes 15 wickets vs. Australia (7-61 and 8-43)
June 25: New York Yankee Lou Gehrig hits for the cycle beating White Sox 11-2,
June 25: Yank pitcher John Broaca ties record by striking out 5 times
June 26: Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Federal Credit Union Act, establishing Credit Unions
June 26: Germany and Poland sign no-attack treaty
June 26: W. E. B. Du Bois resigns position at NAACP
June 27: Federal Savings and Loan Association created
June 28: Hitler flies to Essen, Night of Long Knifes
June 30: French Equatorial Africa constituted a single administrative unit
June 30: NFL's Portsmouth Spartans become Detroit Lions
June 30: "Night of Long Knives," Hitler stages bloody purge of Nazi party


July 1: 1st x-ray photo of entire body, Rochester, New York
July 2: General Lazaro Cardenas elected president of Mexico
July 3: FDIC pays off 1st insured depositors, Fon du Lac Bank, East Peoria, Illinois
July 4: Jordanians revolt in Amsterdam after reduction in employment
July 7: Elizabeth Ryan wins her 12th Wimbledon doubles championship
July 9: SS-Reichs Fuhrer Himmler takes command of German Concentration Camps
July 10: 1st sitting U.S. president to visit South America, Franklin D. Roosevelt in Colombia
July 10: 2nd All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 9-7 at Polo Grounds, New York
July 10: Carl Hubbell strikes out Ruth, Gehrig and Foxx in All star game
July 11: Franklin D. Roosevelt became 1st President to travel through Panama Canal
July 12: U.S. Disciplinary Barracks on Alcatraz Island abandoned
July 12: Willy de Supervise swims world record 400m (5:16.0)
July 13: Babe Ruth hits home run number 700, against Detroit
July 14: 116 degrees F (47 degrees C), Orogrande New Mexico (state record, broken on June 27, 1994)
July 14: New York Times erroneously declares Ruth 700 home run record to stand for all time
July 14: Phillies score 11 runs in an inning, beats Cincinnati 18-0
July 14: Ruth hits 700th career home run
July 16: Bradman scores 140 Australia vs. Yorkshire, 120 minutes, 22 fours 2 sixes
July 17: Babe Ruth draws his 2,000th base on balls at Cleveland
July 20: 118 degrees F (48 degrees C), Keokuk, Iowa (state record)
July 21: 113 degrees F (45 degrees C), near Gallipolis, Ohio (state record)
July 23: Bradman completes 304 at Headingley, 430 minutes, 43 fours 2 sixes
July 24: 1st ptarmigan hatched and reared in captivity, Ithaca, New York
July 25: Failed nazi coup in Austria
July 27: French socialist/communist party of People's Front forms
July 28: 118 degrees F (48 degrees C), Orofino, Idaho (state record)
July 29: 17th PGA Championship: Paul Runyan at Park CC Williamsville NY
July 31: 29th Davis Cup: Great Britain beats USA in Wimbledon (4-1)
July 31: St. Louis Cardinals defeat Cincinnati Reds 8-6 in 18 innings, pitchers Dizzy Dean and Tony Freitos go the distant


August 2: 1st airplane train, plane tows 3 mail gliders behind it
August 2: Adolph Hitler becomes commander-in-chief of Germany
August 2: William Franks twirls an indian club overhead 17,280 times in 1 hour
August 4: New York Giants Mel Ott sets record of 6 runs in game and beats Phillies 21-4
August 6: U.S. troops leave Haiti, which had been occupied since 1915
August 7: U.S. Court of Appeals upheld lower court ruling striking down government's attempt to ban controversial James Joyce novel "Ulysses"
August 10: Babe Ruth announces this is his final season as full time player
August 11: 1st federal prisoners arrive at Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay
August 16: U.S. explorer William Beebe descends 3,028' (923 m) in Bathysphere
August 18: 48th U.S. Womens Tennis: Helen Jacobs beats Sarah H Cooke (61 64)
August 18: Bradman scores 244 in 5th Test Cricket, 316 minutes, 32 fours 1 six
August 18: Ponsford and Bradman make 451 partnership in 316 minutes vs. Eng
August 19: 48th U.S. Womens Tennis: Helen Jacobs beats Sarah H P Fabyan (61 64)
August 19: Hitler elected Fuhrer (95.7% of German voters)
August 19: Paul Runyan wins PGA golf tournament
August 20: Ponsford out for 266 in his final Test Cricket match
August 22: Australia beat England by 562 runs to regain Cricket Ashes
August 22: Red Sox pitcher Wes Ferrell hits 2 home runs to beat White Sox 3-2 in 12
August 27: Arlen, Ira Gershwin and Harburgs musical premieres in New York City
August 31: 1st NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Chi Bears 0, All-Stars 0 (79,432)


September 1: Spelling-Marchand Laws enforced
September 3: Tunisia began its move for independence
September 4: Bradman scores 149* Australia vs. England XI, 104 minutes, 17 fours 4 sixes
September 7: Luxury liner "Morro Castle" burns off NJ, killing 134
September 8: 54th U.S. Mens Tennis: Fred Perry beats Wilmer L Allison (64 63 16 86)
September 8: Bradman scores 132 vs. Leveson-Gower XI, 90 minutes, 24 fours 1 six
September 8: Luxury passenger ship Morro Castle for New Jersey catches fire, 133 die
September 9: Armas Toivonen becomes 1st European marathoner (2:52:29.0)
September 9: G Kaufman and M Hart's "Merrily We Roll Along," premieres in New York City
September 12: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania signs Baltic Entente, against U.S.S.R.
September 13: Judge Landis sells World Series broadcast rights to Ford for $100,000
September 17: RCA Victor re leases 1st 33 1/3 rpm recording (Beethoven's 5th)
September 17: U.S.S.R. joins League of Nations (Netherland, Switzerland and Portugal vote no)
September 18: St. Louis Brown Bobo Newsom loses no-hitter to Boston in 10, 2-1
September 18: U.S.S.R. admitted to League of Nations
September 19: Bruno Hauptmann arrested for kidnapping Lindbergh baby
September 21: St. Louis Card Paul Dean no-hits Brooklyn Dodgers, 3-0
September 21: Typhoon strikes Honshu Island Japan, kills 4,000
September 24: 2500 fans see Babe Ruth's farewell Yankee appearance at Yankee Stadium
September 24: Idle Detroit wins pennant, as Red Sox beat Yankees 5-0
September 25: John Van Druten's "Distaff Side," premieres in New York City
September 25: Lou Gehrig plays in his 1,500th consecutive game
September 25: Rainbow (U.S.) beats Endeavour (England) in 16th America's Cup
September 26: British liner Queen Mary is launched
September 29: Rondo Hatton weds Mabel Housh
September 30: Babe Ruth's final game as a Yankee, goes 0 for 3
September 30: Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicates Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam)
September 30: St. Louis Card clinch pennant as Dizzy Dean wins his 30th of year


October 1: Adolph Hitler expands German army and Navy and creates an air force, violating Treaty of Versailles
October 8: Bruno Hauptmann is indicted for murder of Lindbergh's son
October 9: St. Louis Cardinals beat Detroit Tigers, 4 games to 3 in 31st World Series
October 14: "Lux Radio Theatre" premieres
October 16: Mao Tse-tung and 25,000 troops begin 6,000 mile Long March
October 17: "The Aldrich Family" premieres on radio
October 18: Chinese Red leader under Mao Tse Tung begins Long March
October 20: All-Star team led by Babe Ruth and Connie Mack sails to Hawaii and Japan
October 20: Richard Strauss completes his opera "Die Schweigsame Frau"
October 23: Jean Piccard and Jeanette Ridlen attain balloon height of 17.341 m (rec)
October 26: While Washington player-mgr Joe Cronin honeymoons with Mildred Robertson owner Clark Griffith's niece and adopted daughter, he is sold to Red Sox
October 28: Brooklyn and Pittsburgh play a penalty free NFL game


November 2: Babe Ruth tours Tokyo Japan
November 3: Although Lou Gehrig wins Triple Crown, Mickey Cochrane wins AL MVP
November 3: Dizzy Dean chosen as NL MVP
November 4: Pitts ends Detroit Lions' shutout streak at 7 games but loses 40-7
November 6: NFL Philadelphia Eagles beat Cincinnati Reds 64-0
November 7: Arthur L Mitchell, becomes 1st black Democratic congressman (Ill)
November 8: Ford Frick, NL publicity director, is named league president
November 11: 1st penalty shot vs Toronto Maple Leafs, Mondou (Mont) unsuccessful
November 11: WOC-AM in Davenport Iowa splits from WHO-WOC and becomes KICK-AM
November 15: Nobel for chemistry awarded to Harold C. Urey (deuterium)
November 17: Lyndon B. Johnson marries Claudia Alta Taylor
November 20: Eiji Sawamura, 17, gives up 1 hit, Lou Gehrig's home run, Japan beats U.S. 1-0
November 20: Lillian Hellman's "Children's Hour," premieres in New York City
November 20: New Belgian government of Theunis, Francqui and Gutt (3 bankers)
November 20: Tornoto Maple Leaf Harvey Jackson is 1st to score 4 goals in 1 period
November 21: New York Yankees buy Joe DiMaggio from San Francisco Seals (Pacific Coast League)
November 21: "Uiver" returns from Schiphol in London-Melbourne air race
November 22: "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" 1st heard on Eddie Cantor's show
November 24: CFL Grey Cup: Sarnia beats Regina, 20-12 at Toronto
November 24: SN Behrman's "Rain from Heaven," premieres in New York City
November 26: German theologist Karl Barth surrenders to nazi
November 26: Turkish regiment decrees importing family names
November 28: Churchill tells Premier Baldwin not to under estimate German air power
November 29: Chicago Bears beat Detroit (19-16) in 1st NFL game broadcast nationally
November 29: English King George V weds princess Marina of Greece/Denmark


December 2: 5.08-m (200") Mount Palomar Observatory mirror is cast
December 3: Italian colonial Tripoli and Cyrenaica annexed to Libya
December 3: KYW-AM in Chicago, Illinois moves to Philadelphia Penn
December 7: Wiley Post discovers jet stream
December 8: Friedrich Wolf's "Professor Mamlock," premieres in Zurich
December 9: New York Giants defeat Chicago Bears 30-13 for NFL championship
December 10: Fascist dictator of Latvia Ulmanis begins building concentration camp
December 10: NFL adopts player waiver rule; applies after 6th game of season
December 10: Saint-Adelbert cooperation formed by Catholic elite
December 11: 1935 All-Star Game is assigned to Cleveland
December 11: 1st Toronto Maple Leaf penalty shot, Conacher unsuccessful vs Rangers
December 11: Ford Frick becomes president of baseball's National League
December 11: NL votes to permit night baseball (up to 7 games per home team)
December 13: Mark Hellinger Theater (Warner Bros) opens at 237 W 51st St. New York City
December 14: 1st streamlined steam locomotive introduced (Albany New York)
December 15: Fokker F18 Snip flies to Netherlands West Indies
December 19: Japan agress to fleet treaty of 1922 and 1930
December 22: 1st flight from Netherland to Curacao (Christmas flight 1934)
December 22: Miss Theo Trowbridge sets female bowling record 702 pins in games
December 24: Grimmett takes 9-180 for SA as Queensland make 430
December 25: Four centuries for SA as they make 7-644 vs. Qld before 6,180
December 25: Samson Raphaelson's "Accent on Youth," premieres in New York City
December 26: Yomiuri Giants, Japan's 1st professional baseball team forms
December 27: 1st youth hostel in U.S. opens (Northfield, Mass)
December 27: Shah of Persia declares Persia now Iran
December 27: Vernon Duke and James Hanley's musical premieres in New York City
December 29: 1st collegiate basketball doubleheader (MSG)
December 29: Federico Garcia Lorca's "Yerma," premieres in Madrid
December 29: Japan renounces Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 and London Treaty of 1930
December 31: Helen Richey becomes 1st woman to pilot an airmail transport
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