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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1913 AD


January 1: Post office begins parcel post deliveries
January 2: National Woman's Party forms
January 7: William M Burton patents a process to "crack" petroleum
January 8: Frank Chance becomes Yankee manager
January 11: 1st sedan-type car (Hudson) goes on display at 13th Auto Show (New York City)
January 11: Bread and Roses Strike begins
January 16: British House of Commons accepts Home-Rule for Ireland
January 17: Raymond Poincare elected president of France
January 18: Turkish-Greek sea battle near Troy
January 19: Raymond Poincare installed as president of France
January 21: Aristide Briand forms French government
January 24: Franz Kafka stops working on "Amerika"; it will never be finished
January 26: Jim Thorpe relinquishes his 1912 Olympic medals for being a pro
January 29: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, at Howard University, incorporates
January 30: House of Lords rejects Irish Home Rule Bill


February 2: N.Y. Giants sign Jim Thorpe
February 2: New York City's Grand Central Terminal opens
February 3: 16th Amendment, federal income tax, ratified
February 3: Golden/Cawthorne's musical "Sunshine Girl," premieres in New York City
February 4: Louis Perlman patents demountable auto tire-carrying wheel rim
February 4: National Institute of Arts and Letters founded
February 9: 10 Day Tragedy of Mexico-City; 3,000 die
February 10: Edward Sheldons "Romance," premieres in New York City
February 15: 1st avant-garde art show in America opens in New York City
February 16: President Taft agrees not to intervene in Mexico
February 17: 1st minimum wage law in U.S. takes effect in Oregon
February 17: New York Armory Show introduces Picasso, Matisse, Duchamp to U.S. public
February 18: French painting "Nude Descending a Staircase" displayed in New York City
February 19: 1st prize inserted into a Cracker Jack box
February 19: Mexican General V Huerta takes power with U.S. support
February 22: Lowell HS, San Francisco opens (on it's 1st campus)
February 25: 16th Amendment ratified, authorizing income tax
February 28: 6.8-m, 4000-kg elephant seal killed, South Georgia (S Atlantic)


March 1: 1st state law requiring bonding of officers and state employees, ND
March 1: Federal income tax takes effect, 16th amendment
March 3: Ida B Wells-Barnett demonstrates for female suffrage in Washington D.C.
March 4: 1st U.S. law regulating the shooting of migratory birds passed
March 4: Department of Commerce and Labor split into separate departments
March 4: Gabriel Faure's opera "Penelope," premieres in Monte Carlo
March 4: New York Yankees are 1st to train outside U.S. (Bermuda)
March 4: Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as 28th president
March 8: Federal League organizes with 6 teams
March 8: Internal Revenue Service begins to levy and collect income taxes
March 10: Stanley Cup: Quebec Bulldogs sweep Sydney (NS) Millionaires in 2 games
March 10: William Knox, becomes 1st in American Bowling Congress to bowl 300
March 12: Foundation stone of the Australian capital in Canberra laid
March 13: Kansas legislature approved censorship of motion pictures
March 15: 1st presidential press conference (Woodrow Wilson)
March 15: Cleveland establishes 1st small claims court
March 21: Flood in Ohio, kills 400
March 24: Netherlands soccer team's 1st victory over England
March 24: Palace Theater opens at 1564 Broadway New York City
March 25: Great Dayton Flood
March 25: Home of vaudeville, Palace Theatre, opens (New York City) starring Ed Wynn
March 26: Bulgaria captures Adrianople, ending the 1st Balkan War
March 26: Dayton, Ohio almost destroyed when Scioto, Miami, and Muskingum River reach flood stage simultaneously


April 3: British suffragette Emily Pankhurst sentenced to 3 years in jail
April 8: 17th amendment, requiring direct election of senators, ratified
April 8: Opening of China's 1st parliament takes place in Peking (now Beijing)
April 9: Brooklyn Dodger's Ebbets Field opens, Phillies win 1-0
April 10: President Woodrow Wilson throws out 1st ball, Senators beat Yankees 2-1
April 10: Walter Johnson begins string of 56 consecutive scoreless innings
April 14: Belgium begins general strike for voting rights
April 19: 17th Boston Marathon won by Fritz Carlson of Minnesota in 2:25:14.8
April 21: German passenger ship Imperator runs aground
April 21: Gideon Sundback of Sweden patents the zipper
April 22: Montenegro troops march into Skoetari, North-Albania
April 26: Panama-Pacific International Exposition opens in San Francisco
April 26: Sun Yet San calls for revolt against President Yuan Shikai in China
April 29: Swedish engineer Gideon Sundback of Hoboken patents all-purpose zipper


May 1: Longacre Theater opens at 220 W 48th St. New York City
May 6: King Nikita I of Montenegro vacates Skoetari, North-Albania
May 7: British House of Commons rejects woman's right to vote
May 9: 17th amendment provides for election of senators by popular vote
May 10: 39th Kentucky Derby: Roscoe Goose aboard Donerail wins in 2:04.8
May 10: Yankees commit 8 errors and still beat Tigers 10-9 in 10 innings
May 12: Harry Green runs world record marathon (2:38:16.2)
May 13: 1st 4 engine aircraft built and flown (Igor Sikorsky-Russia)
May 14: French Hals museum opens in Harleem Netherlands
May 14: John D. Rockefeller gives $100 million to Rockefeller Foundation
May 14: Washington Senator Walter Johnson ends record scorless streak at 56 innings
May 19: Webb Alien Land-Holding Bill passes, forbidding Japanese from owning land
May 20: 38th Preakness: James Butwell aboard Buskin wins in 1:53.4
May 26: Actors' Equity Association forms (New York City)
May 30: 1st Balkan War ends, Treaty of London
May 30: New country of Albania, forms
May 31: 17th amendment (direct election of senators) declared ratified
May 31: Alexis Ahlgren runs world record maraton (2:36:06.6)


June 2: 1st strike settlement mediated by U.S. Department of Labor-RR clerks
June 2: Demonstrations for general voting right in Netherlands
June 3: Dutch 1st Chamber accepts Health laws
June 4: Suffragette Emily Davinson throws himself in front of king's horse
June 5: Dutch Disability laws go into effect
June 6: Rabbit Maranville, is thrown out trying to steal home 3 times
June 12: "Dachshund" by Pathe Freres, early animated cartoon, released
June 13: 45th Belmont: Roscoe Troxler aboard Prince Eugene wins in 2:18
June 13: Yankees win 13th game of year after losing 36 games
June 20: 3 of 1st 4 Yankees hit-by-pitch en route to a record 6 hit batsman
June 20: Bert Daniels set AL mark, being hit-by-pitch 3 times in a doubleheader
June 21: Tiny Broadwick is 1st woman to parachute from an airplane
June 24: 53rd British Golf Open: J H Taylor shoots a 304 at Hoylake Hoylake
June 25: Dutch Parliamentary election (confess party looses majority)
June 29: 2nd Balkan War begins-Bulgaria overthrows Greek/Serbian troops
June 30: 2nd Balkan War begins
June 30: New York Giants score 10 in 10th to beat Phillies 11-1


July 1: Serbia and Greece declare war on Bulgaria
July 3: Common tern banded in Maine; found dead in 1919 in Africa (1st bird known to have crossed the Atlantic)
July 4: 37th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: A F Wilding beats McLoughlin (86 63 10-8)
July 5: Queen Wilhelmina meets SDAP-leader Troelstra
July 7: British House of Commons accepts Home-Rule Law
July 10: 134 degrees F (57 degrees C), Greenland Ranch, California (U.S. record)
July 10: Romania declares war on Bulgaria
July 18: After 68 straight innings Christy Mathewson gives up a walk
July 19: Billboard publishes earliest known "Last Week's 10 Best Sellers among Popular Songs" Malinda's Wedding Day is #1
July 20: Turkish troop take Adrianopel and Erdine from Bulgaria
July 23: Arabs attack Jewish community of Rechovot Palestine
July 25: Carl Weilman strikes out 6 times in a 15 inning game
July 25: Pirates Max Carey goes hitless, but scores 5 runs against Phillies
July 27: Belgian Philippe Thys wins Tour de France
July 28: 12th Davis Cup: USA beats British Isles in Wimbledon (3-2)
July 29: Albania becomes sovereignty under prince Wilhelm von Wied
July 30: Conclusion of 2nd Balkan War


August 8: Richard Corfields "Camel Corps" opens "Mad Mullah" in Burao Somalia
August 10: 2nd Balkan War ends, Treaty of Bucharest, Bulgaria loses
August 19: Frenchman Pegoud makes 1st parachute jump in Europe
August 20: 1st pilot to parachute from an aircraft (Adolphe Pegoud-France)
August 20: Piotr Nesterow 1st flight (Kiev Ukraine)
August 22: Robert Martineau, bishop of Blackburn
August 26: 33rd U.S. Mens Tennis: M E McLoughlin beats R N Williams (64 57 63 61)
August 27: Lt Peter Nestrov, of Imperial Russian Air Service, performs a loop in a monoplane at Kiev (1st aerobatic maneuver in an airplane)
August 28: Queen Wilhelmina opens Peace Palace (The Hague)
August 29: Pieter Cort Van de Linden forms Dutch government
August 30: Phillies lead Giants 8-6 in top of 9th, fans in bleachers try to distract Giants, Umpire forefeits game to Giants, later overruled
August 31: Soccer club PSV forms in Eindhoven Netherlands


September 1: George Bernard Shaws "Androcles and the Lion," premieres in London
September 1: Yuan Shikai captures Nanjing "2nd Chinese revolution"
September 2: Amsterdam reroutes sewage of canals to South Seas
September 5: Phillies and Braves tie record of only 1 run in a double header, Phillies win 1st game 1-0, then a scoreless tie into 10th
September 6: 19th U.S. Golf Amateur Championship won by Jerry Travers
September 6: 1st aircraft to loop the loop (Adolphe Pegoud-France)
September 6: Hamilton Alerts apply for ORFU reinstatement, taking the name Hamilton Rowing Club
September 10: 1st U.S. paved coast-to-coast highway, the Lincoln Highway, opens
September 10: Cleveland Call and Post forms
September 10: George W Buckner, named minister to Liberia
September 10: Lincoln Highway opens as 1st paved coast-to-coast highway
September 14: 27th U.S. Womens Tennis: Mary K Browne beats Dorothy Green (62 75)
September 14: Cubs Larry Cheney hurls record 14-hit shutout against Giants (7-0)
September 15: 1st U.S. milch goat show held, Rochester, New York
September 16: 1000s of women demonstrate for Dutch female suffrage
September 20: 19th U.S. Golf Open: Francis Ouimet shoots a 304 at The Country Club MA
September 21: 1st aerobatic maneuver, sustained inverted flight, performed in France
September 21: Turkey and Bulgaria sign peace treaty in Constantinople
September 22: Coal mine explosion kills 263 at Dawson New Mexico
September 22: George Cohan's "7 Keys to Baldpate," premieres in New York City
September 23: Roland Garros is 1st to fly over Mediterranean Sea
September 23: Serbian troops march into Albania
September 29: Sam S Shubert Theater opens at 225 W 44th St. New York City
September 29: Washington Senator Walter Johnson wins his 36th game


October 2: Phillies beat New York Giants 2 games out of 3 in a tripleheader
October 3: Federal Income Tax signed into law (at 1%)
October 4: Bkln Dodger Jake Daubert earns a new Chalmers auto as NL MVP
October 4: Freddy Wilson of Regina Roughriders kicks 10 singles in a game
October 7: Henry Ford institutes moving assembly line
October 10: British passenger ship Volturno catches fire in Atlantic (136 kill)
October 10: Gamboa Dam in Panama blown up; Atlantic and Pacific waters mix
October 10: Yuan Shikai installed as 1st president of China
October 11: Philadelphia A's beat New York Giants, 4 games to 1 in 10th World Series
October 12: John McGraw, after drinking, blames Wilbert Robinson's coaching mistakes for World Series lose, Robertson blames McGraw and is fired
October 13: Explosion and fire in Universal Coal Mine, South Wales
October 14: Explosion in coal mine at Cardiff kills 439
October 15: Train crash in Liverpool during "Black Week"
October 16: Booth Theater opens at 222 W 44th St. New York City
October 18: Austrian-Hungary demands that Serbia and Albania leave
October 22: Explosion at Dawson New Mexico coal mine kills 263 mine workers
October 24: Joe Tinker fired as Cincinnati Reds manager
October 26: Huerta elected president of Mexico
October 27: President Wilson says U.S. will never attack another country


November 1: Notre Dame upsets Army 35-13, 1st to use forward pass effectively
November 2: St. Louis Browns manager George Stovall is 1st to jump to Federal League
November 5: Ludwig III crowned king of Bavaria
November 6: Mohandas K. Gandhi arrested for leading Indian miners march in South Africa
November 9: Storm "Freshwater Fury" sinks 8 ore-carriers on Great Lakes
November 13: 1st modern elastic brassiere patented by Mary Phelps Jacob
November 17: 1st U.S. dental hygienists course forms, Bridgeport, Ct
November 17: Panama Canal opens
November 18: Lincoln Deachey performs 1st airplane loop-the-loop (San Diego)
November 25: Woodrow Wilson's daughter Jessie marries in White House
November 26: Russian kingdom forbids Polish congregation of speakers
November 28: Heavyweight Jack Johnson KOs Andre Spaul in Paris
November 29: 5th CFL Grey Cup: Hamilton Tigers defeats Toronto Parkdale, 44-2


December 1: 1st drive-up gasoline station opens (Pitts)
December 1: Continuous moving assembly line introduced by Ford (car every 2:38)
December 2: Archdiocese of Managua created
December 2: Government -Barthou falls due to overtime conscription
December 6: White Sox beat Giants 9-4 in exhibition game in Tokyo
December 8: Construction starts on Palace of Fine Arts in SF
December 9: Heavyweight Jack Johnson-Jim Johnson fight to no decision in Paris
December 9: John K Tener becomes president of baseball's National League
December 10: Kamerlingh Onnes receives Nobel prize for physics
December 12: Hebrew language officially used to teach in Palestinian schools
December 12: "Mona Lisa," stolen from Louvre Museum in 1911, recovered
December 13: Mona Lisa stolen in Aug 1911 returned to Louvre
December 14: Greece formally takes possession of Crete
December 16: Charlie Chaplin began his film career at Keystone for $150 a week
December 19: Jack Johnson fights Jim Johnson to a draw in 10 for hw boxing title
December 21: 1st crossword puzzle (with 32 clues) printed in New York World
December 23: President Woodrow Wilson signs Federal Reserve Act into law
December 29: 1st movie serial, "Adventures of Kathlyn," premieres in Chicago
December 30: Barnes takes 17 wickets vs South Africa (8-56 and 9-103)
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