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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1906 AD


January 1: Dutch law makes driver's license mandatory
January 4: South Africa beat England by one wicket, their 1st Test win
January 6: Maurice Ravel's "Miroirs," premieres in Paris
January 12: 1st time Dow Jones closes above 100
January 12: Football rules committee legalizes forward pass
January 13: 1st radio set advertised (Telimco for $7.50 in Scientific American) claimed to receive signals up to one mile
January 16: Conference of Algeciras (about Morocco)
January 19: Gerhart Hauptmann's "Und Pippa Tanzt!," premieres in Berlin
January 25: Del Valle Inclans "El Marques de Bradomin," premieres in Madrid
January 27: Rudolf Gundersen skates world record 500m at 44.8 sec
January 29: Coen de King skates world record time: 32,370 km
January 31: Strongest instrumentally recorded earthquake, Colombia, 8.6 Richter


February 1: 1st federal penitentiary building completed, Leavenworth, Kansas
February 1: English Minister of Foreign affairs Edward Grey's wife Dorothy fatally injured
February 2: Pope encyclical against separation of church and state
February 9: Natal proclaims state of siege in Zulu uprising
February 10: Britain's 1st modern and largest battleship "HMS Dreadnought" launched
February 10: State of siege proclaimed in Zululand
February 12: George Cohan's musical "George Washington," premieres in New York City
February 15: British Labour Party organizes
February 17: Theodore Roosevelt's daughter Alice marries in the White House
February 19: Will Keith Kellogg found Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Co.
February 22: Black evangelist William J. Seymour arrives in Los Angeles California
February 23: Tommy Burns beats Marvin Hart in 20 for heavyweight boxing title
February 27: France and Britain agree to joint control of New Hebrides
February 28: Stanley Cup: Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Queen's U (Kingston Ont) in 2 games


March 3: Vuia I aircraft built by Romanian Traja Vuia tested in France
March 6: Cubs sign 3rd baseman Harry Steinfeldt to complete Tinker-Evers-Chance
March 6: Heavy storm bursts dike flooding Vlissingen, Netherlands
March 6: Nora Blatch is 1st woman elected to American Soc of Civil Engineers
March 7: Finnish Senate accepts universal suffrage, except for poor
March 8: Stanley Cup: Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Smiths Falls (Ont) in 2 games
March 10: 1st performance of Maurice Ravel's "Sonatine"
March 10: Coal dust explosion kills 1,060 at Courrieres France
March 10: London Underground opens Bakeroo line (Baker Street to Waterloo Line)
March 12: Heavy storm ravages Dutch west coast
March 14: Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club forms
March 15: Brits Rolls, Royce and Johnson form Rolls Royce Ltd.
March 17: President Theodore Roosevelt uses term "muckrake"
March 17: Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers beat Ottawa Silver 7, although both winning a game, Montreal outscores Ottawa 12-10
March 19: Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari's "Quattro Rusteghi," premieres in Munich
March 20: George B. Shaws "Captain Brassbound's Conversion," premieres in London
March 24: "Census of the British Empire" shows England rules 1/5 of the world
March 29: Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers sweep Kenora Thisles in 2 games
March 31: GB Shaws German version of "Caesar and Cleopatra," premieres in Berlin"


April 2: South Africa complete a 4-1 series drubbing of England
April 5: St. Pius X encyclical "On the Mariavites or Mystic Priests of Poland"
April 6: 1st animated cartoon copyrighted
April 7: Act of Algeciras drawn between Moroccan police and banking business
April 9: 3rd modern Olympic games opens in Athens
April 11: Einstein introduces his Theory of Relativity
April 13: Mutiny on Portuguese battleships Dom Carlos and Vasco da Gama
April 14: President Theodore Roosevelt denounces "muckrakers" in U.S. press
April 18: 8.25 earthquake shakes San Francisco California
April 18: Calvinist Reformed Union in Netherlands Church forms in Utrecht
April 18: San Francisco earthquake and fire kills nearly 4,000 and destroys 75% of city
April 19: 10th Boston Marathon won by Tim Ford of Mass in 2:45:45
April 19: Belgian naval education ship Comte The Stain de Naeyer sets sail
April 22: 10th anniversary Olympic games open at Athens, Greece
April 22: New rule puts umpire in sole charge of all game balls
April 26: 1st motion pictures shown in Hawaii


May 1: Phillie's John Lush no-hits Brooklyn Dodgers, 6-0
May 2: 32nd Kentucky Derby: Roscoe Troxler aboard Sir Huon wins in 2:08.8
May 3: British-controlled Egypt takes Sinai peninsula from Turkey
May 6: "Temporary" permit to erect overhead wires on Market St. SF
May 8: Philadelphia A's pitcher Chief Benders plays outfield and hits 2 home runs
May 10: Russia's Duma (Parliament) meets for 1st time
May 13: Bezalel Art School opens in Jerusalem
May 14: Flagpole at the White Sox ballpark breaks during pennant-raising
May 15: New York Giants' Hooks Wiltse strikes out 4 batters in 1 inning
May 17: Switzerland's Simpion Tunnel open to rail traffic
May 19: Federated Boys' Club (Boys' Club of America) organizes
May 19: Italian King Victor Emmanuel and Swiss president open Simplon tunnel
May 19: Portugal's King Carlos I names Joao Franco premier
May 21: Louis H. Perlman patents a demountable tire carrying rim for cars
May 22: 10th anniversary Olympic games close at Athens, Greece
May 22: 31st Preakness: Walter Miller aboard Whimsical wins in 1:45
May 22: Wright Brothers patent the aeroplane
May 25: After 20 straight wins, Boston Pilgrims lose to Chicago White Sox 3-0
May 26: Archaeological Institute of America forms
May 27: 1st outlining of Gustav Mahler's 6th symphony, in Essen
May 28: Shields/Cobbs musical "His honor, the Mayor," premieres in New York City
May 30: 40th Belmont: Lucien Lyne aboard Burgomaster wins in 2:20
May 31: Attack on King Alfonso XIII and Victoria von Battenberg in Madrid


June 3: Belgian King Leopold II calls Congo his private possession
June 7: Chicago Cubs score 11 in 1st inning, beating New York Giants 19-0
June 7: Famous Cunard passenger liner Lusitania launches
June 9: Boston Beaneaters (NL) end 19-game losing streak beat Cards 6-3
June 14: Pogrom against Jews in Bialystok, Polish Russia
June 22: Hakon VII crowned king of Norway
June 26: Hongar Szisz wins 1st Grand-Prix (Le Mans, France)
June 29: 12th U.S. Golf Open: Alex Smith shoots a 295 at Onwentsia Club Ill
June 30: John Hope becomes 1st black president of Morehouse College
June 30: Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act adopted


July 2: Yankees win by forfeit, for their 1st time
July 4: Great Britain, France and Italy grant Independence to Ethiopia
July 12: Alfred Dreyfus found innocent in France
July 15: Republic museum opens Rembrandt hall in Amsterdam
July 20: Bkln Dodger Mal Eason no-hits St. Louis Cardinals, 2-0
July 23: Pogroms against Jews in Oddessa
July 28: Yankees turn triple-play, beat Cleveland 6-4


August 1: Bkln Dodger Harry McIntire no-hits Pitts for 10 2/3 loses in 13th
August 2: Chicago White Sox begin AL record 19 game win streak
August 3: Washington National's pitcher Tom Hughes hits home run to win his own game 1-0 in 10th
August 10: Pope Pius X bans Associations cults
August 13: Black soldiers raid Brownsville Texas
August 13: Cub's Pitcher Jack Taylor ends a string of completing 202 games (187 complete, 15 relief) by Dodgers in 3rd inning
August 15: 1st freight delivery tunnel system begins, underneath Chicago
August 16: 8.6 earthquake destroys Valparaiso Chile, fire kills 20,000
August 22: 1st Victor Victrola manufactured
August 23: Chicago White Sox win 19th straight, beating Washington Senators
August 23: Cuba's 1st president Tomas Estrada Palma asks for U.S. intervention
August 24: Cincinnati Red John Weimer no-hits Dodgers, 1-0 in 7 inning game
August 29: Bridge in St. Lawrence Canada caves in; 70 die
August 29: William J. Clothier wins the U.S. Tennis Open
August 30: Hal Chase became 1st Yank to hit 3 triples in a game
August 30: New York Highlander Joe Doyle debuts pitching back-to-back shut-outs


September 1: Alberta adopts Mountain Standard Time
September 1: British New Guinea becomes Australian Papua New Guinea
September 1: Joseph Harris (Boston) and Jack Coombs (A's) pitch complete 24 inn game
September 1: New York Highlanders win 6th game in 3 days from Washington (3 straight DHs)
September 1: Papua placed under Australian administration
September 3: Yankees win 2nd game on a forfeit over A's; 2nd forfeit win
September 4: New York Highlanders win 5th straight doubleheader
September 5: 1st legal forward pass (Brandbury Robinson to Jack Schneider)
September 13: 1st airplane flight in Europe
September 16: Kaarlo Nieminen wins 1st Finnish marathon
September 16: Roald Amundsen discovers Magnetic South Pole
September 17: Playing as "Sullivan," Columbia U jr Eddie Collins debuts with A's
September 21: Yankee 1st baseman Hal Chase's 22 put-outs ties record
September 24: St. Louis Card Stony McGlynn no-hits Dodgers, 1-1 in 7 inning game
September 24: V Herbert and H Blossom's musical "Red Mill," premieres in New York City
September 25: John Galsworthy's "Silver Box," premieres in London
September 26: Pitts Lefty Leifield no-hits Phillies, 8-0 in 6 inning game
September 28: U.S. troops reoccupy Cuba, stay until 1909
September 29: U.S. intervenes in Cuba ousts dictator Estrada Palma


October 1: Hugh Jennings resigns as Baltimore manager to take over at Detroit in 1907
October 2: Tommy Burns KOs Jim Burns in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
October 3: SOS adopted as warning signal by 1st conference on wireless telegraphy
October 3: U.S. regime names Charles Magoon, governor of Cuba
October 3: William Vaughan Moody's "Great Divide," premieres in New York City
October 4: Chicago Cubs win their 116th game (116-36 .763) of year
October 5: Henry Mathewson (New York Giants, Christy's brother) walks 14 men
October 8: Karl Nessler demonstrates 1st 'permanent wave' for hair, in London
October 11: San Francisco begins school for "Asians"
October 11: White Sox Ed Walsh strikes out then record 12 in a World Series game
October 14: All Chicago World Series, 1st AL victory, White Sox win 4 games to 2 Cubs losers share of $439.50 is lowest for World Series
October 19: Georges Chemenceau succeeds Sarien premier of France
October 20: Dr. Lee DeForest demonstrated his electrical vacuum tube (radio tube)
October 22: 3,000 blacks demonstrate and riot in Philadelphia
October 25: U.S. inventor Lee de Forest patents "Audion," a 3-diode amplification valve which proved a pioneering development in radio and broadcasting
October 28: Belgian-British "Union Minstry of Haut-Katanga" begins
October 31: George Bernard Shaw's "Caesar and Cleopatra," premieres in New York City


November 6: Charles Evans Hughes (R) elected New York Governor beats William Randolph Hearst
November 9: T. Roosevelt is 1st President to visit other countries (P Rico and Panama)
November 11: Ethel Smyth' "Standrecht," premieres in Leipzig
November 12: C W Gregory (NSW vs. Qld) starts day at 48*, is 366* at stumps
November 13: C W Gregory out for 383 as NSW make 763 vs. Queensland
November 14: Roosevelt becomes 1st U.S. President to visit a foreign country (Panama)
November 18: Langdon Mitchells "New York Idea," premieres in New York City
November 19: London selected to host 1908 Olympics
November 20: George Bernard Shaws "Doctor's Dilemma," premieres in London
November 21: China prohibits opium trade
November 22: International Radio Telecommunications Com adopts "SOS" as new call for help
November 23: Joseph Smith, leader of the Mormon Church, convicted of polygamy
November 28: Tommy Burns and Jack O'Brien fight to a draw in 20 for hw boxing title


December 1: Cinema Omnia Pathe, world's 1st cinema, opens (Paris)
December 1: Shoemaker Wilhelm Voigt (Captain of Kopenick) sentenced to 4 yrs
December 4: Alpha Phi Alpha, 1st Black Greek Letter Fraternity, forms
December 5: British government-Balfour resigns
December 9: NY American reports Belgian King Leopold II bribed U.S. Senate commission on the Congo
December 10: President Theodore Roosevelt (1st American) awarded Nobel Peace Prize
December 11: U.S. president Roosevelt attacks abuses in the Congo
December 12: Oscar Straus, 1st Jewish government member, appointed Secretary of Commerce
December 13: German chancellor Bernhard von Bulow disbands the Parliament
December 20: Venezuela (under vice-president Gomez) attacks Dutch fleet
December 24: Reginald A Fessenden became 1st to broadcast music over radio (Mass)
December 27: 1st annual meeting of American Sociological Society, Providence, RI
December 28: Ecuador adopts its constitution
December 29: Montreal Wanderers beat New Glasgow (NS) for Stanley Cup (2nd of 1906)
December 30: Iran becomes a constitutional monarchy
December 31: French/British/Italian treaty concerning rights on Abyssinia
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