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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1902 AD


January 1: 1st Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, California, University of Michigan - 49, Sanford - 0
January 1: Nathan Stubblefield makes 1st public demonstration of radio, Penn
January 3: Reg Duff 104 on Test debut, vs. England at MCG
January 4: Hugh Trumble takes a hat-trick vs. England at the MCG
January 8: 1st National Bowling Championship held (Chicago, Ill)
January 10: Alphons Diepenbrock's "Te Deum" premieres (Amsterdam)
January 13: Textile workers strike in Enschede Netherlands till June 1
January 23: Winnipeg Victorias sweep Toronto Wellingtons in 2 for Stanley Cup
January 24: Denmark sells Virgin Islands to USA
January 25: Aleksandr Skriabin's 2nd Symphony in C premieres in St. Petersburg
January 27: 5 workers killed on explosion during IRT subway construction (New York City)
January 28: Carnegie Institute founded in Washington D.C.


February 1: China's empress Tzu-hsi forbids binding woman's feet
February 1: Hermann Sudermanns "Es lebe das Leben," premieres in Berlin
February 6: Young Women's Hebrew Association organizes in New York City
February 11: Police beats up universal suffrage demonstrators in Brussels
February 15: Underground railway (U-Bahn)
February 18: Opera "Hunchback of Notre Dame," premieres in Monte Carlo
February 20: Heavy surf breaks over Seal Rocks and damages Sutro Baths, San Francisco
February 21: Dr. Harvey Cushing, 1st U.S. brain surgeon, does his 1st brain operation
February 24: Battle at Yzer Spruit: Boer general De la Rey beats British
February 28: Jules Massenets opera premieres in Monte Carlo


March 2: Jimmy Collins, leaves Boston Beaneaters (NL) club to manage AL's new Boston Somersets
March 4: American Automobile Association, AAA, founded in Cleveland, Ohio
March 6: Census Bureau forms
March 7: Boers beat British troop in Tweebosch Transvaal
March 8: 1st performance of Jean Sibelius' 2nd Symphony
March 9: Composer Gustav Mahler marries Alma Schindler in Vienna
March 10: Earthquake destroys Turkish city of Tochangri
March 17: Stanley Cup: Montreal AAA beat Winnipeg Victorias, 2 games to 1
March 18: Enrico Caruso becomes 1st well-known performer to make a record
March 18: Schonberg's "Verklarte Nacht," premieres in Vienna
March 25: Irving W. Colburn patents sheet glass drawing machine
March 28: 27.9 cm precipitation at McMinnville, Tennessee (state record)


April 2: 1st motion picture theater opens in Los Angeles
April 2: Soccer team MVV '02 forms in Maastricht
April 4: Cecil Rhodes scholarship fund forms with $10 million
April 5: Maurice Ravel's "Pavane pour une infante defunte," premieres in Paris
April 5: Soccer match riot between Scotland and England kills 25
April 7: Texas Oil Company, Texaco, forms
April 11: Battle at Rooiwal, South Africa
April 13: J C Penney opens his 1st store in Kemmerer, Wyoming
April 14: Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the radioactive element radium
April 15: Pope Leo XIII encyclical "On Church in US"
April 18: Denmark is 1st country to adopt fingerprinting to identify criminals
April 19: 6th Boston Marathon won by Sam Mellor of New York in 2:43:12
April 20: Marie and Pierre Curie isolate radioactive element radium
April 25: Erwin Harvey becomes 1st Cleveland ballplayer (Cleveland Bronchos) to have six hits in one game
April 30: Debussy's opera "Pelleas et Melissande," premieres in Paris


May 2: 1st science fiction film released, A Trip To The Moon
May 3: 28th Kentucky Derby: Jimmy Winkfield on Alan-a-Dale wins in 2:08.75
May 6: British SS Camorta sinks off Rangoon; 739 die
May 6: Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place"
May 6: Zulu assault at Holkrantz South Africa
May 7: Soufriere volcano on St. Vincent kills 2-5,000
May 8: Mount Pelee erupts, wipes out St. Pierre, Martinique, kills 30,000
May 15: Lyman Gilmore is 1st person to fly a powered craft
May 15: Portugal bankrupt by revolt in Angola
May 16: 2 deaf-mutes face each other for 1st time as Dummy Hoy leads off for the Reds against Dummy Taylor of the Giants, Reds win 5-3
May 19: Great Britain and Boers resume peace talks in Pretoria
May 20: Cuba gains independence from Spain
May 20: U.S. military occupation of Cuba (since Jan 1, 1899) ends
May 22: 36th Belmont: John Bullman aboard Mastermam wins in 2:22.6
May 24: Cleveland's Bill Bradley is 1st ALer to hit a home run run in 4 consecutive games, not duplicated until Babe Ruth does it June 25, 1918
May 24: Empire Day 1st celebrated in Britain
May 27: 27th Preakness: L Jackson aboard Old England wins in 1:45.8
May 29: Dutch State Mine law forms
May 31: Australia Cricket all out 36 vs. England, Edgbaston, their lowest ever
May 31: Boer War Ends; Treaty of Unity signed, Britain annexes Transvaal


June 1: Blue-White United soccer team of Amsterdam forms
June 2: 2nd statewide initiative and referendum law adopted, in Oregon
June 9: 1st Automat restaurant opens, 818 Chestnut St, Philadelphia
June 10: Patent for window envelope granted to H F Callahan
June 13: Prussian Upper house gives 350 million marks to Poland
June 15: Canada's Maritime Provinces switch from Eastern to Atlantic time
June 15: Minor League's most lopsided baseball game: Corsicana 51; Texarkana 3 Justin Clark of Corsicana, Texas minors hits 8 home runs in 1 game
June 23: Gioacchino Rossini's unveils monument to Santa-Croce
June 26: Order of Merit instituted by King Edward VII
June 26: Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of 3 Garidebs"
June 28: Congress authorizes Louisiana Purchase Expo $1 gold coin
June 28: U.S. buys concession to build Panama canal from French for $40 million
June 30: Cleveland is 1st AL team to hit 3 consecutive home runs in same inning


July 1: Ranji (230) and Newham (153) add 344 for 7th wkt, Sussex vs. Essex
July 1: Start of Sherlock Holmes "Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax"
July 2: John McGraw becomes manager of New York Giants (stays for 30 years)
July 3: Excelsior soccer team forms in Rotterdam
July 5: Australia won the one and only Test Cricket played at Sheffield
July 8: John McGraw, accused by Ban Johnson of trying to wreck Baltimore and Washington clubs, negotiates his release from the Orioles
July 11: British premier Lord Salisbury resigns
July 12: Australian parliament agrees to female suffrage
July 15: Ranjitsinhji scores 180 before lunch, for Sussex vs. Surrey
July 16: John McGraw named manager of New York Giants
July 16: Test Cricket debut of K S Ranjitsinhji vs. Australia, at Old Trafford
July 17: Orioles forfeit to St. Louis having only 5 players available to play they then forfeit their franchise back to the AL
July 19: New York Giants lose their 1st game under new manager John McGraw
July 24: Trumper a century before lunch 4th Test Cricket vs. England
July 25: James J. Jeffries KOs Bob Fitzsimmons in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
July 26: Australia beat England by 3 runs at Old Trafford
July 29: Union of Orthodox Rabbis of U.S. and Canada forms
July 30: Anti-Jewish rioters attack funeral procession of Rabbi Joseph (New York City)


August 1: Building begins on Dutch public housing
August 1: Mine accident in Wollongong, Australia, 100 die
August 8: 2nd Davis Cup: USA beats British Isles in New York (3-2)
August 9: Edward VII of England crowned after death of his mother Victoria
August 13: England beat Australia by one wicket at The Oval Famous victory
August 22: President Teddy Roosevelt became 1st U.S. chief executive to ride in a car
August 31: Split skirt 1st worn by Mrs. Adolph Landeburg (horse rider)


September 1: Tinker, Evers, and Chance appear together for 1st time
September 3: Pittsburgh Pirates, win earliest pennent (full season)
September 3: Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Illustrious Client"
September 10: Utrecht soccer team UVV forms
September 17: U.S. protests anti-semitism in Romania
September 20: Chicago White Sox Jim Callahan no-hits Detroit Tigers, 3-0
September 24: Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Red Circle"
September 29: Impresario David Belasco opens his 1st Broadway theater


October 10: S Afr's president Paul Kruger visits Utrecht
October 11: 8th U.S. Golf Open: Laurie Auchterlonie shoots a 307 at Garden City NY
October 11: Commencement of 1st Test Cricket between South Africa and Australia
October 11: Lawrence Auchterlonie wins U.S. Open golf tournament
October 13: Arna W. Bontemps noted poet and librarian of Fisk University
October 25: Maksin Gorki's "Na dne," premieres in Moscow
October 25: Santa Maria Guatemala hit by Earthquake; about 6,000 die


November 15: Leopold II, King of Belgium almost assassinated by Italian anarchist
November 18: Brooklyn toymaker Morris Michton names teddy bear after Teddy Roosevelt
November 20: Geo Lefevre and Henri Desgrange create Tour de France bicycle race
November 21: 1st night football game, Philadelphia Athletics beats Kanaweola AC, 39-0
November 21: Baseball's Philadelphia Athletics and Phillies form pro football teams, joining Pitts Stars in 1st attempt at a National Football League
November 25: Franz Lehars opera "Wiener Fraueen," premieres in Vienna
November 29: Gerhart Hauptmanns "Der arne Heinrich," premieres in Vienna


December 2: Soccer team Go Ahead forms in Deventer
December 8: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. became Associate Justice on Supreme Court
December 9: AL announces purchase of grounds for a stadium in NY
December 17: Frank Wedekind's "Der Erdgeist," premieres in Berlin
December 25: Clyde Fitch' "Girl with Green Eyes," premieres in New York City
December 26: Most knock downs in a fight, Oscar Nelson (5) and Christy Williams (42)
December 28: 1st indoor pro football game, Syracuse beats Philadelphia 6-0 (MSG, New York City)
December 28: Trans-Pacific cable links Hawaii to US
December 31: Boers and British army sign peace treaty
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