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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1900 AD


January 1: 1st date in John dos Passos' USA trilogy (The 42nd Parallel)
January 1: British protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria established
January 1: Compulsory education in Netherlands goes into effect
January 2: E Verlinger begins manufacturing 7" single-sided records (Montreal)
January 2: Gustave Charpentiers opera "Louise," premieres in Paris
January 3: Gerhart Hauptmanns "Schluck und Jau," premieres in Berlin
January 3: Perihelion Passage
January 6: Boers attack at Ladysmith, about 1,000 killed or injured
January 6: Maurice Ravel's "Albaradode Gracioso," premieres in Paris
January 10: Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener reach Capetown
January 12: Freeland Colony founded in US
January 14: Giacomo Puccini's opera "Tosca," premieres in Rome
January 15: SCNEC soccer team forms
January 18: Jan Blockx's "Tol Uilenspiegel" premieres in Brussels
January 24: Battle at Tugela-Spionkop, South Africa (Boers vs British army)
January 24: Newcastle Badminton Club, world's oldest, forms in England
January 26: Henrik Ibsen's "Naar vi Dode Vaaguer," premieres in Stuttgart
January 27: Social Democrat Party of America (Debs' party) holds 1st convention
January 29: American League organized in Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee and Minneapolis
January 29: Boers under Joubert beat English at Spionkop Natal, 2,000 killed


February 2: Gustave Charpentiers opera "Louise" premieres in Paris
February 3: Rival forces fight for control of the Union Park ball grounds in Balt
February 5: British troops under General Buller occupy Vaal Krantz, Natal
February 6: Battle at Vaalkrans, South Africa (Boers vs British army)
February 7: British troops vacate Vaal Krantz, Natal
February 7: Labour Party forms in England
February 9: Dwight Davis established a new tennis trophy, the Davis Cup
February 10: Peter Ostlund skates world record 500m (45.2 sec)
February 14: Date of events in movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock"
February 15: General French relieves Kimberley/Cecil Rhodes
February 16: 1st Chinese daily newspaper in U.S. publishes (Chung Sai Yat Po-SF)
February 16: Stanley Cup: Montreal Shamrocks beat Winnipeg Victorias, 3 games to 1
February 18: Ajax soccer team forms in Amsterdam
February 18: Battle at Paardeberg, 1,270 British killed/injured
February 18: British troops occupy Monte Christo Natal
February 19: British troops occupy Hlangwane Natal
February 22: Battle at Wynne's Hill, South Africa (Boers vs British army)
February 22: Hawaii became a U.S. territory
February 23: Battle at Hart's Hill, South Africa (Boers vs British army)
February 23: Steamer "Rio de Janeiro" sinks in San Francisco Bay
February 27: Battle at Pietershoogte
February 27: Boer General Cronje surrenders to English in Pardenberg, South Africa
February 27: British Labour Party forms
February 28: General Buller's troops relieve Ladysmith Natal


March 3: U.S. Steel Corporation organizes
March 5: American Hall of Fame found
March 7: Battle at Poplar Grove South Africa, President Kruger flees
March 7: Stanley Cup: Montreal Shamrocks sweep Halifax Crescents in 2 games
March 8: NL decides to go with 8 teams They exclude Baltimore, Cleveland, Louisville and Washington (in 1953 Boston Braves move to Milwaukee)
March 10: Battle at Driefontein, South Africa (Boers vs. British army)
March 12: President Steyn of Orange-Free state flees from Bloemfontein
March 13: British troops occupy Bloemfontein, Orange-Free state
March 14: Hugo de Vries rediscovers Mendel's laws of genetics
March 14: U.S. currency goes on gold standard
March 16: Sir Arthur Evans finds old city of Knossus
March 17: Stanley Cup: Montreal Shamrocks sweep Halifax Crescents in 2
March 18: Ajax (Amsterdam Football Club), forms
March 25: U.S. Socialist Party forms in Indianapolis
March 30: Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts Compulsory education law
March 31: Brigadier General Broadwoods troops fall into guerrilla hands


April 1: 1st edition of Dutch newspaper "The People"
April 2: 1st edition of The Volk published in Amsterdam
April 4: Assassination attempt on prince of Wales/king Edward VII
April 4: British garrison of Reddersberg surrenders to Boer general De Wet
April 5: Attempted assassination of Prince of Wales in Brussels, fails
April 6: James J Jeffries KOs Jack Finnegan in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
April 11: U.S. Navy's 1st submarine made its debut
April 14: President Loubet opens International Fairs in Paris
April 14: Veteran's Hospital at Ft. Miley forms
April 15: An early 50 mile race is won by an electric car in over 2 hours
April 15: International Exposition opens in Paris
April 16: U.S. Post Office issues 1st books of postage stamps
April 17: 7 high chiefs of American Samoa sign Instrument of Cession
April 19: 4th Boston Marathon won by Jim Caffrey of Canada in 2:39:44.4
April 19: Highest scoring opening game, Phils beat Braves 19-17 in 10
April 23: 1st know occurrence of word "hillbillie" (New York Journal)
April 24: Passing of Andrew Halliday, cable car pioneer
April 26: AL opener in Cleveland draws 6,500
April 30: 165 lb Robert Fitzsimmons KOs 305 lb Ed Dunkhost in a boxing match
April 30: U.S. annexes Hawaii


May 1: Premature blast collapses mine tunnel killing 200 at Scofield, Utah
May 1: Roermond soccer team forms in Roermond
May 2: George Bernard Shaws "You Never Can Tell," premieres in London
May 3: 26th Kentucky Derby: Jimmy Boland aboard Lieut Gibson wins in 2:06
May 5: "The Billboard" began weekly publication
May 8: 250 grave robbers shot to death
May 8: John McGraw and Wilbert Robinson sign with Cardinals
May 11: James J Jeffries KOs James J Corbett in 23 for heavywgt boxing title
May 12: Boer attack under Sarel Eloff, about 70 killed
May 12: Lord Roberts' troops occupies Crown city
May 17: British troops relieve Mafeking (Cape Colony)
May 18: Britain proclaims protectorate over kingdom of Tonga
May 19: Great Britain annexes Tonga archipelago
May 19: World's longest railroad tunnel (Simplon) links Italy and Switzerland, opens
May 20: 2nd modern Olympic games opens in Paris (lasted 5 months)
May 22: Associated Press organizes in New York City as non-profit news cooperative
May 22: Edwin S Votey patents pneumatic piano player
May 23: Associated Press News Service forms in New York
May 24: 34th Belmont: Nash Turner aboard Ildrim wins in 2:21
May 24: Britain annexes Orange Free State
May 25: Eyre M. Shaw, 78, becomes oldest gold medalist in Olympics
May 26: British troops under Ian Hamilton attack the Vaal in South Africa
May 27: Lord Roberts' army fights the Vaal in South Africa
May 28: Britain annexes Orange Free State (as Orange River Colony)
May 28: Fire in Cincinnati nearly destroys Reds' grandstand
May 28: Solar eclipse occurs
May 29: 25th Preakness: H Spencer aboard Hindus wins in 1:48.4
May 29: Trademark "Escalator" registered by Otis Elevator Co
May 31: British troops under Lord Roberts occupy Johannesburg
May 31: Piet de Law captures Lt-colonel Spragges Irish Yeomanry
May 31: Tom Hayward scores 1,000th cricket run of season (sets record 1074)
May 31: U.S. troops arrive in Beijing, help put down Boxer Rebellion


June 1: British army occupiers Pretoria South Africa
June 5: Lord Roberts' army occupies Pretoria
June 7: Boer general Christian de Law occupiers British train depot Roodewal
June 8: Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of 6 Napoleons"
June 11: Battle at Diamond Hill: British troops chase General Botha
June 12: German Navy Law calls for massive increase in sea power
June 13: China's Boxer Rebellion against foreigners and Christians
June 14: Hawaiian Territorial Government begins
June 18: Empress Douairiere orders I-Ho-Chuan (Boxers) to kill all foreigners
June 18: General Luigi Pelloux resigns as premier of Italy
June 21: Dodgers score 7 in top of 11th to go ahead of Phillies, 20-13, In bottom of 11th Phillies stalls so umpire forfeits game to Dodgers
June 24: Dutch Social-Democratic Worker's party and Socialistenbond merge
June 26: Dr. Walter Reed begins research that beats Yellow Fever
June 30: 4 German liners burn at Hobokon Docks NJ, 326 die


July 2: Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin 1st airship LZ-1, flies
July 2: Sibelius' "Finlandia," premieres in Helsinki
July 5: Compulsory education law passes Dutch 1st Chamber
July 7: Boston hurler Kid Nichols notches his 300th career victory
July 8: 1st night baseball, league game (Zanesville at Grand Rapids)
July 9: Australia accepts its constitution
July 11: Boer general De la Rey captures Scots Greys and Lincolns
July 12: 114 degrees F (46 degrees C), Basin, Wyoming (state record)
July 13: Phillies beat Pittsburgh 23-8
July 15: President Steyn/General De Law escape Brandwater Basin
July 17: New York Giant Christy Mathewson begins career losing to Brooklyn Superbas
July 19: Michel Theato wins 2nd olympics marathon (2:59:45.0-40,260k)
July 21: Pope Leo XIII encyclical to Greek-Melkite rite
July 23: Pan-African Congress meets in London
July 24: Race riot in New Orleans, 2 white policemen killed
July 25: Gilbert Jessop hits his 2nd 100 before lunch in same cricket match
July 28: Hamburger created by Louis Lassing in Connecticut
July 31: Boer Generals Prinsloo and Roux surrenders in Brandwater Basin


August 7: Diamond workers in Amsterdam strike
August 8: 1st Davis Cup tennis competition, named after Dwight Filley Davis, began at Longwood Cricket Club in Massachusetts, and won by U.S. 2 days later
August 10: 1st Davis Cup: USA beats British Isles in Boston (3-0)
August 14: 1st electric tram in Netherland (Leidseplein-Brouwersgracht)
August 14: 2,000 marines land to capture Beijing, ending Boxer rebellion
August 19: Start of the one and only olympic cricket match, in Paris
August 20: Great Britain beats France in cricket in Olympic Games
August 22: Gabriel Faures opera "Promethee," premieres in Beziers
August 27: Battle at Bergendal: General Buller beats Boer general Botha
August 30: Last 2000 British prisoners in Nooitgedagt South Africa freed
August 31: British troops over run Johannesburg
August 31: Dodgers' Brickyard Kennedy walks 6 straight Phillies


September 2: Telegraph use between Germany and U.S. begins
September 3: British annex Natal (South Africa)
September 5: France proclaims a protectorate over Chad
September 6: British General Buller occupies Lydenburg South Africa
September 8: 6,000 killed when a hurricane and tidal wave strikes Galveston, Texas
September 10: 20.3 cm rainfall at Elk Point, South Dakota (state record)
September 11: President Kruger crosses border with Mozambique
September 17: Queen Victoria disbands British parliament
September 27: Victory Theater (Republic, Belasco) opens at 207 W 42nd St. New York City


October 2: Belgium crown prince Albert von Saksen-Coburg weds Elisabeth of Bayern
October 3: Edward Elgar/Cardinal Newmans oratorium premieres in Birmingham
October 4: Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Problem of Thor Bridge"
October 5: 6th U.S. Golf Open: Harry Vardon shoots a 313 at Chicago Golf Club Illinois
October 5: Harry Vardon wins U.S. Open golf tournament
October 7: The term "orienteering" is 1st used for an event
October 9: 8.3 earthquake shakes Cape Yakataga, Alaska
October 16: Queen Wilhelmina leaves duke Heinrich "Henry" von Mecklenburg-Schwerin
October 19: Henry O. Tanner, painter, wins Medal of Honor at Paris Exposition
October 19: South African President Paul Kruger departs for Europe
October 24: General Redvers Buller returns to England
October 25: England annexes Transvaal
October 26: After 4 years of work, 1st section of New York subway opens
October 28: After over 5 months 2nd Olympic games in Paris France, close
October 30: 1st-ever U.S. auto show opens in Madison Square Garden in New York City
October 31: AL President Ban Johnson writes to NL President Nick Young seeking peace


November 3: 1st U.S. automobile show opens at Madison Square Garden (New York City)
November 6: Battle at Bothaville: general-major Charles Knox beats Boers
November 6: President William McKinley (R) re-elected, beating William Jennings Bryan
November 8: Theodore Dreiser's novel "Sister Carrie" is published
November 12: World's Fair in Paris opens, 50 million visitors
November 13: Baltimore Orioles (now New York Yankees) enter baseball's American League
November 29: Lord Kitchener succeeds lord Roberts up as supreme commander in South Africa
November 30: A German engineer patents front-wheel drive for automobiles


December 1: South African president Paul Kruger visits Flanders
December 2: South African president Paul Kruger arrives in Germany
December 9: Dutch President Paul Kruger and Queen Wilhelmina have a triumphant procession
December 13: Battle at Nooitgedacht: generals The la Rey/Smuts beat Britten
December 16: Boer army under General Kritzinger take Cape colony
December 17: 1st prize of 100,00 francs offered for communications with extraterrestrials. Martians excluded-considered too easy
December 17: New Ellis Island Immigration station completed costing $1.5 million
December 20: Giacobini discovers a comet (will be 1st comet visited by spacecraft)
December 21: Gerhart Hauptmann's "Michael Kramer," premieres in Berlin
December 24: Herman Heijermans' "Hope of Blessing" premieres in Amsterdam
December 25: Arthur Schnitzlers "Leutnant Gustl" forbidden in Germany
December 27: Carrie Nation's 1st public smashing of a bar (Carey Hotel, Wichita KS)
December 29: General Viljoen surprise attack British garrison to Helvetia
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