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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1883 AD


January 4: Ontario Rugby Football Union (forerunner of CFL) forms
January 6: Ontario Rugby Football Union forms
January 10: Fire at uninsured Newhall Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin kills 71. General Tom Thumb of P T Barnum fame, escapes unhurt
January 13: Fire in circus Ferroni in Berditschoft Poland kills 430
January 13: Henrik Ibsen's "En Folkefiende," premieres in Oslo
January 16: Pendleton Act creates basis of U.S. Civil Service system
January 16: Quebec Rugby Football Union forms
January 20: Billy Barnes takes a hat-trick, England vs. Australia MCG
January 22: England complete 1st innings victory in Tests vs. Australia MCG
January 30: England team presented with ashes of a bail after Sydney Test


February 1: French Lt-colonel Gustave Borgnis-Desbordes reaches Bamako on the Niger
February 7: Lt-colonel Borgnis-Desbordes founds Fort Bamako Niger
February 8: Louis Waterman begins experiments to invents fountain pen
February 10: Fire at un-insured New Hall Hotel in Milwaukee Wisconsin, kills 71
February 14: 1st state labor union legislation; New Jersey legalizes unions
February 16: "Ladies Home Journal" begins publishing
February 17: A. Ashwell patents free-toilet in London
February 21: 2nd French government of Ferry begins
February 23: Alabama becomes 1st U.S. state to enact an antitrust law
February 23: American Anti-Vivisection Society organized in Philadelphia
February 27: Oscar Hammerstein patents 1st cigar-rolling machine
February 28: 1st U.S. vaudeville theater opens in Boston


March 3: Congress authorizes the 1st steel vessels in U.S. navy
March 4: John Gordon Cashmans begins "Vicksburg Evening Post" in Mississippi
March 19: Jan Matzeliger invents 1st machine to manufacture entire shoes
March 20: Unity treaty of Paris signed: protects industrial property
March 24: 1st telephone call between New York and Chicago
March 31: 1st performance of Cesar Franck's "Le Chasseur Maudit"
March 31: Utrecht begins water pipe system


April 2: Battle at Bamako: French assault on Fabous arm forces attack
April 6: Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Speckled Band"
April 12: French troops under Lt-colonel Borgnis-Desbordes occupy Bamako Senegal
April 13: Alfred Packer convicted of cannibalism
April 14: Leo Delibes' opera "Lakme," premieres in Paris
April 16: Paul Kruger chosen president of Transvaal
April 23: John Heemskerk Azn forms Dutch government
April 24: 28 Surinamers depart to Amsterdam World's Fair


May 1: Amsterdam World's Fair opens
May 1: Baseball returns to Philadelphia, 1st NL game since 1876
May 1: "Buffalo Bill" Cody put on his 1st Wild West Show
May 1: New York Athletic Club hires Bob Rogers as 1st American pro sports trainer
May 4: John Gordon Cashmans begins "Vicksburg Evening Post" (Miss)
May 15: Italy signs military treaty with Austria-Hungary and Germany
May 17: Buffalo Bill Cody's 1st wild west show premieres in Omaha
May 22: Cub's Billy Sunday's 1st at bat, begins 14 consecutive strikes out
May 23: 9th Kentucky Derby: William Donohue aboard Leonatus wins in 2:43
May 23: Baseball game between one-armed and one-legged players
May 24: Brooklyn Bridge opened by President Arthur and Governor Cleveland
May 26: 11th Preakness: G Barbee aboard Jacobus wins in 2:42
May 27: Czar Alexander III crowned in Moscow
May 30: Rumor that the Brooklyn Bridge is going to collapse caused a stampede that kills 12
May 31: French fleet under Pierre begins siege of Tamatave, Madagascar


June 2: 1st night baseball under lights, Ft. Wayne Indiana
June 2: Chicago's "El" opens to traffic
June 9: 17th Belmont: Jim McLaughlin aboard George Kinney wins in 2:42
June 9: 1st commercial electric railway line begins operation in Chicago
June 16: 1st baseball "Ladies' Day" (New York Gothams beat Cleveland Spiders 5-2)


July 1: ANWB forms in Utrecht
July 3: SS Daphne sinks on Clyde River Scotland; 195 die
July 4: Buffalo Bill Cody presents 1st wild west show, North Platte, Nebr
July 24: Arabi Pasha declares a holy war in Egypt
July 28: Shocks triggered by volcano Epomeo (Isle of Ischia, Italy) destroyed 1,200 houses at Casamicciola killing 2,000


August 1: A papyrus offered to British Museum for 10,000 pounds, forgery
August 1: Amsterdam's Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky gets electric lights
August 1: Inland postal service begins in Great Britain
August 21: Providence shuts out Phillies 28-0
August 23: Phillies make 27 errors against Providence (wild pitches, walks and and passballs count as errors prior to 1888)
August 26: Krakatoa erupts with increasingly large explosions kills 36,000
August 27: Krakatoa, west of Java, explodes with a force of 1,300 megatons
August 28: Slavery banned throughout British Empire
August 29: Seismic sea waves created by Krakatoa eruption create a rise in English Channel 32 hours after explosion


September 6: Cub's Burns (extra bases), Williamson and Pfeiffer get 3 hits in 1 inn
September 8: New York Giants score 13 runs in an inning against Phillies
September 8: Northern Pacific RR's last spike driven at Independence Creek, Mont
September 11: James Cutler patents postal mail chute
September 13: Cleveland Hugh Daily no-hits Philadelphia 1-0
September 13: Hugh Daily, a one-armed pitcher for Cleveland (Forest City), tosses 1-0 no-hitter against Philadelphia
September 21: 1st direct U.S. - Brazil telegraph connection
September 24: National black convention meets in Louisville, Kentucky


October 4: Orient Express' 1st run, linking Turkey to Europe by rail
October 15: Supreme Court declares Civil Rights Act of 1875 unconstitutional
October 20: Max Bruch's "Kol Nidre," 1st performed
October 20: Treaty of Ancon, Peru cedes Tarapaca to Chile
October 22: 1st New York Horse Show held (Madison Square Garden)
October 22: Original Metropolitan Opera House (New York City) grand opening (Faust)
October 30: Austria-Hungary/Germany/Romania signs military treaty


November 3: Race riots in Danville Virginia (4 blacks killed)
November 3: U.S. Supreme Court decides Native Americans can't be Americans
November 5: Battle at El Obeid Sudan: Mahdi's army destroys Egyptian army
November 5: Musical "Cordelia's Aspirations" premieres in New York City
November 6: NYAC organizes 1st American cross-country championship race
November 8: English freighter Nisero stranded at Atjeh (crew taken hostage)
November 10: Toronto Argonauts defeat Ottawa FC 9-7, for 1st ORFU Championship
November 18: Antonin Dvorak's "Husitska," premieres
November 18: Standard time zones forms by railroads in U.S. and Canada


December 2: John Brahms' 3rd Symphony in F, premieres
December 3: 48th Congress (1883-85) convenes
December 9: New Brunswick adopts Eastern Standard Time (until 1902)
December 20: International cantilever railway bridge opens at Niagara Falls
December 22: August Strindberg's "Lycko-Pers Reja," premieres
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