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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1880 AD


January 1: Building of Panama Canal, begins
January 6: Record snow cover in Seattle-120 cm
January 9: 6' (1.8 meters) of snow falls in Seattle in 5 days
January 21: 1st U.S. sewage disposal system separate from storm drains, Memphis
January 27: Thomas Edison patents electric incandescent lamp


February 2: SS Strathleven arrives in London with 1st Australian frozen mutton
February 4: Steele MacKay's "Hazel Kirke," premieres in New York City
February 10: Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Arcanum about Christian marriage
February 12: National Croquet League organizes in Philadelphia
February 16: American Society of Mechanical Engineers forms (New York City)
February 17: Tsar Alexander II of Russia survives an assassination attempt
February 29: Gotthard railway tunnel between Switzerland and Italy completed


March 1: Pennsylvania is 1st American state to abolish slavery
March 4: New York Daily Graphic publishes 1st half-tone engraving, by S. H. Horgan
March 10: General Wolseley opens new legislative council in Pretoria
March 10: Salvation Army of England sets up U.S. welfare and religious activity
March 23: Flour rolling mill patented (John Stevens of Wisconsin)
March 24: Tobacco Growers' Mutual Insurance Company incorporates in Connecticut
March 31: 1st town completely illuminated by electric lighting (Wabash, Indiana)


April 24: Amateur Athletic Association, governing body for men's athletics in England and Wales, is founded in Oxford, England


May 10: General Wolseley opens new legislative council in Pretoria
May 18: 6th Kentucky Derby: George Lewis aboard Fonso wins in 2:37
May 28: 8th Preakness: L Hughes aboard Grenada wins in 2:40
May 31: League of American Wheelmen (1st U.S. bicycle association), forms in Newport, Rhode Island


June 1: 1st pay telephone installed
June 1: U.S. census at 50,155,783
June 10: Charlie Jones becomes 1st to hit 2 home runs in 1 inning
June 12: 1st baseball perfect game, John Richmond of Worcester beats Cleveland
June 12: John Lee Richmond pitches 1st major league perfect game, Worcester 1, Cleveland's Forest City 0
June 14: 14th Belmont: L Hughes aboard Grenada wins in 2:47
June 16: Salvation Army forms in Londo
June 17: John Ward, Providence, pitches perfect game vs Buffalo
June 29: France annexes Otaheite (Tahiti)


July 19: SF Public Library starts lending books
July 21: Compressed air accident kills 20 workers on Hudson River tunnel, New York
July 23: 1st commercial hydroelectric power planet begins, Grand Rapids, Michigan
July 27: A P Abourne patents a process for refining coconut oil
July 27: Battle of Maiwand, at which Dr. Watson is wounded, breaks out


August 3: American Canoe Association founded at Lake George, New York
August 14: Construction of Cologne Cathedral completed (began in 1248)


September 6: Commencement of 1st Test Cricket in England, vs. Australia at The Oval
September 6: W G Grace scores 152 in debut Test Cricket innings, vs. Australia The Oval
September 7: Geo Ligowsky patents device to throw clay pigeons for trapshooters
September 10: Pierre de Brazza signs treaty with King Makoko of Congo
September 23: Jules Ferry forms French government
September 30: Henry Draper takes that 1st photograph of Orion Nebula


October 1: John Philip Sousa becomes new director of U.S. Marine Corps Band
October 4: University of California founded in Los Angeles
October 15: Koln cathedral completed, 633 years after it begun
October 20: Amsterdam Free University opens
October 27: Theodore Roosevelt marries Alice Hathaway Lee, on his 22nd birthday


November 2: James A. Garfield (R) elected president
November 4: 1st cash register patented by James and John Ritty of Dayton Ohio
November 8: Sarah Bernhardt, French actress, made U.S. debut at New York's Booth Theater
November 21: Henry Stanley and Pierre de Brazza quarrel about possession of Congo
November 24: Southern University forms


December 8: 5,000 armed Boers gather in Paardekraal South Africa
December 16: Republic of South Africa forms
December 20: Battle at Bronker's Spruit, Transvaal: Farmers beat Britten
December 20: NY's Broadway lit by electricity, becomes known as "Great White Way"
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