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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1872 AD


January 3: 1st patent list issued by U.S. Patent Office
January 20: California Stock Exchange Board organized
January 29: Francis L Cardoza elected State Treasurer of South Carolina


February 7: Alcorn A and M College opens
February 14: 1st state bird refuge authorized (Lake Merritt, California)
February 20: Hydraulic electric elevator patented by Cyrus Baldwin
February 20: Luther Crowell patents a machine that manufactures paper bags
February 20: Metropolitan Museum of Art opens in New York City
February 20: Silas Noble and JP Cooley patents toothpick manufacturing machine
February 22: 1st national convention of Prohibition Party (Columbus Ohio)
February 27: Charlotte Ray, 1st Black woman lawyer, graduated Harvard University


March 1: Yellowstone becomes world's 1st national park
March 5: George Westinghouse, Jr. patents triple air brake for trains
March 7: -8 degrees F in Boston, Massachusetts
March 16: 1st FA Cup Final: Wanderers-Royal Engineers 1-0 in Bolton
March 22: Illinois becomes 1st state to require sexual equality in employment
March 26: 7.8 earthquake shakes Owens Valley, California
March 26: Thomas J. Martin patents fire extinguisher


April 1: 1st edition of The Standard
April 2: George B Brayton patents gasoline powered engine
April 9: Samuel R. Percy patents dried milk
April 10: 1st National black convention meets in New Orleans
April 10: Arbor day 1st celebrated in Nebraska, later changed to Apr 22
April 12: Jesse James gang robs bank in Columbia, Kentucky (1 dead/$1,500)
April 14: Dominion Lands Act passed-Canada's Homestead Act
April 14: San Francisco organizes Bar Association
April 20: SF Bar Association organized
April 24: Volcano Vesuvius erupts


May 10: Victoria Woodhull becomes 1st woman nominated for U.S. president
May 16: Metropolitan Gas Company lamps lit for 1st time
May 17: Bohemian Club incorporated
May 22: Amnesty Act restores civil rights to Southerners (except for 500)
May 30: Mahlon Loomis patents wireless telegraphy


June 1: 6th Belmont: James Roe aboard Joe Daniels wins in 2:58
June 5: Republican National Convention meets, Philadelphia
June 6: Susan B Anthony is fined for trying to vote
June 8: Congress endorses penny post card
June 18: Woman's Suffrage Convention held at Merchantile Liberty Hall


July 18: Britain introduces secret ballot voting
July 20: Mahlon Loomis patents wireless radio


August 18: 1st mail-order catalog issued by A. M. Ward


September 10: Karl Marx speaks in Amsterdam
September 14: Britain pays U.S. $15 M for damages during Civil War
September 17: Phillip W Pratt patents his sprinkler system for extinguishing fires
September 21: John Henry Conyers of South Carolina becomes 1st black student at Annapolis
September 24: Franz Grillparzer's "Ein Bruderzwist in Habsburg," premieres in Vienna
September 29: "3 Fingers" Mackenzie destroys Kwahadi-Commanche village
September 29: Kiowa-chief Lone Wolf captures Satanta and Big Tree


October 2: Morgan State University founded
October 3: Bloomingdale's department store in New York opens
October 9: Aaron Montgomery started his mail-order business
October 12: Montreal Foot Ball Club 1st game playing Quebec City to 0-0 tie
October 19: World's largest gold nugget (215 kg) found in New South Wales
October 29: J. S. Risdon patents metal windmill


November 5: Susan B. Anthony fined for trying to vote
November 5: Ulysses S. Grant re-elected U.S. president
November 7: U.S. cargo ship Mary Celeste set sail from New York on a journey which ended when it is found mysteriously abandoned the following month
November 9: Fire destroys nearly 1,000 buildings in Boston
November 22: Franz Grillparzer's "Die Judin von Toledo," premieres in Prague
November 30: 1st International soccer game, Scotland-England 0-0 (Glasgow)


December 7: HMS Challenger sets sail on 3 -year world oceanographic cruise
December 11: 1st black U.S. Governor took office, Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback (La)
December 26: 4th largest snowfall in New York City history (18")
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