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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1855 AD


January 9: Clipper Guiding Star disappears in Atlantic, 480 dies
January 31: Western railroads blocked by snow


February 3: Wisconsin Supreme Court declares U.S. Fugitive Slave Law unconstitutional
February 4: Soldiers shoot Jewish families in Coro, Venezuela
February 5: British government of Palmerston forms
February 10: U.S. citizenship laws amended all children of U.S. parents born abroad granted U.S. citizenship
February 24: U.S. Court of Claims forms for cases against government


March 2: Aleksandr Romanov becomes tsar of Russia
March 3: Congress approves $30,000 to test camels for military use
March 3: Congress authorizes registered mail
March 6: Gustave Flaubert writes goodbye to Louise Colet
March 8: 1st train crosses 1st U.S. railway suspension bridge, Niagara Falls
March 15: Louisiana establishes 1st health board to regulate quarantine
March 24: Manhattan Kansas founded as New Boston Kansas
March 27: Abraham Gesner patents kerosene


April 21: 1st train crosses Mississippi River's 1st bridge, Rock Island, Illinois to Davenport Iowa
April 26: Composer Gioacchino Rossini leaves Italy
April 28: 1st veterinary college in U.S. incorporated in Boston


May 3: Antwerp-Rotterdam railway opens
May 5: New York City regains Castle Clinton, to be used for immigration


June 1: U.S. adventurer Wm Walker conquers Nicaragua, reestablishes slavery
June 5: Anti-foreign anti-Roman Catholic Know-Nothing Party's 1st convention
June 13: Opera "Les Vapres Sicilenne" is produced (Paris)
June 17: Heavy French/British bombing of Sebastopol, 2000+ killed
June 20: Commissioners appointed to lay out San Francisco streets west of Larkin


July 20: 1st train from Rotterdam to Utrecht in Netherlands
July 31: Hottest July in Stockholm since at least 1756 (21.4 degrees C avg)


August 1: Castle Clinton in New York City opens as 1st U.S. receiving station for immigrants
August 3: Rotterdam-Gouda railway opens
August 4: John Bartlett publishes "Familiar Quotations"
August 9: Battle of Acapulco during Mexican Liberal uprising


September 8: Crimean war - assault of Malakof Tower under Mac-Mahon
September 27: George F Bristow's "Rip Van Winkle," 2nd American opera, opens in New York City


October 9: Isaac Singer patents sewing machine motor
October 9: Joshua Stoddard of Worcester, Mass patents 1st calliope
October 17: Bessemer steelmaking process patented
October 18: Franz Liszt's "Prometheus," premieres
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