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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1847 AD


January 1: Michigan is 1st state to abolish capital punishment
January 1: Netherlands Haarlem's Current newspaper starts publishing
January 3: California town of Yerba Buena renamed San Francisco
January 9: 1st San Francisco newspaper published (California Star)
January 14: Conspiracy in New Mexico against US
January 15: 1st Swedish magazine in U.S., Skandinavia, published in New York City
January 24: 1,500 New Mexican Indians and Mexicans defeated by U.S. Col Price
January 30: Yerba Buena renamed San Francisco


February 4: 1st U.S. telegraph co established in Maryland
February 22: Battle of Buena Vista: U.S. troops beat Mexican army
February 23: Battle of Buena Vista Mexico; Zachary Taylor defeats Mexicans
February 25: State University of Iowa is approved
February 28: U.S. defeats Mexico in battle of Sacramento


March 1: Michigan becomes 1st English-speaking jurisdiction to abolish the death penalty (except for treason against the state)
March 3: Post Office Department authorized to issue postage stamps
March 7: U.S. General Scott occupies Vera Cruz Mexico
March 10: 1st money minted in Hawaii
March 17: "Macbeth" opera premieres in Florence
March 18: 1st Dutch public telegram
March 25: Pope Pius IX encyclical "On aid for Ireland"


April 14: Persia and Osmaanse sign 2nd Treaty of Erzurum
April 28: George B. Vashon becomes 1st black to enter New York State Bar


May 4: New York State creates a Board of Commissioners of Emigration
May 5: American Medical Association organized (Philadelphia)
May 7: American Medical Association organizes in Philadelphia
May 8: Robert Thompson patents rubber tire
May 31: Rotterdam-Hague Railway opens


June 3: Rotterdam-Hague Railway opens
June 10: Chicago Tribune begins publishing
June 14: Robert von Bunsen invents the Bunsen burner
June 22: Doughnut created
June 27: NY and Boston linked by telegraph wires


July 1: 1st U.S. postage stamps go on sale, 5 cents Franklin and 10 cents Washington, New York City
July 2: Envelope bearing 1st U.S. 10 cents stamps, still exists today
July 10: Urbain J J Leverrier and John Couch Adams, codiscoverers of Neptune meet for 1st time at home of John Herschel
July 20: German astronomer Theodor discovers Comet Brorsen-Metcalf
July 24: Brigham Young and his Mormon followers arrive at Salt Lake City, Utah
July 24: Rotary-type printing press patents by Richard March Hoe, New York City
July 26: Liberia declares independence from American Colonization Society
July 26: Moses Garrish Farmer builds 1st miniature train for children to ride


August 24: Charlotte Bronte finishes manuscript of "Jane Eyre"


September 8: U.S. under General Scott defeat Mexicans at Battle of Molino del Rey
September 10: 1st theater opens in Hawaii
September 11: 1st singing of Stephen Fosters "Susanna" (in Pittsburgh)
September 13: American-Mexican war: U.S. General Winfield Scott captures Mexico City
September 14: U.S. Marines under General Scott enter Mexico City (halls of Montezuma)
September 16: United Shakespeare Company buys his home in Stratford-upon-Avon


October 1: Maria Mitchell discovers a non-naked-eye comet
October 16: Charlotte Bronte's book "Jane Eyre" published
October 20: Little William Nelman poisons his grandpa


November 21: Steamer "Phoenix" is lost on Lake Michigan, kills 200
November 25: Opera "Marta" is produced (Vienna)
November 26: Alfred de Mussets "Un Caprice," premieres in Paris
November 28: Bologna: church San Francisco dei Minori Conventuali initiated with premier of Rossini's Tantum ergo
November 29: Indians kill Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, 11 settle in Walla Walla Ore


December 3: Frederick Douglass publishes 1st issue of his newspaper "North Star"
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