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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1845 AD


January 10: Poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning begin corresponding
January 23: Uniform U.S. election day for president and Vice President authorized
January 29: Edgar Allen Poe's "Raven" 1st published (New York City)


February 15: William Parsons, Earl of Rosse, 1st uses 72" (183 cm) reflector


March 1: President Tyler signs a resolution annexing the Republic of Texas
March 3: 1st time, U.S. Senate overrides presidential (Tyler) veto
March 3: Congress authorizes ocean mail contracts for foreign mail delivery
March 3: Florida becomes 27th state
March 4: James K. Polk inaugrated at 11th president
March 5: Congress appropriates $30,000 to ship camels to western U.S.
March 14: -5.3 degrees F (-20.7 degrees C) in Groningen
March 17: Bristol man, Henry Jones, patents self-raising flour
March 17: Rubber band patented by Stephen Perry of London
March 26: Joseph Francis, New York City, patents a corrugated sheet-iron lifeboat
March 26: Patent awarded for adhesive medicated plaster, precusor of bandaid
March 28: Mexico drops diplomatic relations with US


April 2: H L Fizeau and J Leon Foucault take 1st photo of Sun
April 10: More than 1,000 buildings damaged by fire in Pittsburgh Pa
April 29: Macon B. Allen and Robert Morris, Jr., 1st blacks to open law practice


May 2: Domingo Sarmiento publishes "Civilizacion y Barbarie"
May 3: 1st black lawyer (Macon B. Allen) admitted to bar
May 3: Fire kills 1,600 in popular theater in Canton, China
May 14: Utrecht-Arnhem Railway opens
May 17: Rubber band patents
May 20: 1st legislative assembly convenes in Hawaii
May 28: Fire in Quebec Canada, 1,500 houses destroyed


June 1: Homing pigeon completes 11,000 km trip (Namibia-London) in 55 days
June 4: Mexican - U.S. war starts
June 12: George Abernethy becomes 1st governor of Oregon Country


July 4: Henry David Thoreau moves into his shack on Walden Pond
July 4: Texas Congress votes for annexation to U.S.
July 14: 1st postmasters' provisional stamps issued, New York City
July 14: Fire in New York City destroys 1,000 homes and kills many
July 16: New York Yacht Club holds its 1st regatta


September 10: King Willem II opens Amsterdam Stock exchange
September 23: 1st baseball team, New York Knickerbockers organize, adopt rule code
September 23: Hunger strike in Hague
September 24: 1st baseball team is organized


October 10: Naval School (now called U.S. Naval Academy) opens at Annapolis
October 13: Texas ratifies a state constitution
October 19: Richard Wagners opera "Tannhauser," premieres in Dresden
October 20: Opera "Tannhauser" is produced (Dresden)


November 4: 1st nationally observed uniform election day in US
November 15: Opera "Maritana" is produced (London)


December 27: Ether 1st used in childbirth in U.S., Jefferson, Ga
December 29: Texas admitted as 28th state
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