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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1841 AD


January 5: James Clark Ross (UK) is 1st to enter pack ice near Ross Ice Shelf
January 20: China cedes Hong Kong to British
January 26: Hong Kong proclaimed a sovereign territory of Britain


February 17: Dutch ex-king Willem I marries Henriette d'Oultremont de Wegimont
February 18: 1st continuous filibuster in U.S. Senate began, lasting until March 11


March 4: Dion Boucicault's "London Assurance," premieres in London
March 4: Longest inauguration speech (8,443 words), William Henry Harrison
March 22: Cornstarch patented (Orlando Jones)
March 27: 1st U.S. steam fire engine tested, New York City
March 31: 1st performance of Robert Schumann's 1st Symphony in B


April 6: Cornerstone laid for 2nd Mormon temple, Nauvoo, Missouri
April 10: New York "Tribune" begins publishing under editor Horace Greeley
April 14: Edgar Allen Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue," published
April 20: 1st detective story (Poe's "Murders in Rue Morgue") published
April 26: "Bombay Gazette" begins publishing on silk
April 27: Imakita Kosen, 1st Zen teacher of D. T. Suzuki, found the awakening


May 1: 1st emigrant wagon train leaves Independence, Missouri for California


June 14: 1st Canadian parliament opens in Kingston, Ontario
June 24: Fordham University, then St. John's College, opens in the Bronx


July 3: John Couch Adams decides to determine position of an unknown planet by irregularities it causes in the motion of Uranus
July 5: Thomas Cook opens 1st travel agency
July 17: British humor magazine "Punch" 1st published


August 9: Erie boat in Buffalo New York catches fire; 242 die
August 21: John Hampton patents venetian blind


September 9: Great Lakes steamer "Erie" sinks off Silver Creek NY, kills 300
September 24: Britain obtains Sarawak from Brunei, James Brooke appointed Rajah
September 30: Samuel Slocum patented the stapler


October 16: Queens University in Kingston is chartered


November 2: Akbar Khan successfully revolts against Shah Shuja in Afghanistan
November 4: 1st wagon train arrives in California
November 16: Life preservers made of cork are patented by Napoleon Guerin (New York City)
November 16: N E Guerin of New York patents cork-filled life preserver
November 25: 35 Amistad survivors return to Africa
November 26: 1st date in James Clavell's novel Tai-Pan


December 6: Robert Schumann's 4th Symphony in D, premieres
December 29: King/grand duke Willem II installs Order of Eikenkroon
December 31: Alabama becomes 1st state to license dental surgeons
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