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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1839 AD


January 2: 1st photo of the Moon (French photographer Louis Daguerre)
January 6: 2 day storm off Irish and English coast immortalized as "Big Wind"
January 9: Daguerrotype photo process announced at French Academy of Science
January 9: Thomas Henderson measures 1st stellar parallax (Alpha Centauri)
January 10: Tea from India 1st arrives in UK
January 11: Earthquake at Martinique destroys half of Port Royal-700 die
January 12: Anthracite coal 1st used to smelt iron, Mauch Chunk, Penn
January 19: Aden conquered by British East India Company
January 24: Charles Darwin elected member of Royal Society
January 29: Charles Darwin marries Emma Wedgwood


February 7: Henry Clay declares in Senate "I had rather be right than president"
February 12: Aroostock War: Boundary dispute between Maine and New Brunswick
February 18: Detroit Boat Club forms (& still exists)
February 20: Congress prohibits dueling in District of Columbia
February 24: Steam shovel patented by William Otis, Philadelphia
February 25: Seminoles and black allies shipped from Tampa Bay Florida, to West
February 26: Jem Mason on Lottery wins 1st Grand National Steeplechase (Britain)


March 9: Prussian government limits work week for children to 51 hours
March 23: 1st known use of term OK (Boston)
March 23: 1st recorded use of "OK" [oll korrect] (Boston's Morning Post)
March 26: 1st Henley Royal Regatta


April 17: Guatemala forms republic
April 19: Treaty of London constitutes Belgium an independent kingdom and Luxembourg a Grand Duchy


May 4: The Cunard Steamship Company Ltd forms San Bonifacio


June 7: Hawaiian Declaration of Rights is signed
June 12: 1st baseball game played in America
June 14: 1st Henley Regatta held
June 18: Dutch prince Willem Alexander PFL weds niece Princess Sophia


July 1: Abdul-Medjid succeeds Mahmud II as Sultan of Turkey
July 3: 1st state normal school in U.S. opens, Lexington, Massachusetts, with 3 students
July 27: Chartist riots break out in Birmingham England
July 30: Slave rebels, take over slaver Amistad


August 19: Details of Louis Daguerre's 1st practical photographic process are released in Paris
August 23: British capture Hong Kong from China


September 2: Salon of Varietes opens in Amsterdam
September 6: Cherokee Nation forms
September 6: Great fire in NY
September 9: John Herschel takes 1st glass plate photograph
September 11: 1st Canadian track and field meet held (Caer Howell Grounds)
September 20: 1st railroad in Netherland opens (Amsterdam-Haarlem)


October 10: British troops under General Charles Napier occupy Beirut


November 3: 1st opium war - 2 British frigates engage several Chinese junks
November 3: Palace of Gulhane Turkey, freedom of religion proclaimed
November 13: 1st U.S. anti-slavery party, Liberty Party, convenes in NY
November 17: Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Oberte Conti Di," premieres in Milan
November 27: American Statistical Association organizes in Boston


December 18: 1st celestial photograph (of Moon) made in U.S., John Draper, New York City
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