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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1836 AD


January 5: Davy Crockett arrives in Texas, just in time for the Alamo
January 12: Battle of Wetumka, Florida
January 12: HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reach Sydney, Australia


February 3: Whig Party holds its 1st national convention (Albany New York)
February 6: HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reach Diemen's Land, also known as Tasmania, Australia
February 7: "Sketches by Boz" (essays) published by Charles Dickens
February 17: HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin leave Tasmania
February 22: Dutch garrison evacuates fort Du Bus New Guinea
February 23: Alamo besieged by Santa Anna; entire garrison eventually killed
February 24: 3,000 Mexicans attack 182 Texans at Alamo, lasts 13 days
February 25: Samuel Colt patents 1st revolving barrel multishot firearm
February 29: Giacomo Meyerbeers opera "Les Huguenots," premieres in Paris


March 2: Republic of Texas declares independence from Mexico
March 5: Samuel Colt manufactures 1st pistol, 34-caliber "Texas" model
March 6: 3,000 Mexicans beat 182 Texans at the Alamo, after 13 day fight
March 6: HMS Beagle/Darwin reaches King George's Sound, Australia
March 6: Mexico attacks Alamo in the early morning
March 14: HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin leaves Australia
March 16: Texas approves a constitution
March 17: Texas abolishes slavery
March 23: Coin Press invented by Franklin Beale
March 27: 1st Mormon temple dedicated in Kirtland, Ohio


April 1: Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle reaches Cocos Islands
April 14: Congress forms Territory of Wisconsin
April 19: Nikolai Gogol's "Revisor," premieres in St. Petersburg
April 20: Territory of Wisconsin created
April 21: Battle of San Jacinto, in which Texas wins independence from Mexico


May 9: HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin departs Port Louis, Mauritius
May 15: Francis Baily observes "Baily's Beads" during annular solar eclipse
May 22: Felix Mendelssohn's oratorium "St. Paul," premieres in Dusseldorf
May 31: HMS Beagle anchors in Simons Bay, Cape of Good Hope


June 1: Charles Darwin returns to Capetown
June 15: Arkansas becomes 25th state
June 16: London Working Men's Association forms


July 4: Wisconsin Territory forms
July 8: HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reach Saint-Helena
July 13: U.S. patent #1 (after 9,957 unnumbered patents), for locomotive wheels
July 19: HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reache Ascension
July 20: Charles Darwin climbs Green Hill on Ascension
July 21: 1st Canadian RR opens, between Laprairie and St. John, Quebec
July 27: Adelaide, South Australia founded
July 30: 1st English newspaper published in Hawaii


August 1: HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin return to Bahia, Brazil
August 17: British parliament accept registration of birth/marriage/death
August 17: HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin leave South-America for last time
August 19: HMS Beagle anchors at Angra Azores
August 31: HMS Beagle anchors in Postage Praia, Cape Verde Islands


September 1: Reconstruction begins on Synagogue of Rabbi Judah Hasid in Jerusalem
September 5: Sam Houston elected president of Republic of Texas
September 25: HMS Beagle anchors at St. Michael


October 2: Darwin returns to England aboard HMS Beagle (after 5 years)
October 12: 18" of snow falls in Bridgewater, New York
October 22: Sam Houston inaugurated as 1st elected President of Republic of Texas
October 24: A. Phillips patents match


November 10: Louis Napoleon banished to America
November 11: Chile declares war on Bolivia and Peru


December 4: Whig party holds its 1st national convention, Harrisburg, Pa
December 7: Martin Van Buren elected 8th president
December 15: Patent Office burns in Wash, DC
December 27: Worst English avalanche kills 8 of 15 buried (Lewes Sussex)
December 28: Spain recognizes independence of Mexico
December 30: Lehman-theater in St. Petersburg catches fire; 100s die
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