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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1820 AD


January 12: Royal Astronomical Society founded in England
January 30: Edward Bransfield aboard Williams discovers Antarctica (UK claim)


February 6: 1st organized emigration of blacks back to Africa (New York to Sierra Leone)
February 6: U.S. population announced at 9,638,453 (1,771,656 blacks (18.4%))
February 23: Cato Street conspiracy uncovered


March 3: Missouri Compromise passes, allowing slavery in Missouri
March 5: Dutch city of Leeuwarden forbids Jews to go to synagogues on Sundays
March 9: James Monroe's daughter Maria marries in the White House
March 9: Philippines chases out foreigners; about 125 die
March 15: Maine admitted as 23rd state
March 25: Greece freedom revolt against anti Ottoman attack


May 13: Opera "Die Jagarsbraut" is completed


June 28: Tomato is proven non-poisonous


July 1: 1st edition of newspaper "Courrier de la Meuse" published"


August 7: 1st potatoes planted in Hawaii
August 14: 1st U.S. eye hospital, the New York Eye Infirmary, opens in New York City


October 9: Guayaquil, Ecuador declares its freedom from Ecuador
October 20: Spain sells part of Florida to U.S. for $5 million


November 3: Cuenca Ecuador declares independence
November 7: James Monroe elected 5th U.S. president
November 18: Antarctica discovered by U.S. Navy Captain Nathaniel B. Palmer


December 6: U.S. president James Monroe re-elected
December 15: 1st General pharmacopoeia in U.S. published, Boston
December 20: Missouri imposes a $1 bachelor tax on unmarried men between 21 and 50
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