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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1815 AD


January 8: Battle of New Orleans-War of 1812 ended 12/24/1814 but nobody knew
January 30: Burned Library of Congress reestablished with Jefferson's 6500 vols


February 3: World's 1st commercial cheese factory established, in Switzerland
February 6: New Jersey issues 1st U.S. railroad charter (John Stevens)
February 26: Napoleon and 1,200 leave Elba to start 100-day re-conquest of France


March 1: Sunday observance in Netherlands regulated by law
March 3: U.S. declares war on Algiers for taking U.S. prisoners and demanding tribute
March 16: Willem I proclaimed king of the Netherlands, including Belgium
March 20: Napoleon enters Paris after escape from Elba, begins 100-day rule


April 5: Eruption of Tambora volcano (Sumbawa Java)
April 6: English militia shoots prisoners, 100's killed
April 10: Austria declares war on realm of Naples


May 3: Battle at Tolentino: Austria beats king Joachim of Naples
May 24: George Evans discovers Lachlan River, Australia


June 8: 39 German states unite under Act of Confederation
June 16: Battle at Ligny: French army under Napoleon beats Prussia
June 16: Battle at Quatre-Bras: allies strike French
June 17: Stephen Decatur conquerors Algerian frigate Mashouda
June 18: Battle of Waterloo; Napoleon defeated by Wellington and Blucher
June 22: 2nd abdication of Napoleon (after Waterloo)
June 30: U.S. naval hero Stephen Decatur ends attacks by Algerian pirates


July 9: 1st natural gas well in U.S. is discovered
July 9: King Louis XVIII leaves Ghent for France
July 15: Napoleon surrendered and is later exiled on St. Helena


August 6: U.S. flotilla ends piracy by Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli
August 8: Napoleon Bonaparte set sail for exile on St. Helena


September 21: King Willem I takes oath in Brussels
September 26: Russia, Prussia and Austria sign Holy Alliance
September 28: Joachim Murats fleet sails from Corsica to Naples
September 29: King Willem I forms Order of Dutch Lion


October 8: Joachim Murats forces lands at Pizzo, Italy
October 12: Ex-king Joachim Murat van Naples sentenced to death
October 15: Napoleon Bonaparte exiled on Island of St. Helena
October 17: Napoleon arrives in St. Helena
October 31: Sir Humphrey Davy of London patents miner's safety lamp


November 20: 2nd Peace of Paris: France and allies
November 20: Russia, Prussia, Austria and England signs Great Alliance
November 27: Cracow (Poland) declared a free republic


December 15: Rossini gets assignment for Il barbiere di Siviglia
December 22: Spaniards execute Mexican revolutionary priest Jose Maria Morelos
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