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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1814 AD


January 1: Field marshal Blucher's troops cross the Rhine at Kaub
January 2: Lord Byron completes "The Corsair"
January 14: King of Denmark cedes Norway to King of Sweden by treaty of Kiel
January 22: 1st Knights Templar grand encampment in U.S. held, New York City
January 28: Stendahl's 1st book is published


February 1: Lord Byron's "Corsair" sells 10,000 copies on day of publication
February 1: Volcano Mayon on Luzon Philippines erupts killing 1,200
February 11: Norway's independence proclaimed
February 27: Ludwig von Beethovens 8th Symphony in F, premieres


March 20: Prince Willem Frederik becomes monarch of Netherlands
March 25: Netherlands Bank established
March 27: Battle at Horseshoe Bend: General Andrew Jackson beats Creek-indians
March 29: Battle at Horseshoe Bend Ala: Andrew Jackson beats Creek-indians
March 30: Britain and allies march into Paris after defeating Napoleon
March 31: Forces allied against Napoleon capture Paris


April 5: Netherlands Bank issues it's 1st banknotes
April 9: Elias Canneman (L) resigns as minister of Finance
April 11: 1st abdication of France by Napoleon; he is exiled to Elba
April 14: Napoleon abdicated and was banished to Elba
April 26: King Louis XVIII lands on Calais, from England


May 4: Bourbon reign restored in France
May 5: British attack Ft. Ontario, Oswego, New York
May 17: Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden (National Day)
May 17: Norwegian constitution passed by constitutent assembly at Eidsvoll
May 30: 1st Treaty of Paris, after Napoleon's 1st abdication


June 22: 1st match at the present Lord's, MCC vs. Herefordshire


July 3: Americans capture Fort Erie Canada
July 5: Americans defeat British and Canadians at Chippewa, Ontario
July 7: Walter Scott's "Waverley" published
July 18: British capture Prairie du Chien (Wisc)
July 25: Battle of Niagara Falls, Lundy's Lane, ; Americans defeat British
July 25: George Stephenson introduced the 1st steam locomotive


August 1: Belgium King Willem I accept blame in Southern defeat
August 7: Pope Pius VII reinstates Jesuits
August 8: Peace negotiations begin in Ghent, Belgium
August 13: Cape of Good Hope formally ceded to British by the Dutch
August 13: Treaty of London-Netherland stops transporting slaves
August 24: British forces captured Washington, D.C., and burned down many landmarks
August 25: British forces destroy Library of Congress, containing 3,000 books


September 5: Battle at Masurische Meren: Germans chase Russians out of E Prussia
September 11: Americans defeat British at Battle of Plattsburgh
September 11: Battle of Lake Champlain, New York; American Navy defeats British
September 12: Battle of North Point fought near Baltimore during War of 1812
September 14: Francis Scott Key inspired to write "Star-Spangled Banner"
September 21: "Star Spangled Banner" published as a poem


October 23: 1st plastic surgery is performed (England)
October 29: "Demologos," 1st steam-powered warship, is launched


November 7: 1st sitting of States-general in Hague


December 24: Treaty of Ghent (end of US-Britain's War of 1812) signed
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