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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1802 AD


January 25: Napoleon elected president of Italian (Cisalpine) Republic
January 26: Congress passes an act calling for a U.S. Capitol library
January 29: John Beckley of Virginia appointed 1st Librarian of Congress


February 2: 1st leopard exhibited in U.S., Boston (admission 25 cents )
February 8: Simon Willard patents banjo clock


March 16: Law signed to establish U.S. Miltary Academy (West Point, New York)
March 16: U.S. Academy at West Point founded
March 16: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers established (2nd time)
March 25: France, Netherlands, Spain and England signs Peace of Amiens
March 27: Treaty of Amiens-French Revolutionary War ends


April 8: French Protestant church becomes state-supported and -controlled


May 3: Washington D.C. incorporates as a city
May 19: French Order of Legion d'Honneur forms


June 15: Toussaint L'Ouverture leaves Haiti, prisoner on French ship Heros


July 4: U.S. Military Academy officially opens at West Point, New York
July 7: 1st comic book "The Wasp," is published


August 2: Napoleon declared "Counsel for Life"
August 7: Napoleon orders re-instatement of slavery on St. Domingue (Haiti)
August 25: Toussaint L'Ouverture imprisoned in Fort de Joux, Jura, France


October 10: 1st non indian settlement in Oklahoma


December 2: English sell Suriname to Dutch
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