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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1801 AD


January 1: Giuseppe Piazzi discovers 1st asteroid, which is named Ceres later
January 1: Ireland and Great Britain, England and Scotland, form United Kingdom
January 1: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland established
January 20: John Marshall appointed U.S. chief justice


February 9: France and Austrian sign Peace of Luneville
February 17: House breaks electoral college tie, chooses Jefferson President over Burr
February 27: Washington D.C. placed under Congressional jurisdiction


March 3: 1st U.S. Jewish governor, David Emanuel, takes office in Georgia
March 4: Thomas Jefferson is the 1st president inaugurated in Washington D.C.
March 7: Massachusetts enacts 1st state voter registration law
March 8: British drive French forces from Abukir, Egypt
March 23: Murder attempt on Czar Paul I
March 24: Aleksandr P Romanov becomes emperor of Russia


April 8: Soldiers riot in Bucharest, kill 128 Jews
April 11: Johann von Schiller's "Die Jungfrau von Orleans," premieres in Leipzig
April 24: 1st performance of Joseph Haydn's oratorio "Die Jahreszeiten"


June 6: Peace of Badajoz: Spain-Portugal
June 10: Tripoli declares war on U.S. for refusing tribute


July 6: Battle at Algeciras: French fleet beats British
July 7: Toussaint L'Ouverture declares Haitian independence
July 11: French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons discovers his 1st comet
July 12: Battle at Algeciras: British fleet beats French and Spanish
July 16: Pope Pius VII and 1st consul Napoleon sign concord
July 20: Elisha Brown, Jr. pressed a 1,235 pound cheese ball at his farm


October 1: England and France signs Preliminary of London


November 10: Kentucky outlaws dueling
November 16: 1st edition of New York Evening Post
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