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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1800 AD


January 1: Dutch East Indies Company dissolves
January 2: Free black community of Philadelphia petitions Congress to abolish slave
January 5: 1st Swedenborgian temple in U.S. holds 1st service, Baltimore
January 8: Austrians defeat French in 2nd battle of Novi
January 8: Wild Boy of Aveyron discovered in southern France
January 20: Napoleon I's sister Carolina marries King Joachim Murat of Naples
January 30: U.S. population: 5,308,483; Black population 1,002,037 (18.9%)


March 14: Luigi Chiaramonti crowned Pope Pius VII
March 17: English warship Queen Charlotte catches fire; 700 die
March 20: French army defeats Turks at Helipolis Turkey, and advance to Cairo


April 2: 1st performance of Ludwig von Beethoven's 1st Symphony in C
April 15: James Ross discovers North Magnetic pole
April 24: Library of Congress establishes with $5,000 allocation


May 7: Indiana Territory organized
May 14: Friedrich von Schiller's "Macbeth," premieres in Weimar
May 15: King George III survives a 2nd assassination attempt
May 15: Pope Pius VII calls on French bishops to return to Gospel principles


June 4: White House completed and President and Mrs. John Adams move in
June 14: Battle of Marengo (Alessandria): Bonaparte vs Austria
June 29: Free mason lodge establishes in Alkmaar


July 8: Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse gives 1st cowpox vaccination to his son to prevent smallpox
July 9: Mount Vernon Gardens becomes site of 1st summer theater in U.S.


September 5: Malta surrenders to British after they blockade French troops
September 7: Zion AME Church dedicated (New York City)
September 13: Curacao in English hands (until Jan 1803)


October 1: Spain cedes Louisiana to France in a secret treaty
October 17: Dutch colony Curacao transfered to England


November 17: Congress held 1st session in Washington D.C. in incompleted Capitol building
November 17: John Adams is 1st President to move into the White House
November 24: Weber's opera "Das Waldmadchen," premieres in Freiburg


December 12: Washington D.C. established as capital of US
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