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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1799 AD


January 9: Income Tax introduced in UK
January 10: Friedrich von Schiller's "Die Piccolomini," premieres in Weimar
January 14: Eli Whitney receives government contract for 10,000 muskets
January 14: King of Naples flees before advancing French armies
January 21: Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccination is introduced
January 25: 1st U.S. patent for a seeding machine, Eliakim Spooner, Vermont


February 9: USS Constellation captures French frigate Insurgents off Nevis, W I
February 13: 1st U.S. law regulating insurance passed, by Massachusetts
February 15: 1st U.S. printed ballots authorized, Pennsylvania
February 25: 1st federal forestry legislation authorizes purchase of timber land
February 25: Congress passes 1st federal quarantine legislation


March 2: Congress standardizes U.S. weights and measures
March 6: Napolean captures Jaffa Palestine
March 12: Austria declares war on France
March 19: Joseph Haydn's "Die Schopfung," premieres in Vienna
March 26: Napolean captures Jaffa Palestine
March 28: New York State abolished slavery


April 14: Napoleon called for establishing Jerusalem for Jews
April 20: Friedrich von Schiller's "Wallensteins Tod," premieres in Weimar
April 20: Napoleon issues a decree calling for establishing Jerusalem for Jews


June 22: England and Russia decide to invade Bataafse Republic


July 24: William Clark (of Lewis and Clark) is willed the slave York
July 25: French-Egyptian forces under Napolean I beat Turks at Battle of Abukir


August 13: English fleet under lord Seymour overthrows Suriname
August 27: English invasion army lands in North-Holland
August 30: Bataafse fleet surrender to English


September 1: Bank of Manhattan Company opens in New York City (forerunner to Chase Manhattan)
September 19: English and Russian invasion army conquerors Receiver


October 2: Duke of York and Russians capture Alkmaar in Netherlands
October 6: Battle at Castricum: French and Bataafs army beats English/Russian army
October 9: British frigate HMS Lutine sinks off Dutch coast
October 10: Convention of Alkmaar: English/Russian invasion army departs
October 22: Russia leaves second anti-French Coalition


November 9: Napoleon becomes dictator (1st consul) of France


December 10: Metric system established in France
December 18: George Washington's body interred at Mount Vernon
December 24: Jakobijns plot against Napoleon uncovered
December 26: George Washington is eulogized by Col Henry Lee as "1st in war, 1st in peace and 1st in hearts of his countrymen"
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