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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1792 AD


January 9: Russia and Turkey sign Peace of Jassy


February 7: Austria and Prussia sign anti-French covenant
February 7: D Cimarosa's opera "Il Matrimonio Segreto," premieres in Vienna
February 20: U.S. postal service created; postage 6 cents -12 cents, depending on distance
February 21: Congress passes President Succession Act
February 23: Humane Society of Massachusetts incorporated (erected life-saving stations for distressed mariners)
February 23: Joseph Haydn's 94th Symphony in G, premieres


March 1: U.S. Presidential Succession Act passed
March 4: Oranges introduced to Hawaii
March 16: Murder attempt on King Gustavus III by count Ankarstrom at opera
March 24: Benjamin West (U.S.) becomes president of Royal Academy of London


April 1: Gronings feminist Etta Palm demands women's right to divorce
April 2: Congress establishes Philadelphia mint
April 2: U.S. authorizes $10 Eagle, $5 half-Eagle and 2.50 quarter-Eagle gold coins and silver dollar, dollar, quarter, dime and half-dime
April 5: George Washington casts 1st presidential veto
April 14: France declares war on Austria, starting French Revolutionary Wars
April 20: France declares war on Austria, Prussia and Sardinia
April 24: "La Marseillaise" composed by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle
April 25: Guillotine 1st used, executes highwayman Nicolas J Pelletier


May 7: Captain Robert Gray discovers Grays Harbor (Washington)
May 8: British Captain George Vancouver sights, names Mount Rainier, Washington
May 8: U.S. establishes military draft
May 11: Columbia River discovered and named by U.S. Captain Robert Gray
May 12: Toilet that flushes itself at regular intervals is patented
May 16: Denmark abolishes slave trade
May 17: 24 merchants form New York Stock Exchange at 70 Wall Street
May 19: Russian army enters Poland


June 1: Kentucky admitted as 15th U.S. state
June 4: Captain George Vancouver claims Puget Sound for Britain
June 12: George Vancouver discovers site of Vancouver BC
June 13: King Louis XVI fires French government
June 21: Vancouver meets Spanish ships Sutil and Mexicana off Vancouver, BC


July 8: France declares war on Prussia
July 11: Prussia army moves into French territory
July 25: Dutch patriots exiles finds "Bataafs Legion"
July 30: 500 Marseillaisian men sing France's national anthem for 1st time
July 31: Cornerstone laid for 1st U.S. government building: U.S. Mint in Philadelphia


August 10: Mobs in Paris attack palace of Louis XVI
August 13: Revolutionaries imprison French royals including Marie Antoinette
August 29: English warship Royal George capsizes in Spithead; kills 900


September 2: Paris masses remove nobles/clergymen out of jails and slaughter them
September 20: French defeat Prussians at Valmy
September 21: 1st French Republic forms
September 21: Proposal by Collot D'Herbois, to abolish the monarchy in France
September 22: Origin of French Republican Era


October 2: Baptist Missionary Society forms in London
October 12: Columbus Day is 1st celebrated
October 13: 1st Old Farmer's Almanac is published
October 13: Washington lays cornerstone of Executive Mansion (White House)


November 6: Battle at Jemappes: French army beats Ausrtrians
November 14: Captain George Vancouver is 1st Englishman to enter San Francisco Bay
November 25: Farmer's Almanac 1st published


December 5: George Washington re-elected U.S. president
December 8: 1st cremation in U.S., Henry Laurens
December 11: France's King Louis XVI went on trial, accused of treason
December 12: In Vienna, Ludwig Von Beethoven (22) receives 1st lesson in music composition from Franz Joseph Haydn
December 15: 1st life insurance policy issued in U.S. in Philadelphia
December 17: Opening of 1st legislative assembly of Lower Canada in Quebec city
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