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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1765 AD


January 11: Frisia bans Voltaires "Traite sur la tolerance"
January 16: Charles Messier catalogs M41 (galactic cluster in Canis Major)


March 22: Stamp Act passed; 1st direct British tax on colonists
March 24: Britain enacts Quartering Act, required colonists to provide temporary housing to British soldiers


May 3: 1st U.S. medical college opens in Philadelphia
May 7: Adm Nelsons sailboat HMS Victory runs aground
May 29: Patrick Henry historic speech against the Stamp Act, answering a cry of "Treason!" with, "If this be treason, make the most of it!"


August 14: Mass colonists challenge British rule by an Elm (Liberty Tree)


October 7: Stamp Act Congress convenes in New York
October 19: Stamp Act Congress met in New York, wrote declaration of rights and liberties


November 1: Stamp Act goes into effect in British colonies
November 23: People of Frederick County Md refuse to pay England's Stamp tax
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