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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1757 AD


January 2: British troops occupy Calcutta India
January 5: Failed assassination attempt on French king Louis XV by Damiens
January 17: German Diet declares war on Prussia


March 17: Prince Mas Said of Mataram surrenders to Mangkubumi in Java


April 6: English king George II fires minister William Pitt, Sr.


May 1: Austria and France divide Prussia
May 6: Battle at Prague: Frederik II of Prussia beats emperor army


June 18: Battle at Kolin Bohemia: Austrian army beats Prussia
June 23: Robert Clive defeats Indians at Plassey, wins control of Bengal


July 26: Battle at Hastenbeck: French army beats duke of Cumberland


August 9: English Ft. William Henry, New York, surrenders to French and Indians troops
August 30: Battle at Gross Jagerndorf: Russian army beats Prussia


October 16: Austrian troops occupy Berlin


November 5: Battle at Rossbach (7 year war/French and Indian War)
November 28: England condemns ceasefire of Kloster-Seven


December 5: Battle at Leuthen: Prussian army beats Austrians
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