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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1749 AD


February 10: 10th (final) volume of Fielding's "Tom Jones" is published
February 28: 1st edition of Henry Fieldings' "Tom Jones" published


May 2: Empress Maria Theresa signs "Haugwitzschen State reform"
May 11: British parliament accept Consolidation Act: fleet reorganization
May 19: George II grants charter to Ohio Company to settle Ohio Valley


June 21: Pieter Steyn installed as pension advisor of Netherlands
June 25: General fast because of drought in MA


July 20: Earl of Chesterfield says "Idleness is only refuge of weak minds"
July 21: Pieter Steyn becomes pension advisor of Holland


October 26: Georgia Colony reverses itself and rules slavery is legal


November 2: English Ohio Trade Company forms 1st trade post
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