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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1741 AD


February 13: Andrew Bedford publishes 1st American magazine (American Magazine)
February 16: Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine, 2nd U.S. magazine begins publishing


March 4: English fleet under Admiral Ogle reaches Cartagena
March 9: English fleet under Admiral Ogle begins assault on Cartagena


April 10: Prussians defeat Austrians at Mollwitz
April 13: Dutch people protest bad quality of bread
April 13: Royal Military Academy forms at Woolwich


May 8: France and Bavaria sign Covenant of Nymphenburg
May 28: Spain and Bavaria sign treaty


June 4: Prussia goes to the Covenant of Nymphenburg
June 15: Captain Bering leaves Petropavlovsk, sailing to America
June 30: Pope Benedict XIV encyclical forbidding traffic in alms


July 28: Captain Bering discovers Mount St. Elias, Alaska


August 15: French troops attack the Rhine
August 20: Alaska discovered by Danish explorer Vitus Bering


September 11: Queen Maria Theresa addresses Hungarian Parliament
September 14: George Frederick Handel finishes "Messiah" oratorio, after working on it non-stop for 23 days
September 16: George Frederick Handel's "The Messiah," premieres in Dublin


November 26: French and Beiers army occupies Prague


December 5: Russian princess Elisabeth Petrovna grabs powers
December 7: Elisabeth Petrovna becomes tsarina of Russia
December 25: Astronomer Anders Celcius introduces Centigrade temperature scale
December 27: Prussian forces took Olmutz, Czechoslovakia
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