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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1713 AD


January 30: England and Netherlands sign 2nd anti-French boundary treaty


February 10: Netherlands and England sign accord concerning anti-French Barrier
February 18: French invade under Jacques Cassard on Curacao
February 27: French troops bomb Willemstad Curacao


March 27: Spain losses Menorca and Gibraltar


April 11: Peace of Utrecht; France cedes Maritime provinces to Britain - English, Prussian, Savoois, Portuguese and French peace treaty
April 12: Dutch State-General signs peace with France: Netherlands loses Orange Princedom
April 19: Emperor Karel VI ends Pragmatic Sanctions


July 7: 1st performance of Georg F Handel's "To Deum" and "Jubilate"
July 27: Russia and Turkey sign peace treaty


August 13: King Frederik Willem declares war on Brandenburg-Prussia


September 8: Pope Clemens XI publishes degree "Unigenitus" against Jansenism"
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