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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1697 AD


January 26: Isaac Newton receives Jean Bernoulli's 6 month time-limit problem, solves problem before going to bed that same night


February 4: 3 VOC-ships anchor at Dirk-Hartogeiland, Australia


March 9: Czar Peter the Great begins tour of West-Europe
March 20: Willem de Vlamingh returns to Batavia after exploring "South Land"
March 21: Czar Peter the Great begins tour through West-Europe


April 15: Charles XII succeeds Charles XI as King of Sweden


May 24: English king Willem III travels through northern Europe


June 2: Monarch August van Saksen becomes Catholic
June 27: Polish parliament selects monarch August van Saksen as king


September 3: King William's War in America ends with Treaty of Ryswick
September 11: Battle at Zenta: Prince Eugen van Savoye beats Turkish superior power
September 17: Battle at Zenta: Prince Eugen of Savoye beats Turks
September 20: Peace of Saki (ends 9 years war)


October 30: Germany signs French/English/Spanish/Netherlands/Brandenburgs peace treaty ending 9 year War


November 10: English parliament accept army reduction


December 2: St. Paul's Cathedral opens in London
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