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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1692 AD


February 13: MacDonald clan murdered on orders of King William III
February 28: Salem witch hunt begins
February 29: Sarah Good and Tituba, an Indian servant, accused of witchcraft, Salem


March 1: Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba arrest for witchcraft (Salem, Massachusetts)
March 22: Emperor Leopold I names duke Earnest August of Braunschweig, king
March 26: King Maximilian installed as land guardian of South Netherlands


April 22: Edward Bishop is jailed for proposong flogging as cure for witchcraft


May 29: Battle at La Hogue: English and Dutch fleet beat France
May 29: Royal Hospital Founders Day 1st celebrated


June 7: Earthquake in Porte Royale, Jamaica, kills 3,000
June 24: Kingston, Jamaica founded


July 24: French defeat William III of England at Steinkirk (Enghein)


August 3: Battle at Steenkerke: French beat English/Dutch army
August 19: 5 women executed for witchcraft in Salem Mass


September 22: Last (8) person hanged for witchcraft in U.S. (Salem Mass)


October 12: Massachusetts Bay discontinues witch trials
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