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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 169 AD

-- Confucian scholars who had denounced the court eunuchs are arrested, killed or banished from the capital of Luoyang and official life during the second episode of the Disasters of Partisan Prohibitions, which did not formally end until 184 with the onslaught of the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Precise date unknown.
-- Second Marcomanni War: Germanic tribes invade the frontiers of the Roman Empire, specifically the provinces of Raetia and Moesia. Precise date unknown.
-- Northern African Moors invade what is now Spain. Precise date unknown.
-- Marcus Aurelius becomes sole Roman Emperor upon the death of Lucius Verus. Precise date unknown.
-- Pertinax succeeds Alypius as Patriarch of Constantinople. Precise date unknown.
-- Lucian demonstrates the absurdity of fatalism. Precise date unknown.
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