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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1676 AD


January 29: Fjodor Aleksejevitsj becomes czar of Russia


February 10: Wampanoag Indians under King Philip kill all men in Lancaster Mass
February 17: Kings Charles II and Louis XIV sign secret treaty


April 18: Sudbury, Mass attacked by Indians
April 22: Battle of Etna - Netherlands/Spain vs France, M de Ruyter fatally wounded


May 10: Bacon's Rebellion, frontiersmen vs Virginia government begins


June 2: Battle at Palermo: French beats Dutch/Spanish fleet
June 11: Battle at land: Danish and Dutch fleet under CM Tromp beats Sweden


July 29: Nathaniel Bacon declared a rebel for assembling frontiersmen to protect settlers from Indians


August 3: Nathaniel Bacon publishes "Declaration of People of Virginia"
August 12: 1st war between American colonists and Indians ends in New England


September 19: Rebels under Nathaniel Bacon set Jamestown Virginia on fire
September 21: Benedetto Odescalchi elected as Pope Innocent XI


October 27: Poland and Turkey sign Peace of Warsaw


November 3: Kara Mustafa succeeds Ahmed Koprulu as Turkish grand vizier
November 6: King Carlos II of Spain becomes of age (at 15)
November 16: 1st colonial prision organized, Nantucket Mass


December 3: Battle at Lund: Sweden beats Denen
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