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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1667 AD


January 3: Resistance of Androsovo in Russia-Poland
January 3: Russia and Poland sign Truce of Androsovo
January 20: Treaty of Andrussovo-ends 13 year war between Poland and Russia
January 30: Treaty of Andrussovo: Russia and Poland sign peace treaty


February 9: Treaty of Andrussovo: Russia/Poland signs peace treaty
February 25: Abraham Crijnssens fleet reach Fort Willoughby on Suriname River
February 27: Abraham Crijnssen conquerors Fort Willoughby (Zeelandia), Suriname
February 28: English colony Suriname in Dutch hands


March 31: France/England signs anti-Dutch military accord


April 9: 1st public art exhibition (Palais-Royale, Paris)


May 23: King Afonso VI of Portugal flees
May 24: French troops attack into Southern Netherlands


June 12: Michiel de Ruyter destroys English fleet
June 21: Dutch Admiral Michiel de Ruyter occupies Sheerness, England
June 25: Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys, French doctor, performs 1st blood transfusion


July 31: Peace of Breda: 2nd English war-Suriname vs New-Netherlands ends


August 5: State of Holland obtain Eternal Edict
August 27: Earliest recorded hurricane in U.S., Jamestown, Virginia


October 18: English fleet plunders Suriname plantations
October 26: Aru Palakka's occupies Makassar (Goa)


November 7: Jean Racine's "Andromaque," premieres in Paris
November 18: Treaty of Bongaja: King Hassan-Udin of Makasar and VOC


December 15: Brandenburg declares himself neutral in Devolutie War
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