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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 166 AD

-- End of the war with Parthia: The Parthians leave Armenia and eastern Mesopotamia, which both become Roman protectorates. Precise date unknown.
-- A plague (possibly small pox), comes from the East and spreads throughout the Empire, lasting for roughly twenty years. Precise date unknown.
-- A Roman envoy sent out by emperor Marcus Aurelius arrives by sea in southern China. He travels to the Chinese capital Luoyang and is greeted by Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty. Precise date unknown.
-- King Chogo of Baekje succeeds to the throne of Baekje in the Korean peninsula. Precise date unknown.
-- Scholars who have denounced eunuchs are arrested, killed or banished from the capital and official life in Han Dynasty China. This was the first of the Disasters of Partisan Prohibitions, which ended in 184. Precise date unknown.
-- Pope Soter succeeds Pope Anicetus as the twelfth pope. Precise date unknown.
-- Laurence succeeds Alypius as Patriarch of Constantinople. Precise date unknown.
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