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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1656 AD


January 8: Oldest surviving commercial newspaper begins (Haarlem, Netherlands)
January 17: Brandenburg and Sweden sign Treaty of Konigsberg
January 24: 1st Jewish doctor in U.S., Jacob Lumbrozo, arrives in Maryland


February 22: New Amsterdam granted a Jewish burial site


March 13: Jews are denied the right to build a synagogue in New Amsterdam


April 10: Dutch fleet occupiers Colombo Ceylon


June 20: Polish King Jan II Casimir recaptures Warsaw


July 1: 1st Quakers (Mary Fisher/Ann Austin) arrives in Boston (arrested)
July 18: Battle at Warsaw: Swedish king Karel X Gustaafbeats Johan II Kasimir and occupies Warsaw
July 26: Rembrandt declares he is insolvent


September 15: England and France sign peace treaty
September 19: Treaty of Labiau: Sweden gives Prussia, Brandenburg
September 22: All female jury hears case of woman who killed her child (acquit her)


October 2: U.S. colony Connecticut passes law against Quakers
October 24: Treaty of Vilnius: Russia and Poland sign anti-Swedish covenant


November 3: Treaty of Vilnius Russia/Poland sign anti-Swedish covenant


December 1: Germany promises Poland aid against Sweden
December 14: Artificial pearls 1st manufactured by M Jacquin in Paris made of gypsum pellets covered with fish scales
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