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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1655 AD


February 16: Dutch Grand Pensionary advisor Johan de Witt marries Wendela Bicker


March 25: Christiaan Huygens discovers Titan, (Saturn's largest satellite)


April 4: Battle at Postage Farina, Tunis: English fleet beats Barbarian pirates
April 7: Fabio Chigi replaces Pope Innocent X as Alexander VII
April 26: Dutch West Indies Co denies Peter Stuyvesant's desire to exclude Jews from New Amsterdam
April 28: English Admiral Blake beats Tunen pirate fleet


May 10: Jamaica captured by English


June 13: Adriana Nooseman-van de Bergh is 1st actress in Amsterdam theater


July 27: Jews of New Amsterdam petition for a Jewish cemetery
July 27: Netherlands and Brandenburg sign military treaty
July 29: Biggest townhall in the world opens in Amsterdam
July 30: Dutch troops occupy Fort Assahudi Seram


August 9: Lord Protector Cromwell divides England into 11 districts
August 28: New Amsterdam and Peter Stuyvesant bars Jews from military service
August 29: Swedish king Karel X Gustaaf occupies Warsaw


September 8: Swedish king Karel X Gustaaf occupies Warsaw
September 26: Peter Stuyvesant recaptures Dutch Ft. Casimir from Swedish in Delaware


October 9: Swedish king Karel X Gustaaf occupies Krakow
October 15: Jews of Lublin are massacred
October 19: Swedish King Karel X Gustaaf occupies Krakow


November 3: England and France sign miltary and economic treaties
November 24: English Lord Protector Cromwell bans Anglicans


December 4: Middelburg Netherlands forbids building of synagogue
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