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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1654 AD


January 7: Fire after heavy storm destroys 2/3 of De Rijp, Netherlands, 1 dies
January 26: Portuguese troops conquer last Dutch base on Recife


April 12: England, Ireland and Scotland united
April 15: England and Netherlands signs peace treaty
April 21: England and Sweden sign trade agreement
April 26: Jews are expelled from Brazil


May 3: Bridge at Rowley Mass begins charging tolls for animals
May 13: Venetian fleet under Admiral Adeler beats Turkish


June 6: Queen Christina of Sweden resigns and converts to Catholicism
June 7: Louis XIV crowned King of France


July 8: 1st Jewish colonist arrive in U.S. (Jacob Barsimson in Manhattan)
July 20: Anglo-Portuguese treaty, Portugal comes under English control


August 5: French troops occupy Stenay
August 22: 1st Jewish immigrant to U.S., Jacob Barsimson arrives in New Amsterdam
August 24: Louis II Conde disbands ends of Atrecht


September 16: Russian troops occupy Smolensk on Poland
September 25: England and Denmark sign trade agreement


October 12: Kruittoren van Delft, explodes, 50-100 killed
October 15: Prince Willem III appointed viceroy of Overijssel


November 21: Richard Johnson, a free black, granted 550 acres in Virginia
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