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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1651 AD


January 1: Charles II Stuart crowned king of Scotland


February 6: Cardinal Mazarin flees Paris
February 13: Flemish missionary Joris van Geel departs to Congo


March 5: South Sea dike in Amsterdam breaks after storm
March 31: Great earthquake at Cuzco Peru


July 24: Anthony Johnson, a free black, receives grant of 250 acres in Va


August 13: Litchfield, CT founded


September 3: Battle at Worcester-Oliver Cromwell destroys English royalists


October 9: English parliament proclaims Navigation Act off
October 17: Future King Charles II flees from England
October 27: English troops occupy Limerick Ireland


November 7: King Louis XIV of France (13) declarer of full age


December 24: John van Riebeeck departs to Cape of Good Hope
December 25: Massachusetts General Court ordered a fine (five shillings) for "observing any such day as Christmas"
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